Going On Strike For Dummies

SUMMARY: Being boss has gone to Wes’s head. What do unhappy Employees do?
POSTED: 24 Jun 2004
CATEGORY: Humor / Fluff / Challenge Fic
WARNINGS: None Listed
Another Challenge *sigh* This one is by Sunscorched. Cali’s right. 😛 You really are an evil woman. Mrs. Peabody is a figment of one very late night discussion of a 60 year old woman without dentures and a whole lot of getting carried away that I’d rather not disclose. If she disgusts you in any of the scenes below; *evil grin* that was the intention. Enjoy! MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! (Okay sorry. But it was very late at night.) Thanks to Califi for telling me this isn’t total crap and all your support! Awwww! I lurve you!


“And thus I have come to the conclusion that we should open this sister Agency in hopes of finally coming up with enough funds to keep ‘Angel Investigations’ operational and helping the helpless.” Wesley pushed his glasses more firmly over the bridge of his nose and looked up at his two employees standing across his desk, their arms crossed in oddly the same manner and eyes a tad too stoic for his taste. He frowned. “You realize I take no pleasure in this.”

“No pleasure?” The snorted outburst came from the beautiful brunette as she gaped at her boss with apparent distaste. She lifted the memo he’d handed them. “Wyndham Pryce Private Investigations? There is no pleasure in self-glorification! This is name pimping!”

The vampire only nodded in agreement.

Wesley stood aghast. “I would never! How dare you suggest that!” He lifted the bills that had just arrived at his desk a few hours ago before he came to the decision and brandished them in their face. “These are expenses! Much more than our income in case either of you looked at our company finances. If we don’t do something fast, we will be bankrupt! Penniless and poor! The only reason I suggested the name was because I am the employer and it is only fair. Frankly I could care less if it were called Chase Private investigations Cordelia, we need to be making some money!”

“Chase sounds good.” Cordelia’s mouth stretched into a smile. Angel looked down at her with a betrayed pout and the girl blushed. “Right. No. We don’t like this.” She stuck her chin up. “We’re not agreeing.”

The watcher sighed. “Look I can’t do this without you and how would you help the helpless if you couldn’t even help yourselves. We are running out of reserves and we need some collateral to keep this hotel. And the visions don’t exactly come with a schedule, so we need something else to do during the time the PTB call upon us.”

Angel took a deep breath. “I realize I’m still in the litter box for my bad behavior Wesley, but isn’t this taking it a little too far with the bossing.”

Wesley bristled. “I am NOT bossy! I am TRYING to keep us afloat! And furthermore, I do not need your advice on this. I know what I am doing. We need this. And we’re doing it.” When both his employers didn’t speak he nodded. “Good. Now go out and put up these flyers. We need all the help we can get.”

Angel ground his teeth before snatching the stack of flyers off the table. “Do we ever.”

Wesley pointed to the door with a firm glare and both the vampire and the seer walked out, but not before Cordelia stuck out her tongue at their boss.


Angel stood outside the hotel, the sun had set a few minutes ago and watched the sign he’s just hung beside their previous ‘Angel Investigations’ one and sighed. Cordelia walked up to him her arms filled with office supplies. “How is it, that we don’t have enough money to stay ‘afloat’,” she imitated Wesley’s accent perfectly, “but we have the dough to throw away on paper clips and an electric pencil sharpener for the bossy twit?” She grumbled.

Angel lifted his brown eyes and watched the pretty brunette glaring at the new sign of ‘WPPI’ going up by their entrance. Reaching out he took her burden with her grateful smile and shrugged. “While we’re drowning, I’m sure he’ll want us to make a raft with the clips and use the sharpener to grind meat.”

Cordelia raised an eyebrow. “Oh my. Was that a funny?”

The vampire frowned as they started to walk up to the hotel. “No.”

“It so was!” Cordelia slapped his arm lightly, teasing. “If you’re making funnies, you must feel pretty good, should I be ready with the stake and chains routine, because wow, what a change.”

“I only went beige for a while Cordy.” Angel rolled his eyes as he held the door open for her before stepping in and placing the carton on the reception counter.

“You were way too beige-y Angel. We were kinda afraid you wouldn’t find your way back to colorsville there for a while. What with giving my clothes away.”

He turned and narrowed his eyes at the perky young woman who only grinned back without a trace of guilt. “You made up for it Broody, but doesn’t mean I’m going to let you forget it.” Shrugging out of her coat, that Angel instinctively helped her out of before going to hang it with his own, she looked around the lobby. “Well. We’re officially open. Wyndham Pryce Private Investigators.” She wrinkled her nose. “You know if you add an M in there it would just be plain wimpy.”

The vampire muffled his laughter, lest he get blamed for being too happy. Truth was; he was closer to it than he’d like to admit. After the absolute mess he’d made with the whole Darla incident, he felt like the luckiest manpire on the face of this earth to be finally let back into his family. Into their lives and into their hearts. It had been slow and difficult, but he was getting there. Because he didn’t belong anywhere else. And neither did he want to.

“Angel, Cordelia, is that you?”

“What; does he leave his eyes here every time we take an extra breath?” Cordelia looked around glaring as if expecting to see some disembodied eyeballs tucked somewhere.

Angel smiled slightly as they walked to Wesley’s office. “He probably heard the door Cordy.”

The seer snorted softly before freezing in the doorway. “Oooh, we have company.”

Angel nearly collided with the girl when she suddenly stopped and blinked up at Wesley who was standing behind his desk. “Ah, there you are. Come in, come in. We have a client already.” The watcher smirked. “Didn’t I tell you those flyers were a rather fine idea?”

Cordelia rolled her eyes before stepping into the room and Angel stood there besides her watching the graying head turn and equally bright gray eyes met his with excitement. The old woman smiled a rather wobbly smile that sent creepy chills down Cordelia’s spine. Even Angel suppressed a shudder. There were just some people who could creep you out by just breathing. The old woman stuck her walking stick on the floor and pushed herself to her full five feet, three inches of height.

Wesley smiled happily. “Mrs. Peabody, meet my associates Angel and Cordelia. They will be assisting you with your problem. Angel, this is Samantha Peabody.”

Cordelia leaned over Angel’s shoulder, her eyes on the woman walking to them excruciatingly slowly. “What is holding her together? There isn’t enough sticky tape in the country to keep those boobs from touching her ankles.”

The vampire nearly bit off his lip in an effort to hold the bubbling laugh and instead cleared his throat before extending his hand in a greeting. “Nice to… WHOA!”

Before any of the occupants of the room could more or say a word, the old woman moved like a flash of lightening her arms wrapping around the vampire’s waist as she bounced there happily. “Hot diggity! I got myself a live one!”

Cordelia gaped with shocked amusement as the vampire lifted his brown eyes up at Wesley with deadpan clarity. “No.”


“And I’ve been so scared.” The feeble shoulder shook and Angel felt the exaggerated vibrations all the way down to his toes as the woman proceeded to stay pressed against his side. He had tried to push her away, but she clung to him like a scared little puppy. A very old, wrinkly, little puppy, with no hair. While Cordelia was hiding her giggles behind her hand, Wesley totally ignored the predicament the vampire seemed to be in. Mrs. Peabody looked up into Angel’s face with an indulgent smile. “All I need is a big strong man to save me.”

Wesley cleared his throat. “Yes well, Angel will help in any way he can.” The vampire in question looked up with a sharp glare, which the watcher ignored. “In fact he will take you home Mrs. Peabody. You have nothing to worry about. This stalker will not lay a finger on you while we’re on the case.” If it were possible Angel would have paled.

Cordelia looked at the dirty old woman hugging Angel and frowned. “Why would someone stalk her anyway?” Wesley cleared his throat pointedly and threw her a wide-eyed glower. The woman only blinked before the wide smile was back on her face. “I mean what could he possibly want?” She widened her eyes for emphasis, her hand on her heart.

“I may be old girly, but I’m still all woman!” The old woman raised her head before sticking her nose in the air, nearly toppling on her ass. Angel held her shoulders and used the opportunity to detach her from his hip.

Managing to put a few inches between them Angel finally used the opportunity to jump away from her and offer her a shaky smile. “Well um, whoever is bothering you Mrs. Peabody. We’ll find him.”

She looked up with a suggestive tilt of her wrinkly face and grinned. “You can call me Sam, hotstuff!” Angel gasped more with surprise then the pain when she lifted her walking stick and poked him mischievously in his right butt cheek.

Cordelia looked up at Angel with an eyebrow. “You look constipated. I thought you didn’t have bowel problems. Being dead and all.”

“What she means is Angel is dying to help you. Aren’t you Angel?” Wesley cleared his throat. “Yes, well, we seem to have everything covered.” He looked pointedly at Cordelia. “I believe you should run Mrs. Peabody home Angel. She’s been rather disturbed and will appreciate the service. Mrs. Peabody,” he smiled at the woman, “you have nothing to worry. Your life is in good hands.”

“Oooh, I LOVE a man with good hands.” The old woman gazed up at Angel breathlessly smitten with the tall dark vampire.

Angel glared at the watcher, mentally picking apart each hair follicle on his head and shoving them up his nose, but he had no choice but to offer the woman his arm when she seemed to gesture to it. Think Angel! Think! His eyes caught the snickering brunette. “Cordelia should come with me.”

“No.” The seer shook her head with mortification. “I have…um…filing to do!”

Wesley blinked at the murderous look on Angel’s face and fingered his collar as he realized the intent in those topaz eyes. “I think that’s a good idea Cordelia. Angel could use an extra pair of eyes.”

She caught the pleading in Angel’s face as he was practically dragged out of the office. “What’s wrong with the ones he’s got?” She muttered before grabbing her purse and following the constipated vampire.


Angel took a deep unneeded breath as he stepped into the little living room and turned the lights on. “Here you go Mrs. Peabody. Why don’t you go to bed, while I take a look around?” He turned to see Cordelia holding the woman’s elbow gingerly with her pointer finger and thumb as if it were a leech, a rather disgusted look on the young woman’s face. He reached out and took the woman by her other arm, if only to relieve his seer. The things he did to get into her good books. When Cordelia flashed him with those rare, sun-in-her-eyes smile. Angel smiled back stupidly.

“Ooops. I seem to have dropped me keys.”

Blinking he looked behind him to see the woman’s keys lying a few inches away from his feet. With a sigh, he let her lean on her walking stick, turned and bent down to retrieve them. When his fingers touched the cold metal, his eyes bugged out and he nearly lost his footing when he felt a large piece of the flesh on his ass being pinched. Hard. “AWO!” Jerking up with the keys in his hand and a blush, if he could, Angel glared down at the old woman.

She offered him a mossy smile and held out her arms. “Take me to bed big boy.”


Wesley sighed happily as he leaned back the phone to his ear. “Oh this will work. I can feel it in my bones,” he told the man on the other end. “We really did seem to be treading water barely and this woman paid upfront. It seemed she’d heard of Angel and was only happy to let us take her case.”

Gun sighed on the other end. “I don’t know dawg. Angel’s not too good with real people.”

“Oh don’t worry Charles,” Wesley assured him in all confidence, “I’m sure the harmless little old woman is no trouble at all. What could she possibly do to upset him?”


A steady nerve twitched in Angel’s temple as he looked down at the woman plastered to his side. “Mrs. Peabody. I already checked the perimeter four times! There’s no one out there. Please try and get some sleep.”

The gray head shook spasmodically as she gaped up at him adoringly frightened. “I can’t! Suppose he climbs into my window and catches me in bed! I can’t be left alone in there. I sleep in the nude.” She wriggled her eyebrows suggestively and Angel felt the panic start to build in his stomach. No amount of money was worth this.

“What are we waiting for?” Cordelia muttered crossly as she sank lower in the chair. “He’ll probably be too catatonic to escape.”

“I was Miss California before you were born girly!”

“They HAD beauty pageants in the Mesozoic Era?”

Angel smiled softly at Cordelia before literally yanking his arm out of the old woman’s grip. “Come on Mrs. Peabody. You should really try and get some rest.” He helped her up, trying to keep enough distance between them so she wouldn’t be able to reach his ass. For a frail little thing she sure had a mighty strong grip.

Samantha shot the girl another acidic glower. “The pageants were more of a scholarship fund,” she told Angel, her hand catching his bicep and flexing there. “Ooh.”

“Yes Mrs. Peabody.”

“What college did you go to Mrs. P? The University of Prehistoric Dinosaurs?”

“Cordelia.” Angel looked over his shoulder and met the brunette’s eyes.

Samantha ignored the jealous young woman as she wrapped her hand around the expanse of his upper arm. “Such a nice man.”

Angel hid the smile as Cordelia pretended to be toothless. If he was lucky, the relic would fall asleep dead and he’d finally get some time alone to talk with his best friend. It had been a while.

“I have removable dentures.” Samantha wriggled her eyebrows.

He spun around so hard to look at her, Angel tripped, his arm getting snatched from her grip and he hit the side of the dressing table with a yelp, his brown eyes brimming with horror. “Cordelia!” He squealed as the woman took a step closer to him.

“Back off saggy boobs!” His seer jumped between him and the old hag. “I know karate!”


“Wesley, man I hope you know what you’re doin’. It wasn’t long ago when the tiniest little thing could make the vampire unstable. Remember what he did to W&H?”

The watched rolled his eyes. “Oh I’m sure Angel is handling it just fine. He’s gotten a lot better.” He sipped his tea. “Besides, I’m sure he’s doing everything he can to be a polite young man to Mrs. Peabody. He still feels rather guilty.”


“I am NOT picking it up.”

Cordelia frowned at the walking stick lying between them and put down the two mugs she’s warmed up for them. Blood for him, coffee for her. “What’s wrong?”

Samantha looked up with a feeble pout. “I dropped my stick.”

Cordelia blinked at the stony expression on the usually gallant vampire. “And you’re not picking it up because?”

Angel looked up with irritated embarrassment, his brown eyes dark. Leaning closer, his eyes still trained on the sneaky old woman, he whispered, “She keeps pinching me in the ass!” The dark chocolate tinged with amber. “I’m a two hundred year old vampire for christsake; no one dares!”

Caught between hilarity and sympathy for her flustered vampire, Cordelia picked up the stick and handed it to the glaring dinosaur. “Here you go Mrs. P.”

The woman ran her eyes scornfully over the younger woman’s frame before grabbing it from her. “Thank you Ophelia.”

“That’s Cordelia.”

“Whatever.” Samantha took another step and tripped the walking stick dropping right in front of Angel’s boot toes. “Ooops…”

Angel let out a frustrated growl and squatted down on his heels, his butt tucked away safely as he reached for the dropped stick.

His eyes flew open to nearly pop out of his head, when Samantha grabbed his head with both arms, her chest pressed into his neck as she held him. “Oh dear, I seem to have slipped.”

“Help,” the vampire whispered as if he couldn’t breathe, which was odd from him, considering he didn’t need to. “Help.” He tried a little harder. “HELP ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” He screamed, and Angel rarely screamed.


Wesley munched on a cookie as he swung gently in his chair. “Besides, maybe being around Mrs. Peabody will do Angel some good. She is over 60 years old. A very smart woman from what I gathered. I should think they’d have a lot to share.”


Angel was practicing breathing, while Cordelia sat next to him on the couch, rubbing his back soothingly, murmuring softly into his ear. “Yes. In and out. Good boy. See? Insane need to eat our paying client is all gone! Even if I’d pay to see it.” Cordelia added with a bright smile. “I told you it would work! I think of the little cottage in the mountains when I feel the need to maim or torture.”

The vampire had visibly relaxed and he finally lifted his head to smile gratefully at his seer. He could have hugged the woman, but his demon was still mentally shuddering, the sensation of shapeless globs of sagging breasts horrifically etched in his memory. He had a desire to suddenly coddle Cordelia’s very nice and firm breasts just to keep from throwing his dinner.

Angel sighed; finally relaxing back into the couch, his head falling against the back as Cordelia still rubbed his arm gently. His eyes fell shut as the steady purr built in his chest, his nerves finally loosening from their catatonic knots and liquefying to the brunette’s attention.


His eyes snapped open in alarm and both heads whipped around to look towards the bedroom door. Angel nearly fainted while Cordelia stifled a horror-struck shriek.

“Come on big boy! Light my fire!” And the last thing Angel unfortunately remembered was the sight of drooping boobs encased in a cowhide bikini and a lasso hanging from craggy fingers as bony hips gyrated in tune to the yodeling old hag. Angel went tripping and falling out of the house.

Cordelia called after the vampire. “Wood cottage Angel! Think pretty mountains! Angel? ANGEL PUT THE STAKE DOWN!”


Wesley smiled happily. “Yes. They will thank me when we start making actual profit. I think I will even throw them a tea party! They will absolutely adore me. Besides, even if Angel does get growly, I’m sure Cordelia will tell him otherwise.”


“I’m going to kill Wes.” Angel snarled, nearly morphing as he gripped the mug in his hand.

“I’ll hold him down.” Cordelia nodded supportively as she sat next to him on the couch, purposefully forcing the woman to occupy her rickety recliner. That didn’t mean she wasn’t talking. It was starting to grate of the young woman’s nerves now. Her poor vampire was still homicidal and twitching from time to time every moment he remembered the rodeo lingerie.

“Are you together?”

Ignore her. Yes. Pretty stone cottage on a high cold mountain where the old woman’s stick would catch a stray root and THROW her off the side of a steep cliff! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Angel caught the manic twitch of his seer’s mouth. “Cordy?”

“Are you involved?”

The brunette turned to Angel with an innocent smile. “Hmmm?”

“You okay?”

She watched lusty gray eyes slide across Angel’s frame and the vampire involuntarily pressed closer to her. Glaring at the creepy hag, Cordy wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “I’m fine Angel.” Oh I’m fine. I’m calm. I do NOT want to skin the creepy crone with my bare hands.

“Are you in love?”

Cordelia growled and Angel looked at her with odd admiration as she fixed her irate hazel eyes on the dragon curled up across the living room.

“Are you sleeping together?”

Angel winced when Cordelia’s face became thunderous.

“Are you having an affair?”

“That’s it! That is SO it!” When Cordelia made a motion to stand, Angel grabbed her arm afraid she might scalp the woman just like his demon was coaxing him. She was slingshot back into Angel’s lap, as he held her there in the circle of his arms struggling to get free; her eyes were still trained on the smirking old coot. “Yes! We’re having sex. We’re bonking, doing the horizontal hula, screwing like monkeys, shagging and getting some nookie!” The brunette was practically spitting with anger. Cordelia pointed a threatening finger at the slightly cowed old woman. “You touch his ass one more time gramma and I’m going to…”

He grabbed her finger and cleared his throat. “Um…Cordy. I think she gets the idea.”

The seer only huffed, still shooting daggers as she let herself be calmed by the oddly smiling vampire. “I’m going to reheat my hot chocolate.” With an irritated stamp of her foot Cordelia Chase climbed to her feet never taking her furious gaze off the very still elderly woman. “Don’t move. Don’t shift. Don’t even breathe or I’ll spare your stalker the trouble, which hello we still haven’t seen since we got here, and give you a long overdue heart attack!”

Cordelia disappeared into the kitchen.

“Ooooh, this hot chocolate is delicious…oooh…”

Angel braved a glance at the woman to see her eyeing him sultrily. There should have been a law against having a libido like hers at this age, Angel reasoned. She ran her finger over her mouth temptingly while he stared in horror, and when her fingertip slid along her lower lip she opened her mouth – and her upper denture fell out.

“Oopthhhh…I seem tho have dropth my denthers…”

His head dropped into his hands. “I haven’t eaten enough people to deserve this.”

Cordelia miraculously appeared at his side and the couch dipped as she sat down and placed her mug on the table in front of them. “Don’t worry, just a little more. I slipped her sleeping medication into her mug.” Her grin was almost feral.

With a happy whoop Angel whirled around and hugged his beautiful, courageous, ingenious Seer to him with lightening speed; uncontainable with his elation. “Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If I wasn’t so far beyond disgusted right now Cordy, I’d have lost my soul with joy.”

“Air! AIR!”

“Ahem. Sorry. I was overcome.” The vampire drew back.

“There are other ways to thank me Broody.” Cordelia caught her breath, one hand on her heart. Of course, it wouldn’t do any good to point out she was having trouble breathing since his arms were still around her. Nope. No good at all.

Until Angel ducked down and planted a large smooch right on her mouth, grinning like the idiot that he was. “I love you.”

OHMIGOD! Cordelia stared. Two seconds later she was mentally kicking herself for not responding. Mental note: Next time Angel’s lips come within range, kiss the begeezuz out of him. Yup. Good plan.

They jumped when a very loud snore interrupted the moment followed by a nasal whistle coming out of one toothless mouth. Both Cordelia and Angel watched the old dinosaur finally slumped asleep and silent in her chair, before falling back into the sofa with a sigh of relief.

After a moment of savored silence Cordelia lifted her chin. “Angel? “


“Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

He smiled. “I think so Cordy. But there’s no way I could eat Mrs. Peabody and convince myself it wasn’t self preservation.”

The young woman rolled her eyes and shifted comfortably in the crook of his arm as he stretched it over the back of the couch. “No more Kids WB for you Broody.”

“You said it helps me brood less.” The time spent watching cartoons with his seer was his favorite Friday night activity. There was something strangely comforting with the way she curled up next to him and watched her two favorite mice. Almost like she was right now. It drove the darkness from his pores a little each time she smiled or laughed or just had her hand on his arm, or leg or anything she was touching.

“NOT when you start quoting Pinky and The Brain Angel. That just says you’ve gone to the bad place.”

He snickered. “So what are you pondering?”

“This assignment sucks!”

“Oh my god!” He feigned shock, at last relaxed for the first time in the entire day. “You are clairvoyant too because I swear I was pondering the same thing you’re pondering.”

She frowned up at him with mild annoyance. “Say the P word one more time smart mouth.

“I’m confused. Is that a request?”


He yelped when her hand snapped back to hit him squarely in the chest. It didn’t hurt, but he pouted just the same. “Sorry. You realize how much I agree with you though don’t you? I’m picking on you for entertainment.”

“When do you not?”

“Again…I’m confused…”

When she fixed him her patented death glare he grinned. “Yes Cordy. This assignment sucks. What’s your po…”


“Point!” He laughed, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. “I was gonna say point! … And by the way…ten points for the growl. Very authentic. Good job.”

“Thank you.” Involuntarily, her nose lifted in the air and winced when the woman muttered in her sleep, snorted and then proceeded to snore. “This time Wes has gone too far.”

“Oh I’m with you.” Angel let out an unneeded sigh. “Last night he had Gunn and I rearrange the entire lobby. If I wasn’t still overwrought with guilt I might have told him where to put his slave driving finger that he points in that arrogantly British way.”

“Oh you mean…” She looked up haughtily and lifted her hand, her pointer finger dangling in her air in a perfect Wesley impersonation. “Oh, I say…I do believe the planter should be equidistant between the two sofas! No, no, no! The cushions should be fluffed with both hands firmly placed on adjacent corners for uniformity.”

Angel snorted with guffaws, muting them, lest the dragon woke up again. “Christ Cordy, whoever said you couldn’t act was an idiot.”

“That’s what I said.” She grinned widely up at him, warming him in ways he didn’t know were possible.

“So? Are we going to put up with his serfdom?”

“Cordelia Chase is NO serf!”

“The PTB have been characteristically quiet. How do you suggest we ‘handle’ our boss?”

“The same way all unhappy employees do.” Her beautiful mouth spread into a rather wide, wickedly innocent smirk. “We go on strike.”

“Blast you Indian ruffians.” Both jumped when the elderly woman called out in her sleep. “BAM BAM BAM! Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty…who’s a naughty boy now…”

Cordelia met her vampire’s eyes and grabbed his hand. “Starting now.” Scrambling to their feet, they almost ran out of the house.


Wesley gawked at the two pool chairs they’d set up in the lobby. The woman lay sprawled sideways on the chair facing the vampire next to her, wearing a pretty blue sundress, patching shades, a straw hat and a Pina Colada dangling from her fingers. Angel calmly lay back drinking a Bloody Mary wearing his usual black pants a white vest and a string of fake violets around his neck. Then he looked at the big sign erected near their feet. ‘ON STRIKE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE’

“You can’t be on strike!”

Cordelia took a sip of her drink before lifting her head to peek at him from under her big hat. “Says you.” She pointed to them both grinning back at him smugly. “This is us Wesley.” Reaching out she plopped a colorful little umbrella in Angel’s drink. “On Strike.” Angel held up his drink as if in toast.

“But, but, but, but, but…”

“You should get that fixed.” Angel’s face was a perfect picture of sympathy as he took a sip from his straw.

“What about the visions! What about the helpless! What about the two o’clock clients I have lined up!”

“Wesley,” Cordelia sighed as she lowering her shades to let him meet her eyes. “Do I look vision-y?”

“Can I just say you look very hot?” Angel smirked as dipped his head and winked at her from over his sunglasses.

The brunette beamed back. “Why thank you!”

Wesley blinked at them before he glared. “NO! You can’t do this! We have a schedule! We have clients! We STILL haven’t finished the bloody filing!”

Cordelia lifted her hand and jingled silver charms on her wrist under Angel’s nose. “What do you think?” She ignored the irritated watcher bearing down on them. “I picked this up on my way over. Isn’t it just the cutest?”

Angel seemed to examine it closely. “Nice. Oh look there’s a little Eiffel tower there too!”

“Yeah! I always liked Paris. When we could afford it, I swear there wasn’t a summer I did not shop till I dropped in those lovely little French boutiques. Oh the absolute sumptuousness of French Chiffon! Oh! To die for!”

He couldn’t help but grin at her perfect delivery, and arched a very seductive Angelus-like eyebrow. “Still have some?”

Wesley looked between them incredulously. “Angel? Cordelia?”

The seer only smirked saucily at the vampire. “Would you like to see it?”

“Would Xander turn down a twinkie?”

“Promise not to touch?”

“On my demon’s honor.” Angel purred low in his throat as the watcher started his temper tantrum.

“ANGEL! Cordelia! You cannot go on strike! We have work to do! I’m the boss! You have got to do what I say!”

With an intolerant sigh Angel let go of Cordelia’s hand and leaned over to pull out a thick white book from under his chair and chucked it at Wesley

“OOF!” The watcher yelped as he caught the heavy book then read out the title. “Labor Union Code 401-21: One thousand and one legal ways to get what you want, a.k.a Going on strike for dummies!?” He looked up with wide eyes. “You have GOT to be joking Angel.”

“I have a Cliff’s Notes version too if you want.” Cordelia’s eyes batted innocently.

He stared at them as they sat back sipping there drinks. “I’ll fire you!”

An eyebrow arched on the young woman’s beautiful face. “Oh I think not four-eyes,” she gestured to her luscious figure stretched out on the pool chair, “where are you going to get a seer that looks like this?”

Wesley nearly dropped the book.

“Nowhere.” Angel agreed with a possessive growl. “And he’s not getting this one either.”

Wesley jerked out of his trance at the warning in the vampire’s tone and turned an embarrassed shade of crimson. “Oh. Well.” Drawing a deep breath he tucked the book under his arm. “Right then. We’ll just wait until you have your vision. Then we’ll just get over this little game you two are wasting agency finances on and get back to work. Until then, I shall be in my office.” With a haughty nod, he pushed his glasses firmly on his nose and marched away. “Good day.’

Cordelia bit her lip as she watched him promenading to his office. “He’s right you know.”

“Then we’ll have to have him cave before that happens.”

Catching the smirk in his voice she blinked at him before grinning at the wicked gleam in his chocolate eyes. “I’m all ears, oh conniving one.”


“No Frank, just make sure you have the right paperwork. The man maybe a slave driver but he’s not an idiot.” Hanging up on his cell Angel paused in the lobby and one eyebrow arched up in pleasant surprise.

One very plump and inviting bottom wiggled at him as Cordelia attempted to smooth down the mat that would be the playground of their mischief. Oh if the girl only knew the scenarios going through his head. His demon would be shamed. Of course, it was only a matter of time until his crafty seer would realize his obvious security where happiness was concerned since this whole drama was starting to give off very un-platonic undertones.

And there was the kiss he’d bestowed on her in a moment of weakness when she’s swooped down and rescued him from that toothless, gravity defying saggy old hag. He figured it was justified since that fate had been one worse than hell. Been there; done that!

So he was still staring at the wiggling butt cheeks and the slight peek of matching baby blue panties. The other eyebrow shot up. Hello gorgeous.

Cordelia straightened her hands on her hips and grinned down at the stretched out mat. Yes. There was a god. She’d managed to smooth out almost all the wrinkles and their plan was well underway. She had to admit. Her vampire sure had some good ideas left over from Angelus. She to look over her shoulder and blinked as he stared at her, a glazed far-away look in his chocolate brown eyes. Okay God didn’t give beauty and brains to anyone at the same time.

Except maybe Cordelia Chase. The brunette twisted her lips in a patronizing pout and frowned. “Hey wise-guy? I’m up here.” She pointed to her face and his head snapped up in alarm.

Nearly stumbling over his feet, Angel walked over to the edge of the mat and cleared his throat, one hand rubbing the back of his head. “So you want the green side?”

“Duh!” Rolling her eyes, Cordelia bent down and spun the little needle.

Angel leaned over to the right and back to get a good peek at her bouncy bottom when she suddenly straightened. “Left foot green!” Her shoulders smacked him in the head and he went sprawling across the floor.

Cordelia looked over her shoulder. “Angel, you’re supposed to start losing after we begin playing the game.”


“You’re pushing it!”

“I’m not pushing it! You’re pulling it!”

“If you just do it like it said it the instructions booklet, we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“If you didn’t fret and whine about every piddly-ass rule, you could reach it!”

“Rules are good Cordy.”

“Not in this case Angel.”

“Angel, Cordelia what are you…” And that was how Wesley found them. He looked up and startled, “Jesus!” The stack of papers in his hand went flying up into a cascade. He stared at the vampire conveniently towering over one very uncomfortable seer. It wasn’t just the fact that Cordelia was on all fours, her arms crossed out awkwardly in front of her and her legs precariously perched beside Angel’s as he spooned Cordelia from behind; it was more the colorful polka dot plastic man spread right in the middle of the hotel lobby that caught his attention. “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING!”

Angel frowned at the livid countenance on their boss’ face. “Can’t you read?”

“Yeah Wesley, can’t you read?” Cordelia shot back. “I’d point if I could, but my hands are kinda busy.”

When the watcher still looked confused Angel sighed, before jutting his chin towards the board beside the plastic mat. “We’re on strike.”

“You should be on bloody medical leave! Have you both gone mad?”

“No.” When Cordelia wiggled, the vampire let out a very authentic growl – she froze. “Yes,” she squeaked.

With her hips fitting snuggly into his own Angel wondered at the brightness of his idea, but then figured his demon always had a better knack for seduction. Only he hadn’t been planning on Miss Chase’s plans. If she shimmied sideways to the left just a little more, he would be a VERY happy manpire. “Wesley?”

Still reeling from the picture they presented in the middle of the hotel lobby, Wesley met Angel’s eyes with bewilderment. “What?”

“Will you spin the needle?”

Incredulous wrath built behind Wesley blue eyes and he glared. “NO!”

Cordelia wrinkled her nose with distaste. “Geez Wes, what crawled up your pants? Oh wait…”

Batting down the insane urge to fire them both, Wesley instead contented himself with the bells jingling above the front door. Thank God! Another customer. Pointing a finger at the two seemingly innocent schemers, he warned. “Don’t say it Cordelia.” Turning around he smiled widely at the man striding up to them wearing a pressed brown suit and a briefcase in his hands. “How may we help you?”

“I’m Frank Jennings from the Internal Revenue Service. I’d like to see your books.” The man held up his ID and Wesley launched into a whole tirade of ‘bloody hell’ and ‘bloody fuck’.


“I could have you hauled into prison for tax evasion.”

Wesley sat on the stood on the other side of the counter in the lobby, his head propped up in one hand as he looked down at the empty countertop. “Tax evasion! But we’ve been paying bills and everything!”

“Bills and receipts you do not have.” Frank shrugged indifferently as he closed his briefcase.

“I do; they’re just misplaced!” Raising his head he glared at Cordelia and Angel struggling on the mat across the lobby. “Cordelia! Will you not tell me where you hid the utility bills!?”

“Nope. Okay smartass. Left hand green!”

Angel smirked wickedly as he reached out and maneuvered himself over her, his face leveling with hers. “I think the twister likes me.”

Cordelia had a hard time controlling her giggles, not to mention the maddened butterflies thrashing inside her ribcage.

Frank looked at the two intimately twisted people on the floor then raised his apathetic eyes at Wesley. “I don’t know what kind of business you run here Mr. Pryce, but by the looks of it, I’d say it’s not exactly kosher. Now you have until nine tomorrow to find me those receipts. Or next time you’ll be the one playing twister. With your inmates.” He picked up his briefcase to leave before casting one last glance at the bulky, smirking vampire and the lithe brunette smiling up into his face. Lucky bastard.

Wesley dropped his head in his hands and let out a groan. “Oh Lord I’m going to prison. My father was right.”

Hearing the feeble lament Cordelia bit her lip.


She looked up startled into Angel’s softened brown eyes. “Practice a little resolve and remember the removable dentures.”

She burst out laughing, her hold giving way and collapsed with Angel on top.

He smirked down at her. “I win. Lose the dress.”

Wesley’s head snapped up in alarm. “STRIP TWISTER!?”

Cordelia grinned back, the challenge reflecting in her hazel eyes before she grabbed the hem and whipped off her dress to reveal the blue bikini top to match the panties.


Cordelia twisted her heard around and saw Wesley’s head hit the counter before she returned her gleeful gaze to her partner in crime – and lost her breath. Ohmigod, I’m melting! Melting!



“Wana play another game?”

Her gaze dropped to the generous view down Angel’s snug fitting white vest and the corded muscle in his arms. Hello salty goodness. She had to see skin. It was only fair. “Yeah,” she breathed out huskily.

Wesley got up to call Gunn. He needed help. And fast.


“Charles Gunn! Do you or do you not remember all the times that I have aided you in your time of need!”

Wesley walked out from around the counter and jumped as a yipping puppy sped past his feet and he reached out and grabbed it. He looked at the very tall, mocha skinned woman standing there in her mink coat while her eleven baby poodles ran amuck in the lobby. Of all the clients. But possibly bereaved dog owners? “Please hang on a moment Mrs. Crenshaw.”

He turned away, the puppy tucked under his arm and hissed into the phone. “You get your skinny little arse here right this moment Charles or I shall tell that nice new friend of yours about your little problem.”

“I can’t dawg! You know I’d fix you up if I could! You’re my home-boy Wes! But this just can’t wait.”


“Sorry Wes. Gota blaze.”


Turning around he threw a brave little smile at the impatient woman tapping her foot on the floor. “Okay, so Mrs. Crensh – AWO!” He yelped when sharp little teeth wedged into his arm and he dropped the struggling puppy with a wince. “So the twelfth one is…”

“Stolen Mr. Pryce. Right out of my little garden. We were out for a stroll.”

“Right.” He glared across the hall.

Cordelia Chase sat there in her blue bikini, her legs crossed daintily as she pondered her move. Lifting her hazel eyes to meet Angel’s she grinned. “Go fish!”

“Cordy,” the topless vampire smiled adoringly, “that’s poker.”

Picking up her knight she stuck it over his and sat back smugly. “Check.” One little puppy skidded across the hall straight for her legs and she lifted her feet to let it slide past. “I win!”

Wesley silently ground his teeth as the litter of puppies barked at his feet and Mrs. Crenshaw proceeded to look even more impatient.

Angel leered at the woman across the little chess table. “There’s still the mating Cordy.”

The brunette looked up trying her hardest to keep a straight face. “I’m confused Angel. Is that a request?” She mimicked his previous teasing question and was rewarded with a wide smile, he hadn’t bestowed on her since they’d been back.

Finally losing his nerve Wesley scooped up one poor struggling shaved little puppy to keep it from biting his ankle. “For the love of all that is sacred! Please! Not in front of the clients!” He scooped up another as it tried jumped up on the counter. “And will one of you please get this bugger off my leg!” He glared down one little baby poodle hanging from his pant leg, his sharp muzzled firmly clamped on the cloth; growling menacingly as Wesley shook his leg.

Angel looked up at the watcher surrounded by the yipping poodles and the woman who had launched her whining complaints about getting unsatisfactory service and pretended to think for a minute. Wesley shot him a pleading glance, the ravenous puppy still hanging from his trousers. He turned to Cordelia. “Lunch?”

Wesley’s mouth dropped open. “You’re bloody joking! You can’t! NOT NOW!”

Cordelia stood and stretched like a cat before grabbing her dress and throwing Angel his shirt. “You talked me into it, you smooth talker you.” She smoothed down the flare of her dress and held out her hand to him daintily. Picking up her little stack of post-its she smacked one on their Strike-sign. ‘Lunch break – Back at three.’


Wesley looked at the pillaged lobby. Bugger. The cushions are crooked.


Wesley was doing this darndest to ignore the two people huddled on the couch. It was well into the evening now and Cordelia and Angel had resorted to visual displays of affection. Wesley wasn’t stupid enough to think they had any intention of taking this further since he knew there was nothing there. But they were starting to sound a little too authentic for his taste. For his own sanity and for the sake of one vampire’s precarious soul, Wesley prayed for a call from the PTB and kept his eyes on the two people.

Cordelia was starting to lose her nerve as she settled back comfortably under Angel’s arm stretched across the back of the couch. “He’s tougher than we thought,” she muttered, glaring at the crown of the watcher’s head as he sat there reading.

“Relax sweetheart.” The vampire nuzzled his seer’s temple softly, his nostrils flaring at her distinct scent. Resisting the insane need to lick her, he instead snuck a glance at Wesley. “He’s on a knife’s edge. Can’t you tell?”

And that was when her breath hitched as cool breath bathed her ear and sent uncontrollable shivers down her spine. The butterflies she’d controlled on the short lunch break with happy camaraderie went into a fluttering frenzy and the brunette tried to think of anything but the pleasant presence of her sexy vampire ex-boss beside her. Creepy demons. Decapitated vampires. Wesley in a tutu. Mrs Peabody in… “Eyow!”

Angel had been caught in counting her escalating heartbeat and wondering how fast he could make it go if he actually wrapped his arm around her. Lifting his head away slightly he looked down at her. “What?”

Pretty pink tainted her copper cheeks and Cordelia giggled. “I just had a recurring vision of Mrs. P.”

The vampire let out a visible shudder and snuck his arm around her shoulders to draw her closer to his side. “Thanks for sharing Chase.”

And the butterflies settled into a sound relaxed heartbeat as she looked up into his chocolate eyes. “I’m just a compassionate kind of gal.”

Angel’s mouth stretched into a beautiful smile that turned Cordelia’s knees to jelly-O and caused her gaze to drop to his mouth. She saw the corner of his mouth lift mischievously. “Shall we just get this over with?”

Surprised hazel eyes snapped up to his. “What?”


She just stared at him.

“The strike?”

He frowned as the brunette’s heart missed a beat. He raised an eyebrow before holding up a Wrigley’s. “Gum?”

Jerking out of her train of thought and the yummy slideshow of kissing Angel she’d started into her head, Cordelia cleared her throat and swallowed. “Right. So…what do you suggest?”

Angel wondered for a second what was it that was going through her pretty little mind, but the new plan spinning in his head got the better of him. Tightening his arm around her, he used his free hand to slide over her crossed thighs. When she instantly tensed to his touch he grinned down at her indulgently. “Wana really freak him out? Then follow my lead.”

If Angel was on a mission of freak out Wesley he was way off his mark. Because as calloused fingers slid across her thigh towards the inside, Cordelia was the one freaking out. But she didn’t dare utter a sound lest it come out in the form of a heady moan as he pulled one creamy thigh across his own, her leg swinging loosely between the both of his and his nose brushed the soft skin behind her ear.

“Cordy, try to look like you’re enjoying this; not being lead to an execution.”

She had this insane need to giggle like mad, but swallowing the panic Cordelia bit her lip, silent under the shroud of a lie that hit a little close to home. Pretending to enjoy herself. Sure. That should be easy. All she’d have to do it give in to the sinking sensation in her loins and kiss the beejeezuz out of the stupidly sexy vampire. That would really freak Wesley ou…oh hello! When Angel’s tongue slid out to taste her earlobe Cordelia’s eyes slid shut.

Wesley had just finished the final calculation before he looked up at his two employees – and froze.

Sweet Mary mother of Jesus! His jaw hit the counter top as he watched Angel’s tongue slink into his seer’s ear, eliciting a groan from the beautiful brunette. One of his hands was on her leg perched in his lap, the tips of his fingers skimming the softer skin on her inner thigh. The arm that had been around the back had slid down to wrap around her trim waist, the fingers splayed languidly against her belly, his thumb nearly skirting the underside of her right breast.

Of course the brunette wasn’t far behind. Her left hand was bent back against the neck of his white vest and the other cupping his hand on her belly; and she did not look short of ecstasy. This was not the platonic champion-seer relationship Wesley was aware of. This looked a little to authentic and on the road to future soul-lessness for the idiotic vampire and the possible disembowelment of the blissful seer and everyone else involved in this little picture.

Jumping to his feet Wesley opened his mouth to yell and his world tipped into blackness He stood there in the dark before he realized the implication. “Bloody hell! They cut our power!”

It was more the outburst rather than the blackout that brought Angel out of his haze. With his tongue tingling from her taste and his fingers gliding across the heat between her thigh, Angel finally realized what he was doing. He’d been about to fondle Cordelia Chase. In public. Without regard for their plan. Pretending gone to hell. If Gunn hadn’t stepped in as he’d been bribed to…



The evident scent of her response flaring his nostrils and the steady strum of her heartbeat, Angel couldn’t hold his smile and his fingers intentionally glided up under the weight of her breasts before the brunette let out a startled shriek. Gathering her against his chest he gratified in the painful yelp and crash from across the lobby and the insistent tug of Cordelia’s scent as she stared up at him blindly.

“Angel what are you…”

She would have told the pervert exactly what she thought of his taking advantage of her blindness when his fingers dug into her ribs and began to tickle.


Wesley rubbing his throbbing toe staring blindly into the darkness as the brunette let out a muffles shriek, a giggle and then heard the vampire’s wicked chuckle. “ANGEL! Are you bloody mad! What about the curse! Cordelia! Cease this instant! You are playing with all our lives here.”

By the time she could reply and realized Angel’s game she’d caught his thick wrists in her hands and lay sprawled on top of him. Even in the darkness she couldn’t miss the grin he was throwing her way or the telltale bulge against her tummy, which said enough for the vampire’s taste in women. Feeling elated and hopeful in his granting her control she laughed huskily. “No Wesley. Just playing with Angel.”

The vampire nearly had time to open his mouth before her thighs had strategically clamped down against his torso and her nose dove against the hard muscle in his chest and found where he was ticklish the most.


The watcher fumbled with the matchbox at the throaty growl and the sound of tumbling. They wouldn’t! They couldn’t! “STOP! STOP RIGHT NOW! THERE WILL BE NO SNOGGING IN THIS HOTEL!”

Cordelia rewarded him with a whimper as Angel twisted and pinned her against the back of the couch, his fingers threaded through her hair, his demon purring at the physical cat and mouse game and his own un-beating heart lighter than it had been in years. It was then. The shadows over his soul were gone. Maybe there wasn’t forgetting in Cordelia’s honeyed eyes, but there was forgiveness and acceptance.

With Cordelia’s panting breath branding his mouth he only grinned ferally before jumping to his feet and throwing the giggling brunette over his shoulder. “Whatever you say Boss.”

Wesley struck a match as hurriedly held it up – only to find the lobby vacant.

“Cordelia? Angel?” His eyes widened. “Oh dear lord, what have I done!”


“Damn, I wish I could have seen his face.” Angel snickered as he leaned against the railing lining the roof as Cordelia stood next to him, the rising moon casting a silvery glow across her skin.

Lifting a wagging finger she feigned Wesley’s wide-eyed expression. “There will be no snogging in this hotel!”

Laughing at her perfect impersonation, Angel caught her finger gently, before clasping her hand. “Stop it; you look like a fish!”

“So does he.”

With his eyes fixed on the horizon and his hand warming in hers, he watched the horizon. “So how long do you think?”

“I did leave my bra on the stairs, he should come charging up here soon enough.”

Chuckling softly, he raised her hand to kiss her knuckles before looking at her with adoring brown eyes. “You made a good partner Cordelia Chase.”

She couldn’t help smile back. “It’s a pleasure working with a man who can be conniving like a woman.”

“Thanks. I think.”

“I didn’t think you were capable of so much mischief Angel.” Cordelia winked as the looming vampire leaned back against the wrought iron railing, her hand still clutched tenderly in his.

“Well there were days before the soul.”

Laughing at the morbid stoicism she squeezed his hand gently. “Without the blood bath?”

Tugging her close he wrapped one arm around her waist as he grinned down at her. “Vampires are frisky by nature.”

Reining the crazy-happy smile she raised an eyebrow. “So what happened to you?”

A lamenting sigh tinged the mischief in his brown eyes. “I got a soul.”

“And that means you forget what unadulterated fun is like?”

He shrugged; his head bent down, her breath tickling his forehead and he bathed in the comfortable warmth of the woman he was but-crazy in love with. “Well there’s the remorse.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah. The angsting, woe-is-me constant self-flagellation is so all the rage these days Broody.”

He peeked up at her with a wounded puppy-dog frown. “I do not….flagellate.”

She stuck the back of her hand dramatically across her forehead. “Hello, I’m Angel, incredibly boring vamp with a highly deficient sex life and an emotionally inept social life. I have two modes with people.” His shoulder shook with barely concealed laughter as she stuck up two fingers in his face. “Bite and avoid.”

“Well there’s another.”

She blinked up at him, still caught up with pretending to be Angel. “Huh?”

He smirked, his hands testing the flesh of her waist before sliding to the curve of her ass and her eyebrow shot up as if daring him to go lower. “There is the man Cordy.” She shrieked with laughter as his hand grabbed the firm glob of her ass and dragged her against him, her body fitting his perfectly from knees to the top of her dress pressing the breast of his vest. Or was it her breasts and his top? Angel didn’t give a damn, because her mouth was hovering above his and it occurred to him; they were going to share the first willing, mutual kiss without the threat of collapsing buildings, secret closets and their lives on the line.

The giddy anticipation building in his veins, the insane need to eat her alive and the insatiable love Angel felt for this woman must have shone in his eyes because, her hands that were braced against his chest slid up the lines of his shoulders and around the column of his neck. The vampire shivered, his eyes slipping shut and he could almost hear the smile in the soft breath against his mouth. “Last warning brighteyes, you kiss me now and I’m never stopping.” His voice shook and was deeper than he cared to admit.

Her palms cupped his jaw, the soft pads of her thumbs pressed into the corners of his mouth. Cordelia was always the one to dive in feet first but she wanted to make sure he was right there with her. “Not unless you open your eyes and look at me do this Angel.”

He lifted his lids to see the sinfully rich toffee in her eyes darken with a mixture of blatant desire and naughty love. Only she could pull it off and Angel watched her, his eyes trained on hers as her breath hitched in her throat, the spine under his palms trembling in sync with his. But she didn’t pull her eyes away. Not this time. And he realized he’d never let her look away.

There was one soft brush of lips on lips. Breath held, and there was another loving caress, a promise, words unspoken and then her hand snaked into his hair, her lips sliding into the contours of his mouth, and both sets of eyes slid shut, reassured and drugged with the heady sensation of finally being together.

And they were kissing. Of course, you’d think two people who lead their high-powered lives and were in love would be overcome with lust and hunger. Angel couldn’t deny it. There was a helpless hunger in her mouth as it molded itself to his, the simple press of supple lower lip and the tease of her thinner upper lip seemed to meld into his and the contact was electric, hot and just so damned delicious, neither of them moved. Drinking in the warmth and the raspberry of her lip-gloss, Angel just held her against him, reassuring every dead cell in his body that she was back and there was no need to pretend to be cocky, beige-y, self-assured and strong when he was bursting with unadorned bliss. Cordelia Chase was his.

With a muffled half groan, half growl he slid one hand up her still shaky spine and held her head captive, marveling at the expanse of his hand around her fragile cranium. She was fragile in the wickedest and naughtiest ways and the combination was like wine on his already buzzing nerves. Holding her captive, Angel kissed her back, his lips catching hers with soft, but searching bites to suckle her lower lip for an instant. He must have done something right because she dragged in a sharp puff of breath, and her arms wrapped snuggly around his neck, her jaw opening against Angel’s, her hips rolling into his and one moonlit sandal left the ground as she leaned into him.

And Angel knew. She loved him to death. The leg said it all.

When she finally pulled her mouth away to draw a ragged breath, her lips smiled against his. Their eyes closed, but seeing, Angel noticed the press of both legs against his, as she stood there on tiptoes. “Your foot left the ground, didn’t it?”

And still she didn’t open her eyes, her fingers at his nape skirting through soft hair adoringly. “Nope.”

Opening his eyes Angel grinned. “You’re such a lousy liar.”

“Yup!” Her shoulders shook with mirth.

Giving her another squeeze into his arms he nuzzled her nose. “You love me.”

Her lashes fell coyly against the rise of her cheeks and she shook her head. “Nope.”

“Liar. Liar. Panties on fire!”

And the shy, sweet woman looked up with wicked mischief. “What panties?”

Angel growled then groaned out a laugh before ducking down for another kiss, but the door to the roof slapped open and Wesley came hurtling out.

“Angel! Cordelia!” The two didn’t have time to spring apart before he was on his knees and hugging them both around the waist. “Oh thank god! You’re both fully clothed, albeit slightly attached at the lips. PLEASE! Come back to work! I’ll do ANYTHING!”

Hazel eyes met brown before Angel looked down. “Anything?”



Mrs. Peabody walked across her living room and accidentally dropped her cane. “Oh bother…”

Wesley looked up from where he sat on the couch and blinked. “Let me help you madam.” Putting his book aside he walked over and bent over to pick it up.

The only sound in the night was that of a very male squeal.


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