AUTHOR: CydneStorm
SUMMARY: A twist on ‘She’. What if Jheira’s Ko had affected Angel just enough to let the demon rise closer to the surface? Maybe it’s only temporary, maybe it’s not.
POSTED: 14 Feb 2009
CATEGORY: Episode-Related / Angst / Seduction & Teasing
1) I originally wrote this way back in 2006 for the Darkness Within section of Cali’s TIO, which has sadly followed the fate of so many AtS sites. Having zero ability for anything remotely resembling new and creative, I’ve bringing this little piece and its companion, Heat Wave, into the light of day.
2) This is probably more PG13 than R, but better safe than sorry. The sequel is definitely NC17


“When the females come of age, Ko controls our physical and sexual power. It even signals when we are…aroused. But when it is removed…”

“You’re more easily controlled.”

“We marry who they command, serve without question.”

“But you escaped.”

“I thought I would die from the heat under my skin.”

“And the men, they respond to the Ko.”

“Yes. They tried to force… I am daughter to a King. One who promised happiness and a better life. If a few have to die to protect my people-”

“This is my city. Protecting the people I care about is my promise.”

Water beading over his skin, it glistened even under the dull lights of the basement apartment. Muscles rippled across his chest. Broad and hard it showed off the narrowing line of his tapered waist until Cordelia’s sight landed on the towel loosely wrapped around his hips.

“What are you doing?”

“I had to take a shower.”

“A show-Wesley and I were nearly burned from the inside out.”

“Are you alright? Where’s Wes?”

“He stayed behind. Someone has to follow the bad guys while you’re here getting all April fresh.”

Cordelia was too tired to worry about the bitch-slap threat radiating in her tone. She was Angel’s seer now, not just the hired help. It hadn’t been so long that the pamperings of a finer life had been forgotten, and suddenly the call of warm, frothy bubbles sounded good. After all, she was the one fighting off demons while Angel was obviously relaxing.

“Already told you Cor. I needed a shower. I don’t like repeating myself.”

“Already-don’t like-” Lost in a stuttering fit, the words all but spit from her mouth. “What the hell’s gotten into you?” Maybe, Cordelia unconsciously seethed, Angel was tired from following Jhiera half the night.

His nostrils instinctively flared. Cordelia still smelled sweet from her morning bath, but the spicy aroma of her day now clung to her skin. He could scent the thin layer of sweat. Like incense, it burned as he pulled air into his lungs. Anger exuded from every pore, and Angel reveled in the glory of being its maker.

“It’s more like something getting out.”

“What’s that suppose to mean? And what’s with the Cor?”

“Sure you want to know?”

“What I want is for you to put your pants on.”


Cordelia couldn’t remember Angel tugging on the towel. Like a movie scene fading to slow motion, she followed the slow descent. Soft, white cotton slid down muscled legs until bunching around bare feet.

“Is this Jhiera like a she-devil or something? Did she put a whammy on you?” Cordelia asked, determined not to let her eyes wander.

Fear… Tart and tangy, fear seasoned her fragrance almost making the redolence complete. All that was left; innocence aroused into passion. Cordelia had wanted him once. She would want him again.

“No, just eased the burden of the first one.”

“Why did I even ask?”

“Cause you care about me.”

“Well of course-”

“I care about you Cordelia. I’ll always protect you.” Stepping over the clump of damp cotton, Angel sauntered closer, inwardly smiling as Cordelia instinctively backed away. “I take care of my possessions.”

“Possessions?” Intentions of refraining from forbidden glimpses forgotten, her head tilted up to glare face to face. “Forget whammy, you’re delusional.”

“Cor-Cor-Cor.” The soft echo of the single syllable purred against her face as Angel reclaimed his pursuit. “I like how your name rolls off my tongue.”

Cordelia had endured all the Don Juan evil vampire she could take for one night. Angel might have been hexed, again, but that didn’t mean she had to be a willing target. Besides, there was only so much naked Angel a girl was expected to resist. And being equally scared and aroused by the large protrusion jutting from Angel’s groin only added to her mounting confusion. She could feel her heart thumping inside her chest, which meant vampire ears could hear it too.

“Then use it,” she hissed. “Cor…del…ia.”

“You talk too much.”

“Excuse me?”

“Ssshhhh. You have a beautiful mouth Cor…del…ia.” Angel mimicked the drawn-out pronunciation of her name. “You just need to learn what nature intended for a mouth like yours.” Angel purred again, his palms slipping around her hips and sliding under her bottom.

Cordelia’s feet left the floor, the momentum of Angel’s lift guiding them around his waist as her back slapped against the wall. “Oh God. Angel?”

“Hmmm, I like that too. Angel…God.”

His naked groin thrusting against her center, his face nuzzled under chin. Hot and savory, the spicy ambrosia engulfed him, making his mouth water against her throat. Cordelia shivered as his tongue swipe across her flesh, and Angel growled with feral pride.

“Angel please, we have to find Wesley.”

A distant voice called out, warning Angel of lost friendships; but the demon hovered close, its practiced dominance soothing the soul’s fear of repercussion.

“Wes is a big boy. He can take care of himself.”

Cordelia was falling and Angel had become the light shining into her dark oblivion. His mouth, cool against her flesh, warmed as it slid over her throat. Arms capable of crushing her held her close, protecting her just as he had promised. She felt the wetness pool and simmer between her legs. Her breaths came in gasps, lungs heaving under the press of Angel’s weight. It was called euphoria for a reason. It was beguiling. It was forbidden. And Cordelia wasn’t thinking about consequences.

“You’re mine Cordelia. You understand that now; don’t you?”

“Yes, God yes.”

“Prove it.” His voice was a raw husk. Hands that had held her close fisted her blouse ripping it open. “Give yourself to me.”

“Angel! Cordelia! Are you down there?”

The cry shrieked into their paradise, tainting the intoxicating rapture and pulling them back into cold reality.

“Oh God, not now.” Cordelia moaned as Angel’s rhythmic thrusts slowed then stopped.

“We’re not finished, Cordelia.”

His mouth captured hers. Their first kiss, and fearing it would be their last, Cordelia surrendered, giving Angel the proof he had demanded. Tongues battled for dominance, quickly falling into the swirls and sweeps of a classical dance until lungs struggling for air forced their tango to end.

“Now that I’ve tasted you…I won’t ever be finished.” Angel purred as he eased back, relishing the feel of Cordelia’s body slipping down his own.

“Wes, I’m coming up.” He called out, snatching his pants from the chair and jerking them over his hips before he hit the stairs. Halfway up, he turned back. His smile genuine, it hinted of the smug satisfaction lying beneath its warmth. “Soon Cordelia, soon.” The pledge crooned down the stairwell, an arched brow silently warning against contradiction.

Her legs too numb to stand under the weight of Angel’s promise, Cordelia slid down the wall until huddled on the floor. “No, just eased the burden of the first one,” echoed inside her head. He wasn’t Angelus, that much Cordelia was certain, but he wasn’t exactly Angel either. If Jhiera did lift the curse, would it wear off? Could this she-demon be more powerful than the gypsies? Cordelia wondered if it were even possible, or if she’d survive this new

Angel. “Soon Cordelia, soon.”

…So Not The End…
Read the Sequel: Heat Wave

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