Dark and Delicious

SUMMARY: Angel and Cordy are discussing their inner most fantasies when they decide to act one out as in role play!!
POSTED: 13 Mar 2004
WARNINGS: Explicit Sexual Content
Angel and Cordy are discussing their inner most fantasies when they decide to act one out as in role play!! Whatever the fantasy maybe is entirely up to you but it should be something wickedly naughty but funny like soulless vamp-helpless victim or hostage-kidnapper!!


You can run…

“Shit, shit, shit.” Cordy crept down the first floor landing with her heart in her mouth, her wide eyes darting around even as her heart beat a fast tattoo in her chest.

Not knowing where he was added to the all-encompassing fear, making her almost wish she could see him. As she gradually approached the stairs, she began to feel a little relief from the iron fist that tightened around her heart. She was gonna make it- freedom was temptingly close, and she felt a glimmer of hope.

“Going somewhere?” Cordy shrieked in panic at both the deep voice in her ear and the hard feel of powerful arms looping around her waist and lifting her off her feet.

As Angelus made his way to his rooms with silent, measured steps, Cordy quailed inwardly.

Would this be a quick torture and death- or would the soulless demon take his time? She shuddered uncontrollably, causing the vampire to chuckle low in his throat.

By the look of the handcuffs at the head and foot of his bed, he’d already planned ahead, and the fear rose to engulf her as Angelus carelessly threw her down onto the soft mattress. Before she had a chance to move, her wrists were captured and cuffed, rapidly followed by her ankles.

Angelus gazed down at the young woman spread out for his delectation and smiled cruelly. This was gonna be fun. Then he frowned, annoyed.

“Way too many clothes, baby,” he murmured, reaching over and casually shredding her top, skirt and fragile scraps of underwear. “Now isn’t that better?” his eyes flashed amber as he took in every inch of exposed flesh.

“You’ll be dust so quick when the others find you.” Cordy struggled uselessly against the hard metal that kept her open to him, shivering with various emotions as his gaze burned her like a brand.

Fear, trepidation, anger…. and arousal consumed her. His golden appraisal was like a physical caress and she’d never felt so vulnerable.

“By then it’ll be too late,” Angelus purred, sitting on the bed next to her hip. His large hand reached out and long fingers ran from the hollow of her throat to her pubic bone, pausing to run calloused pads through the soft hair that partially hid her secrets from him.

Cordy inwardly cursed when her hips instinctively bucked at his touch, pushing her pelvis towards him. The vampire grinned with satisfaction, exerting a little pressure before lifting his hand away.

“Hmmm… where to start,” The dark promise in that equally dark voice caused a ripple of both pleasure and apprehension to run down her spine. Oh, God!


Her breath became lodged in her throat as Cordy shivered under the cool, sure touch of the vampire kept her locked in place. His large hands, roughened from years of fighting, scored a trail of flames over her stomach as he held her down.

A deceptively reassuring chuckle escaped Angelus sensually cruel mouth. His gaze, gold and heated, roamed over the tight female body he was going to possess, the burning lust in those orbs seared her flesh with fire.

She couldn’t help but freeze as the soulless vampire moved until his powerful thighs locked around her more feminine, slender ones to completely hold her in place. Cordy choked back a whimper as she watched through wide, almond eyes as Angelus ran his hands up her body, his expression showing sheer delight at the control over her.

In the cradle of her thighs, she felt the hardened state of his sex move seductively, teasing the femininity with intensifying pressure that made her retaliate with seductive moves of her own. The clothed shaft grazed the desire-swollen bud of her clit, the texture of the leather pants rasping roughly over the soft secret.

Angelus pushed his hips hard into hers, elicting a shriek of pleasure from his captive and a low growl that vibrated through his chest. Capturing the smaller, hotter hands in one of his own the vampire slammed hers high above her head, gazing down at her through a heavy cloud of hellish lust.

“This will be fun” the vampire casually commented as his muscular body covered hers. “For me anyway. But I do promise to have you screaming”

Not pushing his body up from the hot cushion of her body, he slid his fingers down the contours of her well-toned arms. The silky skin an amazing contrast to his own; from the way she burned at his touch to the golden tan that decorated her entire body.

“I won’t give you the satisfaction” Cordy’s breathing was deep and her voice shook with trepidation as the vampire leaned more of his weight on her. The solid expanse of his chest teased the hardened peaks on her breats, making the usually soft satin material of her bra feel like raw, rough silk as it brushed tantalisingly over the sensitive pert buds.

“I could have you screaming with a single bite baby” Angelus voice was like sandpaper sliding over splintered wood as the pressure between his legs grew proportionately, making him rock harder against her sex. Pale mouth curled up into a hot, sexual smirk as Cordy instinctively relaxed her tense thighs, opening up in permission for whatever he wanted to do.

As though he hadn’t noticed the move, the vampire brought his face close to hers, pleased to see those melted caramel orbs fire up into a light show of emotions. His tongue darted out past his lips to sweep across the pliant mouth in a tasting lick. Hot breath, sweet and exotic, blew out as the naturally pink lips parted in preparation for a kiss.

Diverting his attention just before he did so, Angelus slid his wet lips down over the defiantly set jaw to trace the column of the throat which pounded with thick, heated human blood begging to be tasted. Sharp, deadly fangs scraped along the thumping line of her jugular, drawing tiny droplets of blood to grace the surface of the flawless skin teasing his tongue.

Clasping her fingers tight around the cold metal of the cuffs, Cordy arched high into his male body as her eyes snapped shut against the torrent of pleasure that raced through her veins. Blood throbbed right to her core, the pressure of it flooding her with a craving to be taken in by him.

The concoction of desire tinted female blood was nothing less than intoxicating as Angelus gripped the delicate casing of flesh tightly between his fangs, pressing down just so. Her legs itched to curl around the small of his back, wanting to bring him closer and harder into her body, but the binds prevented it and frustration ran through her.

Seeing the expression on her beautiful face, the vampire merely smirked down at Cordy victoriously. There was no doubt he was loving watching her fight both the restraints and the inner battle to succumb to his every wish. Seeing her hide behind a wall of cocksure confidence everyday, made seeing the innocence behind that wall all the sweeter.

Apart from one not-so-nice experience with sex, Angelus knew just how innocent his Cordy really was and to knew he was going to shatter that innocence thrilled him, filled him with wicked sinful thoughts.

His fingers glided over the slick surface, the salty perspiration now covering the delectably untried body made the tanned complexion glisten in the dim light. Following an invisible line down to the valley of her generous cleavage, Angelus cupped her breasts in both strong hands and flicked his thumbs over the pert nipples.

“Let the fun begin” he grinned wickedly.


Cordy sucked in a breath as Angelus blew softly on the pebbled tips of her breasts. Her fingers curled into her palms and her back arched. He grinned, gently kissing the soft satin nub of one tenderly, with a whisper of a touch, just before tugging at it with his teeth. He stretched it slightly and bit, feeling his cock harden even more at her gutteral moan. She watched him, licking her lips as his teeth tugged and pulled, his hands plumping her breasts together.

“So….so…..lovely. Two of my favorite toys, really.” His voice was controlled; almost casual. He lifted his head and regarded Cordy’s breasts with a studied detachment. With his eyes lowered, she couldn’t see the molten gold in the depths of his eyes that belied the conversational tone. “So versatile. Lovely to lick..perfect for a quick bite….” He raised his eyes to hers, deliberatlely choosing his words, “so tight to fuck.”

A gasp caught in her throat as he bit out the words, and he grinned. “Interested?”

Caught by his gaze, she didn’t even realize she was shaking her head, unable to speak. He rose up over her, running his handsup her sides and her arms, his fingers stroking her hands. He propped his body up on his elbows and looked down at her. Angelus did love the scent of an innocent. It was heady and intoxicating, and richer than the finest of wines. The only problem was you could only sip at that innocence once and then you had to find a fresh cup. But…..he contemplated the brunette looking up at him. This one…..her innocence was tinged with….defiance. Defiance and….anger. Hot, thick, drugging anger. That anger would soak through him and feed him, down to his empty soul.

“No? You don’t want this?” and he licked at her ear, softly murmuring dark words before sliding his tongue down the pulsing vein that ran along her throat. His hands stroked back down her arms as he scooted down slightly. “You don’t want this?” He bit at one nipple, harsher. His body hardened at the shiver that ran down her at the sweet tug. “Sure? Sure you don’t want this?” And he slid down her body, nipping with his teeth at her abdomen, licking at her navel, forcing her thighs further apart as he settled down inbetween her long, taut limbs. “Now, even a sweet thing like you would want this…” And he blew softly on the curls between her legs. Her entire body clenched and she pulled at her legs, feeling them widen even more. Her eyes watched him, defiance pouring off her in waves.

“That’s right, baby….you want this.” And he pushed two fingers into the hot channel hidden beneath the curls. A low moan floated through the air, and he watched her as he bent his fingers slightly and twisted them as he slowly pulled them out. He raised the fingers so she could see. He wanted her to see her need dripping off his hand. She watched him, still except for the rise and fall of her chest as she took shallow breaths in. He raised his hand to his mouth and licked at his fingers slowly.

“See, baby? I can play and play and play. You’re special. You hate me and right now you hate this. Hate can keep you going a long long time. How’d I get so lucky to find such a perfect toy?”

He grinned, satisfaction and anticipation stamped on the harsh angles of his face. He pushed the two fingers back in, stretching her walls…feeling her body tighten. He waited patiently; it was time for the begging to commence. He did love the begging.

Her lips parted. He relished the sweet panting he could hear thundering from her small body. She looked at him….drew in a breath….and her voice, husky with want and need, drifted down to him.

“If I fall asleep, asshole, wake me when you’re done.”


Waking at a start, she blearly took in her surroundings. As her eyes adjusted to the dark of the room her mind adjusted to her dream filled fantasy. And found herself unnerved by what she’d been dreaming over and over again for the last two weeks. Ever since Angelus had made his presence shown with the whole Rebecca debacle, her nights had been filled with the devastation that he could possibly invoke. Some nights it would go farther into the fantasy than others, Angelus defilling her body over and over again, but the scene never changed. She would always be captured and contained at his mercy, and for his own pleasure. But what had her convinced she was sick beyond her belief was that she enjoyed Angelus’s cock imbeded deep within her, bringing her to the edge of ectasy and always wanting him to push her just that little bit further.

That realisation had her hopeing for anything to bring it to an end. She had to do something, anything, drastic as it may be to fulfill her subconscious’ obvious desires – maybe it was the complete vulnerability the situation produced, she wasn’t sure, but she had to find out. The only thing that had stopped her before was Angel’s reaction to her wishes. She had a more than just a feeling that he’d be wigged out by her little role play, but she just couldn’t go on like this, unfulfilled and plagued anymore. As soon as she dressed she was off to proposition her best friend, whether he liked it or not.


Cordelia dressed for the task ahead in her best confidence inspiring outfit, complete with heels that made her legs look like they went for ever. Pausing before the door to the office, she straighted her skirt, filled her lungs with air, sent a prayer to anyone listening and entered the office. After steeling herself to see Angel, Cordelia was immediately disappointed to find the office deserted.

Deciding that waiting at her desk was a prudent choice of action, Cordelia sat down and booted up her computer. There were no e-mails, and Cordelia found herself with nothing to do, but confront Angel downstairs, or to wait, and waiting seemed far more reasonable, more time to really fine tune what exactly she was going to say to him.

Cordelia wondered if Angel had ever thought about her, the way she had been thinking about him lately. And it wasn’t just Angelus that featured in her dreams. Cordelia drifted off into thought as she recalled a favourite daydream.

Angel had just finished killing a nest of vampires and returned to the office. His shirt was hanging in tatters from his broad chest and there was blood splattered across his face. Cordelia rushed to his side, anxious to see if he was wounded. Reaching out with soft gentle hands, she pushed his shirt off, her hands carressing his arms as she guided it down and off. Pushing Angel gently on the shoulders, Cordelia guided him until he was lying back on the couch. Grabbing a wash cloth and some warm water, she began to bathe his chest, washing off all the blood.

Unable to reach easily from her position beside him, Cordelia straddled Angel’s lap for easier access. She took her time, slowly bathing every inch until the beautiful pale marbled chest in front of her was clean, Angel watched her with barely hidden lust in his soulful eyes.

Unable to help herself, Cordelia let the wash cloth slip from her fingers, as she leant forward and circled Angel’s nipple with her tongue, tasting water, salt and that unique flavour that was Angel. Angel’s hands came up to her sides, but instead of pushing her away, he settled her more firmly against his growing erection.

Taking the encouragement for what it was, Cordelia bit softly on the nipple she had just licked. Angel’s hands moved from Cordelia’s sides down to lightly carress her firm round buttocks, before slipping up under her top. Pulling at the hem of her top, Angel lifted it up and off Cordelia. She was now wearing only a short skirt and a blood red bra. Angel began to purr as she turned her talented tongue to his other nipple, taking her time, slowly lathing it as she began to gently rock her hips.


A low moan escaped her lips, her panties soaking with a rush of arousal…

“Cordy? Are you okay?” Her eyes refocussed in an instant to meet with confused bitter chocolate.

Damn, when had he arrived? Cordelia tensed as she watched his nostrils flare for a second and clamped her thighs together, fruitlessly attempting to block from his heightened senses her flush of arousal.

“Angel!” Shooting up from her seat, Cordelia sidled towards the door and hopeful escape even as she threw him a blinding smile. “Gotta go”, she muttered before slipping past him and practically running across the lobby towards the bathroom.

Angel watched with growing confusion as the brunette disappeared out of sight. He shook himself and walked over to the desk, glancing at the monitor screen: nope, no picture of some handesome hunk was displayed- so what had caused that husky moan and obvious wetness between her thighs?

His own groin tightened as the faint scent still teased his senses. Being around Cordelia was getting harder every day. Want grew out of proportion, and his dreams were plagued with hours of hot, down and dirty sex each time he closed his eyes. If he didnt have her soon, he was going to explode with frustration!

The thought that another man had somehow got into her head and aroused her caused a growl of possessive anger to ripple through his chest. She was his. Angel knew that, and maybe it was time for her to find out too.
Cordy stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, cursing the high colour in her cheeks. How the hell was she supposed to bring up this need to her best friend? For all she knew, he saw her merely as a good friend- or worse, horror of horrors as a little sister.

“I can’t go on like this,” she moaned under her breath. the dreams were now encroaching on her waking moments, and being physically aroused in front of a vampire was not a good thing.

“Damn it! Am I a man or a mouse?” her voice raising slightly as she glared at her reflection. “I’m gonna do this-if he says no or runs for the door,well… I’ll just deal with it later.” she shuddered at that thought, but straightened her backbone and let herself out of the bathroom.

Striding across the lobby, Cordelia entered the office, finding the vampire still there. No one else was around. no time like the present.

“Angel?” his head shot up. he’d been so into the xrated daydream kickstarted by her scent that he hadnt heard her approach. He took in her flushed cheeks and tightly held body, and swallowed.

“Angel, I want us to have crazy monkey sex,” she began, walking slowly towards him and deliberately ignoring the way his mouth had dropped open. “I want you to dominate me, use me and make me scream till my voice is hoarse; do you think you’re up to it, big boy?” she end in a rush, now face to face with the speechless vampire.


Angel’s jaw dropped below sea level.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me. You speak English. I’ve heard you.” Cordy propped her hands on her hips in a way that exuded confidence but really was a way to ground her there and keep her from slinking away in embarrassment.

“I know what I thought you said, but could you repeat it? Please?” Angel was sure he heard her wrong. He’d just been fantasizing about sex with Cordy and she couldn’t possibly have just said she wanted to have crazy monkey sex with him. It was just his mind projecting words in her mouth. That mouth that he’d just pictured on his…

“…have crazy monkey sex…with you…now,” Cordy finished repeating, her words coming out not quite as strong as they had the first time when she was anxious to just get them out of her brain. Now they were hesitant with fear of rejection and the anticipation of humiliation lacing every breathy word.

Angel closed his mouth, a fly almost making a home there. “B-b-but, why? When? How? With me?”

“No, Angel, with a real monkey. Although if you don’t cut your hair soon, I may not be able to tell the difference.” The beginning of that old foolish feeling was tingling her toes and they started to twitch singing that old “run, Cordy, run” tune she knew so well.

Angel’s hand ran through his hair, the insult momentarily distracting him from the sex. “I just had a haircut two weeks ago.”

Cordy sighed. “That’s what you choose to concentrate on? I tell you I want you to screw me into next week and that’s what sinks into to that cro-mag skull of yours?” He was hopeless and she was leaving. Literally.

Angel caught her wrist at the door and twirled her around. “Wait! Don’t go. I was just…I mean…you can’t just throw that sex stuff at me and…and…yeah.”

Cordy yanked at his grip. “Angel, just let go and…huh? Did you say, yeah?” She stilled and tried to look into his eyes that were currently looking any place except at hers.

“Um, yeah. I said yeah.”

“Okay, that was just too easy. Well, not easy in a sense it was like having a baby, but easy in you agreed to do something I want and I want to know why, buster!”

Was she serious? She asked him to have sex and he agreed and now she was acting like he was the nutty one? Angel just grinned. Man, she’s amazing.

“Why? Because you asked and in those few seconds you actually allowed me to think about it, I thought, this is insane. But, then you were leaving and I realized if I don’t find out if you’re as good in real life as my fantasies about you are, I will go insane.” His hand had loosened on her wrist and had slowly burned a trail of goose bumps up her arm. By the time he finished, his fingertips were skimming the tiny hairs on her shoulder and making her stomach tremble.

“You…you have fantasies about me?” She closed her eyes, barely getting the words out since his fingers were now caressing her jaw and the pad of his thumb drew across her bottom lip and tugged.

“Uh-huh,” Angel said, completely mesmerized by that plump mound of flesh that he was aching to feel scorch his mouth.

“Muh-muh-me, too. About you, I mean. And Angelus.” Cordy felt his hand still and the tender, warm caress turned cold.

“You fantasize about Angelus? Why? Do you have death wish?” Angel was not only surprised that Angelus would show up in Cordy’s fantasies but, strangely, a bit jealous.

“No, no death wish. He’s just…well…he’s sexy as hell, Angel. There’s leather and actual color in his wardrobe, which is a plus, and he sees something he likes and takes it. Some women think that’s damn sexy. Besides, in my fantasies he doesn’t want to kill me. Just tie me up and ravish me. A lot. And there may be some…well, a little…okay, considerable torturing of the slap and tickle kind that’s got me very curious.” She was officially mortified now that she’d shared that last bit of her sick, sick mind with him. What was she thinking? This was Angel! This was the kind, sweet, redemption guy who thought all things Angelus were to be reviled and atoned for, not lusted about. She couldn’t look at him and pulled back a step so his hand wasn’t anywhere near her throat.

Angel was shocked. But not disgusted. Just surprised that Cordelia, the naive in the sex department girl that he thought she was, would actually consider any bondage or rough sex play as exciting. His fantasies just got bumped up a notch and he wasn’t complaining. A slight growl gurgled in his chest.

He stepped forward, lifted her chin with his finger and raised his eyebrow. “Handcuffs or chains, baby? Just tell us what you want. And once we’ve taken care of you, we’ve got a few things we hope you’ll be able to handle.” His head dipped to her throbbing pulse point, and he gently nibbled and licked at the rushing elixir below her skin.

Cordy gulped. She felt Angel’s lips smile and it made her angry that he could hear and smell her sudden uncertainty. Her worried expression slowly transformed into a wicked smirk as she covered herself in her bitch mantle. “Bring it on, vamp-boy.” Her hands wormed their way over his shirt from his abdomen to his chest where she rubbed his nipples into tiny, hard peaks. “And, trust me,” she said as her mouth neared one of those delicious shirt-covered mounds, “you don’t have anything I won’t be able to handle.” She bit. He gasped. “And more than once.”


Cordy gulped. She felt Angel’s lips smile and it made her angry that he could hear and smell her sudden uncertainty. Her worried expression slowly transformed into a wicked smirk as she covered herself in her bitch mantle. “Bring it on, vamp-boy.” Her hands wormed their way over his shirt from his abdomen to his chest where she rubbed his nipples into tiny, hard peaks. “And, trust me,” she said as her mouth neared one of those delicious shirt-covered mounds, “you don’t have anything I won’t be able to handle.” She bit. He gasped. “And more than once.”
The were a blur to the naked eye as they retreated to the privacy of Angel’s room. Once there it was all to consuming Cordy was there in front of him and willing and wanting and dare he say needing him in ways he had only dreamed about.

For Cordelia the same could be said she was breathless even before they got the door open and made it to the center of the room. Here chest was heaving from excitement and she felt the tickle in her tummy of anticipation.

“So” Angel said as he stood in front of her.

“So” She smiled and continued. “I think that we should um…. ” She was cut of with a brusing kiss of passion that she had never felt before.

“Get comfortable.” He winked. As he started to unbutton his shirt.

“Yeah… but let me do that.” She said and took over and pushed Angel’s hands away.

“What ever the lady wants.” Angel let here continue and basked in her glow. He took his strong hands around her waist and left her at a distance so that she could finish her work.

“Mmmm it is like seeing your chest for the first time.” She stared at the now shirtless chest. Her hands where roaming and investigating the hardness of his abs and then she leaned in and kissed and began to lick his ‘manly boob muscles’.

She lifted her head and saw the smile on Angel’s face. “Mmmm you taste good.” He grabbed her face and kissed her again. “I am sure that you taste fantastic yourself.” Angel began to play with Cordy’s shirt. “May I”

Cordy looked into his eyes. “The answer to that would be “duh”.” She giggled and placed the room between them so that he could unbutton her blouse. It was off before she knew it and so was her bra. Angel’s hand started to wonder and touch and pinch.

“Ummm Angel I think… yeah I think.” Cordy was speechless as his mouth took in one nipple and his hand reach for her pants.

His head resurfaced to look at her. “You think what Cor?”

“I think the teasing part of this needs to sooo be over.”

“Couldn’t agree more. You said and correct me that you wanted to be dominated.” He smirked.

“Oh yes” She was panting as his hand moved into her pants and petted the mound that was underneath a very thin and wet pair of panties.

“Cor, You are soaking wet.” He faked surprise he knew she was since the conversation they had.

“Well broody what are you gonna do about it.” She huffed.

“First you can change that tone and then you can finish undressing me.” His eyes flickering between brown and gold.

“Angel?” Cordy looked at him and realized this was safe it was what she wanted and now she was going to get it. Her slight confusion turned into excitement. She answered the call and fell to her knees.

His pants came down slowly and as did his boxers and Angel was now in his full glory. Glory it was Cordelia was amazed at his manhood. “Angel, what a big boy you are. I could eat you all up.” With that she slowly placed her mouth on his member, licking and tasting as she did his chest and she hummed.

“That’s it take me in.” Angel said with a growl. “Take me all in and you will not be punished.”

Cordy looked up for a minute. “I was hoping I would be.” A glint of a smile persed her lips and she licked pre ejaculate off her lips.

“At this moment baby anything is possible.” That is when he grabbed her and pulled her to him. He ravished her with kisses. “As I see it you are still too over dressed for this party.”

“Undress me Angel.” She said wantingly.


“At this moment baby anything is possible.” That is when he grabbed her and pulled her to him. He ravished her with kisses. “As I see it you are still too over dressed for this party.”

“Undress me Angel.” She said wantingly.

She watched through hazy orbs as the vampire swept his index finger across the pale contours of his mouth and contemplated her request for a moment. Onyx shone with arousal with underlying lowlights of heat that brought a corona of gold rimming the black.

Angel openly ran his gaze over the whole of her body, not hiding the fact he was scoring her up. “No” he purred, “I don’t think so baby. Take it off for me” the softened purr seemed to instantly disappear in favour of a tone that warned her to expect punishment if she didn’t comply to his wishes.

Cordelia thought twice about ignoring the given order and stood defiantly with hazel eyes blazing with a light show of mixed emotions. Dressed in only her bra, the brunette felt completely naked under the burning caress of his eyes and made the move to modestly cover herself.

The vampire was instantly drawn to the hand hiding her from him and a growl of discontent made his chest vibrate as his onyx gaze turned stone cold. “Did I say you could do that?” he quizzed lightly and casually sauntered closer to his seer, intent on showing her the full meaning of domination.

Standing still, Cordelia was aware of his every move as he walked in circles around her; the proximaty of his presence set every nerve in her body alive. Honeyed arousal scalded the tender flesh of her thighs, making the neat curls glisten with natural dew that teased the vampire’s heightened senses.

“You do what I tell you, when I tell you” Angel cruelly smirked when she jumped at the sound of his deep voice cracking the silence. Placing the larger, harder frame of his body against her slender back he curled masculine hands over the delicate curves of her shoulders. “Understand?”

A quiet moan slipped past her lips when the roughened skin on his palms rasped across the bronzed surface of her body, the cooling touch did nothing to sooth the boiling blood coursing through her veins. Down the toned shape of her arms, Angel gently caressed and memorised each part of the body he now owned before resting his hands on her smaller ones.

The human heat seeped under his skin, warming him up to a degree that had him sharing the borrowed temperature with her. Threading thick, male fingers through slim feminine ones, Angel once more startled Cordelia as he brought both her hands behind her back to pin her in place.

“I asked you question baby” he purred, “I don’t like it when you ignore me.” One strong hand easily curled around small wrists, leaving his other hand free to do with her as he pleased. “Now, I’ll ask you again. Here, in this bedroom, you answer to me. You don’t do anything unless I tell you. Do you understand me?”

Cordelia visibly swallowed the thickening lump of anticipation building in her throat. Her legs shook with the effort it took to stay standing and not melt into him. The way he spoke, touched and the words he used served to make her throb. “Yes Angel” she whispered the answer he wanted, “I understand”

“Good girl” his tongue dipped past his lips to taste her flesh, teasing both himself and her with the through of sharpened fangs piercing the supple, delicate covering of skin at her throat. Angel bit down with blunt teeth and swept the tip of his tongue across the sensitised bite before wrapping his lips around the spot and sucking.

With her hands being restrained behind her back, Cordelia had nothing to prevent her legs from giving out from under her. As Angel kept up the pleasuring torment on her throat, her eyes fluttered and a light moan escaped her pliant mouth. Leaning into the solid wall of his chest, the brunette tilted her neck to one side that forced him to increase pressure.

Arousal, male and female, increased and made the air intoxicating with the scent of sex. Spicy and fruity, her taste had his mouth watering and made him crave to feel the honey wet on his lips as he drank her in. The scent was like an addictive drug that heightened blood pressure to the point where he was hard and aching.

Releasing her skin from his oral attack, Angel looked in satisfaction at the temporary mark that showed who she belonged. “You want me baby?” he purred, pressing his erection deep into the soft curves of her ass, making Cordelia hiss and moan in response. “Tell me how bad you want me and if you’re lucky, I might just give it to you”

Stunned by more than his sudden burst of arrogance, Cordelia frowned as she became a little wary at the loss of control on her part. However, she was never a one to back down and so she took a deep breath and went for what she wanted. “You know I want you Angel” she replied thickly as her hazel gaze smouldered with hazy desire. “If you wanna know just how much, then I guess you’ll have to find out won’t you?”

The male lines of his lips curled up into a sensual smirk as he slowly shook his head at her answer. “Ah ah ah” Angel began to move his fingers closer to her core, purposely enhancing the anticipation he knew would be eating her from the inside out. “I know you can do better than that Cordy. Now get on my bed, on your knees so the games can begin”

The male lines of his lips curled up into a sensual smirk as he slowly shook his head at her answer. “Ah ah ah” Angel began to move his fingers closer to her core, purposely enhancing the anticipation he knew would be eating her from the inside out. “I know you can do better than that Cordy. Now get on my bed, on your knees so the games can begin”

Moving with a feline grace, Cordelia eased her body onto the soft mattress and braced her weight on her hands and knees. Breath escaped in heavy pants filled with anticipation and nervousness while her hazel gaze squeezed tight shut, hiding the spoken pleas behind shaded lids. Manicured nails fisted in the top sheet in a grasp so hard, the embroidered material imprinted the pattern on her palm.

Purposefully waiting for a moment or two, Angel stood simply watching his seer obey his order without question and relished in the control, the power he had been given. Seeing her like that, body shaking and heart beat thumping, the vampire trailed his dark, satisfied gaze over the gentle curves of her ass and the glimpse of female heat between those toned thighs.

An intimate blush had turned the sensitive folds a pretty pink that glistened with moisture, his nostrils flaring as the rich scent got increasingly stronger and sweeter. Flicking the tip of his tongue out past his tasting lips, Angel took in the sight of the brunette on his bed and the heady aroma clouding his brain. In the deepest recesses of him, he had always known Cordelia Chase would be an old fashioned girl in bed and that thought couldn’t have made him happier.

Wrapping the length of his hard shaft in a tight fist, the vampire groaned low as he slowly smoothed his hand up in sure strokes, only pausing to tease the sensitised tip of his erection with a wispy flick of his fingertip. “Turn over baby, lemme look at you. Lemme see what’s mine” a hiss of self-pleasure made his dark eyes close for a second, causing them to be forced open in order to watch her turn to face him.

Melting hazel eyes were instantly drawn to wear his large hand brought his cock into a solid state of excitement with deep movements. Cordelia felt her face flush and a fingertip was nibbled on as she watched Angel fist his cock, the palm of his hand secure around the girth and fingertips slightly overlapped. The pallor of his sex made him look like marble, leaving her wondering if he’d feel just as smooth and just as cool.

The tip was coated with a fine sheen of pre-cum that was soon on full display when his fingers eased his foreskin down, exposing all of himself to her wide-eyed gaze. Through a heavy gaze, Angel locked his orbs onto closed legs that once again hid what he wanted to see. “Spread your legs” it was an order not to be argued with and the brunette bit her lower lip as she complied.

Indulging his voyeuristic side, he saw the triangular patch of wet, dark curls covering her mound, bringing a smirk curling his mouth upwards. Hand let go of the hard shaft and dropped to his sides, ignoring the deepening throbs that held his balls tight to his body. In controlled footsteps, Angel closed the space between Cordelia and himself, erotic intent brimming within the onyx orbs that left her reeling from the intensity.

Both hands latched tight around her slender ankles, forcefully pulling her legs wider apart freeing her up and leaving her spread wide to his hungered gaze. His pale pink tongue swept out to dampen parched lips as he nodded in satisfaction at the new position he had her in. Cordelia hadn’t realised she had been holding breath until her chest began to ache with effort and the oxygen was slowly expelled from her burning lungs as he moved to kneel at her open body.

“Where to start” Angel mused, his eyes roamed all over her. Right from the hardened dusky pink nipples to the shining curls and finally to the swollen lips now parted to aid in breathing. Sliding his hands up her legs, the vampire marvelled at the smoothness and tanned complexion of her skin in comparison to his own, rougher paler surface. “I think I’ll start right here”

Cordelia grit her teeth together as her undivided attention was drawn to the thick male fingers gracefully gliding up her inner thigh, teasing her with intimate touching. Her hips bucked high off the bed as he brushed over her sex with a feather light caress, his fingertips coated with liquid sex that soothed the pearly red clitoris.

Angel was fascinated by the reaction to the soft touch, repeating it again and again until he was rewarded with a loud moan signalling the pleasure. “Like it? Is this?” he held up his wet, glistening fingers for her to see “All for me? Did I do this to you?”

Her clit was throbbing insistently, body was invaded by shots of lust that had more wetness pooling at her entrance. “Stop teasing Angel” Cordelia wanted the words to sound more demanding than pleading but, from the expression now scrunching his face up, she guessed her words didn’t go down well. A wave of uncertainty ran through her veins as she suddenly realised just how vulnerable she was in this situation. She had no power, no control as it was all in the hands of a vampire, of Angel.

And Cordelia couldn’t help the thrill that thought gave her.

His head shook slowly from side-to-side as he tutted disapprovingly. “I’ll do what I want to you. If I wanna tease you then I’ll tease you. If I want you suck me off then I’ll have you suck me off. Got me?”

“Yes” her voice was the softest he’d ever heard and the husky whisper brought a loving expression to his handsome face. Darkened orbs shone with tenderness, power and raw heat; the vivid emotions caused her body to hum and throb with sinful pleasures only he could give. “What do you want me to do?”

“You don’t ask, You answer” Angel warned with a growl to his deep voice, “That’s the second time I’ve told you that, I guess I will have to punish you after all.” He watched as her eyes widened until a corona of hazel rimmed black, dilated pupils and her breathing turned into shallow, panting puffs. “I want you to turn over baby”

Turning her shaking body back onto her stomach, Cordelia lay the side of her face on the pillow at the head of the large bed and waited for the vampire to make his move. A hard wall blanketed her back and heavy thighs straddled her curved hips, pinning her lower body firmly into the mattress. His erection teased the wet entrance to her body, the tip opening her up in preparation.

Trailing his lips down the nape of her neck, Angel purred in delight as her scent grew intoxicatingly strong as he lavished attention on a responsive portion of her throat. Vanilla perfume mingled with her natural scent in a lethal cocktail that was hell on his senses, causing his eyes to change into fiery gold. Sliding his mouth across the golden landscape of her perspiration-slicked back, he tasted the salt coating her skin and felt her hips slowly press hard into his.

Curling both his hands around the swell of her ass he kneaded the firm muscle there, relaxing the brunette laying and quietly moaning out approval beneath him. Strong finger slipped through the delicate cheeks, teasing the virginal passage with a touch that, despite his gentility, had Cordelia keening in both shock and heightened pleasure.

Once he was content with her state of relaxation, Angel sat up and shifted down her body, using his thighs to keep most of his weight off of her. A wickedly sensual smirk flirted at his lips as he raised the palm of his hand only to bring it down in a resounding slap that left a pink print marring the golden skin. The panted scream was music to his ears, as was the sudden elevation in heart rate and blood pressure.

Cordelia snapped her eyes tight shut as new sensations ripped through her, making her burn, throb and silently beg for more, leaving her in a state of wonder and awe. Another scream sounded louder this time as his hand connected with her bare skin harder this time, forcing her to react and push up into his touch. “Oh!”

Running his cool hand across her heated flesh, Angel dipped into the cradle of her thighs to distract her from the stinging pain he created. A nice shade of red was forming on her tight ass and he felt a sense of self-admiration at having enough skill to make this experience enjoyable for her. “Does it hurt baby?” the vampire cooed, sweeping fingers over the swollen flesh of her sex and delighted in the arousal soaking his hand.

“Yes” Cordelia whispered through breaths heavy enough to make her lungs ache with effort. She wanted him to do it more, wanted to experience everything with him, wanted to completely let him own her body. She trusted him with everything else; her life, happiness and heart so why not her body?

“Does it feel good? Do you like it?” Angel demanded thickly, his own unused lungs making his chest rise and fall with the motion of taking in oxygen he didn’t need. His hand squeezed the tender flesh, moulding his touch in a way that had her hips rocking against him.

“Yes. Oh God yes!” she sounded out much louder this time as his palm struck her ass, sending jolts of pained pleasure racing through her. She felt every bit the bad girl like in her fantasies; she felt naughty, felt wanted, sexy. She felt special.

Two cool digits slid down, taunting her clit with exaggerated circles that soothed the burn and aggravated the throbs that had her inner muscles clenching tight. The empty feeling left Cordelia with a hunger completely unfulfilled that would only be sated when Angel finally filled her. The little pearl responded to each light brush of his fingertips, getting harder and harder under his manipulations until her body was begging for release.

A shower of hot rain alerted Angel to exactly how close to climax she was, senseless words poured quietly from her mouth as her hips picked up in pace and pressure. Pushing his hand harder into the soft folds, the vampire took the initiative and separated the dewy, slick flesh until roughened fingers rasped on the sensitive petals.

Raising up on shaking hands, Cordelia tilted her head back allowing the chestnut strands to cascade down her arched back where the ends tickled his inner wrist. However ticklish he maybe due to heightened touch, Angel was far too distracted by the eroticism of seeing his hand move rapidly in the most intimate of places. His pale flesh shone with female arousal that spilled out of her body, heating up the cool feel of his caress intensely.

Sliding down the labia, the vampire groaned loudly when he felt her core open up to allow him entrance. So hot, so slick, he felt no resistance to his movements as he penetrated with those two digits, forcing her muscles to accommodate him. Now sheathed in the softest and warmest place and securely held in place by tightening, climatic fisting from her body, Angel felt he was encased in velvet silk.

Her panting turned into louder, breathy moans as her nails once again dug into the top sheet on the bed and eyes clamped shut against the onslaught of sexual pleasure. Hips moved frantically onto his hand, welcoming the harder caress he gave as he pushed her further towards climax. She was close, so close that addictive throbs pulsed heavily through her, making her cry out his name.

His gaze was fixated on the sight of her body engulfing his hand hotly, enjoying the feel of making her come with a simple caress as this. A cruel smirk lit up his features as Angel purposely slowed down his movements until he was resting inside with the shaft of his fingers gracing intense pressure on the elusive G-spot. “Tut tut baby” he purred silkily, ignoring his own desires with exceptional control.

“Not until I say so” leaving Cordelia cruelly on the edge of orgasm, Angel eased from her body and removed himself from her. Not paying any attention to the sudden angry tone of her voice, the vampire turned his back on her as he eyed his closet. “let’s play a new game, shall we?”