With a Flick of the Wand

SUMMARY: Angel and Cordelia get transported back to Sunnydale – 1998.
POSTED: 19 Aug 2003
CATEGORY: Time Travel
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: I’ve tried to make it clear, but sometimes I forget. Cordelia is from 1998, and Cordy (or Harmony) is from 2001. The real Xander and Harmony are away for most of the fic. Angel is of course Xander!

Part 1

Harmony Kendall pushed a few more things into her already overflowing suitcase, she was fed up, her parents had decided that tonight she was to go to her mothers sister across state, to stay in a backwater that no one had ever heard of.

‘Jeez, anyone would think I did something wrong,’ she huffed to herself, she’d tried pleading with her mother to rethink her decision, but to no avail, there was no budging her mother once her mind had been made up.

Avril Kendall had been embarrassed to find out that her only daughter had been seen in a local coffee shop consorting with a member of a local band, like some common trollop. Her informant had taken great delight in going into great detail; Avril had decided that it was time to remove Harmony away from any temptation; after all it was nearly the end of term. Only last week she’d been talking to Cynthia Chase at a luncheon they had both attended, Cynthia had mentioned that the Chases had to speak to their daughter Cordelia, about fraternising with the Harris boy, a totally unsuitable match for someone of her social standing to be associating with.

After discussing it with her husband, Gregory, Avril had decided to nip Harmony’s new relationship in the bud; consequentially Harmony was being shipped off to her sisters.


Alexander Harris sat in his bedroom his head in his hands. Cordelia Chase had broken up with him and in a very public way, so after being laughed at by what seemed like the whole school he had decided to ask Amy, a girl in his class who dabbled in magic, to make a spell for him so Cordelia wouldn’t be able to resist him. But the spell didn’t appear to have worked, and Cordelia on had laid into him again and so after a few words of sympathy from Buffy, he decided to return home to lick his wounds.

He heard his father downstairs, yelling for him, and went to his bedroom door to see what all the fuss was about. His father yelling wasn’t in itself an unusual occurrence; it was just the nature of what he was shouting about that was strange

Apparently his father had been in the local bar getting tanked up after work, when he had overheard some men in the bar discussing one of their sons, who had decided he was gay and had ‘come out’. The other men were jeering and teasing the man and Tony Harris had joined in, he was a bully by nature and enjoyed belittling those around him.

The father of the gay son turned to him and said. ‘I don’t know what your laughing at your son is as well.’

Tony gulped and nearly choked on his beer, ‘what do you mean?’ he spluttered.

‘Yeah, your kid and mine got their heads together and decided to both come out’ said the man, smirking that he wasn’t the only one feeling less than a man for having a son who was gay.

Tony gulped the last of his beer and slamming the tin down stalked out of the bar and marched off down the street to his shabby house. He shoved the door open with a bang and started yelling.

‘Jessica where’s your son?’ he yelled.

Xander ventured further out of his room, he didn’t like it when his old man shouted at his mother, especially when it was about himself.

‘I’m here, what do you want?’ he asked, coming down the stairs.

His father rushed up to him and yanked him the last few steps and into the room where he cuffed the startled boy and sent him to knees.

‘You dirty little bastard, I knew going around with those silly girls all the time would have a bad effect on you,’ Tony Harris shouted, while Jessica tried to get between the pair, a situation she often found herself in lately.

‘Stop, don’t hit him on Tony,’ she said.

‘Get out of my way, Jessica, I need to teach him a lesson he wont forget,’ Tony growled and pushed his wife out of the way.

Xander had by now struggled to his feet and prepared to defend himself, he’d been watching Buffy train and hoped he’d be able to stand up to his abusive father. He couldn’t understand what had brought this on, normally they agreed not to speak, and usually Xander was out for the evening by the time his father got back from the bar and when he returned from the evenings entertainment he usually found his father passed out

‘You filthy little queer, what the matter with you, have you no shame?’ roared Tony.

‘What are you on about?’ replied Xander.

His father stood back a bit surprised that his son was standing up to him.

‘I just heard it in the bar about you and Jo Spencer’s son, “coming out”,’ he waved his arms to emphasized air quotes.

‘I’m not gay, whatever makes you think I am?’ asked Xander, while his mother looked from one to the other baffled as to what had brought this on, didn’t Tony realise Xander had been dating the Chase girl.

‘Well, your going to stay with Frank, he’ll soon knock it out of your system,’ said Tony.

‘No, dad, I can’t I’ve got school, I have to see Amy, ’ cried Xander, he would even prefer school than staying with his Uncle Frank who had a worse temper than his father, and believed that everything could be solved by a good thrashing.

‘That’s it, I’ve made up my mind, I’ve got to get you away from those girls. Jessica go and pack, we’ll leave as soon as I’ve rung Frank to let him know we’re coming,’ said Tony.

Xander looked at his mother, but she just shrugged her shoulders and went to do her husbands bidding. He was beginning to panic; he’d needed to see Amy about the love spell, to let her know it hadn’t worked, in case she tried something else.

But he had no chance to contact her before the family were soon on their way to LA, Jessica had had a quiet word with Xander and promised to contact his friend, Willow Rosenburg, and inform her where the boy had gone, the soon as she returned

Xander fumed in the back seat of the car, he couldn’t believe his father thought so little of him to not even listen to him, he was so bull headed at times, he sighed, he knew he would be in for a rough time with Frank, he just hoped he would be quick enough to avoid the blows that were sure to come his way.


Angel nervously smoothed the non-existent creases out of the front of his new French navy, silk shirt as he watched Cordelia from across the lobby. He thought she was looking particularly fetching this afternoon, wearing an olive green top that left a lot of her tanned midriff bare, before drawing the eye down to her low riding faded blue jeans. He was trying to work out how to pluck up enough courage to ask her out on a date, but it seemed whenever he finally did, something stupid seemed to fall out of his mouth or he tripped over his own feet and she ended up making a comment about him being a dork or some such acronym she had dreamt up for him. He was still trying to regain the easy camaraderie they had had, before he had disgraced himself with Darla.

He couldn’t understand it, he was the “Scourge of Europe” he’d killed and drained thousands in his very long time in this world so why did a twenty year old girl reduce him to a bumbling teenager, perhaps that was the answer, maybe she would look at him more if he was more like Xander Harris, after all she’d dated the youth in high school and even though Angel thought she could have done better, they had seemed to click for a while.

He thought back to the training session the previous day. When Cordelia had landed particularly heavily, Angel quickly pulled her to her feet and into his arms, daring to steal a quick kiss. The moment his lips met hers, he almost groaned at the taste of her. But before he could really explore she was pulling away, pushing at his chest as she forced distance between them.

Angel instantly apologised, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that,” he mumbled.

” ‘s OK,” Cordelia said, blushing and not meeting his eyes. She had quickly left the training area and gone straight upstairs to use the shower in the room she used when she stayed over.

Angel watched her go mentally kicking himself, “what was I thinking? Now I’ve frightened her off, probably for good. She’s right, I really am a berk.”

Angel was having a problem getting her out of his mind, it seemed she was all he thought about. She was in his dreams; he was even finding it difficult to brood without her intruding into his thoughts. And as for his time in a shower, well those actions were perhaps better kept private.

He continued to sneak glances at his beautiful seer while pretending to read an ancient tome, and willing his unruly body to behave.

Cordelia chanced a look over the top of the magazine she was supposed to be reading, she couldn’t resist a quick peak at the handsome vampire across the room, he was looking deep in thought, not an unusual occurrence in itself after all he was ‘King of the Brood’. ‘At least he’s trying some colour at last,’ she thought to herself. ‘I bet he’s thinking of Buffy again.’ It had only been a few weeks since the blonde bombshell had returned from the dead, for the second time. Angel had been at a monastery in Tibet all summer, trying to come to terms with the death of the slayer, only to return to find, a few weeks later that she had been resurrected by her best friend and witch, Willow.

‘Perhaps I should go blonde,’ she thought to herself, twiddling the ends of her short brunette hair through her fingers. She had to stop herself sighing out loud at the memory of a brief kiss they had shared yesterday afternoon. She stared at the page not seeing a word that was written on it. She knew she was in big trouble; she was falling hard for her best friend, the vampire with a soul. Her mind drifted off, thinking back over the last few weeks, to the erotic dreams she’d been having starring herself and Angel. She could feel her skin flushing as she relived some of the moments.

There was a crash and a muffled curse emitting from the office, both Cordelia and Angel muttered “thank God” and rushed to see what was wrong, only to find a very rumpled Wesley, looking sheepish.

“Er sorry about that,” he said, picking up the telephone directories that had fallen to the floor. He had been so engrossed in the ancient scripts he was reading that everything else had been ignored and gradually pushed to the edges where they teetered until finally with one more nudge they had fallen.

None of the occupants of the hotel noticed the pixie imps hovering high above them in the atrium. They giggled to each other as they both drew out their wands. They were being paid to do a job and here was the perfect couple to use for their mischievous ways. When Angel and Cordelia stepped away from the door to Wesley’s office, the Imps waved their wands and both muttered a spell and with a quick flash of green light Angel and Cordelia disappeared.

Wesley looked up at the flash of light but on seen nothing out of the ordinary was soon re-immersed in the fascinating script that he had found, assuming it was just the dodgy wiring in the old hotel. It was some time later before he realised that it had gone very quiet out in the lobby. There was usually some sort of rustling, arguing, or fidgeting going on between the vampire and his seer. Wesley couldn’t understand how they could both be so dense as to not realise they were totally in love with each other. He shrugged his shoulders and decided to try and persuade Fred to go for some lunch with him. She was getting better at coming out of her room, now that Angel was back.

He stepped out of the office surprised to see no one around. He had thought Angel had probably gone to train in the basement and Cordy would be sitting reading a magazine, but and the lobby was empty. He looked idly at some green dust in front of the counter and wondered whose turn it was to clean the lobby this time.

Just then all thoughts of cleaning, Angel and Cordelia, left his head as he heard a slight noise and looked towards stairs to see the object his affection coming towards him.

“Hi Fred, I was just coming to find you, would you like to go out for some Tacos?” he asked.

“Sure, I just love Tacos,” Fred replied, blushing shyly. She was still the little nervous around crowds of people, but felt very comfortable with Wesley, he was always so kind and treated her like a lady.

Wesley held out his hand and Fred shyly took it as they left the hotel and walked to her favourite Taco stand, down the street a couple of blocks, neither noticing the black shrouded van parked across the street.

As soon as the pair left the hotel the rear doors of the van burst open.

‘Now, get in, lay surveillance and get out, got it?’ Lilah Morgan, an attorney with Wolfram and Hart, ordered. ‘Make it snappy, we don’t know how much time we have.’


Cordelia opened her eyes, “Uhh, what the hell happened?” she thought. She looked down and was amazed to see her rich dark hair turned to blonde, very long blonde.

“Harmony, what are you doing down here, you supposed to be upstairs packing? John will want to leave soon. I hope you’re not going dressed like that,” said Avril Kendall.

“Oh hi Mrs Ken…, er “Mom!”” said Cordelia, “I’ll just go and er.. carry on packing, yes, packing.” Cordelia escaped up to Harmony’s bedroom, hoping she could remember which of the many rooms in the Kendall household it was. Luckily she’d visited frequently when they had been friends as teenagers.

“What ever kind of bizarro world is this?” Cordelia muttered to herself, as she walked into Harmony’s bedroom. She looked at the mess of clothes and cases that were all over the room, noting that the shower was running, she caught sight of herself in the full-length mirror, a “God, I really am Harmony,” she thought, and then froze when she heard the running water cut off.

“Oh crap she’s coming out, I have to get out of here,” she thought, as if one Harmony wasn’t enough trouble; two would definitely throw a spanner in the works. Cordelia move quickly over to the French doors and out onto the balcony. She managed to duck behind the brick reveal just as Harmony exited the shower, a towel round her body, another round her hair.

Cordy looked down over the side of the railing then decided it wasn’t that far to jump, there was a nice cushioning bush below that would hopefully break her fall. She swung her legs over the balcony, and after getting a good handhold lowered her body as far as possible before letting go and dropping quietly to the ground. It wasn’t that far, she certainly fallen further than that during the last few years. After a quick look round she bolted the stables, knowing at least there were plenty of sheds where she would be able to hide, at least until the sun went down.

A while later Harmony stomped down the stairs, passing the chauffer, John, on his way up to get her cases.

‘Are you ready?’ her mother asked.

‘Suppose so, Mom must I go, I promise I’ll be good?’ wined Harmony, making a last ditch attempt to get a reprieve.

‘You know you’ll enjoy yourself when you get there you like your Aunt Stella,’ said Avril. ‘John will load your cases and drive you there.’

‘Oh Mom, can’t I take my car?’ Harmony pouted.

‘You know it’s in the shop after your last little brush with that wall,’ replied her mother.

‘Well, I could wait until it’s fixed, then go,’ said Harmony hopefully.

‘No, I don’t think so,’ her mother said, ‘you’re going today, now stop wining and go and get in the Mercedes, John has loaded your luggage.’ She kissed her daughter on the cheek and pushed her towards the car, to tell the truth she was relieved Harmony would be out of the way for a while. Gregory was in the middle of negotiating a large new contract for the accountants firm he was the CEO of, and had requested Avril’s presence in LA, to wine and dine the clients. She didn’t have time to worry about Harmony at the moment.

She waved at the car as it disappeared down the drive carrying her daughter away from Sunnydale.
Part 2

Sunnydale 1998

Angel landed with grunt that knocked the wind out of him, he looked around curiously, he seemed to be alone.

“What ever happened, where on earth am I, and where’s Cordy?” he thought, he certainly didn’t recognise the grungy bedroom with its cheap furniture and flashy posters stuck up to hide the peeling paintwork. He stood up and then after glancing at the mirror on the wall, nearly fell over again.

“What the hell…?” he grimaced, as he took in the fact he had a reflection at all and then at his appearance. The person staring back at him was none other than Xander Harris. He looked more closely, noticing he was still wearing the same clothes he had dressed in that morning, but they just didn’t seem to fit him quite as well, his body seemed gangly and lighter somehow, his hair was a mess, but then what did he expect, most of Xander was usually a mess in Angels’ opinion.

Angel sat gingerly on the unmade bed, idling eating some ‘Twinkies’ he’d found lying beside the bed. He contemplated what on earth had happened. After some thought, he decided the best course of action would be to go to the Sunnydale High School Library and see if Rupert Giles was still the librarian. He looked at the nudie girl Calendar stuck up beside the bed, and was amazed to find it was February 1998. He discovered an urgent need to use the bathroom. “Well that’s new,” he thought as he made his way cautiously along the landing until he spotted said room.

After using the facilities, he looked at himself in the mirror still not used to seeing Xander looking back at him and picked up a comb from the counter and tried to make some sort of order out of his unruly locks, before straightening his shirt and taking a deep breath, which he was still surprised he needed, and exiting the bathroom and making his way back to the bedroom.

Angel thought the house was empty; he had noticed his vampire senses had diminished somewhat now that he appeared to be human. He re-entered the bedroom and sat on the bed. All of a sudden the bedcovers moved and Angel jumped and turned to see Willow lying there dressed in what looked like one of Xanders shirts.

‘Well, that’s also new,’ he thought before saying, ‘Willow what are you doing in the bed?’

‘Oh Xander, I love you, I want you to be my first,’ she replied, pulling him down and kissing him, before nibbling on his ear.

Angel jumped up, pushing her away. ‘Um Willow, this isn’t what you think,’ he stuttered, backing towards the door. She climbed out of the bed, the shirt she was wearing barely covering her hips, and pinned him to the closed door before beginning to kiss him again, her hands roaming all over his body. Angel groaned as he felt himself becoming aroused at her attentions, especially when she reached between them and squeezed his rapidly growing manhood.

He pushed her away firmly, ‘No, Willow, I’m not who you think I am,’ he said.

‘I don’t care, I want you,’ she said renewing her attack, luckily Angel had managed to open the door and he slipped through it, narrowly avoiding Willow’s amorous advances.

Angel ran out of the house, glad to escape and began to enjoy his first walk in the sun, without bursting into flames, for a good few years, as he made his way over to the high school and into the library. He was puzzled as to why Willow would act like that with Xander, he didn’t think she thought of the youth as more than a good friend. When he walked along the corridor towards the library he was slightly uncomfortable to find himself an object of everyone’s attention, the girls looked at him adoringly, while the boys looked daggers at him. He was sure it wasn’t always like this for Xander; something really odd was going on. He ducked into the library, and was in luck, it was empty of students; he went over to the Librarian’s door and tentatively knocked.

Rupert Giles looked up from the scripts he was reading, surprised to see Xander Harris standing almost hesitantly outside his office door, which he had just knocked on. That in itself was a rarity Xander usually just barged in, regardless of what Giles might be doing.

“Hello Xander, what can I do for you?” asked Giles, automatically removing his glasses and drawing a handkerchief from his pocket, proceeded to start cleaning them, a reflex he had developed the over the years, to give himself time to think. He had a feeling he was going to need some time.

“Err.. Giles, I seem to have a bit of a problem…”Angel began.

Giles looked at Xander, the fact that the boy seemed nervous was strange enough but also the fact he called him by his name and not some acronym that Xander usually came up with made it doubly peculiar, it was also unusual to see him dressed neatly, and in such dark clothes.

“What have you done?” asked Giles; wandering what scrape the lad had got into this time.

“You may want to sit down,” said Angel.

Angel proceeded to explain to Giles that this morning he had been Angel, and in LA and the year was 2001; at first the librarian was a little sceptical assuming it was one of Xander’s practical jokes. But as he watched the lad he realised the mannerisms were all wrong, they were much more in keeping with the brooding vampire he’d come to know and loathe. Giles blinked in amazement, as he furiously polished his lenses, before replacing them.

Angel paced about, as he recounted his tale, unconsciously running his hands through his hair making it stick up in a very Angel like but most un-Xander like style. He finished his story and stood with his hands on the desk looking at the bewildered librarian in front of him.

“I can’t take this in, it’s almost too much to believe,” said Giles. They both fell silent each occupied with their own thoughts. Suddenly the library doors burst open to reveal none other than Harmony Kendall.

“Umm, Giles I seem to have a problem,” she said, before noticing who was actually in the library, standing with his back towards her. “Oh my God, Angel, thank God you’re here as well,” she gasped, running over to hug him. Angel tried to extract himself from armfuls of blonde cheerleader, remembering the last time he had seen Harmony she had been a vampire, he could feel her warm body so figured she must still be alive.

“Harmony…?” he said.

“Xander…..?” Cordy said, as she looked properly at the person in front of her.

“Err, Miss Kendall, what appears to be the problem?” asked Giles, by now thoroughly confused he didn’t think he’d ever seen the ditzy blonde in his library before.

“I’m not Harmony, that’s the problem, I’m Cordelia, from the future,” said Cordy.

“Cor..?” said Angel softly, as he took in her clothes, the same as Cordy had been wearing that morning.

“Eer.. Xander?” replied Cordy.

“No, I’m Angel, what the hell happened?” asked Xander/Angel confused.

Giles was back to furiously polishing his glasses, a totally bemused expression on his face, “so let me get this straight, you’re Cordelia not Harmony, and you’re Angel not Xander, and you think you’re both from the future?” he asked, pointing to the pair in front of him.

They looked at each other amazed, then nodded, they seemed to be dressed as they were this morning, but in different bodies.

“We need to find a real Xander, Harmony, Angel and Cordelia,” Xander/Angel said.

“Angel’s not here, he’s Angelus now,” said Giles glaring at Xander/Angel.

Angel shut his eyes, his fingers going to massage his already throbbing temples. He wondered if this day could get any worse. Little did he realise Amy’s spell, that Xander had asked her to perform, was just beginning to take full effect.

“I know Harmony’s gone away but I’ll go and see if I can find them, her, umm me, err Cordelia,” said Harmony/Cordy, turning and leaving, before Giles had time to stop her.

She reached the girl’s locker room where she found Aura and the other Cordettes gathered. ‘Hi, any one seen Cordelia lately?’ she asked, she couldn’t really ask if anyone had seen Xander, they would think she had totally lost it.

‘Yeah, she was here earlier, but we don’t speak to her now, or has that changed?’ replied Aura. ‘What’s with the grunge look?’ she added looking with disdain at Cordy/Harmony’s jeans and top.

“Yeah it’s a new look I’m trying,” replied Cordy. She suddenly remembered it was the day after Valentines Day, she had broken up with Xander and he had made Amy cast a spell.

‘Oh God, I need to go back to the library,’ she gasped.

‘Aww come on Harm, don’t be as bad as the geeks, hanging out in that creepy place,’ said one of the other girls, as she took Cordy by the arm and the gang set off out of the locker room.

Cordy went along with the flow; she seemed to have forgotten what she wanted to see Cordelia about.


Jenny Calendar entered the library intent on persuading Rupert Giles to accept her apology, she now knew she was falling in love with the watcher and was desperate for his forgiveness for not informing him that she’d known what she knew about Angelus.

‘Hi Xander,’ she said, as she breezed past Angel, only to halt beside him, ‘Umm you smell nice’ she added, stroking his shirt, ‘is this real silk?’

‘Um, yes it is,’ replied Angel, edging away from the teacher that he, as his alter ego, would shortly murder.

Giles looked at the woman he felt had betrayed him, ‘Jenny, what do you want?’ he asked a trifle tersely, staring at the way she was paying attention to Xander/Angel, not realising who he was. She’d never shown any interest in Xander before. He wondered slightly jealously, if there was some vibe that Angel gave off, that made all the girls stumble over themselves for his attention.

‘I forgot what I came in for,’ replied Jenny vaguely, by now holding Angel by his arm as she rubbed her body against his, ‘have you been working out?’ she asked him.

Angel shifted uncomfortably, glad that Cordy had left, he could just imagine the comments she would make if she saw him being mauled by Jenny.

‘You’d better stay here until we can sort out what’s going on,’ Giles said. With that he went to leave only coming back to drag Jenny away from Angel, disappearing and leaving a confused Angel alone in the library.

Angel turned away, only to turn back as the door opened again to reveal Buffy slipping in, and stopping in what she hoped was a seductive pose. Angel’s eye’s almost popped out of his head as he took in the stilettos, her long bare legs disappearing into the raincoat, she was just about wearing.

He gulped as he took in the sight of the barely dressed slayer sashaying over towards him. But before he had time to do more than goggle at her, the door opened again to admit another girl we also seemed intent on attracting his attention. Angel scrubbed his hands through his hair as he struggled to work out what the hell was going on. Buffy was starting to undo the short coat and it was obvious she didn’t have a lot on underneath it.

‘Buffy, you don’t want to do that,’ gabbled Angel, backing away from the slayer. He wondered what sort of farcical world he had entered into. Buffy was about to grab him when the other girl spoke.

‘Leave him alone he’s mine,’ she said.

‘What? Amy, you must be joking, he’s mine,’ replied Buffy.

‘You stupid girl, I saw him first, it’s me he wants,’ said Amy.

‘Um girls…,’ began Angel. They both turned to him, and then Buffy swung back and punched Amy knocking her to the floor before grabbing Angel, and starting to rub herself against him, he pushed her away and turned to help Amy up, only to see the witch reciting something as she arose from the floor. The next instant orange and red stars were swirling around Buffy, and she disappeared her coat falling to the floor.

‘Oh God, Amy, what have you done?’ asked Angel, looking in horror as a brown rat appeared from the sleeve of Buffy’s coat. Amy moved over to him, rubbing around him.

‘Xander baby, don’t worry about her, you’ve got me now,’ she said, her hands roaming his body. Angel pushed her away and looked round with relief as the library door opened to reveal Giles and Jenny.

‘Don’t be silly, he wants a real women, not a young girl,’ said Jenny, starting over towards Angel again. Giles caught her and dragged her and Amy away from Angel.

‘Now sit over there and tell me what you did,’ he said to Amy.

‘Only a little spell, so he would love me,’ replied Amy, smiling adoringly up at Angel.

”Phhft, as if he’d want you, when he’s got me, you’re delusional,” huffed Jenny.

‘She also recited a spell and turned Buffy into a rat,’ said Angel. He made his way over to the bookshelf in the direction the Buffy rat had run. Giles pinched the bridge of his nose and looked in horror at Amy, before spotting the rat.

‘There she is,’ he said, as he and Angel tried to catch the rat. Angel was on his knees beside a cabinet reaching behind it to catch Buffy, when suddenly a pair of feet stopped in front of him. He looked up straight into a fist in his face.

‘Oww,’ said Oz, shaking his hand. ‘I felt a sudden need to punch you.’

‘Oz!, Ouch, what was that for?’ cried Angel, as he gently massaged his nose, trying to squint down it to see if it was bleeding, things seem to hurt much more in a human body.

‘I’ve just had Willow on the phone, in floods of tears, saying she’s in love with you and she wants to sleep with you. You must have encouraged her in some way,’ replied Oz.

‘Oz, you’ve gotta believe me I never touched her, Amy did a spell,’ replied Angel. By now the Buffy rat had slipped through the library doors and into the corridor.

Oz held out a hand to help Angel up. ‘Ok, I guess,’ he said, still a bit dubious.

Giles stood up, ‘we’ve lost her’ he said. ‘Xander, I think you’ve done enough, just get out of my sight, go home. Oz would you look for the Buffy rat, while Amy, Jenny and I research Amy’s spells.’

Angel stood up and made his way out of the library wondering where to go, Giles seemed to have forgotten about his identity problem. He was walking towards the school exit, when he heard someone cry out and a load of shouting. He moved faster towards the cries.

Giles returned to the table, ‘Err Jenny, perhaps you could help..?’ he asked, and on not receiving a reply looked up from the book he was opening, just in time to see Jenny disappearing out of the door, intent on pursuing Xander.

‘Great, just what I need….’ he sighed, and resumed his reading.
Part 3

Sunnydale 1998

Angel hurried to where the cry for help was coming from, he thought the voice sounded familiar, and was horrified when he spotted Cordelia being kicked and scratched, beneath a group of her so called ‘friends’. He fought his way through to the stricken girl.

‘Come on Cordy,’ he said, pushing the struggling girls aside and gathering Cordelia into his arms, he ran towards the exit. She was heavier than he expected, or maybe it was the fact that he didn’t have his vamp strength anymore. He put her down at the doors and they turned to run out only to be met with an angry and upset Willow, holding a fire axe, with even more girls lined up behind her.

‘If I can’t have him, no one can,’ sobbed Willow, as she advanced towards Angel, brandishing her axe. Just then the school doors opened and Harmony ran out, followed by the rest of the girls from inside.

“Leave the him alone, he’s mine,’ said Harmony, launching herself that Willow.

Angel goggled at Cordy/Harmony he couldn’t understand why she was acting like that. He felt the whole school had gone mad over one small spell, which really had nothing to do with him.

The girls all started fighting each other, which in itself would have been funny, had it not been so serious, but it enabled Cordelia and Angel to escape. The pair ran like mad until they were about to pass Buffy’s house.

‘Quick, in here, before they see us, ’ gasped Cordelia, dragging Angel behind her and rapping urgently on the door.

Buffy’s mother, Joyce opened the door astonished, as the panting pair pushed past her slamming the door behind them.

‘What happened, have you been attacked?’ she asked.

‘Yes, please just lock the doors,’ said Angel, as he collapsed into a convenient chair, breathing hard.

‘Xander, you’re bleeding, Cordelia go upstairs and find the first aid kit in the bathroom,’ said Joyce.

Cordelia started up the stairs, but as she rounded the corner she spotted Joyce leaning over Xander massaging his neck. She stormed back down and dragged the woman off shoving her through the back door and slamming it shut.

‘Get your Mom aged mitts off my boyfriend, ..former..’ said Cordelia, firmly locking the door.

‘Xander, what’s happening, who died and made you Elvis?’ she asked Angel. Cordelia studied him properly, for the first time. “Are you wearing a silk shirt, and are those Armani pants? I didn’t know you knew they existed, let alone owned any,” she exclaimed, eyeing said garments appreciatively.

‘Long story,’ he replied, just then Joyce broke a pane of glass in the door and reached through to unlock it.

“Xander honey, come to Joycie,’ crooned Joyce, as she unlocked the door, and re-entered the kitchen.

‘Common, upstairs to Buffy’s room,’ said Cordelia, dragging Angel to his feet and up the stairs.

They raced through the bedroom door and slammed and bolted it behind them. Angel went over to the window and looked out.

‘I don’t think the mob has found us, we should be safe here…’ he said, then yelped as Angelus suddenly loomed in the window.

‘Works in theory,’ said Angelus, through a mouthful of fangs, as he dragged Angel out through the window.

”Xander…..!’ Cordelia cried, rushing to the window.

‘Where’s Buffy?’ hissed Angelus, as he threw Angel off the roof, jumping lightly down beside him.

‘Umm, around somewhere,’ stuttered Angel, knowing he was in deep trouble. He punched Angelus in the gut, only to get flipped over as Angelus loomed over him again.

‘Never mind, I was going to rip her insides out, but this is so much better, it should make a pretty good impression, don’t ya think?’ he growled, as he prepared to bite into Angel’s neck. But before he could start he was yanked away.

‘Oh Buffy, thank God, but how…?’ said Angel; pleased the slayer had been restored, only to find himself in the arms of his wicked childe, Drusilla.

The two vampires growled at each other and Angelus backed away, something wasn’t right, the kid didn’t smell right. If he didn’t know better he would have said it was himself standing between him and Dru.

‘If you harm one hair on my angel’s head…’ Drusilla snarled towards Angelus, as she stroked Angel’s hair and face.

‘Dru, I don’t know what you’re playing at, but it doesn’t amuse,’ snarled Angelus, growling back at his crazy childe.

‘How do you feel about eternal life…?’ she asked Angel, leaning in and smelling him, before taking a long lick up his neck.

‘Umm, could we perhaps start with a coffee?’ replied Angel, cringing away from the powerful vampress, hoping to buy himself a little time, he could vaguely remember someone rescuing Xander, but wasn’t sure who.

“Mumm, you taste like Daddy, but all warm and throbbing,’ she whispered.

‘Him, like me? I guess I really did drive you insane,’ muttered Angelus, leaning against a nearby tree to watch; not daring to claim his prize while Dru was in full momma mode.

As Dru went to sink her fangs into Angel’s neck, she suddenly stopped, distracted by the approaching mob of girls from the school, with Harmony and Willow in the lead.

‘Get away from him, he’s mine,’ screamed Willow, a sentiment echoed by some of the others.

Dru backed away confused, Angelus crossed his arms and smirked as the girls homed in on Xander.

Suddenly Buffy’s front door opened and Cordelia ran out.

‘Xander, come on in here, ’ she yelled, whacking at the nearest girls and dragging Angel to his feet and back into the house, slamming the door behind them.

The other girls rushed to follow, but the locked door held them back, until Dru pushed to the front and smashed it down. They all piled in, but when Drusilla went to follow, an invisible barrier stopped her.

‘Sorry Dru, guess you’re not invited,’ gloated Angelus, from his spot over by the tree. He was intrigued to find out to what on earth had happened to the Harris boy. He didn’t smell right and he’d never attracted woman like that before. Angelus pondered the question as he watched the screaming women fill Buffy’s house.

‘Ha, they’ll rip him to shreds,’ Angelus smirked, as he settled back to watch with interest.

Inside the house, Angel and Cordelia turned to see Joyce coming at them wielding a large knife.

‘Quick, in here, ’ said Cordelia, dragging Angel into the basement. They slammed the door behind them.

Angel found a couple of planks of wood, a hammer and some nails and nailed the wood across the door, hoping to reinforce the flimsy lock.

‘What the hell is happening?’ she asked her shaken companion.

‘Er Amy did some sort of spell to make the girls love him, um me,’ Angel hastily amended, remembering he was supposed to be Xander.

‘Phhft, what a loser,’ Cordelia muttered under her breath, amazed Xander would do something so stupid.

She moved over to the other side of the basement, wondering if there was another way out. She was looking up at a small window calculating whether they would be able to squeeze through, when all of a sudden the window frame was wrenched open, and immediately arms started to reach through the opening. She backed away fearfully as the basement door was broken open. Angel rushed to protect her; they tried to make themselves as small as possible in the corner, as the girls broke through Angel’s makeshift barrier and stormed down the steps. He tried to cover her body as best he could, as the screaming girls pawed and grabbed at him, stretching forward trying to touch him. Angel had never been so scared in all his life, not even when he had been tortured in hell.

He was beginning to despair, he could feel his clothes being plucked and his body scratched, when suddenly there was a shimmering quiver of light and everyone looked shocked before looking round in confusion.

“Where am I?’ said someone.

”Eeww,’ commented another.

Cordelia thinking quickly as Angel helped her to her feet said, “well wasn’t that the best scavenge hunt ever?” She grinned brightly round at the assembled girls.

Everyone made their way slowly out of the Summer’s house and disbursed in different directions, still puzzled as to what had happened and why they were in Buffy’s basement. Harmony/Cordy quickly scribbled a note and stuffed it into Angel’s hand, before leaving with Aura and the other girls. She had remembered whom she was and was embarrassed at her actions; she decided it would look odd for her to be seen with Xander.

Angel checked Cordelia over to make sure she was ok, something he automatically would do.

“Hey, get off Mr Grabby hands, I’m not your property anymore,” she said, as she stalked off towards her car which was still in the school park. Angel followed slowly behind as he read the note Harmony gave him, she suggested they meet behind the stacks in the library, later that evening.

Angelus watched from the shadows, Dru had wandered off as soon as the spell had been broken, but he had stayed, still curious as to what an earth was going on, before deciding the fun was over and returning to the mansion. He figured there were too many people around for him to be able to get an uninterrupted decent meal, for a while anyway.


Angel made his way back to the school, making a slight detour to a convenience store that was still open. He went in, his stomach rumbled at all the food on display, but he resisted the temptation to binge, remembering how ill he’d felt when he gorged on food for the first time in over 200 years, on the day he had become human, the day that no one else remembered. The day, he thought ruefully that hadn’t even happened yet! At least he knew what food tasted like now, and more importantly what to buy.

Sometimes after a long day or particularly strenuous vision and when his friends had been starving, he’d made a few late night trips for food and other supplies, to keep them happy.

He settled for chips, doughnuts and some chocolate, he really couldn’t resist the chocolate, something that hadn’t been around in great quantities in his youth. He realised it wasn’t the healthiest of meals but figured what the hell, it wasn’t his body anymore, why should he care if Xander gained a few pounds.

By the time he reached the library he eaten all the food except the chocolate, that he was savouring. He was surprised to find the library empty, all traces of previous activity cleared up. He made his way to the stacks in the back, to find Harmony/Cordy sitting waiting for him. He couldn’t get his head round thinking of Harmony as Cordy.

Cordy looked up her hand to her heart, “I see you’re still stealth guy. Ooh is that chocolate you’re eating?” she grabbed the bar from his hand and stuffed it into her mouth. “Mummm, I’m starving,” she mumbled round the food.

“Hey,” Angel said, grabbing for the bar, before she scoffed the lot.

“I’ve no money at all, how come you have?” she grumbled.

“I had my wallet with me,” Angel replied.

“Oh good you can take me out to dinner then,” said Cordelia.

“I think we need to be a bit more careful, I only have about $100, we don’t know how long it’s gonna have to last us. I don’t suppose the company credit card will work, as I didn’t actually have it in 1998,” Angel said.

“True, but I’m really hungry. I was just wondering where we could stay, I can’t go back to Harmony’s, the gates are shut and I don’t know the code. We can’t go to Xander’s house either, it would look very odd if anyone saw us together,” she said.

“I know, I’ve thought about it, we could go to my old apartment, Angelus is living in a factory with Spike and Dru, and as far as I can remember he never went back to the apartment after the first day.” said Angel.

“Right let’s go, but we have to make a detour to the shop, I must have food,” said Cordy decisively.

They set off out of the school hoping no one had spotted them leaving together. Cordy followed Angel, she only had a vague idea where his apartment was situated, she knew it was somewhere near the Bronze, but wasn’t quite sure exactly where, and certainly didn’t want to get split from him.

They made it back without further mishap, calling in at the same shop for a few basic staples. Angel was pleased to find the apartment clean and in working order; he figured it had only been a few days since his former self-had occupied the place, until that fateful night of Buffy’s birthday that had unleashed Angelus on to an unsuspecting town. He seemed to remember he had some cash stashed there, cash that Angelus hadn’t bothered with, Angelus tended to just take what he wanted rather than paying for it.

“Is there any hot water?” Cordy asked, “I can’t wait to get out of these grimy clothes, say nothing of cleaning all the grabby, mucky handprints off,” she added.

“There should be,” Angel replied, and went over to the kitchen to put shopping away. Glad to shake his mind off the mental image of a naked Cordelia, glistening and covered in soapy bubbles.

Cordy looked over to the unmade bed, ‘Eww, are those the sheets you got groiny with Buffy on? Yuck, you’d better change them if you expect me to sleep there,’ she said, with a moue of distaste, before retreating into the bathroom.

Angel looked at her disappearing back, amazed that she would think he hadn’t changed the sheets, until he thought about it and realised that he hadn’t. He set about doing so, and then finished putting the shopping away, still nibbling occasionally at crackers and cheese, until his stomach gave an uncomfortable lurch.

‘Oh no,’ he thought, as the remembered feelings, the same as those from that lost day he had spent with Buffy, a couple of years ago, came back. He knew he needed to use the bathroom, urgently. Last time it had taken him days to get his system back to normal after his eating binge. It had left him bloated and uncomfortable while it lasted. He looked at his watch and wondered how much longer Cordy was going to be. Just as he had decided he couldn’t wait and would have to knock and hurry her up, she came out with a towel wrapped around her body, another drying her hair.

‘I don’t suppose you have a hair dryer?’ she asked, as she pulled the tangles from the long blonde hair. ‘I’d forgotten just how time consuming long hair is,’ she added, as she drifted past to sit on the freshly made up bed.

Angel gave her a quick glance, ‘No, I don’t use one, are you finished in the bathroom?’ he gasped, looking cross-eyed with need, edging towards the bathroom.

‘Yeah sure, what’s up, you look constipated?’ she replied.

‘Quite the opposite’ he groaned, as he shot into the bathroom, grabbing the clothes he’d laid out and slamming the door, locking it firmly behind him.

Cordy rolled her eyes and giggling a little, ‘Oh, te he, I’ll bet that’s something he’s not used to coping with,’ she sniggered, and carried on trying to comb the knots out of Harmony’s long hair.

By the time Angel returned, Cordy, now dressed in some boxers and a tee shirt, he assumed she had raided his closet, was tucking into a plate of cereal.

‘Mummm, these are good,’ she mumbled through a mouthful. ‘Want some?’

‘Err, no thanks, I’ve had enough for today I think,’ Angel replied, his stomach lurching at the thought of more food. He looked round the room. ‘You can have the bed, I’ve changed the sheets and I’ll take the couch,’ he added, walking to the closet to get more sheets and blankets.

“Are you sure?” she said, “ I could take the couch I’m shorter than you, will feet will hang over the edge.”

“Don’t worry it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever slept on,” said Angel, mentally adding, “and it’s nearer to the bathroom.”

Cordy yawned and after putting her cereal plate in the sink, made her way over to the bed, giving him a quick peck on the cheek as she passed. “Well it’s been an eventful day, I think I’m going to turn in, good night,” she said, suiting actions to words.

“Ok, good night,” said Angel, quickly shaking out sheets and blankets onto the couch. He stripped down to his boxers, he usually slept naked but in deference to Cordy, decided he better leave them on. He settled down on the short sofa and soon following her into dreamland.
Part 4
Angel thought he was in heaven, he couldn’t believe it, one of his favourite dreams’ appeared to be coming true. He felt himself harden at the vision in front of him, his eyes opened wide. Cordelia was walking slowly towards him, unbuttoning his shirt that she was wearing, as she did so. She let it fall to the ground leaving her clad only in a matching black bra and briefs set. She pushed the sheet and blankets from Angel’s body, and proceeded to straddle him. She then bent her over and kissed him long and hard, until they both needed to breathe. He gasped as she moved her way down his neck, kissing and nibbling as she went to end up teasing his small male nipples into hard peaks, before exploring lower to nip his navel to follow the fine trail of hair leading to greater things.

As she bent over he reached behind her and quickly undid the bras clasp, freeing her breasts. He captured them in his hands, his thumbs caressing the tips as they puckered into hard nubs.

She moaned as he did this and returned her mouth to his, to capture him in a long lingering kiss. She rubbed her centre over his hardened manhood. Angel could feel the heat and moisture gathering there, he moaned again, thrusting his hips up, he couldn’t wait to get inside her.

They carried on kissing and caressing each other, driving themselves into such a state of high arousal, that eventually Angel could stand it no longer. He ripped away the flimsy garments keeping their flesh apart, and flipped his body over to pin her beneath him, and then landed with a thump on his ass, beside the sofa.

Angel dragged his hands through his hair and rubbed his face, he looked round in disappointment, it had all been a dream, Cordy was still sleeping soundly in his bed, snoring gently. All he had left was a raging erection that he just knew he would have to deal with before he’d be able to sleep again. He got up and made his way slowly to the bathroom to take care of it.


Cordy awoke to the delicious smell of bacon cooking. She looked blearily around as she took in her strange surroundings, spotting Angel standing in the kitchen.

”Mmmm, smells good, what time is it?” she asked.

“A little after seven,” replied Angel. “I’ve made breakfast, I hope you’re hungry,” he stared ruefully at the large amount of food he had prepared.

Cordy jumped out of bed, and bounced over to the table. Angel tore his eyes away from her lithe form barely clad in his shirt; remnants of last night’s dream still lingered in his mind and body. She sat down and started inhaling the plate of bacon and eggs he put in front of her. Angel looked at her and smiled, he still couldn’t get used to her looking like Harmony, and he supposed she was having the same problem with him looking like Harris. Although after his shower this morning, he had styled his hair how he liked it and was pleased that his gel seemed to be holding it in the spikes he liked. Xanders hair was about the same length as Angels, so it hadn’t been difficult.

“So what’s the plan of action?’ Cordy asked, as she finished eating and started on the milk Angel had poured for her. She looked at Angel, surprised that by changing his clothes and hairstyle, he had made himself look like a cool version for Xander.

‘You better lose the black, I can’t remember Xander ever wearing black, except to his Grans funeral, and I think then he borrowed his fathers,’ she said.

‘I wondered about that,’ mused Angel, ‘I don’t have much colour in my wardrobe.’

‘Let me look,’ Cordy replied, swallowing the last of her toast and gulping the milk, before heading over to his closet. She riffled for a few minutes, before holding out a pair of tan slacks and a white tee shirt.

‘I didn’t know you had these,’ she said.

‘I bought them on a whim when I got that beige jacket, and what a mistake that was,’ he said.

‘I remember that, you wore that the day we found those body parts in the dumpster, when Daryl Epps was trying to create the perfect girlfriend,’ she said, shuddering at the memory.

‘It was the only time I wore it, I felt such a prat in it that I never wore it again,’ said Angel.

‘I never saw you wear these pants,’ said Cordy.

‘No, after the jacket I couldn’t face them,’ he replied.

‘Well, they’re perfect, especially if no one’s seen them before, wear them with the white tea and leave your black shirt mostly undone and untucked, that’s the closest we can get to a sloppy Xander look, until we go shopping anyway,’ said Cordy.

Angel looked at the clothes, arguments already forming, until he processed what she had said, ‘shopping?’ he murmured.

‘Yeah, you can go in the day, wont that be fun?’ Cordy grinned at him, knowing he would hate it.

‘Oh, I can’t wait,’ he mumbled sarcastically, before saying out loud, ‘We’ll see, first we need to get Giles to try and sort out what on earth happened, why we’re here.’

‘Well I’m going for a shower; I suggest we go to school separately. It would look too odd for us to arrive together. Can I pinch one of your shirts, I can’t wear this top two days running, it’s bad enough having to wear these jeans. I’ll have to shop after class’s, that is if you can sub me?’ she asked, a shade hesitantly.

‘Yeah, here’s a couple of hundred dollars,’ replied Angel, putting them on the table. He’d been in the safe earlier and found a couple of thousand, but thought it prudent not to tell Cordy, especially before she went to the mall. Plus they didn’t know how long it would have to last them. He had been racking his brain since he woke early that morning, not really being able to sleep after his erotic dream, trying to work out what had happened. The couch was uncomfortable and he wasn’t looking forward to another night perched on it, or falling off it!

Angel looked longingly at the bed as Cordy disappeared into the bathroom. But when he heard the shower turn on he quickly slipped out of his black slacks and shirt, and replaced them with the ones she’d laid out. He felt a dork in the light pants, as he looked at his reflection in the glass cabinet, but he certainly looked more like Xander now.

He cleared up the breakfast things, while he waited for Cordy to finish in the bathroom, he wasn’t looking forward to going back to school, he’d hated being tutored the first time round, he didn’t think class’s would be any better in 1998.


LA 2001
Wesley was getting worried; he’d turned up for work to find the lobby empty. It wasn’t like Cordy or Angel to disappear without leaving a message. Then he thought, of course it was totally like them, even though he was supposed to be the boss, neither of them took any notice of him unless it suited them at the time. He hadn’t seen either of them since yesterday lunchtime. He and Fred had returned after lunch, they hadn’t noticed the bugging devices or the cameras strategically positioned around the hotel. Lilah and her team were long gone.

Wes and Fred had spent a comfortable afternoon in his office studying the texts he loved so much. He enjoyed explaining it all to someone who was receptive enough to listen without making snarky remarks, fidgeting or falling asleep.

Gunn was off for the day, dealing with a power struggle among some members of his old gang. There had been unrest among the ranks, Gunn felt he needed to show his presence to help sort it out. Much as he loved these kids, they did seem to require a firm hand at times, thinking because they had staked a vampire they were invincible. He had lost too many members of the crew over the years and now tried to ensure full training for new recruits.

Wesley was concerned when he rounded Cordelias desk and tripped over her bag, ‘that’s odd, I can’t imagine her leaving without taking her handbag,’ he pondered as he made some coffee.

He was even more anxious when he dialled her cell phone and her bag started to ring, he rang Angel’s cell but all he got was a ringing pocket in the leather coat hanging on the rack.

After going up to Angel’s bedroom, only to find it empty, Wesley was getting seriously worried and decided to give Gunn a call. He just knew something was wrong, he could feel it, it was too quiet.


Sunnydale 1998

Eventually Cordy emerged from the bathroom, she had dressed in one of Angel’s black silk shirts tying the loose ends around her body, and leaving the top few buttons undone to reveal a white under shirt. Angel looked at her; he thought his shirts had never looked so good.

“Are you ready?” he asked, “I’ll leave first, give me about 10 minutes, then you follow.”

“Yeah, it’s a bummer having to walk everywhere, I know Harmony had a pink mini but it was in the shop more times than she drove it. She’s the world’s worst driver,” said Cordy with a laugh, “you moan about my driving, you should drive with her, that’d shorten you’re immortal life by a few hundred years.”

“OK, I’ll see you in school,” said Angel, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before grinning at her remarks as he exited the door. They had already discussed strategies, and decided it would be best to continue the Xander and Harmony feud. They wanted to remain as anonymous as possible until they or Giles’ could come up with a reason as to why they were here, and what could be done about it.

Angel arrived at the school, and loitered in the locker room, maybe he could just hang about until students had gone to class and then make his way to the library, to see Giles. But his plans were dashed when Principle Snyder spotted him, “Harris, what you doing hanging around in here shouldn’t you be in history?” he said, pointing to his watch.

“Umm, just going Sir,” muttered Angel; glad he at least knew where the history classroom was. He made his way to said room, realising there would be no escape. When he entered the class all eyes were on him, he felt himself blushing a little self-consciously, after all he never liked to be the centre of attention and after yesterday’s fiasco it made him feel doubly stupid. He wondered if Xander felt like this all the time, or if it was just his own way of dealing with it, perhaps that’s why Xander quipped and joked all-time to try and take the embarrassment away.

Buffy waved to him, “Xan, over here,” she called, Angel went over and slid into the seat beside her. Willow’s eyes slid over him before falling back to the desk, she was obviously still very embarrassed about yesterday.

“Oh no, I remember, hands in new places, umm, sexy naughty places,’ Willow mused, as she blushed, thinking back to yesterdays groping of Xander in his bedroom.

Buffy looked at Angel with sympathetic eyes, “don’t worry, she’ll get her over it, give her a hundred years or so,” she whispered in his ear. “Thank you for not taking advantage of me yesterday, I was such an idiot,” she added.

Angel smiled at Buffy, a wondered what he had seen in the blonde for all those years.

They settled down and the lesson continued, Angel gazed out of the window not really interested at all, he’d lived through this period, and so it wasn’t really history to him. The teacher noticed his lack of concentration, and fired a question at him; she was very surprised when Angel answered it accurately, without any stalling. Willow looked at him her eyes round, amazed that he would even know what was going on, let alone the answer.

“That’s odd,” she considered, “fancy Xander knowing that.” She studied him more closely, ‘he reminds me of someone, I can’t put my finger on who though,’ she thought.

The morning dragged by and eventually lunchtime arrived, by now Angel was really feeling an outcast, the girls were avoiding him and the boys were just smirking and making snide remarks. He sat alone in the cafeteria, Buffy had gone training, and Willow was in the library. He looked longingly over to the table that contained Cordelia, Harmony and their friends. He gazed at Cordelia; he’d forgotten how very beautiful and vivacious she was during her high-school years, before she had to worry about the lack of money, visions, and helping the helpless.

Harmony/Cordy glanced over at him a few times, wishing she could go and sit beside him, she had forgotten just how trivial most high school conversations were. She longed to get back to the apartment, with Angel, so she didn’t have to pretend she hated him. Angel quickly finished his lunch and made his way to the library hoping to catch Giles’ on his own, before the afternoon’s classes began. When he arrived he was out of luck, the librarian appeared to be off on a quest of his own, almost as soon as he arrived Willow closed her books and got up to leave.

“Don’t leave on my account, I’ll go,” said Angel, “I could do with some fresh air anyway.” Not giving her time to answer he left the library and made his way out into the yard, he walked round the playing fields, feeling very isolated, eventually sitting on the bleachers, feeling sorry for himself.

The afternoon classes crawled past, the high points being when Cordelia had defended him in front of her friends and he received a note from Harmony, which she had passed to him, as they moved between classrooms. He discreetly read it under his desk, she asked him to meet her at the Mall, after school. He couldn’t wait, “God, I must be desperate if I’m looking forward to shopping,” he thought. Her class’s actually finished before his so she had a head start on him.

By the time he’d found Cordy she already had an alarming number of bags with her, “I thought I’d get started, I know how much you hate shopping. I got you some Xander type clothes,” she said.

Angel wondered what on earth she thought were suitable Xander clothes, and shuddered as he imagined loud Hawaiian prints and immensely baggy jeans, could his life get any worse?

By the time they’d finished shopping it was dark, and as they made their way back to the apartment, they were set upon by two vampires, “oh great, what a wonderful end to my crappy day,” said Angel. He thrust his shopping bags to Cordy, and prepared to fight, and luckily he’d thought to slip a stake in his jacket pocket that morning. He managed to dust the first one quickly, using the element of surprise; he knew he hadn’t the strength that he was used to. The second one leapt at Cordy and Angel rushed to pull it off her. The vampire turned and leered at him before leaping on top of him and Angel knew real fear as its vampiric features closed in for the kill. He struggled to try and throw the vampire off him, but realised he hadn’t got the strength, just as the jaws were about to close around his neck, he suddenly found himself covered in dust.

Cordy stood there smiling triumphantly, a stake in her hand, “he didn’t expect that did he?” she said, the she reached down and helped Angel to his feet, before picking up the dropped shopping bags.

“God Cordy, how do you people manage to fight these demons, with no extra powers, I was sure I was gonna die?’ gasped Angel, as they dusted themselves down and started towards the apartment again.

“It’s just something you get used to after a while,” she answered.

They made it back to the apartment without further excitement, and Angel set about preparing an evening meal for them. After the meal they were relaxing with a glass of wine, that luckily Angel had in stock, he didn’t think he would be able to buy any from the local store. When all of a sudden Cordy slapped her hand on her head, “Jeez, I can’t believe I’m so stupid, you know what tonight is?” she said.

“Err no,” replied Angel.

“It’s tonight that Angelus murders Jenny. That’s why Giles wasn’t in the library after school,” she said. They both got up reaching for their jackets, “we have to try and stop him,” said Angel.

The raced back to the school, but when they arrived the doors were locked. They tore round to the playing field door, which was also locked.

“We’ll have to go underground it’s the only way,” said Angel, taking off for the nearest manhole. He wrenched the cover up and grabbing Cordy’s hand helped her down, “Eww, what a pong,” she exclaimed. Angel smiled and dropped down after her, he landed awkwardly, his ankle turning. He was not used to being human, it was taking some getting used to. They made there way quickly, Angel hobbling a little, and came up in the back of the library. They ran to the computer room only to see the devastation of the computer and the printer smashed to pieces on the floor.

“I think we’re too late,” muttered Angel, he vaguely remembered how as Angelus he had chased the terrified teacher along the corridors until dramatically breaking her neck at the top of the main staircase.

They charged out and along to the main entrance and up the stairs, but there was no sigh of anything apart from an overturned cleaner’s cart.

‘Crap, if only I’d remembered sooner, why couldn’t the PTB make themselves useful and send a vision? Maybe we could have saved her,’ moaned Cordy, as tears formed and trickled down her face.

Angel looked at her sad face and sighed, cursing his alto ego. He gathered her into his arms and tenderly smoothed her hair, and said, ‘Maybe we’re not supposed to, I don’t think we’re here to change things, the more I think about it the more this smacks of Wolfram and Hart. Come on there’s nothing we can do now, we have to get out of here before someone spots us.’

Angel remembered Angelus had lurked around spying on Buffy’s house so he was there when she got the call from Giles telling her about Jenny’s murder. How he’d got off on the grief both Buffy and more especially Willow had felt at the young teachers death. He closed his eyes in pain, ‘God, I was such a bastard, I deserved everything I received and more,’ he thought, as they made there way slowly back to the apartment.

Cordy went straight to the bathroom and got ready for bed while Angel made her some hot chocolate. When he took it over to the bed, she clung to his hand, ‘stay here, don’t leave me,’ she whispered. He looked at her miserable face and removing his pants and shirt, slipped into bed beside her.

‘This could be a really bad idea,’ was his last thought as he drifted off to sleep.


Across town, Buffy and Willow managed to coerce Cordelia into driving them around looking for Giles. He hadn’t been seen since the police released him, they ended up at the factory where Buffy was just in time to stop him being killed by Angelus. After fighting Angelus until he pointed out the fire creeping closer to Giles, she let the vampire go and ran to drag the distraught watcher out just as the building burnt down behind them. They ended up in a sorry heap in front of Cordelia’s car, all crying for the people they’d lost. Had Willow been able to have coherent thoughts she would have wondered where Xander was, they had called round his house to find the place empty, but she was too emotionally overwrought to question anything.
Part 5

Angel woke early the next morning, and was surprised to find himself wrapped round Cordy; he then remembered the events of the previous evening. He groaned and thought about getting up, before deciding it was much too early and it was much nicer to lie in the warmth, spooned against his best friend.

Eventually they got up, both subdued from last night’s events, they made breakfast before setting off for the high school.

The next couple of days passed in a blur, the death of Jenny Calendar had saddened all the students, and they walked quietly and talked in whispers.

Angel decided not to bother Giles at this moment in time, he still felt terribly guilty even more so from the fact that maybe if he’d realised in time, he could have prevented his ‘alta ego’ from killing the young teacher.

He and Cordy/Harmony fell into a pattern of sniping at or just totally ignoring each other.

A lot of the school student’s attended Jenny’s funeral, for she had been a popular teacher and would be sorely missed. Willow had taken over her computer classes; it was the only thing that stopped the young woman from collapsing into floods of tears every time she thought of her favourite teacher.

Buffy felt guilty, if only she’d been able to kill Angelus in shopping mall, none of this would have happened, and Jenny would still be alive. If only she hadn’t been so determined to get her boyfriend back, so many if only’s…

It was shortly after this that a particularly virile ‘flu virus started to invade the school. Half the students seem to succumb to it, and even Buffy despite all her slayer strength was not immune. Willow, Xander and Cordelia decided to patrol, and set off through the nearest cemetery. Buffy also had the same idea and they bumped into each other and she ended up nearly staking Xander/Angel by mistake.

Angel gasped and clutched at his rapidly beating heart. “Buffy why are you here?” he cried.

“You guys, are you trying to get yourselves killed?” Buffy asked groggily.

“You’re too ill to patrol, why don’t you go back to bed?” said Willow, but before Buffy could answer Angelus appeared from behind a nearby crypt.

Cordy had remembered that that evening had been the time Angelus had jumped on top of her. Angel had been determined not to let that happen again, but he seemed unable to prevent it, as Angelus ran and jumped on top of the startled girl. Cordelia screamed as she fell beneath Angelus, the vampire leering down at her, grinding his hips suggestively with hers, before being yanked off by a feverish Buffy.

“What’s up lover, not feeling well?” Angelus turned to Buffy, having heard the previous conversation. He punched Buffy and then threw her into a nearby gravestone. Angel began to panic; Angelus was getting the upper hand and was about to bite Buffy. So he shed his jacket and quickly thrust it over Angelus’ head, pulling him back off the stricken Slayer, while Willow and Cordelia held large cross’s in the vampire’s face to ward him off. Angelus stood up and backed away, he pointed at Buffy.

“This is not over, until next time,” he hissed, and turned and disappeared into the night.

Buffy stood up, but immediately wavered on her feet before collapsing. Angel picked her up, and with a frightened look at the others set off to the hospital carrying the unconscious girl.

The hospital staff seemed to know what to do, they’d had a lot of cases to deal with. They were more concerned with the cuts and bruises covering the slayers body, and after giving the Scoobies suspicious looks, wheeled her into an examination ward, shutting the door firmly on them. Willow called Giles and Buffy’s mom and they sat down to wait. They arrived within a few minutes of each other and after a while the doctor came out and discussed keeping Buffy in for observation. Joyce was a bit shocked, “Buffy doesn’t like hospitals very much,” she said, “ever since her cousin died in one, when she was small, and alone with her.”

By now Buffy had been moved to a private room, and given a sedative when she started rambling about vampires and demons, which had confused the doctors and her mother no end.

Angel decided to sit outside the door to keep watch, he had a feeling Angelus had shown up and there was nothing to stop him entering the hospital. Sure enough a couple of hours later the vampire showed up, carrying a few white roses.

Angel got up to confront him, “ you’re not wanted here,” he said.

“And you think you’re going to stop me, Buffy’s white knight, do you really think you could?” Angelus growled.

“No, but that security guard or those policemen might, between us I think we stand a pretty good chance, are you prepared to take that risk?” replied Angel.

Angelus moved closer to Angel, “it must just eat you up, that I got there first,” he whispered in his ear.

“Don’t be too sure of that,” muttered Angel, “you realise you’re gonna die, and I’m going to be there to watch,” he added confidently, not caring if he expired at the same time.

Angelus looked at the youth, he sensed something felt wrong about him but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but decided he’d leave that for another day, he turned and left the corridor.

Giles turn up and said he would take over watching Buffy so Xander could get some rest. So Angel returned to the apartment, he smiled as he looked at Cordy curled up asleep on the bed, and quickly stripping off his clothes he slipped in beside her. They had taken to sleeping together in a companionable way since the night of Jenny’s murder. The trouble was it was becoming more difficult for Angel to hide the feelings he had for Cordy. Even though she didn’t look like Cordy, she was the same girl inside.

As Willow sat beside Buffy’s bed in the hospital, the same thought occurred to her sharp mind. The redhead had noticed how much Harmony seemed to be like Cordelia, at first she thought it was just Harmony being a copycat sheep, but when Willow paid more attention, she realised that Harmony even talked the same way and had the same mannerisms. Another fact that puzzled her was Xander’s behaviour, he was starting to look way cool, and even though Willow was with Oz, she felt herself strangely drawn to Xander. She pondered the problem until Buffy dragged her out of her daze, to moan about her crappy life and Angelus, again. Willow sighed and abandoned her train of thought


The next night Angel and Cordy decided to patrol together, they knew Buffy was still in the hospital and Willow and Giles were with her leaving the cemeteries unguarded. They loaded up with stakes, cross’s and the holy water squirters Cordy had bought at the Mall, after their last brush with the vampires. They returned a few hours later feeling pleased, they had dusted six vampires between them, with only a few bruises to show for it, they worked well as a team, after all they had been training together before being sent back in time. Neither had noticed they had an audience.

Spike stood in the shadows, he had to sneak out of the mansion, Drusilla was driving him bonkers with, “Daddy this, and Daddy that,” say nothing of making up to Angelus all the time. So far he hadn’t revealed to his Sires that he could walk again, he had a feeling he would be better off keeping that fact to himself for a while longer.

‘Bloody hell, that blonde bints a bit of a tasty piece,’ he thought, as he watched Cordy’s breasts bounce as she successfully staked another newly risen fledgling. He puffed thoughtfully on his cigarette, it seemed Angelus was turning a vast quantity of humans.

‘Building a bleedin’ army,’ grouched Spike. He watched the slayers pet boy, as he fought off another attacking fledgling. ‘He reminds me of someone, just can’t place whom,’ he pondered, and slipped away into the night, back to the mansion. He returned to his hated chair just in time, Angelus was yelling for him to come and see what he’d acquired. Spike reluctantly wheeled himself to see.

‘Oh, it’s a big rock, can’t wait to tell all my friends, they don’t have one this big,’ said Spike sarcastically, as he rolled up to the monstrosity. Even he could feel the stone giving off evil vibes and Dru was practically orgasmic looking at it.

‘Spike, my boy, you never did learn your history,’ said Angelus smugly, and proceeded to give them a lecture all about the stone monolith.

Spike listened with growing horror, he realised then that Angelus had totally flipped, why would he want to send the world to hell, what was the point? Ok it would give his Sire great power, but what would they eat, Spike liked the world as it was, with telly, smokes, booze and happy meals on legs. He knew then that he would have to do something to stop Angelus. He started trying to think of a way to stop his crazy grand-sire’s wild plans. He wasn’t very good at planning things, and eventually came to the conclusion he would have to involve the Slayer in this; she was the only one with the remotest chance of stopping Angelus.


Angel and Cordy returned to Angels’ apartment, intent on going to bed.

“I feel really jazzed, and not at all sleepy,” said Cordy, pacing around.

‘I know something we could do, ’ said Angel, with a very Angelus like leer.

Cordy caught her breath, the smirk on Xander’s face made him look really hot, they’d been kissing and touching more and more during the last few days. It was as if sniping at each other during the day, made them grow closer in their time together at the apartment.

“W-what do you mean?” she said, mesmerised as Angel advanced towards her.

“This,” he said, cupping her face as his mouth descended on hers. He massaged her lips gently with his own until with a moan her lips parted. He took advantage and slid his tongue in to explore her mouth and tangle with her tongue in an erotic dance.

“Angel we can’t,” she said, when they paused for breath.

“Why not?” he said.

“‘Cuz…, I don’t know,” she said, not really thinking of reason her mind still clouded with his wonderful kisses.

Angel pulled her back into his arms and proceeded to kiss her even more thoroughly, by the time he’d finished they were both breathless. Cordy could feel how aroused he was; the evidence was poking her in stomach. She could feel moisture pooling at the apex of her thighs, and moaned a little with want. Angel pulled her even more tightly into his grip and backed her over and onto the bed. They landed with a soft sigh. Angel rained more kisses down upon, her slipping the buttons of her blouse free in his quest to find more delicious flesh to taste.

”Mmmm Angel, we should stop,” she murmured, hoping he wouldn’t take any notice of her. He didn’t, and the next thing she realised was her hands frantically scrabbling to pull his T-shirt over his head.

Angel groaned as her hands ran over the muscles in his back, he had been working out as he usually would, and had firmed up a lot of Xanders doughnut filled body. He twitched as she found a ticklish spot and retaliated by finding one of hers.

It wasn’t long before they were both naked, Angel looked at the golden body spread before him, while Cordy looked shyly at him. She’d never seen Xander naked, the nearest had been when he had been swimming, and that had been a few years ago. She hadn’t realised how much he’d grown up!

Angel covered her body with his touching and tasting as much as he could reach. His hand parted her legs, a questing finger plundering her hidden delights. He knew he had to do something to distract himself from the wonderful feelings he was having as her hands explored his body. He knew as soon she reached his erection he would have trouble hanging on to his last thread of control. As a vampire he had developed excellent control, but as a teenage boy, full of raging hormones he had virtually none.

Her hand wrapped round his cock, Angel knew he wasn’t going to last, “Cordy, no, I‘m not gonna last if you do that,” he gasped.

His words brought Cordy down to earth with a bump. “Angel, stop, I need to get something,” she groaned, as she wrenched her body away from him.

“What…?” moaned Angel, as she reached over to her bag that she dropped beside the bed earlier.

“Protection dork, you’re not a vampire anymore, your little swimmers are gonna be alive and raring to go,” she said, reaching into the tote bag. She knew she had some in there somewhere, she’d swept the contents of Harmony’s locker into it only the other day and noticed some, figuring she’d need the different make-up shades and lipsticks Harmony had stashed in there, so different from the ones Cordy would use. She had wondered about Harmony having protection in her locker, but then thought the blonde was being sensible for once, it was best to be safe than sorry.

“Here it is,” she triumphantly held her prize aloft.

Angel looked at her, he’d hadn’t even thought about it, he’d never bothered with things like that in the past, and didn’t even know how to put one on, he hoped she did. He thought briefly about the possibility of having a child of his own, but dismissed the idea as ridiculous, he was having enough problems being a teenage boy, without the complications of raising a child, say nothing of being a vampire with a child, if and when they ever returned to there own time. He could just imagine Wesley or Gunn staking him if he turned up with a pregnant Cordy.

Cordy swooped down on him pushing him onto his back, as she quickly unwrapped the packet and slid the protection over his waiting erection. Just the feel of her touching him again nearly had him coming, so he rolled her over and positioned himself above her and guided himself into her warmth.

After a few gentle thrusts, to fully embed himself, he was glad of the condom, it masked some of the feeling, otherwise he was sure he would have come as soon as he entered her. He didn’t think he’d ever felt anything so good, even when he’d been alive the first time, it had never felt so good. Cordy moaned under him and wrapped her legs tightly around his narrow hips as she pulled him deep inside her.

“Oh god Cor, it’s so good,” said Angel. He changed the angle of his thrusts to enable him to catch that magic spot inside her, and reached down to slip a questing finger over her clit.

Cordy squirmed beneath him, she’d never before felt such a wonderful feeling, in all her, albeit minimal sexual experiences. She could feel herself becoming hotter as she came close to her peak.

“Ohh Angel, don’t stop,” she moaned.

“I couldn’t if I tried,” he answered, but all too soon he felt her explode beneath him, her walls clasping him, milking him of his last vestige of control and so with a few final thrusts he followed her over the edge, and with a groan he came thrusting deeply.

He kissed her passionately as they lay still, intimately joined together, entwined in each other’s arms. Eventually Angel disengaged with a sigh, and slowly made his way to the bathroom to clean up. Cordy pulled the covers over her and waited for him to return, as soon as he slipped back into bed, she yawned once before drifting off to sleep. Angel soon followed her.


Cordy woke the next morning wrapped in Angel’s arms, she looked down surprised see she was naked, before she remembered what has happened the night before. She sighed, it hadn’t all been a dream, and she squirmed deeper into his arms.

Angel’s arms automatically tightened around her lithe body, and he slowly woke up to the wonderful feeling of the woman he was falling in love with snuggled against his body. She turned to face him.

“G’morning,” she said, a trifle shyly.

“It is isn’t it?” he smiled, gathering her back into his arms and kissing her quickly before getting up and stretching. He certainly felt good this morning.

Cordy watched in pleasure as Angel walked across to the bathroom, seemingly totally unconcerned about his nudity. As he disappeared and shut the door she wriggled down into the bed to relive last night’s lovemaking again before it was her turn in the bathroom. She knew it was going to be harder and harder to keep up the pretence of them being enemies, in front of the Scoobies. When all she wanted to do was kiss and touch him at every available opportunity.


LA 2001

Lila Morgan was watching the videotapes taken from the cameras she had had planted in the Hyperion hotel. It was fun to see the depleted AI team running around like headless chickens trying to find the vampire and his seer. She smirked to herself at a job well done; it should give her some kudos with the senior partners.
Part 6

Sunnydale 1998

Angel and Cordy went separately to school the next day and even though they tried to stay apart they both found themselves drawn to each other. By late morning Angel decided to go to the library to see if he could speak with Giles, but when he arrived he found Buffy and Willow were already there. They settled into the usual pattern of researching, Giles had been informed that the rock he had inspected last week, had been stolen from the local museum. What concerned him more was that the curator and his assistant had been murdered and their blood drained. He had set Willow and Xander on trying to find information about the stone. Buffy as usual excused herself by deciding to check the weapons.
Cordelia wanted to speak to Giles about something, so Cordy/Harmony had tagged along. She was pleased to see Xander/Angel sitting in the library with Buffy and Willow. Angel was decidedly uneasy around the Slayer, as even though she didn’t realise it, she was his ex girlfriend. Willow was still embarrassed about her besotted behaviour towards him, the previous week. This had led to long and uncomfortable silences. Angel had never been that good at small talk at the best of times, nowhere near as adept at adlibbing and jokes as Xander. Cordelia at least broke the silence, she was never quiet for long and it gave Angel the chance to observe Harmony from his place behind a large book, he couldn’t resist day dreaming about their night of passion and hoped it would be repeated, and soon!
When he could, Angel was still trying to surreptitiously research into why he and Cordy had been transported back through time, but had so far drawn a blank. He couldn’t remember anything happening at this end during 1998, so assumed it must be something at the future LA end, he had a feeling, not surprisingly that it had something to do with Wolfram and Hart. He hoped Wesley would twig it and be able to sort it out and enable them to return to their own time. It wouldn’t be soon enough for him, while he liked being mortal, it was embarrassing being in Xander’s body, he didn’t know how much longer he could keep up the pretence. All he wanted to do was take Cordy to his room and show her how seriously he felt about her. At this thought, he decided to spend his afternoon break going to buy protection; he came out of his daze abruptly as somebody whacked him round the head.
‘Hey,’ he grumbled, rubbing the back of his skull.
‘Wake up Xander, we’ve been trying to get your attention for ages,’ said Buffy.
Angel looked round to see everyone staring; even Harmony had a small smile on her face. ‘What a dork. He’s so clueless,’ Cordy thought, and turned to leave the library. It wouldn’t do for her to be seen in there often, she’d hardly ever noticed Harmony in their before.
‘We need sustenance, can you do a doughnut run?’ asked Giles, handing Angel some money. The others looked hopefully at Angel, and he realised that it was Xander’s usual job to fetch snacks.
‘Sure, what do you want?’ he replied, thinking he could combine the food run with his own errands. Everyone gave him their preferences and he hoped he would remember all the different varieties and toppings.
Angel wandered down the Main Street looking in the shop windows, a box of doughnuts in his hand; he still got a thrill out of being in the sun and seeing his reflection in the shop windows, even if it was Xander looking back at him. Eventually he reached the pharmacy and on surreptitiously prowling round the store, had been baffled by all the varieties on display. On seeing a pretty young girl standing at the checkout, he bottled out and bought hair gel and toothpaste instead. When he returned to the High School, he dropped the food off and went to go to his next class. Before entering the classroom, he tried to use the slot machine in the men’s room, but that appeared to be broken. He was too embarrassed to ask anyone, he groaned, typical of his luck lately.
Angel and Cordy had arranged to meet in the graveyard that evening, Cordy had cheerleader practice and much as he would have like to, Angel didn’t want to be seen hanging around the gym. When they met he told her of his embarrassing shopping quest, Cordy laughed as he recounted his tales, then dived into her tote bag and proudly brought out a couple of packets.
Angel looked amazed, ‘when did you get them?’ he asked.
‘I went to the mall after practice, I just knew you’d muck it up, you’re such a dork,’ she giggled, imagining him in the shop, all stammery and embarrassed.
They got down to the serious business of vampire extermination; and were now working well as a team, neither noticed they were being observed, as they finished off two more newly risen fledglings.
Buffy was back to full strength and patrolling now. Angel and Cordy tried to be careful where they patrolled, hoping not to run into the blonde slayer. They didn’t want her catching them in the act as it were, but there were certainly plenty of vamps rising, more and more each night it seemed with Angelus still trying to raise his army.
Unbeknown to them Buffy had changed her route that night and was standing in the shadows, watching in amazement, she could hardly believe her eyes as Xander and Harmony dusted the vampires, obviously working as a team.
‘Since when did Xander become so proficient and how does Harmony even know about any of it?’ she thought.
Buffy’s eyes bugged even more when after the last one was dusted, Xander grabbed Harmony and kissed her very thoroughly.
‘Oh crap, he’d rather be with Harmony than Willow,’ she thought to herself, deciding there and then that she wouldn’t tell Willow what she had seen. The poor girl was still uncomfortable around Xander after last week’s fiasco with the love spell.
Buffy covertly trailed the pair as they left the cemetery hand in hand, wondering where they would go next. She was astonished when they appeared to be going towards the Bronze.
‘Surely they’re not going to go in there, as a couple? It’ll break Willows heart to see them together,’ Buffy wondered, she knew that Willow still secretly admired Xander even though she had started dating Oz. Almost before the thought formed in her brain she was set on by four vampires, by the time she’d dealt with them Xander and Harmony had disappeared.
‘Oh well, best go and give sympathy,’ she thought as she entered the heaving club. The first thing she saw was Willow and Oz sitting at a table laughing together.
‘Humm, obviously they haven’t seen Xander and Harmony yet,’ Buffy mused, going over to join them.
‘Hi Guys, have you seen Xander?’ she asked, as she sat down at their table.
‘No, he doesn’t come here anymore, he’s too busy trying to get back into Cordelia’s good books,’ replied Willow.
‘Oh right,’ said Buffy, automatically scanning the room for any signs of trouble. She wondered briefly where Xan and Harmony had gone, but spotting a group of vamps entering the club, she soon forgot about the unlikely couple as she went to introduce the intruders to the sharp end of her stake.
Back in Angel’s apartment, Angel and Cordy were tucking into the Chinese takeaway they had bought, both having a huge appetite after all the slaying. Eventually their hunger slaked, they pushed away the remaining containers and sat back. Angel looked at Cordy and couldn’t resist leaning over to lick the spot of lemon sauce that had escaped from her chicken and lay beside her mouth, unnoticed by her.
‘Yumm, so much tastier when it’s on you,’ he murmured, as the sharp, sweet taste exploded into his mouth. He was really enjoying eating all the different types of food. Some he had never tasted before, they just hadn’t been invented when he was alive, and other’s he was finding out were just as good as his hazy memory remembered, from the forgotten day and his life in Ireland.
Cordy turned her head to kiss him, and soon they were lost in a haze of lust for each other.
‘God Cor, I want you so much, please let me show you,’ whispered Angel, when they came up for air. He pulled her to her feet and crushed her to his aroused body. Cordy sighed with pleasure when he slipped his tongue into her mouth, his hands wandering all over her body, as he backed her over to the bed.
‘Angel, you are so impatient,’ she murmured; as he continued to kiss and caress her, his hands busy undoing buttons and clips.
‘You’re not so slow yourself,’ he replied, looking down at his half undone shirt and gaping pants.
Angel quickly divested Cordy of her clothes, and then laid her on the bed. He licked and kissed his way down her body, until he reached the apex of her thighs, then gently spread her legs, and almost wished he was a vampire, to be able to inhale the fragrant arousal he could taste when he licked his way over her folds and slipped his fingers deep inside her willing body. He soon had Cordy humming and squirming beneath him.
“Umm Angel, in me now,” said Cordy, grabbing for his body. Angel stood and stripped rapidly, not wanting to waste any more time. His cock, once freed from the confines of his pants, bobbed in agreement. He fumbled around for the new packet of condoms she had bought, hoping that he wouldn’t split it in his eagerness.
He slid a condom on his rigid shaft, fighting back a groan, as he touched his over sensitised cock. He knelt over Cordy and gave her a deep and passionate kiss, before settling into the welcoming cradle of her thighs and sliding his shaft deep into her welcoming warmth. Cordy immediately wrapped her legs and arms around him pulling him in closer. They both groaned at the wonderful sensations they were giving each other. Angel started to thrust urgently, desperate to give the beautiful girl, writhing below him the same satisfaction she was giving him. He knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, it was just too good.

Cordy cried out as her orgasm struck, and the effect of her clenching muscles had Angel thrusting hard a couple more times, before following her into a blissful climax. He kissed her long and hard as he withdrew and rolled his body to one side. Eventually he got up to clean up; by the time he got back to bed Cordy was sound asleep. He crawled under the covers, pulled her into his arms and soon joined her, lulled by the sound of her gentle snoring.
Cordy woke the following morning to find herself lying comfortably in Angel’s arms. She felt a great sense of euphoria.
‘I feel wonderful,’ she thought as she stretched and wriggled a little so she could study the sleeping man beside her.
‘I suppose I’d better think about getting up,’ she yawned at the thought, and snuggled back down into the warm bed.
She lay there a while longer and was just about drifting back to sleep when the vision struck.
Angel woke up at the first violent movement as she convulsed on the bed, he tried to hold her, to stop her injuring herself by thrashing around. As soon as the vision stopped she struggled to her feet.
‘Jeez, Ugh, I’m going to barf,’ she said, and grabbing Angel’s discarded shirt from last night, rushed to the bathroom.
Angel pulled on his boxers and went over to the bathroom. He hovered near the closed door for a while before tapping gently.
‘Are you Ok, do you need anything?’ he asked.
Cordy stood up and splashed water on her face before rinsing her mouth of the foul taste.
‘No I’m Ok, I’ll be out in a minute,’ she mumbled round her toothbrush, ‘crap, I thought I wouldn’t get visions as Harmony,’ she thought.
Cordy eventually exited the bathroom, to come face-to-face with Angel’s concerned expression.

“I didn’t think you’d get them, you haven’t had one so far,” said Angel. “What was it anything we can solve on our own, or do we need to involve Buffy and the others?”
“Yuck, gross, it was of Angelus in all his gruesome gory, torturing two people, one looked like Giles, but I couldn’t make out who the other was. Drusilla and Spike were there as well. We must meet in the library after classes, it’s time to come clean,” said Cordy.
Angel started preparing a light breakfast for Cordy, knowing she wouldn’t want much food after her vision, while she showered and got ready for school. While she was eating her breakfast he had his own shower. He was getting used to Xander’s baggy clothes by now, and only gave a small grimace as he looked at himself in the mirror Cordy had insisted they get for the bathroom.

They set off for school together, mulling over Cordy’ recent vision. Angel commented to Cordy that he remembered Angelus had been trying to swell his ranks of minions, in preparation for the ceremony to open Acathla. He seemed to remember that Drusilla had killed the other slayer Kendra. Giles had been kidnapped; the library wrecked and Willow left fighting for her life in hospital. Angel felt sure this was something to do with Cordy’s vision and wanted to do his best to stop it all from happening this time round, he felt guilty enough over Jenny’s death, without adding torturing Giles to the ever-growing list of Angelus’ crimes.
They parted before they got too close to the school, still wanting to keep a low-profile with their relationship, not realising they had already been spotted.
Angel walked towards the classroom, but before he could enter he was pushed against the wall, by an annoyed Buffy. He fought back the automatic urge to punch the girl.

“Xander, what were you playing at with Harmony last night?” she said. “I saw you in the cemetery, what’s all that about?”

“Well you see Buff, things aren’t always as obvious as they seem to be,” said Angel.

“Explain,” said Buffy, a little concerned by his abbreviation of her name.

But before he had a chance to say any more the bell for class rang, and they parted to go to their respective classes. “I’ll see you in the library later,” said Angel as he walked into the classroom.
Cordy was having a similar problem; Cordelia had cornered her in the women’s locker room.

“Ok, who are Hell are you, and don’t fob me off with lies?” said Cordelia. “Harmony phone me last night, she’s staying with her aunt and has been for the last week.”
“Busted,” muttered Cordy. “Well, you’re not gonna believe this, but I’m you, only I’m from the future, that’s all I’m saying, if you want to know more you’ll have to come to the library after classes.”

Cordelia looked in disbelief at the girl in front of her, she had to admit she had some strange feelings about Harmony recently. It seemed as though the blonde had been copying her mannerisms and speech patterns, and whilst she would have normally found this annoying it had been strangely flattering.

The conversation was brought to an abrupt end on the arrival of the girl’s sports coach. Cordelia suppressed any comments she had and just said, ‘I’ll see you later, after classes,’ and regally swept out of the room.
Cordy watched Cordelia leave, and wondered how anyone had put up with her superior attitude when she had been at high school.
Buffy and Willow were talking together while sitting at Jenny Calendars desk. Buffy was still debating whether or not to tell Willow about Xander, and was idly flipping her pencil up and down, until it dropped and fell to the floor between the desks. She bent to pick it up and noticed a computer disc stuck between the tables. She picked it up and gave it to Willow.
‘Look, you’ve dropped a disc,’ she said.
‘It’s not mine, I don’t have yellow ones, let’s see what’s on it,’ said Willow.
Willow soon had it open and running, ‘It must be one of Jenny’s, it looks like something to do with Angel’s soul,’ she commented. The disc continued to load, giving up its secrets. The girls looked hopefully at each other.
‘Do you think it would be possible to restore his soul?’ asked Buffy, all thoughts of Xander and Harmony leaving her brain.
‘It looks as though Jenny translated the text, so if we get the right ingredients, it should be possible,’ replied Willow, her excitement growing at the thought of being able to help her friend have her boyfriend restored to her.
Later that afternoon Angelus sent Buffy an immolation-a-gram during the last class of the afternoon, with a message to meet him in the cemetery after dark.
‘I must try and stop him,’ whispered Buffy, as the rest of the class backed away from the smoking pile of vampire ash. A startled Willow agreed and promised to collect the items needed for the spell, before going to the library.

Giles had found out the missing stone was called Acathala and he was now researching to find out as much as possible about it. Willow was trying to memorise the spell she and Buffy had found earlier. She had been determined to try and restore Angelus’s soul, despite Giles’ comments about her using dark magic, eventually he’d come round and even provided her with the ‘Orb of Thessula’ required to capture the soul. Buffy had gone to the cemetery to meet Angelus. She hoped to try and spin her time with the Vampire out for as long as possible, to give Willow the maximum amount of time she needed to complete the spell. Cordelia was flicking through a book waiting for Cordy to turn up and explain her deception.
Not realising Buffy had left the school, Angel/Xander, had gone along hoping to have some time alone with Giles, before she arrived demanding answers. He knew Cordelia had cornered Cordy and now knew she wasn’t Harmony. Angel didn’t think it would be long before she slipped up and said something, the rest needed to know and soon. He wondered where Cordy had got to.
But Cordy had been feeling so rough after the vision that the nurse, when asked for some strong painkillers, had insisted she rest on the bed in the sick bay, until she felt better. She had been going to call Harmony’s mother until Harmony said she was out of town. Almost as soon as the nurse left the room, Cordy had slipped into a deep sleep.
Angel, waiting for Giles attention, was idly watching Kendra, the other slayer, as she looked in awe at all the books Giles had at his disposal. She knew her watcher would be quite envious. Kendra had turned up earlier that day and so Buffy had asked her to stay in the library to help protect her friends. He was lost in thought trying to make sense of Cordy’s vision, when suddenly things took a turn for the worst.
A few vampires burst through the library doors and immediately attacked Kendra, the poor girl didn’t stand a chance, when she went to grab her lucky stake, from the waistband of her pants, she realised she’d given it to Buffy. The slayer was soon overpowered and as Angel tried to get to the girls to protect them, he noticed Drusilla walking though the door and over to Kendra. He watched in horror as the vampress calmly put Kendra under her thrall, and before he could even shout out a warning, slit her throat with her razor sharp finger nail. Kendra fell to the floor in a pool of blood.
Suddenly there were vampires bursting into the library through every door. ‘Run,’ yelled Giles, grabbing an axe and trying to protect the students. Angel tried to help Willow and Cordelia to escape, but as he ran he was easily overtaken by the vampires. The last thing he saw before darkness overtook him was a bookshelf falling onto Willow.
‘Right let’s get what we came for,’ said Drusilla, pointing to Giles. ‘Bring him as well,’ she added gesturing towards the unconscious boy.
Part 7

Cordy lay on the rest room bed, the painkillers the nurse had given her were working their magic and she was completely out of it. She started to dream, a dazzling white light surrounded her, bathing her in its brightness. She felt warm and peaceful as if floating on a cloud, the numbing pain in her skull reduced to a mere twinge. “Ok, this is new, what’s going on?” she thought.

Before she had time to do more than glance at her surroundings she noticed a strange looking couple approaching her, a golden skinned man and woman, both appeared to be covered in strange blue symbols, complete with flowing togas, a shimmering golden haze completed the effect.

“These must be the famous Oracle’s,” Cordy thought, she remembered Angel describing the golden twins to her when he visited them, after Doyle had died.

“Lower being, you come before us, state your reason,” the male Oracle said.

“What freakin’ bizarro world is this, I’m asleep, how come you’re in my head?” said Cordy. She was beginning to wonder if the visions had finally sent her totally crazy, especially when she noticed she was back to being herself and not Harmony.

“It has been decreed, you are the Champion’s seer, he needs to be strong for that which is to pass, and the uncertainty hanging over his future. So to this end we have bound his soul to yours, for as long as you both shall exist on the earthly dimension you call home, your futures will be entwined,” the female Oracle said, smiling at Cordy, as she watched the range of emotions playing across the young woman’s face.

Cordy looked in them in amazement, “does this mean what I think it means?” she asked. “That he can get groiny and not go all grrr? If that’s the case, why would he want me, he’ll go back to his slayer?” Her usual self doubt arising at the thought of Buffy.

“It’s up to you to insure he doesn’t, his soul is bound to yours, not hers. You both have a long way to go with many trials and tests of your loyalty towards each other, before he reaches his reward. It is unfortunate for you who had little to atone for, but the Brachen demon seer chose to honour you with his gift of vision, so you have become embroiled in the prophecies and portents surrounding the vampire with a soul,” the male Oracle stated.

“How do I know this isn’t just a wind-up, ‘cos there’s plenty of weird things going on, particularly at this moment in time. And it’s not like we haven’t been tricked before?” asked Cordy, pointing to her now dark hair. “Anyway how do I know this is the truth? I’m just dreaming, this could all be a dream?”

“You will have to believe your heart and go where it takes you,” the female said, before they both turned and walked into what seemed like eternity.

Cordy fell back into a restless sleep as the dream ended, luckily most of the pain had ebbed by now.


Lilah sat in her office feeling very smug, she’d got rid of the hated vampire and as a bonus the annoying seer had been taken as while. Now all she had to do was round up and contain the recalcitrant pixies, who had somehow slipped through the net designed to catch them and they were now roaming free, causing heaven knows what mischief on the unsuspecting LA. She knew if it got out she had lost them, there would be hell to pay, unfortunately, literally. She didn’t think the pixies would have much power left, they would have used most of it on the spell to remove Angel and Cordelia out of this dimension, to wherever they had been sent to. Lilah wasn’t really sure where they’d gone. She made the effort drag her thoughts back and organise a covert round up team.


Buffy made her way to the cemetery, eager to at last put an end to the evil vampire who wore the face of her lover, one way or another. She stood twiddling the lucky stake Kendra had given her. She really would have to get Kendra a soft toy, fancy naming her stake “Mr. Pointy”, Buffy smiled. Then she felt the familiar tingle in her spine and knew a vampire was close.

“Come out Angelus, I know you’re there,” she called, “let’s get this fight over with.”

“I didn’t come here to fight,” said Angelus, smirking at yet again getting one over on Buffy. “I thought perhaps we could get together, you know for old time’s sake.”

“I’d rather see you in hell,” said Buffy, she looked at Angelus’ handsome smirking face. It was so hard to look at the demon who wore the face of her lover and think of killing him, but the more he taunted her, the easier it was becoming.

“Oh you will, at least, it’ll be hell for you,” Angelus assured her smugly, nonchalantly stubbing his cigarette out on a gravestone, and lifting his head looking in the direction of the school.

”Save me a seat,” Buffy said. She sent a puzzled look at the vampire, it wasn’t right he didn’t seem interested in her, then she realised she been had, for he had no intentions of fighting, he was just delaying her. She surmised that he had something planned for her friends, and looked at him, her eyes round with horror, for confirmation.

“And you fall for it every single time,” he crowed, as she turned and bolted back to the school, the sound of Angelus’ evil laughter ringing in her ears.

When Buffy arrived at the library the sight that met her eyes was one of total carnage. She ran over to check Kendra’s pulse, but the slayer was already dead, lying in a pool of blood, on the floor in front of the check in desk, Willow lay at the top of the stairs, her body deathly still, wedged under a fallen book stack. Of Giles, Xander and Cordelia, there was no sign. Buffy looked round frantically, trying to locate the others. Suddenly the doors burst open to reveal armed police officers, quickly followed by Principal Snyder.

One officer called out to her, “stop right there, and raise your hands where I can see them.”

Buffy looked round and deciding there was nothing to be gained by being locked up in a police cell, so when one of the officers tried to put some handcuffs on her. She pushed him away and bolted for the door, dodging the bullets the other trigger-happy cop had fired off after her, and escaped into the night.

Buffy walked along deep in thought, and trying to avoid the police cruisers. Her luck ran out as one of them spotted her and the officer jumped out to try and arrest her.

She looked up in surprised when all of a sudden the cop was punched onto the hood of his patrol car. There stood Spike just about to drain him until Buffy knocked him off. They scuffled for a while before Spike finally held up his hands and started to explain that he was there to make a deal with her.

After Buffy had got over the shock of seeing him able to walk again, she listened to the garbled tale he had to tell, involving Acathla, Angelus and Dru.

At first Buffy didn’t believed him, until she realised that he would never be able to make up such a peculiar tale. He said he would help her to stop Angelus.

Buffy wondered why he would do that, so Spike explained he wanted Dru back, and the only way was to stop Angelus.

As Buffy started to walk away Spike called out after her. ‘You know, he’s got your watcher and the whelp.’

Buffy turned back quickly, ‘Ok, come on, lets get out of the street.’ They made there way back to Buffy’s house.

‘Where’s Willow? Has Angelus got her as well?’ she asked.

‘No, Red’s been taken to the hospital,’ Spike replied.

They had just about returned to the house when Buffy’s mother arrived.

“Buffy what’s happening, the police are looking for you, I’ve been looking everywhere as well?” cried her mother. “Where have you been, who is this man?’

“No time to explain Mom,” said Buffy. Just then a vampire jumped on top of Buffy, pushing her aside. Spike leapt into action and between them they soon had him dusted much to the shock of Joyce.

“Buffy just what is going on, that man…?” Joyce trailed off, looking thoroughly confused by now.

“Let’s go in side,” said Buffy.

‘I’m sure that was one of Angelus’ boys,’ said Spike, ‘at least he won’t be able to go back and tell tales.’

They made their way into the house, Joyce giving Spike very odd looks she felt sure she seen him somewhere before but couldn’t place him.

Buffy rang the hospital to find out about Willow, who had just woken up from her coma. Oz was sitting with her, Cordelia had turned up as well, apparently unhurt. But there was still no sign of Giles or Xander. Willow said she would try and restore Angel’s soul again, if Cordelia and Oz would go to the library to pick up the required ingredients. They chatted for a while longer before Buffy hung up looking pensive.

“I told you he’s got the whelp and your watcher,” said Spike, overhearing her telephone conversation.

“Yes well if they die, Dru dies, and you dies,” said Buffy sarcastically.

They began to plot best way to approach the problem, leaving Buffy’s mother to get the drinks. After an hour or so Spike decided to leave, he didn’t want Angelus to notice his absence. They had more or less finalised their plans by then. He went, leaving Buffy to explain to her mother some of what was happening. He wished her luck; Joyce didn’t seem to be in a very receptive frame of mind, in Spike’s eyes anyway.


Angel woke up and groaned, ‘What the hell happened?” he thought.

The last thing he remembered was researching in the library with Giles, Cordelia and Willow. Willow had been assembling the ingredients for the spell she wanted to perform, to try and restore Angelus’ soul; Angel had wondered what would happen to him, if she succeeded.

He lifted his throbbing head and noticed the librarian tied to a chair in the centre of the room. Giles’ was looking decidedly worse for wear. Angel tried to move over to help the man and then realised that he was actually manacled to the wall himself, unable to move more than the smallest amount. It was then he spotted Angelus.

Giles still appeared to be unconscious. Angel began to wish he were as well, when Angelus approached him carrying a wicked looking knife. The evil vampire carefully ran the knife down the front of Angel’s T-shirt neatly parting it into halves before running the tip of the blade over his unblemished skin.

“My favourite, a brand new canvas to work with, what fun we will have,” said Angelus, adding, “feel free to scream if you want, in fact I insist.”

He began lightly tracing the point of the blade carving swirls and lines into Angel’s chest, as Angel gritted his teeth determined not to cry out from the pain he was enduring. It seemed to go on forever. Angel looked down at his body, the blood flowing freely as it streamed down his torso. Angelus was beginning to become angry at the lads stoic acceptance of his torture and so dug the knife tip viciously, deep into Angel’s chest. Angel groaned once before passing out into merciful darkness again.

Giles moaned and appeared to come back into consciousness, Angelus left Angel and went behind Giles.

“It’s about time you woke up you’re missing the show, now I’m spoilt for choice, eny, meaney, miney, mo, whom should I torture first?” he mused, gripping the already broken hand of the librarian. He’d already had one session with Giles, and got nowhere, he had taken his temper out on Giles, by breaking the watcher’s fingers.

“This is going to be so much fun, after all they didn’t even have chainsaws the last time I tortured someone,” gloated Angelus. Giles looked at the tortured and bleeding Angel, something was niggling in the back of his mind, and there was definitely something he should be remembering. He tried concentrate on it, to take his mind off the pain in his hand, as Angelus strode about rubbing his hands together. But it was no good and as soon as Angelus squeezed his broken fingers the librarian cried out from the pain, all other thoughts rapidly fleeing his brain, before he too passed into darkness.

Angelus looked disappointed at Giles unconscious body, but moved back to Angel who was returning to consciousness. But before he could get started, Spike rolled into view, with Dru gliding along beside him.

“Oh, can I play with my ‘Angel’?” cooed the dark haired Vampress, skipping over to Angelus and rubbing affectionately against him.

‘Of course you can Baby, just don’t kill him yet,’ replied Angelus, more interested in Giles to notice Dru had called the boy Angel. He couldn’t understand why she had brought him back from the library, if it had been up to him he would have just had a quick snack or snapped Xander’s neck.

Drusilla moved to Angel and kissed him deeply; he turned his head in disgust at her kissing, but couldn’t move out of the way.

‘Oh my Angel, be in me, see in me,’ she said, before moving lower to lap at the blood trickling down his chest. Angel squirmed his body trying to move away, but to no avail, there was no way for him to avoid his childe’s advances. He knew how talented she was. She’d been a virgin until Angelus had got his hands on her and taught her all the ways to pleasure him, and she’d been an apt pupil. Angel gasped when he felt her undo his pants and slide her hand in to fondle him, and when she licked her way up his body he was amazed to see the image of Cordelia in front of him. He knew what Dru could do but seemed unable to resist her illusion. He seemed to be transported to another plane, where he could be with Cordy in their correct bodies and make love to her all night long. He floated away on the dream as she continued to kiss him, all he could imagine was Cordy in front of him, he responded with enthusiasm. Eventually after what seemed like forever, Angelus and Spike called Drusilla off. She pouted but moved obediently back to her sire.

On seeing her actions Spike had had a brilliant idea, this could be a great way to get the information from Giles. Angelus whispered in Dru’s ear and she made her way over to the dazed, semi conscious watcher.

Angel slowly returned from his euphoria, suddenly aware of the fact he had been had. He looked down at his now mostly clean body and gaping pants. He was relieved at least Dru had left him some dignity. He hoped that before he next saw Cordy, he would have a chance to at least button up.

Cordy was still having issues with him, after his spate with Darla last year. He didn’t think she fully trusted him, and hoped she never found out how he had attempted to lose his soul, in one reckless night of passionless sex with the blonde vampire.

He looked towards Giles to see Drusilla kissing and caressing the man. He now remembered that Spike had suggested that Drusilla pretend to be Jenny Calendar, to trick the watcher into revealing how to open Acathla.

Angelus walked up to Angel and grabbed his hair, dragging his head sideways to expose his neck, in preparation to finish the boy once and for all. But before he could make the fatal bite Spike spoke up.

‘I’d leave him, after all you may need him as a bargaining chip,’ the blond vampire, hastily improvised, remembering what Buffy had said if either Xander or Giles died.

Angelus turned to Spike, looking annoyed until his face cleared as he processed what Spike had said.

‘You know, I kinder like having you watch my back, it’s just like old times,’ he said, moving away from Angel and over to Spike.

They watched Drusilla for a while until it was obvious she wouldn’t be stopping soon.

‘Dru…’ said Spike.

‘Honey…’ said Angelus.

She turned to the vampires, ‘sorry I was in the moment.’ She moved away from Giles and over to Angel.

‘Daddy, can I have him for my own, you said I could have a child, I want him, my very own ‘Angel’?’ she whined to Angelus.

‘Why the hell would you want him?’ growled Angelus, still not registering her use of Angel’s name and reining in his demon with difficulty. It had been a traumatic few days for him, with things not going at all to plan. He was fast loosing patience with this world in general and could think of nothing worse than having Xander, gabbling and cracking jokes for the rest of eternity. The trouble was he knew that Dru in this mood would take some placating, so he shrugged and agreed.

‘Oh well, if I get fed up I can always stake him,’ Angelus thought, in fact the more he thought about the idea, the better it seemed, he would be able to claim him in all ways, he would enjoy humiliating Xander, that would shut him up! And if it didn’t he’d stuff his cock so far down Xander’s throat, he wouldn’t be able to yap.

‘Come now Dru, don’t you want to get all pretty for the opening, you can do that later,’ said Spike, almost as horrified as Angelus, by the idea of a vampire Xander. He was much better at distracting her and so she danced over to him and with a quick kiss rushed off to change her dress and whatever else she got up to in her bedroom.

‘Right that’s sorted, I’m going to kill the whelp and the watcher,’ growled Angelus. Now that he had the information from Giles on how to open the rock, he didn’t see any reason to keep the captives alive.

‘I’d still leave them if I were you,’ said Spike, ‘after all how do you know he’s telling the truth and if you kill the boy, you’ll have Dru whining forever now you’ve promised her him.’ He added, again thinking about his promise to Buffy about letting Xander and Giles live.

‘Good thinking, I’ll get her something to change her mind and kill him later. Hey Spike when did you get so wise?’ said Angelus.

‘About the time you got so crazy,’ replied Spike, wondering if he would get staked for that remark.

Angelus grunted ambiguously and patted Spike on the shoulder. ‘Let’s move Rupert out into the hall, where he can watch the show, wouldn’t want him to miss anything.’

He grabbed Giles’s chair and dragged the semi conscious watcher out of the room. Angel struggled in his manacles but couldn’t shift them at all. Spike just smirked at his efforts and turned to wheel himself back into the great hall.


Xander Harris hopped down from the large truck that he managed to hitch a ride on. He’d had a rough time at his Uncle Frank’s, especially once his cousin Tommy had found out why he was there. The youth was a couple of years older and Xander and the last time they’d met had been a lot stronger, but it seemed this time the tables were turned, Xander had developed quite a few muscles and fighting skills that Tommy didn’t understand. After a few skirmishes they had decided to leave each other alone, much of the relief of the other man, an ancient farm hand called Joe, who was coming up to retirement and didn’t want anything to rock the boat at the moment.

Xander had worked out that his parents would probably have gone to his uncle Toby, by now, his father always keen to save a few bucks would usually descend on his mother’s brother as soon as the holidays started. It had been fun when Xander had been young, they had taken Willow and Jessie with them and had a great time roaming the forests and surrounding land. They’d learn how to fish, track and all sorts of interesting things. But that it all stopped when Toby’s wife had died, Toby had become a recluse and didn’t seem to notice his brother in law sponging off him at every available chance. Xander was glad not to have to go this year.

Xander had managed to escape from the farm, his uncle had gone into town, to take some cattle to the market, leaving Joe in charge. Almost before his father’s wagon had disappeared, Tommy had thrown down his tools and gone back to the farmhouse.

“Well Xander, I guess that just leaves you and me,” said Joe looking with trepidation at the high stable roof that needed repairing.

“I’ll do it,” said Xander, following his eyes “I don’t mind heights.”

He proceeded to climb to the ridge of the stable, taking some spare shingles, nails and a hammer with him. He soon completed the job and was on his way down, when all of a sudden a shout came from below.

“Hey Xander, catch this,” yelled Tommy, throwing a hammer straight at Xander.

Xander twisted in an attempt to catch the heavy tool heading straight for him, but in doing so missed his footing and slithered down the roof landing in an awkward, untidy heap, with an arm twisted beneath him. Tommy ran off, laughing at besting Xander.

Joe ran up in concern, “are you alright?” he said.

Xander had gone rather white and attempted to stand, he realised that his arm was probably broken and held it to his body, wincing at the pain when he tried to move it.

‘I think it’s broken,’ he gasped.

Joe had driven Xander to the hospital, not noticing when Xander shoved a duffle bag that he had packed earlier, into the buck. He had already planned to escape as soon as the opportunity presented itself, and was ready for this chance.

When they arrived Xander had suggested Joe go back to the farm and he, Xander would ring when he wanted a lift back. Xander knew full well he wouldn’t be going back to the farm, ever, if he had his way.

It hadn’t taken long for the hospital to splint his arm, it was a clean break. They gave him some painkillers and advised him to take it easy for a few days, then after a couple of weeks go and see his own doctor to get the cast removed.

Xander swallowed a couple of painkillers and picking up his bag walked towards the highway. He was in luck almost as soon as he started walking and rig pulled up and the driver asked him where he was heading. When he said Sunnydale, the driver smiled and offered him a ride, he was apparently going through to LA, and would welcome the company.

It was an uneventful ride and as soon as the rig drove off, Xander made his way to his home, glad to see he had been right and his parents had already gone to his Uncle Toby’s. He dumped his bag, and swallowed a couple more painkillers before deciding to grab a few hours sleep, before catching up with the Scoobies and all the gossip.
Part 8

Sunnydale 1998

Back in the mansion Spike waited until Angelus was distracted with organising his minions, and positioning Rupert’s chair so he had a ringside seat to watch the ceremony. The blonde vampire then took the opportunity to roll quietly back to the torture room; the whelp appeared to be unconscious again.

‘What a poof, couldn’t he stand a little pain?’ thought Spike, as he wheeled himself until he was beside the boy, he reached up to release the manacle holding Xander’s right wrist. He found he couldn’t quite reach so he just stood up from the wheelchair and did it. Flopping back and wheeling quickly from the room before anyone discovered he could stand.

“Oh well that’s my good deed for the day, it’s up to him now,” mumbled Spike, he done as much as he could, without being too obvious. He wheeled himself back into the Great Hall and positioned himself near the exit. He and Buffy had discussed the best way to go about disarming Angelus and he wanted to have as much freedom of movement as possible when the time came. He patted the rebar he’d hid under his coat, reassured by its presence.


Cordy woke up to find the room in total darkness, it took her a while to remember where she was, but the lingering headache soon reminded her, and she began to analyse the peculiar dream, or was it a vision she wasn’t quite sure. She gingerly lifted her legs from the bed and stood, taking a while to gather her balance, before making her way up to the door. She carefully opened it not wanting to alert the janitor to her presence. She was just about to leave the room when she heard voices and recognised her own voice and that of the young werewolf, Oz.

“I wonder what they’re doing here this time of night, going to the library I suppose?” she thought, opening the restroom door quietly to listen to the chatting teenagers better. They seemed to be talking about Xander and Giles being captured. Cordy felt horror as she realised that Angel had been captured by Angelus and wandered if he was still alive. She realised the teens must be going to get the soul restoration ingredients and Orb of Thesula, that Willow would need to try to restore Angel’s soul again.

She waited until they had re-passed the door, on their way back to the hospital, she didn’t think it would be a good idea for her to be seen as Harmony wandering around the school this late at night or rather early morning as she now realised it was. She was just about to leave her hiding place when she heard more rapid footsteps, and partially shutting the door so she could just see out with one eye, she was amazed to see Buffy rush past. Cordy waited a few minutes and was just about to give up and come out of room when she heard the footsteps return. She ducked back inside; luckily Buffy was still too intent on planning her next moves to notice the door slightly ajar and the figure hiding behind it.

Cordy looked round the room for items to use as weapons, coming up with a small knife and a wooden spoon, why that was there she couldn’t imagine, before finally leaving the room and exited school grounds intent on getting to Crawford Street to rescue Angel. She hurried along keeping to the shadows in the early dawn, more interested in planning what she would do at the mansion, than with any thoughts for her safety. She figured that all of Angelus’ minions would be gathered at the mansion preparing for the ceremony.

She approached with caution and made a quick circuit round to the back to see if there was another way in. She breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted French doors and went eagerly to see if they would open. Luckily she’d picked up a few tips from Gunn and Wesley about opening doors and windows that were locked, and sliding a thin blade of the knife she’d picked up in the restroom, under the latch she soon had one door open. She paused hardly daring to breathe in case the vampires inside had hear her before slipping in and pulling the door shut behind her. It wouldn’t do to have a casual observer notice it was open.

‘This is really a dumb plan, I’m so gonna die,’ she thought, as she made her way carefully through the room, unaware that she had been spotted.

Spike, bored with waiting in the main hall, was wheeling himself along the corridor, intent on rounding up the last few stragglers, hoping to make Buffy’s job easier, spotted the blonde girl stealthily crossing the hallway. He was just about to comment, when he noticed a minion creeping up behind her ready to pounce on the unsuspecting girl. Before he could say anything she whirled round and shoved what looked like a cooking spoon straight into its heart. The vampire exploded in a cloud of dust.

‘If I ever come back to this godforsaken town I really must look this bint up and get acquainted,’ thought Spike in admiration, as he watched Cordy creep forward again. He was planning on leaving with Drusilla and never returning, he realise now that the only way he would be able to keep Drusilla would be to remove her from Angelus’ presence. He shrugged and then confident there were no vampires missing from the great hall, he wheeled himself back to take up his position.


Cordy made her way towards the great hall and where she seemed to remember the stone Acathla had been lodged. As she turned a corner she was relieved to see Angel/Xander he looked as though he was just coming round.

Angel had been in a state of semi consciousness for a few minutes, long enough to release his other hand from its manacle, do his pants back up, and bend over to start trying to release his ankles. As soon as he bent over he felt dizzy, and had to straighten up before he passed out again. He closed his eyes, willing the dizziness to leave. When he opened them he could hardly believe what he was seeing as Cordy made her way over to him.

‘Come on, lets get you out of these chains,’ she said walking across the room grabbing the keys conveniently left on the table. Angelus had left them there, subconsciously hoping that someone would release the whelp, before Drusilla got her away and turned him. Cordy knelt down and soon had the shackles unlocked, she helped Angel away from the wall and over to a chair.

”We so don’t want to be here, do you think you can walk?” she asked, looking curiously at the carvings on Angel’s chest.

“Give me a minute,” he gasped, still trying to shake the dizziness from his head.


When Buffy had left her house, after a terrible row with her mother, she decided to go to Giles apartment to pick up the sword Kendra had left there earlier that evening, while she was there she came across the demon guide, Whistler, who was raiding Giles’ fridge, looking for beer. He had told her that what had happened with Angel turning into Angelus’ had in fact not been foreseen and wasn’t supposed happen, and it would be up to Buffy to put it right even if it meant losing everything she had.

Buffy thought to herself that she had already lost everything, what she didn’t realise was she still had one major thing left to lose

She walked through the pre-dawn light, almost certain that the vampires having fed during the night would now be sleepy and slow, she hoped the element of surprise would be in her favour. She approached the mansion in Crawford Street, hoping she would be in time to save Giles and Xander from what would probably turn out to be a fate worse than death.


Xander went to Willow’s House only to find it dark and deserted, he decided to go to Cordelia’s House, and at least there he hoped the maid would give him some food while she woke Cordelia. On arriving he discovered the gates locked and the house looking unoccupied. He sighed and turned round, deciding to make his way to the School Library, obviously something had come up and they were having an all-night Research Party. ‘Oh what fun,’ he thought.

It was then as he crossed the park he spotted a blonde haired girl making her way briskly along the side street. He broke into a jog to catch up.

“Hey Buffy,” he said, puffing a little at the sudden exertion.

Buffy looked round in surprise, “Xander, good, you’ve managed to escape. Now I only have to worry about Giles.”

Xander looked a bit puzzled, “how do you know I’d escaped, I’ve only just got back?”

He was referring to his escape from the farm, where’s she was unknowingly referring to Angel, held captive at the mansion.

“I don’t have time to go into details now, you need to get out of here,” she said.

“I’m coming with you, I need to know what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks,” said Xander.

Buffy looked at him a little strangely, but she really hadn’t got the time to process it right now, there were far more important things to worry about.

“If you’re coming with me, concentrate on getting Giles out, don’t try and do anything heroic. I will have enough to do fighting with Angelus, without having to worry about you,” she said, eyeing his cast with a raised brow.

She briefly wondered how he had had time to go to the hospital and get fixed up and then get back to the park near the mansion. Then she realised she had spent quite a lot of time that night trying to explain things to her mother, who refused to believe any of it and looked as though she seriously thought Buffy needed therapy.

By now they were getting close to the mansion, Buffy put a finger to her lips, “Shhh, no more talking,” she said, knowing what Xander was like, he seemed somehow much more like the Xander she was used to.

They made their way silently round to the front door. Buffy cautiously tried the handle and was amazed when it opened, the vampires obviously felt very confident and safe.

They crept through the entrance hall and pushed the curtains to one side, and went into the great hall, where there were two vampires standing on guard, Buffy dusted one before even knew she was there, the other went for Xander, Buffy speedily grabbed him and spun him round, until he was facing Xander again, Xander quickly dusted him, surprised at how easy it was.

“Quick, get Giles,” hissed Buffy, pointing to the Librarian tied to a chair in the centre of the hall.

By now Angelus and Drusilla had been alerted to the slayers presence. Angelus had finished the incantation and Acathala was beginning to open. He turned round, “hello lover, have you come to join the fun?” He darted forward and yanked the sword out of the stone monolith.

“You didn’t think I’d let you start without me, did you?” quipped Buffy.

She raised her own sword preparing to lunge towards the demon that wore the face of her love. Angelus ran towards her catching her by surprise at the speed of his movement, and with a few quick parries he had her backed up to the edge of the room. Angelus punched her in the face, hard, and she fell back against the wall, her head spinning.

Just then Spike, who had been watching in the background, got up from his wheelchair and staked a nearby minion, before pulling out the rebar, that he had hidden their earlier. He proceeded to beat his much hated grandsire over the head with it. Angelus fell to the ground almost at Buffy’s feet. Suddenly there was a shriek and Drusilla launched herself across a room towards her childe.

Whilst all this was going on Xander had managed to un-tie the groggy, dazed Librarian. Giles looked up at Xander, “you’re not real, they make me see what I want to see.”

“Why would they make you want to see me then?” asked Xander.

“Oh… quite, let’s go then,” groaned Giles staggering to his feet, and leaning heavily on Xander as the youth helped the battered man away from the great hall.

Buffy had lurched to her feet, as did Angelus; Drusilla was still clawing and screaming at Spike. They proved the necessary distraction needed so Giles and Xander could make their escape, unnoticed.

Angelus and Buffy re-started their sword fight; Angelus was the better swordsmen and soon had Buffy backing up into the courtyard. He knocked the sword from her hand and was preparing for the last fatal strike.

As soon as their Master went outside the rest of the minions decided to make a hasty exit into the sewers, fearing for their safety if they stayed. There already seemed to be three of them missing, one slightly brighter one noted.

By now Spike had managed to subdue Drusilla, and render her unconscious. He picked her up and strode strongly to the back of the mansion and towards the garage where his ancient but much loved De-sotto was housed. He glanced out into the courtyard to see Angelus looming over the defeated slayer.

‘He’s gonna kill her,’ he muttered, then shrugging his shoulders, he continued down to the garage. He laid the unconscious vampress on the passenger seat, and hurried round to the driver’s side, got in, started the engine and drove out through the rotten, closed doors, leaving a pile of splinters in his wake. He roared off down the street and vowing never to come back to this hell hole of a town.

Buffy looked at Angelus searching for any shred of Angel left in the demon, on finding none she closed her eyes, preparing herself for the finale.

‘So, look at you, all hope gone, no friends, no weapons, so what’s left?’ crowed the vampire, an evil, complacent smirk on his handsome face.

Angelus lunged towards her, only to find his sword blade caught between her strong hands.

‘Me,’ said Buffy, her confidence returning as she re-focused her energies.

She pushed sharply back causing the hilt to smash into his face. This caused enough distraction to enable Buffy to grab her own sword as she rolled back on to her feet, preparing to finish it.

They fought furiously working their way back into the great hall; finally Buffy had Angelus on his knees in front of the stone monolith, which was still slowly opening. She prepared cut his head off, when his eyes suddenly lit up with a pure orange light.

Angel looked up at her, “Buffy….. what’s going on ? It’s all a muddle, where are we?”

Buffy realise what had happened, Willow had managed to restore his soul. She was so relieved that tears fell from her eyes.

Angel stood slowly looking at his surroundings, before taking the crying girl into his arms as he tried to sooth her. Acathala continued to open, the swirling vortex getting larger every second. Buffy looked in horror, the stone monoliths mouth was enlarging ready to encompass everything; she knew what she had to do even though it tore her in half, to do it.

“Close your eyes, I love you,” she whispered, kissing Angel sweetly one last time and then before she could think about it she thrust the sword straight through his heart. Angel’s eyes sprung open as he stared in horror at the girl he thought had loved him. The stone demon’s mouth opened further to reveal a swirling portal that encompassed Angel and sucked him in before closing to leave an empty space where he’d been standing, as it returned to its dormant state. Buffy stood, the tears streaming down her face, she had saved the world again but at what cost? She had sent her love to hell; it would have been much easier if he’d stayed as Angelus. That she could have coped with. She turned and slowly made her way out of the mansion, not notice the figures in the dim doorway.


Cordy supported Angel as they both watched the touching scene played out in front of them. From Angelus and Buffy frantically fighting to the death, it had transformed into a confused, newly souled Angel and crying Buffy.

Angel winced at the scene, he knew what was coming. He remembered the confusion and betrayal he’d felt before the pain of being transported through the portal had started.

Cordy and Angel were just waiting for a chance to slip away, but as soon as Buffy stabbed the other Angel, they disappeared, only to be transported forward in time and reappear in the lobby of the Hyperion.

Xander, helping Giles towards the hospital, suddenly felt a cold shiver run through his body. He looked at the dazed librarian beside him, but Giles didn’t seem to notice anything strange, so Xander just shrugged and carried on towards the hospital.


LA- Hyperion lobby 2001

There was a rumbling in the lobby of the hotel. Wesley, Gunn and Fred looked at each other and rushed out of the office, where they’d been eating their dinner, to see what was going on. Gunn grabbing his hubcap axe on the way. They stood looking amazed as a portal seemed to materialize from thin air, expelling two bodies from its centre.

Angel landed with a grunt as Cordy fell on top of him, she rolled away from him and got to her feet then turned to help him up. Angel still had the remains of the torture that Angelus had inflicted on him, on his body, but he was back to looking like Angel. Cordy looked down at herself and realised she was back to being Cordelia again. They both looked at each other then Angel grabbed Cordy and captured her mouth in a searing kiss that seemed to last forever, at least to the watching gang it did anyway. They finally pulled apart looking a little sheepishly at each other before turning to face the others.

“What happened to you, where have you been?” Wesley asked, after he’d swallowed the food he’d been chewing when the couple had suddenly appeared in the lobby.

“What year is it?” Angel asked, ‘how long have we been gone?’

“2001, you know it is,” said Wesley. ‘You’ve been missing for a couple of days, where have you been?’

Cordelia had gone to the kitchen to get a first aid kit, when she returned she pushed Angel down onto the round sofa in the middle of the lobby and proceeded to remove the remains of his shirt, so she could tend to the scrapes and cuts inflicted by the insane vampire.

“Boy have we got a tale to tell you, you’re never going to believe what happened,” she said, as she tended to Angel’s wounds. They proceeded to recount the strange tale, Wesley busy taking notes as usual.

They chatted late into the night; each had their own theory as to what had happened. Both Wesley and Angel were still convinced it something to do with Wolfram and Hart. They decided Lilah Morgan was long overdue a visit, she was the most likely person to have been interfering with Angel Investigations’ affairs.

Eventually they decided to go to bed, Cordelia went upstairs to Angel’s room, and when Angel followed her, Wesley’s eyebrows rose. He could see the couple had grown much closer after their strange experience.


Lilah sat in the observation room watching the screens that were linked to the cameras fitted in the Hyperion’s lobby. She noticed that Angel and Cordelia seemed to have returned.

‘Trust that vampire to makes his way back, and bring his annoying seer with him,’ she thought. She just knew there would be repercussions for her, and wondered briefly if she should leave town.


“Bags the shower first,” said Cordy, stretching her arms above her head. “Oh, it’s good to be home.”

Angel went into the kitchen, grinning as she referred to his room as ‘home’ and was pleased to find he still had some blood lurking in the fridge. He poured it out and grimaced at its metallic taste, “I suppose I’ll have to get used to the taste of this again,” he thought. He’d got used to the taste of real food over the last few weeks.

The weary vampire trudged over to the bed and sat heavily, bending over to remove his shoes and socks before lifting slightly to remove his jeans, his boxers soon followed, until he sat naked waiting for his turn in the shower.

Cordelia finished in the shower and came out wrapped in a towel, rubbing her hair with another; Angel stood up and went to use the shower. Her eyes widened as he walked past, but he didn’t notice, he was more intent on getting cleaned up. He hadn’t had a proper wash in the last day, in fact not since Angelus had captured him.

By the time he had finished, taking longer than usual having to relearn how to shave without a reflection, she was combing her hair sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked up at him and blushed a little, Angel walked past wondering what the matter was this time he really couldn’t understand this girl, so confident one minute and so unsure the next.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“Umm, it’s nothing, well yes there is, it’s you,” she mumbled.

“I don’t understand the Cordy speak, please translate,” he replied, grinning.

“Umm, I’ve never seen you before, not like that,” she waved towards his nude body. He was using the towel to dry his hair, totally unconcerned with his nakedness.

“There’s so much ‘more’ of you than Xander,” she added, blushing a little.

“Oh, sorry,” he said, hastily wrapping the towel around the lower half of his body. Angel couldn’t believe that she was embarrassed by him, not after the last couple of weeks anyway. Then he realised with a jolt that he hadn’t actually seen ‘her’ naked before either, only Harmony’s body. The felt himself respond to his thoughts, and hastily turned away adjusting the towel, before she could see and become even more nervous.

“Err, you take the bed, I can make do with the couch,” said Angel a little reluctantly. He’d been looking forward to his bed especially with Cordelia in it, but thought as she seemed a little nervous, he would give her the opportunity to sleep on her own if she preferred

”No, it’s OK, we can share,” replied Cordy.

Angel went back into the bathroom to clean his teeth, snagging some clean boxers on the way, really to give her time to settle down before he returned. After a few minutes he returned to the bedroom to find her climbing under the covers wearing what looked like to be a pair of his boxers and one of his t-shirts.

He walked over to what was obviously going to be his side of the bed, and turned his back to her before letting the towel fall to the floor, he was too tired to even hang it up, and slipping quickly under the covers. He lay on his back looking up at the ceiling before gathering the seemingly still nervous woman into his arms kissing her gently.

”Well goodnight then, sleep tight,” he said, as he settled down to sleep.

Angel soon fell asleep, his body needing to recover from the events of the last couple weeks say nothing of the torture that Angelus had inflicted on it. He had been asleep for a couple of hours when he woke to feel a warm body spooned against his cool one. Cordelia had squirmed herself up against him in her sleep. He wriggled a little enjoying her warmth against his cool body and wondered if she was awake as he snuggled against her.

Soon Cordy woke to find Angel’s body pressed against her as he nuzzled her neck, licking and nibbling as much as he could reach. When he realised she was waking, he kissed her tenderly and he smoothed the tousled brunette locks away from her face. Cordelia moaned and returned his kisses. She couldn’t believe the effects the handsome vampire was having on her sleep drugged system.

“Please make love to me, Angel,” she whispered, still half asleep.

It was all the invitation Angel needed and he proceeded to leave a trial of nips and licks all the way down her neck to between her breasts, before reversing back to tease and torment her neck and mouth.

As Cordy came fully awake she noticed was how aroused Angel was, she could feel his hard length digging into her thigh. She moaned as his lips found a sensitive spot beneath her ear. Angel kissed her, slipping his tongue between her parted lips to tease and explore the inside of her mouth. She found her arms sliding round his broad shoulders as he deepened the kiss.

Angel pushed her shirt up; it had ridden up during the night and was already just under her breasts. He lifted his mouth just long enough to slip the shirt over her head. She was a little shy, it would be the first time he had seen her nearly naked. He moved his mouth down to capture her nipple, teasing it to a hard peak before moving to lavish the same attention to the other. She moaned at his touch, it was sending bolts of desire straight to her womb, she felt herself growing moist at his ministrations.

He carried on kissing and licking his way down her body. She gripped his broad shoulders as he moved down further to stop at the top of his boxers that she was wearing. He turned to look at her before bringing his mouth back up to kiss her, their tongues duel in a passionate dance. He slipped his hand into the top of the boxers and slid his fingers over her soaking folds; he gently parted them and pushed a questing finger into her. He groaned when he felt how tight she was, his cock throbbing with want and he became even more aroused when her hand cautiously explored the top of his boxers. His cock swelled and strained against the thin covering, Cordy pushed the offending barrier away as far as she could reach and returning to his now freed erection to run her hand along his cool, hard, silky length and cupping his balls which were tight against his body.

She squeezed them and squirmed herself as his fingers rubbed her clit, he knew exactly where to press and where to stroke, he pushed her boxers down and off and then returned to her hot core, pushing her legs open wide to allow himself better access. He groaned when she squeezed his balls.

‘God, Cordy I want you so much, please let me show you,’ he whispered as he kissed her tenderly.

Cordelia felt as though her whole body was on fire with need, as he slipped another finger into her dripping core, his thumb caressing her clit.

‘Oh yes,’ she gasped as her first orgasm hit her.

Angel moved on top of her and positioned his eager cock at her entrance. He looked down once more to make sure she was ok, before guiding himself into her hot moist channel. They both groaned at the sensations, Angel pushed deep into her before pulling out and thrusting in again. He knew he wouldn’t last long, she was so tight, and she fit him like a glove. He hitched her hips to plunge into her, angling to hit her ‘g’ spot. Cordy gasped again as she felt another orgasm washing over her. Angel thrust a few more times until after a couple more short strokes his eyes rolled up as he came, buried deep inside her.

They lay gasping limbs entwined as they came down from their euphoria, Angel eased out of her immediately missing her warmth.

‘Wow,’ Angel said, panting unnecessarily.

‘That was so good,’ Cordy gasped as she stroked his back. She reluctantly got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back to bed he gathered her into his arms and gave her a quick kiss before they both fell asleep safe in each others arms.


A while later Cordelia woke again, she slipped quietly out of bed and moved to pick up the shirt she had laid out earlier to put on, but never actually got round to wearing and slipped it over her shoulders. It was one of Angel’s and came down to mid-thigh on her. She made her way over to the window and pulling the drape’s back, looked out onto the Los Angeles night skyline. It was good to be home, she thought it was all very well to have these adventures but there was always the uncertainty that one would end badly. She had a fear that one day Angel wouldn’t return from his missions. Just the thought of that made her shiver as she looked out into the night sky.

Suddenly a pair of cool arms encircled her, as Angel came to stand behind her. He rested his chin on her shoulders, breathing in her intoxicating scent that he just couldn’t seem to get enough off. Being a vampire did have some advantages, he thought

Cordy turned her head and brought her hand up to cup his cheek in a gentle caress. Angel lifted his face and their lips met in a sweet touch, until Angel’s tongue flicked her bottom lip demanding entry and the kiss deepened into something far more passionate.

Cordy could feel the evidence of his desire poking her, and before she had time her to realise, he had parted her legs and pushed eagerly into her welcoming warmth. She leaned over slightly to give him better access and put her hands on the windowsill for support. They both groaned with pleasure as Angel was able to thrust even deeper with this new angle. One of his hands wandered between her legs and he deftly rubbed her clit in time with his thrusts, his other hand massaging her breasts alternately. Cordy braced herself as his thrusts became more punishing and she neared her climax.

‘Oh baby, come for me,’ gasped Angel as he felt his own release approaching. Cordy was only too happy to oblige and with a final push back, she shattered into what felt like a million pieces, as Angel with a deep almost animalistic growl and a few final pushes followed her over the edge, pulling her warmth back against his cool chest, as he held her in a tight embrace.

They stood locked together for a few minutes before Angel pulled away and lead them back to bed. They soon fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, both totally sated.


The following morning everyone was up except for Angel. Wesley was filling Cordy in on the new prophecy he was trying to translate. It seemed to be referring to a ‘Tro Clan’, something he had yet to understand. They had decided to visit Wolfram and Hart that evening to try to find out some answers.

Cordy went to sit at her desk and catch up with the paperwork, only to look up a while later as Angel sidled up to her as she sat at her desk.

‘Did I tell you how much I love you, whatever would I do with out you?’ he murmured in her ear, then nibbled and kissed his way round to her mouth, sending a shiver of arousal through Cordy’s body.

‘Well, that’s what friends are for,’ she replied, returning his kiss, but before they could complete the kiss another voice was heard from the entrance door.

“Yeah, that’s what friends are for, knocking you up and throwing you out. Hello lover,’ said Darla, as she dropped the tote bag she was carrying and stared at the close couple.

‘Darla…!.’ exclaimed Angel.

Angel and Cordy stared back at the heavily pregnant Darla; Cordy looked at Angel with hurt in her eyes, silent for once. By then the rest had come out of the office.

‘Darla..’ echoed Wesley.

‘Darla!’ said Gunn.

‘Who’s Darla?’ Fred asked, confused.



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