Scorch’s Day Dream

SUMMARY: Scorchy wants death, Scorch gets death.
POSTED: 11 Nov 2004
CATEGORY: Death, lots of character death
WARNINGS: Character deaths
AUTHOR NOTES: I wrote this specificly for Scorchy, you’ve been warned. I thought I might share it with the rest of you guys, she seemed to have enjoyed it.

Angelus loomed over Willow, her lips quivering in terror, her eyes shiny with unshed tears. She tried to scoot father back against the wall, the sounds of chains rattled against the floor. Angelus was so happy, oh how he loved to torture his victims.

“Please, I..I…I”

“Now, now, Willow, my dear sweet annoy little witch. Whatever happened to your new found confidence? Did it fly out the window as I flung your little prick friend Xander’s head out of the moving car? I think it did.”

Tears ran down Willow’s face, “You won’t live to see another night! Buffy will kill you!”

Angelus’ laughter rang through the room, “I have a secret for you Willow. Come closer.”

Willow pressed herself farther against the wall.

“I said come closer.” Angelus yanked her by the hair, “Your little friend is dead. My usually worthless childe snapped her pathetic little neck. You should have seen the look on her face as he turned on her. I wish I had a picture.” Angelus paused, “Oh wait I do.”

Willow let out a scream as the picture of Buffy’s body lay on the ground, her head twisted at an odd angle.

“Now let’s play a game, it’s called how many whacks does it take to kill a witch.”

Angelus pulled Willow to her feet and slammed her head against the hard wall, he pulled her head back and watched the blood begin to drip.

“One…still alive.”

He slammed it again.

“Two…still alive.”

Willow cried out as her head hit the wall for a third time.

“Three…still alive. I’m surprised I thought you would have just died after two, guess your head is a bit thicker than I thought. Let’s try again shall we.”

He slammed her head against the wall again.

“Four…still alive.” He let out a dramatic sigh, “I’m getting bored now Willow. So I’m just going to eat you. I hope you enjoyed our little game, I know I did.” Angelus sank his teeth into her neck and began to drink. He drank until he could not feel her heart beat. He took one more big pull to make sure he got the best kind, the kind that still had the taste of fear. He licked his lips as her body fell to the concrete floor.

Angelus turned as a warm arm slipped through his. A smile spread across his face as he felt a warm breath tickle his neck and lips began to nibble towards his ear.

“When I said I wanted them dead, I was expecting it to be a little more exciting. Instead they just died so easily.”

Angelus turned to Cordelia, “It was a let down wasn’t it?” He spun her around and pinned her to the wall, his arms planted on both sides of her face and his body pinning her to the wall, “So what do we do now?”

A smile spread across her face, “Let’s go shopping.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face closer to hers, “And after you eat all of those scared little clerks we can fuck our way all over this lovely hotel.”

Angelus smiled and released her from the wall. He watched with anticipation as she began to walk up the stairs into the lobby, he’d get rid of the witches body later, the night was just starting to get interesting.


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