Shades of Gray

SUMMARY: Male ego on independent women.
POSTED: 22 Apr 2004
CATEGORY: Semi-Smut / Humor / S1
WARNINGS: Sexual Situations
Well this is all Califi’s fault 😛 if she hadn’t been all ooooh think of this… oooh how about this. I might never have gotten into this mess in the first place Thanks a lot Cali Lurve ya! Here’s what she said:
(1) Kate pops round for one of her ‘i need help’ things.
(2) When the PTB turned him back to a vamp, they put in the soul w/o the curse, cos that wasn’t important to them, they din want the worry of Aus ruining their plans for their warrior of the light.
(3) IWRY didn’t play out like that. Buff was there, but to tell him she had riley in her life, he became human again, but buff went to see her dad. she came back to say goodbye just after A went to fight the demon. she killed the demon and they both decided it was best if they left things as they were, he took it back b/c he couldn’t fight demons like he once could and he was concerned for his LA friends.

The woman marched into the office without greeting, her blue eyes etched with weariness and lack of enthusiasm.

“I wouldn’t be here if I had another option.” The vampire wondered why the hell his help was asked with such reluctance.

Maybe he’d have to put a sign on the door that said, ‘FREE’ along with ‘Helping the hopeless.’ Did they not know he was doing this for a good unselfish cause? His redemption.

Kate. Detective. Another working woman in men’s clothes. As if the fact that she wore jeans and a leather jacket suddenly made her a tough cookie on the street. Bullshit.

“Such enthusiasm.” He couldn’t hold the deadpan sarcasm as he leaned back in his chair, his easy sprawl unaffected by the abrupt arrival of the woman. “What can I do for you Kate?”

“It’s not human.” She pulled a slightly rumpled photograph from her seat pocket and slapped it onto the table in front of him. Planting her hands on her hips, her blue eyes narrowed and regarded him with suspicion.

He had half a mind to kick her legs out from under her. Just for fun. But then he was being a good boy. He had to play by the rules. So what if his girlfriend left him because he was a vampire and she was a slayer and went hay-romping a little boy with a pulse? He wasn’t bitter. Not a bit. So what if he was blood sucking creature of the night because he had a responsibility to a family he’d just started rebuilding. He wasn’t resentful. Not a bit.

Now he realized why his father was such a slaver driver.

His gaze dropped without making a motion to pick it up and looked at the grizzly face of the demon he recognized all too well. “Tuslah Demon.”

“It’s at the old theater near the boardwalk. Kill it.”An eyebrow arched up and he regarded her with stoic complacency.

Maybe Cordelia was right. Maybe the bleach did soak into their heads to make them think they could order him about. First Darla, then Buffy; and now this seemingly tough woman. What; did he have a post-it on his forehead saying ‘If blonde, make fun of the incredibly old vampire’?

“Are you going to or not?” She glared at him.

For an instant he wanted her to actually ask him instead of telling him. And he bit back the retort burning on his tongue. What was with women these days anyway? First Cordelia is all emancipated with her clothes and well placed jibes and now he was being pushed about by a slip of a woman with a badge that meant nothing to a vampire of two centuries of age. There was no respect left in this world.

He picked up the picture and stretched his legs, drawing to his full height as he towered over the woman from across the desk. “My contract with the powers say I have to.”

She blinked slightly at the sardonic twitch of his chocolate eyes and stepped away from his shadow. And the uneasiness settled in her stomach as she watched the lithe form of the vampire now at his full height and her bravado caved. For a minute she regretted the ice in her voice and her rude entrance. She figured she really should be nice to the man. Even if he wasn’t really human. “Thanks. Page me.” She fidgeted for moment under his attentive scrutiny then looked up bravely into the creature’s eyes. “I’ll see you.” Turning on her heel, she swept her eyes away and walked out of the little office, her nerves on edge.

The vampire gave her the creeps.

Cordelia stood next to Doyle outside Angel’s office and watched the retreating woman with an amused curve of her lips. “Another one bites the dust.” The snicker came from Doyle and Angel paused in the doorway waiting for yet another argument over his taste in women.

He could almost hear the roll of Cordelia’s eyes as she went about stuffing a folder with invoices. “Figures she’d be a blonde.” The fingers around the rumpled photograph tightened. Did they purposefully forget Dru?

“Well it works well in me favor Princess.” Angel’s eyes watched the wall, hearing the smirk in Doyle’s voice on the other side and shift of cloth as he propped his elbow on Cordelia’s shoulder flirtatiously. “While Angel reels in his blondes, I can work on this scrumptious brunette.”

“Pffft! Angel? And ME! Are you kidding me!” He bit hard against his teeth, his jaw hardening. Did she just imply he was beneath her? HER! The FORMER boy-slayer of SunnyHell, stranded in a big ol’ city penniless without a champion until Angel had come, was suddenly being prissy about her preferences where he was concerned?

“Come on Princess; tell me ye weren’t just a little jealous of the illustrious Buffy Summers?”

“GAH! You are NOT serious! Eyow! I do not need to reach for a bottle of peroxide to attract a man!” Oh that was just it dammit! He’d get some respect out of this contemptuous young woman if it was the last thing he did! She had to realize the absolute sacrifice he was making for them.

He figured bestowing his good company and a chance to do some good would be enough to make her realize that he was paragon in his time. Now it just seemed he’d have to convince her more forcefully.

He didn’t care why, but he felt this need to possess her. Call it ego or the lust for power, but he couldn’t stand the fact that she could have one over him. Him; the vampire with a soul. Savior of helpless and Champion of the Powers that do all shit! He was determined to see her fall flat on her annoyingly perfect face and break that sleek arrogant nose. Yes, he realized. She was perfect in her totality. Not that she didn’t have flaws.

If only Angel had another couple of hours of doing nothing to just count them. She was pinnacle for the ideal workingwoman. Something Angel’s mid 18th Century mind could not ever come to grips with.

Even the damned slayer had the sensibility to be slightly afraid of him, but Cordelia; she strutted around in her new age clothes, donned to perfection, lethal and on the prowl with her wide witty mouth and sensual come-hither glances. This one woman had more flaws in her than a scratchy first day plan for a construction building, he concluded. She was stubborn. She was selfish. She was entirely too apathetic when it came to Angel and she was cold and devious. And worst of all yet! Independent and liberated! Everything a woman shouldn’t be, he growled inwardly.

She turns me off with her perfection of the woman of the nineties. Everything about her, from the perfect little skirts and tight hugging blouses to the three inch heels with the fairly curvy figure, reeked of modernism.

He couldn’t stand it. He had to bring the queen to her knees or he knew he wouldn’t sleep for the rest of his nights. She had to know this was his damned sitcom. He was the star of the show and she was his secretary! Fetching for him and making him coffee was all she needed to do. She needed to know that he was a man and she a mere woman.

Marching out of the office Angel looked up at his two snickering coworkers. “It’s nice to see we’re spending company time discussing my private life.”

They both froze at his untimely entrance. Doyle straightened and grinned up at the vampire. “Popularity has its burden.” Cordelia shifted out from under Doyle’s arm and gave their vampire boss a wide, innocent smile.

“What’s the word Boss-man?” And there she did it again, he fumed silently. Disregarding his obvious sarcasm over their topic of discussion, she goes about fixing him with that irritatingly brightening smile that made him wish he could reach out and kiss it off her face. Just to put himself out of its glamour.

Angel held up the picture between his fingers. “Night patrol. You and me. Cordelia can watch the car.”

“WHAT!” She bristled at the obvious disrespect of her abilities as a part of Angel Investigations. “I can do more than watch your dumb old car, Broody!”

“Whatever you say Cordelia.” He did his best to keep the exasperation at her suggestion at a minimum, but the bait had been given.

His ego would not rest till she bowed and she could never resist a challenge.


“Prada! It was a Prada!”

“Awww Princess I’ll get ye another one.”

“Do you even KNOW what Prada IS?” Cordelia asked as they entered the office.

When Doyle had the decency to look sheepish Angel took an unneeded breath. “Doyle, weren’t you on you way to tell Kate we got the demon?” The Irish demon looked around and blinked at the tart dismissal and raised an amused eyebrow.

Was it his imagination or did Angel look really eager to get rid of him? “Yeah, almost on me way now.” Behind him Cordelia muttered about her dry cleaner’s bill and Doyle wondering if there was a reason Angel had left Kate’s pager number in his other pants tonight. “Well I’m off. Be good kiddies?” He smirked at Angel.

The vampire only nodded before putting the axe down. When he moved to remove his coat, he let out a shuttered hiss just as the door closed behind Doyle. Cordelia looked up with concerned hazel eyes, watching the blood crusted tear in Angel’s nice black sweater.

“You know I still cannot believe you didn’t hear him Angel. I mean seriously! Hello vampire hearing already going in your old age?” Chocolate brown eyes lifted, the twitch in his mouth almost giving away the smug smile Angel was trying to suppress as she reached for the First Aid box.

He felt a twinge of regret when she herself winced at the obvious scratches she’d endured when the creature had ‘accidentally’ tackled her to the ground instead of Angel. Cordelia Chase would need some tending to of her own. Soon.

“What part of ‘stay in the car’ did you not understand Cordelia?”

“Duh! The thing looked like it was going to make ribbons of you before it ate Doyle. What did you expect me to do? Sit on my cute little ass and not lift a finger.”

“You lifted your heel.”

“I was only thinking pointy at the time.” She grabbed the sleeve of his coat before bodily dragging him to the empty couch and shoving him into it.

“AWO!” He muttered slightly faking the flinch and he was rewarded with sharp hazel eyes softening as she dropped down onto her knees in front of him, the kit open beside her. “Jesus Christ Cordelia, the demon didn’t throw me around as much.”

“Don’t be such a baby Angel.” He glared at her. There she was again with the condescending grumbles. Did she not see he was in obvious pain?

“I’m glad my pain amuses your inner mother.” Her eyes danced with laughter before she leaned forward to help push his heavy leather jacket off his shoulders. Instinctively, he shifted his body forward and twisted his face in pain while he strategically caught Cordelia brushing against his chest.

She froze, her breasts sliding along the flat planes of his pectorals. Cordelia forced her eyes to remain lowered while she tried to help Angel work his arms out. Only when she looked down, she espied the manly bulge in his pants and her breath hitched in her throat, her heart suddenly thudding in her chest. Breathe. Breathe Chase and do not, under any circumstance, stare.

Angel pulled away from the tantalizing fullness of her breasts, the jacket falling away behind him and bit his cheek to keep from smirking at her. Her eyes hadn’t lifted.

“Cordelia?” Shocked hazel eyes snapped up, wide, as she jerked away from him.

“Huh?” The bottle of Hugo Boss for Men had been a good investment, Angel concluded when he caught the soft flaring of her nostrils.

Regaining some of her composure, Cordelia wished she’d invested in nose plugs. Since when did her vampire boss start wearing cologne before a fight? Shrouding the telltale reaction of her senses to his scent with humor she pointed a finger to his torn sweater.

“Off with your sweater!” She commanded. And then she sat back on her heels, unabashedly drinking in every inch of skin as it was revealed. Angel could almost sense her gaze. The warm caress of her eyes slid up the V of his waist, over the hard planes of his stomach, up the angles of his chest to the corded muscle in his shoulders and neck before he caught her eyes with his, his sweater falling harmlessly out of the way on the floor.

Cordelia came to a firm conclusion. Angel’s chest knew how to wear a shirt. But Angel’s chest knew how to wear skin the best. With an involuntary lick of her lips she picked up the soaked gauze before she realized with relief, the claw mark on his chest was not as deep as she had feared and it would be healed by morning. “It’s not bad.”

“Hurts like a bitch.” When the disinfectant touched the open wound, Angel didn’t bother holding back the soft snarl of pain. With the little pain Angel was faking, he didn’t hear the steady purring coming from him just because the crown of her head was brushing his nose, the smell of French vanilla and cinnamon flooding his senses and he just sat there silently, eyes closed, drinking in her proximity.

Then he nearly growled when a new sensation arced through his body.

His eyes snapped open and he stared down at her.

She was leaning over slightly blowing gently over his abused skin. Suddenly the issue of fake pain melted into the subtle tingle of craving that went straight to his groin and her warm and moist breath left him breathless, regardless of the fact that he didn’t breathe. It felt good against the cold offended flesh. And it was then for the first time Angel had to admit his adversary was just as strong when it came to the practiced game of seduction.

She just didn’t know she was playing it.

Her eyes snapped up to meet his when she realized the soft rumble in his chest was a purr. He watched with smug fascination when the iris of her beautifully wide hazel eyes dilated and he heard her heartbeat pick up considerably. It makes a vampire right proud to have a woman react this strongly to him. Angel smirked inwardly and took it upon himself to see how fast he could make it go.

Leaning slightly closer he closed his eyes pretending to compose himself and his fingers caught her wrist firmly, his forehead brushing hers briefly.

Freak chemistry baby, he chuckled to himself. Let her feel the burn for a bit. Cordelia took a shuddering breath and swallowed thickly.

“Still hurts like a bitch?”

Angel felt like grinning his victory in her face, but this was his game. Damned if he’d let her steal it again. “Yes I know. I’m such a baby.”

“Too right.” Her voice was smooth, but his enhanced hearing picked up on the waver in her tone easily. She was nervous.

You’re mine. Deliberately, he opened his eyes, his face still hovering close to hers. “Actually it only hurt for a bit.”

“Good.” She pried her eyes away, her throat rumbling with a clearing and he smiled smugly.

Drawing away from the unusual warmth that seemed to surround Angel, Cordelia secured the tape over the bandage, her nerves raw with the sudden weakness in her knees. It was probably from the kneeling she concluded. The sooner she got away from him the sooner she could take care of her own, albeit minor, injuries.

“There, now that wasn’t so hard was it?” She stood up to get as far away from the freaky vibes the vampire was giving off tonight, but her question drowned into a yelp.

“You’re hurt.” Eyes wide, mouth parted and hands hovering above his shoulders, she sat on one rigid thigh while his hand still held her wrist, which she’d somehow forgotten he hadn’t let go off. And the frown marring his forehead was accompanied by the distinct sniff he took.

“Eyow! You’re smelling me!”

“You’re bleeding.”

“It’s nothing”, she replied, a slight flush coloring her cheeks, realizing the vicinity of her wounds. There was no way in hell she was going to let Angel see the minor scratches she’s endured while trying to foolishly save his life. He was immortal. She, apparently, was not.

“Lying to a vampire is not healthy.” He dropped her wrist and reached for the collar of her faux-button down white shirt and she drew away with a shriek nearly toppling off her perch on his leg, prompting him to wrap one arm around her waist. “Cordelia, in our profession there’s very little room for modesty – Show me where you’re hurt,” he tried his best not to sound impatient, but the girl was sitting on his leg still pretending she didn’t want his hands on her and Angel was rapidly keeping himself from just relieving her of that interfering top.

“NO!” The flame in her cheeks intensified at the total lack of empathy in his brisk voice. She watched his face for an indication of his just dropping the issue. But he only watched her with frustrated irritation and she suddenly felt silly. He was just concerned. She’d demanded he remove his shirt because she’d been concerned. Right?

Right. Keep telling yourself that Chase. Clearing her throat she tried to stand and the arm around her waist held her down firmly.

“Tit for tat. I showed you mine. You show me yours.”

Her head jerked up. “WHAT!”

“Your wounds Cor.” Dammit, just his proximity was making her hear things. She grabbed the hand curled at the dip in her waist and stood.

“Just because I’ve seen you in your boxers does NOT mean you have to see me in mine!”
He raised an eyebrow at the frightened pace of her heart and stood off the couch. There was only so much coaxing he could manage.

He was determined to see skin tonight and there really was concern in his chest when he realized the demon had inflicted injury on the woman despite Angel’s near perfect planning. “Now look who’s the baby.” He let out a fatigued, unneeded breath. “Look Cordelia, I’ve had a bitch of a day and I don’t have the strength to argue with you. I’m tired and I’m hungry.” She froze when his resolute gaze locked with her. “Now: strip.”

The squeak nearly made Angel jump up and down with triumph, but the game had just upped a few levels. Merely catching the deer wasn’t enough anymore. When she stood there in the middle of the office, gaping at him, Angel took a step closer, his voice like gravel. “Strip.”

Every instant in the brunette demanded she obey the sexy gravity in his voice and his brown eyes had deepened into an onyx glow that she’d never seen on the vampire. It was when the curve of her ass hit the hard edge of her desk when Cordelia realized she’d been cornered against it and Angel now stood a few feet away shirtless and waiting for her to join him.

This so did not feel like post-slayage tending to.

Angel smell the excited fear on the young woman and he reigned in the need to push her down on the desk and just prove who was the man in this situation, but he’d learnt this woman worked a little differently from the others. He didn’t want to possess her. He wanted her to give in. To finally realize who she belonged to and accept it gracefully.

Then he’d ravish her.

When he raised his hand to her shirt again she batted his hand away with a glare. “It’s not like I haven’t seen a woman in their underclothes before Cor.” Crossing his arms over his board chest he regarded her with cynical amusement. He knew she wasn’t as experienced with her men as she pretended to be and his apparent indifference on the matter of seeing Cordelia disrobed intimidated her.

“Well you haven’t seen ME!” she muttered, still stalling for an option, but the stupidly large vampire was crowding her and treating her as if she were a child.

“I’ve seen more than you can count, now do you intend to show me or should I just let you bleed all over our nice clean floor?” He lifted the end of her skirt catching a glimpse of the bruise forming on her thigh from when she’d hit the crate.

Cordelia let out an undignified squawk at the suddenly touchy-feely vampire and grabbed his hand before he could do more. “I can raise my own skirt thank you,” she glared at his audacity before she pulled up the side of her skirt to her waist in a mixture of annoyance and shock.

When his mouth curved she felt the heat creep up her neck. What the hell was she thinking!? “I didn’t need to see quite that much Cor, but nice panties.”

With a frustrated grunt she yanked it back down before she planted her hands on his chest to push him away. “Okay you’ve had your fun weirdo. Now get away.”

He sighed, his hands coming to rest on her shoulders before he pushed her back to lean against the desk. “Cordelia show me the cut. I can smell the blood and I know you’re bleeding. Do you want infection to add to your list of worries?” When the brunette stilled in his grasp, her hands still resting on his chest, he pulled away slightly to see the hairline tear in her blouse, just under the curve of her left breast.

Cordelia was still marveling at the combination of Hugo Boss and the granite of his muscle under silky skin when his fingers traced across the tear in her blouse, the pads of his fingers meeting bruised flesh and she jerked back to awareness. “AWO!”

Angel suppressed the urge to just slide up his hand and test the fullness of her breast, but contented himself with the knowledge of the fact there would be time for that later.
Cordelia let out a sharp breath when the hard angles of his knuckles skirted along the underside of her breast sending pinpricks of shivers down her spine. What the hell was he doing; trying to set her on fire! She was about to step away, but the vampire still held her by one arm and just the attentive roll of his eyes as he examined the tear in her shirt.

“You were lucky,” he murmured absently, the whisper of his voice drawing her eyes to his mouth with an audible gulp.

And then her knees turned to jelly, her hands grabbing his shoulders for support when the blood tainted finger disappeared into his mouth. Her blood! His mouth!

For an insane moment, Angel’s fingers tightened on her upper arm, the taste of Cordelia on his tongue working like a drug through his entire body. Wildly, he remembered sometimes you could taste more from blood than just hunger. Her hopes, her dreams, her fears and her weaknesses were potent in the single drop of blood on his tongue and Angel couldn’t suppress the possessive rumble of his chest.

While Cordelia reeled from the cocoon of sensuality that Angel had spun around her with proximity and smell and touch, Angel battled with himself to regain control over the situation. He could not let her win this. Not when he was so close.

His brow furrowed with concentration, he mentally dragged himself back to the task at hand as he stepped away from her slightly to pick up the disinfectant, cotton and a small bandage. Biting her lips Cordelia took the time to draw in a shaky breath before she lifted herself to sit up on the edge of the desk, her legs hanging off the side as the recently towering form of the vampire walked back to her with lazy deliberation.

“I think I can deal with that myself.” Slightly flustered by his looming shadow over her she attempted to pull back and Angel gave her an amused half chuckle. “Oh…you can see under there, can you?” And to her absolute embarrassment, his gaze dropped like a caress to the full curve of her bosom. “Take off your shirt. Let me see.”

Tamping down her nervousness she scowled at his business like tone and the sensual sway of his shoulders. How the hell was he so damned calm and focused while she was a mass of shaking nerves and awkward lip biting? Grabbing the hem of her top she crossed her arms and attempted to lift, but the cut under her breast shifted and the one she knew decorated her shoulder blade opened further. She let out a painful hiss.

Exasperated by the delay he reached out and guided the edge away from her waist and over the exquisite fullness of her breasts, but he wasn’t prepared. At the first sight of the half cup red silk bra, Angel’s hold gave way and left Cordelia half caught in the form-fitting top as he greedily drank in the display before him with gold tinged eyes.

“Angel!” With her vision obscured by the suddenly too tight top, and she struggled frantically to release her arms while the vampire’s mouth twitched even as it pooled with saliva. Christ the girl was beautiful. His tongue slid out over teeth before he grasped the hem of her shirt and guided it off her trapped elbows and head. The golden curves of her bound breasts jiggled deliciously, the generous mounds threatening to spill out of the scarlet silk. Angel hadn’t realized just how curvy the brunette was, and wondered why the hell he hadn’t thought of this before.

The tousled head shook before her glaring hazel eyes trained on him. “Are you staring?”

The long thin wound beneath the curves of her breast still wept blood sluggishly and after eyeing it critically for several seconds he lifted his gaze and caught hers. “And you expect me to do THIS with my eyes closed?”

The question left Cordelia’s mind spiraling with mental images of all that Angel could do with his eyes closed and she didn’t realize hers had slid shut until she felt the sting of the soaked cotton sliding over her cut and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. And then he was blowing softly over her stinging flesh and the wild rush of fear and arousal hit Cordelia with force enough to make her gape down at him. His mouth inches away from the heaving curve of her chest, his eyes trained on the wound, his hands curved around her narrow waist holding her in place.

When the first scent of her arousal hit Angel’s senses, he didn’t bother covering his smirk as he looked up from between the valley of her breasts and met her glazed hazel eyes like warm honey. “Nervous?”

The flash of her eyes was indignant, but she couldn’t pull her gaze away while he held it with deliberate tease. “Wh…why would I be nervous?”

He almost laughed at the broken question. Two hundred years of experience and this bite-sized girl thought she could tame him? With the added confidence of his newly secured soul, she had no chance. “You tell me. Why are you nervous Cor?”

“I’m not nervous. You’re a vampire. I’m just,” she swallowed and he could feel her heart thud wildly in her chest, “uneasy.”

“Do I make you uneasy?” She suddenly seemed as if she didn’t understand his simple question. He reveled in the fact that he had this much control over her emotions. He loved the shaky breaths that escaped her as he leered at her in full Angelus-mode. One that he could use to his full advantage without nasty repercussions.

“D…do you see anyone else around?” Oh the fiery creature was still in there. Even stammering.

“You’re answering my questions with a question Cordelia. That’s enough of an answer for me.” He chuckled as he secured the medical tape over her cut before leaning over her right shoulder to work on the other, his mouth brushing her ear calculatingly and she stiffened. Her breasts pressed against his shitless chest, her spine straightening.

“Shut up,” she whispered. Angel nearly whooped when her command came out a plea instead.

When the tape was in place, he pulled away just enough to look down into her eyes. “Something wrong?”

“No. Why?” Her pupils dilated and he knew he’d won, but Angel couldn’t help rubbing it in. Just a little bit.

“Your heart is beating awfully fast Cor, and your breath seems to falter. Sure you’re alright?” Her eyes widened and she took a sharp breath. She nodded quickly as if not trusting her voice to work. He chuckled softly. “Good.” Then he leaned down further, his mouth touching her ear again only this time he let his lips graze the shell of her ear and he felt her draw a shaky breath as if in panic. “Because your nails are almost drawing blood in your palms.”

His little stuck up secretary was staring at him. It wasn’t that women found him irresistible; it was that this little girl had so much control over her life. Angel would have a jolly time taking the fine threads of her organized world and pulling them apart. As long as she was walking towards him, he wouldn’t have to do the chasing. After all he was a master vampire. He deserved a little time off.

With a shocked gasp her fists fell open.

And the cocky half smile stretched wider on Angel’s face. She watched with shocked comprehension as he pulled away with a self-satisfied leer and stepped out of her personal bubble, leaving her gaping after him, her legs hanging wide apart over end of the desk and her heart hammering in her chest.

At the arrogant ripple of his muscle, the tight knot of sensual unease enflamed into a spitting ball of enraged fire. He was TOYING! With her! Cordelia Chase!

Her eyes flashed with rage. Before the vampire had taken more than a few steps, Cordelia was on her feet as her hand reached out and caught a handful of his soft brown hair and her body collided with his.

“OOF! Cordelia!” Angel stumbled as the brunette nearly tackled him against the wall. He was about to remind her of his own bruises when her lips crushed his with furious ardor.

It was fire on first contact. His mouth opened over her immediately as her tongue slid past his barriers. A ragged moan escaped him betraying his own emotions and the burning pain in Angel’s head settled into a dull ache that traveled through his entire body as her fingers slid over the stretched hair follicles and soothed against his scalp.

Cordelia’s hands slid up his chest and she used the weight of her kiss to push him back against the wall. His hold on her waist softened and one hand slid up her back slowly to tangle in the mass of gorgeous mahogany curls. The kiss grew from insistent to slow and seductive as their tongues played around each other.

She felt his tongue outline her lips and with a soft sigh she welcomed him into her mouth. Angel couldn’t help moan into her mouth as she moved against the length of his body. And Cordelia could feel the cloth of his pants sliding against her bare knees. Slowly, savoring the moment she moved her arms around his head, running her fingers through the short hair at the nape of his neck.

It was the rasping growl of her name across her mouth that was like ice water on Cordelia’s conscious mind. Her eyes flying open she stared into the enraptured depths of her vampire’s eyes and lost her breath. She saw Angel leaning casually against the wall with a smirk on his face and his hair mussed up, due to her roaming fingers.

“My, my, Cor,” he mused. “I think I rather enjoyed that. Can we do it again?”

Cordelia didn’t know what to say for a moment. Her actions had taken her by surprise and now she was a bit embarrassed by what she had done. “Shut up, Angel.” Stepping away she tried to get control of her raging hormones. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Oh I think you did, Cordelia.” Then she was caught off guard and gasped as Angel moved his hands around to cup her ass with lightening reflexes.

He moved her closer, his hands gripping her hips, bringing her in direct contact with the hardening bulge in his pants. She moved with him as his cold hand slid down her hip to her thigh and she maneuvered her legs around his, holding him in place as the searing kiss sucked the last of her breath away from her. Almost feline, her body rubbed against his, the cups of her bra slipping away with the friction and they both let out a soft hiss of satisfaction when skin met skin.

With a gasp Cordelia jerked away drawing a shaky breath finally getting the oxygen she needed and stared up into his impassioned gold eyes. Was all that desire for her?

“Damned right it is,” he said huskily his hand flexing on one breast, the nipple poking his palm proudly.

She looked up into his eyes. “Um…did I say that out loud?”

“Afraid you did.” He chuckled.

She shifted her hips against his and Angel growled low in his chest, reaching for the clasp on her bra and pulled, sending the scarlet scrap of cloth flying around the room. “Angel!”

“It was in the way.” he said, his mouth fastening greedily on the swell of one breast. She trembled slightly at the look of lust in his eyes, her hands sliding into his hair reflexively. “You are so damned beautiful” he spoke against her nipple, his voice gruff with pent up emotion and restraint, his hands running across her back. When his lips closed around one dusky nub Cordelia arched in his arms with a soft moan. “Christ Cor, you’re sweet.” His teeth met flesh as lifted his head to taste the other.

“God Angel, you make me feel sexy.” The whisper left her before she could stop it.

He grinned. “Someone has to.” His shoulder shook with laughter when she opened her mouth to protest his gall but his mouth descended to take hers in a breath-stealing kiss.

Telling himself to go slowly, Angel slid his lips back and forth over the contours of her mouth, tasting the salt and sweetness there, suckling with hungry kisses. He told himself he wasn’t going to force her or push her, he wanted her to give freely on her own accord.

Unable to resist him and even while he told himself, he began to do both. “Kiss me back,” he urged and the helpless tenderness was as alien to him as was the uncontrollable desire to possess this woman. The game of seduction forgotten; his hands slid up to test the fullness of the breasts that had fascinated him into insensibility. “Open your mouth Cor,” he coaxed still, his tongue sliding over the seam of her lips.

And when she did, he almost groaned aloud with the pleasure of her compliance. One hand tightened on her breast, his fingers twisting the hardened nub there while his other arm tightened around her, angling across her back to hold her hips pressed to his while his mouth forced hers to part wider, his tongue plunging into her warm depths, echoing the act he wanted to do with the rest of his body.

With rampant hunger, his tongue explored while his fingers trekked over satiny soft flesh, memorizing every inch of breast and nipple. And when she moaned and pressed close to him he nearly lost what little control he had on his baser instincts. Which wasn’t that much. “Beautiful.” His eyes darkened with undisguised passion and desire.

Cordelia growled softly. “Are you going to take all day?”

“Don’t you modern women like a little romance?”

She sighed with a roll of her eyes. “Romance is overrated.” Her hand slid down his stomach. “Angel?”


“Can we shag now and then shag again later?” She smirked as her hand curled around his confined erection.

“Christ woman! To hell with damned finesse!” He tackled her to the couch, quickly shedding his own pants and boxers and took her mouth hungrily as she shrieked with laughter. Cordelia mildly recalled reading somewhere Angel/Angelus liked to play with his food. She never thought playing could be so intense when his mouth claimed every inch of skin that before had just been skin.

She remembered necking with Xander had been like sinking into hot chocolate that left her all giddy and shivery. Making love to Angel was like being tied to a locomotive that built up to a blinding pitch before ending in an explosion of liquid fire that left her body in sensory overload.

When she had strength to open her eyes she looked up into his warm brown eyes and felt her world slipping away. She saw his tongue lick the drop of blood from his lower lip and her breathing seemed to hitch. He bit me. Oh god. I’d enjoyed it. “Angel…”

“Shhh…relax baby.” He gently placed a cold finger against her trembling lips and she let her eyes fall shut. Baby. She liked the sound of that. Especially the way it sounded from his lips.

The minute Angel saw the softening of her eyes and the mirrored moisture in her hazel orbs he knew it. He’d won. He basked in triumph when she gathered him in her arms and held him tightly, his head cradled to her breasts. He had half a mind to jump up and down yelling his victory. He was bursting with joy. He was consumed with smug fulfillment. He was speechless with the feat of breaking through the mask she carried. He won!

He was such a blithering idiot.

He was hooked.

She was his alright, he realized. But somewhere along the way the sorceress of a female stole him for herself as well. He was snared. Angel felt like such a fish. He had been proud and male, merrily swimming in his pond, flashing his scales to the fisherman in indestructible conceit and got snagged on his attractive lure. What did he get you ask? He got reeled in right out of the damned water for his trouble. Now all he could do was thrash around the water’s edge pathetically while staring at all he’d lost.

My freedom. My throne. My superiority.

“I thought men fell asleep right after a good bout of sex.”

Raising her head she glared up at him. “Crude much? And I’m just basking.” She smirked.

He chuckled, his nose sliding with hers in an Eskimo kiss. “Careful Cor you might give me a big head.”

“Too late for that, I think.” She laughed and her entire face lit up with her smile.

Suddenly Angel didn’t mind losing so much. But the fun had just started. “Still a vampire, Cordelia.”

With a sigh she snuggled into his arms. It should have been a sin to be this happy, she concluded. Good thing, Angelus wasn’t on the horizon. She liked her vampire sans dust. “Imperfection has its perks.”

“Witch.” He smacked one plump cheek of her seat lightly and she chuckled kissing his chest softly.

“Just because we’re together, doesn’t mean we won’t disagree any less Brood boy.”

“We’ll still spar Cor. Just to keep it interesting, but I don’t plan on letting Doyle in on the play. I don’t much like how that feels.”

“Yeah?” She looked up curiously. “How does it feel?”

“Like someone rips out my heart and does the Spanish hat dance on it.”

“Are you telling me you love me Angel?” She quirked an amused eyebrow.

His mouth lifted at the corners. “It would seem that way, huh?”

“Awwww…!” She gushed, one hand on her heart, her hazel eyes dancing with mirth. “But Angel,” her face was a mirror of innocence, “I’m just in it for the sex.”

Angel let out an exaggerated sigh. “Okay I change my mind. You’re a damned nuisance by day light.”

“Mmmmm, and by night?”

He smirked with fangs. “My little sex toy.”

A spurt of laughter shot out of her and she swatted his chest playfully. “Shut up you insipid corpse! I’m not your sex toy. You’re mine.”

“Whatever you say Cor,” Angel said, kissing down my throat.

“Admit it.”

“No.” His teeth nibbled over his mark at her pulse.

She cracked one eye open and looked up at him. “Admit it Angel. You want me more.”

“You never learned to want anyone beside me Cor. Believe me, I can tell you were a virgin.”

She growled jerking away. “Of all the arrogant, half witted…” her words were swallowed by his devouring lips.

Oh god, Cordelia groaned. He was beyond words. Sighing she melted into his arms. She figured she’d worry about maiming Angel later. Right now she had her hands full.


Nice reaction Fangy. At least he’d had been right about one thing. The vampire was never one to disappoint. “Admit it.”

“No fucking way.” She smirked wickedly and his brown eyes widened.

“ALRIGHT you vile little witch! I’m your damned sex toy, now let it GO!”

“Remind me to let my hands run away with my words more often, fangy.”

Angel rolled on top of the smirking woman with a half laugh half growl.

He’d thought everything was black and white with this world. She was white and he was black. Poles apart. Opposites. Two opponents. Adversaries.

Then he discovered there were only shades of gray.



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