Campfire Entertainment

AUTHOR: CydneStorm
POSTED: 30 Apr 2013
ORIGINALLY POSTED at FireStillBurns 11 June 2005
CATEGORY: Fluff & Romance
CONTENT/PAIRING: Angel/Cordelia during the BtVS Years
SUMMARY: A beach/campout challenge. After returning from hell about a month ago, Angel and Buffy are on again/off again as they debate their relationship. Cordelia and Oz caught Xander and Willow cheating and the rebar accident followed. Now Xander hopes that while on the campout he can convince Cordelia to take him back.
CHALLENGE FIC: Lissette’s challenge criteria are posted at the end of the story.


The SUV parked in the driveway was quiet except for the soft hum of the radio. The occupants were equally quiet wishing the two inside would end their torturous wait. This was a big weekend for the two couples. Oz had forgiven Willow for her indiscretion in his usual non-verbal manner. Not the case for Cordelia Chase. Xander Harris had been made to grovel, crawl on his knees begging for any morsel she might toss his way.

“What is taking them so long?”


“God you don’t think they’re going at it while we’re waiting out here in the car do you?”


“For our sakes I hope they take a few extra minutes and shower before they come out. I’m not having people covered with money-sex sweat riding in my car.” Cordelia looked over at Xander, her impatience now bordering on anger. “Do not put our tent next to theirs.”

Xander frowned at the young woman’s growing impatience. Cordelia had yet to decide if she would grant him forgiveness or reentry into her good graces and this weekend was a make or break deal for them. “Yes dear.”

Oz chuckled and Willow released a sigh of relief. Not only did the other couples’ bickering not cause him to rethink his decision to forgive her, Oz actually seemed to enjoy witnessing Xander in his submissive role.


“Please Angel, it’ll be fun.” Buffy pleaded in a little girl whine while attempting to flutter her lashes seductively.

Angel moaned inwardly wishing she would leave him in peace. It had been a month since his return from hell. The first week had been spent recuperating and trying to grab hold of a reality foreign to him for a hundred years. The next two weeks had been one endless discussion after another of why they could no longer be together. He had been in full agreement with the decision by day three. The remaining twelve days were filled with Buffy wavering, and then rehashing the reasons why while he nodded whenever it seemed appropriate.

“Buffy.” Angel’s jaw locked in frustration, it began to twitch and grind in anger. “I am not camping on the beach with you and your scrappies.”

“Stop being so stubborn and it scoobies not scrappies.”

“There’s a difference? Nothing on earth can make me to chance my mind.”

The door burst open from the force of a whirlwind, hell nipping close behind. Cordelia Chase. Angel stared at the young woman, her white gauzy skirt still ruffling around her legs from the energetic entry. The small light behind her allowed the silhouette view of long, tanned legs reaching hips barely covered by a bathing suit. Any debate of waxing could now be laid to rest. Her blouse in the same white gauze was left unbuttoned and tied at the waist showing the soft blue bathing suit struggling to keep her breasts nestled inside.

“What’s the problem people? Times a wasting and Xander is already sweating like a pig.” Cordelia rolled her eyes at her unwanted camping companions. “Speaking of heat, do we need to hose you two down?”

“Excuse me,” Buffy exclaimed springing from her chair.

“Please. The girl who brings out the homicidal maniac in her boyfriend is offended. And while we’re on the subject, any homicidal inducing body parts will remain inside the pants at all times for the duration of this trip.” Cordelia added giving Angel a stern, no arguments glare.

“Well you don’t have to worry about us ruining your weekend.” Buffy clarified, “Angel refuses to go.”

“Refuses to-who voted you special vampire? You listen to me buster,” Cordelia ordered walking closer to shake a finger at the reluctant camper.
“Sharing a tent with Xander Harris and sand in my shorts is not on my list for a weekend of fun. Now grab a blood thermos, and a blanket, and maybe a can of slayer repellant and get in the car. Pronto,” Cordelia added with a oomph as she headed out the door.

The door slammed shut as quickly as it had blasted open. Angel headed for the kitchen without a word leaving Buffy staring blankly into the room.

Holding up a small cooler and blanket he announced, “I’m ready, let’s go,” before following Cordelia’s trail.

Buffy scrambled to catch up grumbling for Angel to slow down. “What’s your hurry and why the sudden mood swing?”

Because I can see through Cordelia’s skirt and her breasts jiggle when she’s agitated. “Just decided I wanted to go to the beach,” Angel admitted offering a boyish grin. Buffy smiled in return, anticipation of their sleepover putting a spring in her step.

Buffy motioned for Oz and Willow to move into the back of the SUV so she and Angel could share the backseat alone, her mouth dropping open in shock when Angel handed his cooler and blanket to Oz before proceeding around the car to the driver’s side.

“Move over, I’m driving,” Angel instructed shooing a hand toward Cordelia and Xander.

“Excuse me, this is my car. I’m driving,” Cordelia announced in defiance looking first to Xander then to the bossy vampire.

“Yes, it’s another nice toy daddy bought you and I’m driving it. Now scoot over. Or do you need me to help you with that,” Angel asked with a leer as he leaned into the car.

Scooting toward Xander as ordered, “move dumbass,” Cordelia’s head whipped around glaring at Buffy slumped in the backseat with Willow and Oz, a scowl on her face. “Uh Buffy, you might want to consider obedience school. I hear they work wonders with unruly pets.”

Revving the engine Angel took off jostling his confused passengers as he spun onto the pavement. Don’t really mind unruly. But pet?

“Gees Xander move over. My clothes are getting wrinkled from all this scrunching.”

“But Cordy,” Xander pleaded. I’m leaning on the door now.”

“So, you face vampires on a nightly basis for Buffy but for me a little skin scrapping on the pavement is too much to ask?”

Xander pushed further against the door hoping the seatbelt and lock would hold. “Yes dear.” Man, how much groveling is it going to take? This better put things back the way they used to be. No, this better put things better than they used to be. I deserve sex, a lot of sex for this. Who am I kidding?
Sex, yea right. Xander leaned against the door hoping it would open and end his misery.

Now there’s a pet and I bet he’s neutered too. I’m not neutered. The discomfort in my pants is proof of that. Angel swerved unnecessarily causing Cordelia to lunge against him. “Cordelia really, you could at least wait until your boy-toy isn’t around.” Angel whispered his suggestion pressing his hand against her gauze cover thigh.

“Hey! Grabby hands.” Cordelia demanded slinging Angel’s hand off her leg.”

“Just trying to keep you off me so I can drive.”

“Bite me,” Cordelia hissed, her eyes glazed with anger.

“I can do that sweetheart,” Angel leaned toward her whispering. “I’m unruly you know.”


“Yes dear?”

God what a dumbass. Cordelia whipped her head around to the backseat for a second time. “Buffy?”

“What,” Buffy asked scrunching her shoulders. It was obvious Angel was angry at her for thinking they shouldn’t get back together and he was trying to make her jealous. But she was determined to ignore it and beat Angel at his own game.

What is it with these two; it’s either boning or nothing. Haven’t they ever heard of cuddling? Cordelia faced forward sharing her glower with Xander and adding a loud huff.

Finally reaching their destination Cordelia was ready to leap to her escape. Why is everyone with access to a door not opening it? God I’m surrounded by idiots.

Rolling his eyes to the right Angel glimpsed at the thin shimmer of perspiration on Cordelia’s face. “You have a little sweat on your upper lip. Am I gonna have to hose you down?”

“Xander, there’s a new invention. It’s called a door. Use it!” Cordelia pushed against Xander’s back as he scrambled to get out of the car and out of her way.

Xander had wanted to come to Cordelia’s rescue during the ride but he knew it’d just end up with him putting his foot in his mouth and making things worse. “Yes dear.” God if I say that one more time I’m going to kill myself.

Still sitting in the backseat Willow started to speak only to be shushed by Oz. “Don’t get involved, if we keep our distance we may just survive the night.”

Willow only nodded allowing Oz to pull her from the car then followed him to retrieve their camping gear from the back. “Willow and I are gonna find a place to pitch our tent…” Oz pointed toward the stretch of shoreline, “somewhere way over there.”

“Xander,” Cordelia barked, “I’m going for a walk along the water’s edge and cool off. I’d like a place to lie down when I get back.”

“Yes de-” God why did I ever want her back? Xander watched Cordelia strolling through the small waves rolling onto the shore, her long, dark hair blowing in the light breeze. Because dumbass, she’s the best thing that ever happened to you. “You know dead boy our night would go a lot better if you’d force your attentions on your girlfriend instead of mine.”

“Technically Cordelia’s not your girlfriend anymore Harris.”

“A temporary setback this weekend can fix if you keep your buttinsky fangs out of it.” Xander challenged forcing down the rush of fear as he locked eyes with the growling vampire.

“Stop it, both of you.” Buffy insisted tired of Angel’s game. Leave Xander alone, it’s me you’re mad at so if you have something to say I’m standing right here.”

Angel eyed the girl for a few seconds. He had agreed to this camping trip for all the wrong reasons and Cordelia’s thin clothing and perky breasts were just two on a long list of wrongness with his current situation. “I believe you promised this would be fun. Did the fun start without me?”

Buffy scrubbed the loose strands of her ponytail from her face, the hardening lump in her stomach assuring her no one would be having fun at the campout from hell. “No it hasn’t started yet. Can you at least help me put up our tent.” Our tent, the words stuck in Buffy’s throat. She was stuck with the antagonistic vampire until sunrise sent them racing home. I guess that Wolfe guy was right. You can’t go home again. At least not after sending your boyfriend to hell.

Tents had been pitched, the fire was blazing, and marshmallows were roasting. Willow and Oz had even risked joining the feuding foursome for a little campfire camaraderie.

Angel definitely looks like he wants to eat something…or someone. As long as it’s not me or Willow, I say get a belly full. “Who’s up for ghost stories?”

Oz figured less chance for more arguing if only one was talking and the rest listening.

“Yay ghost stories,” Cordelia cheered, “as long as it’s realistic and scary and interesting. Xander, don’t even try. Angel,” Cordelia pushed against the heavy lump sitting too close, “scoot over you’re squishing me and then spellbind us with a titillating tale of ghosts and goblins.”

Angel concentrated on the brassy young woman. The bathing suit was gone, replaced by simple and most likely comfortable, underwear. Her blouse still tied at the waist of her skirt was buttoned now but only enough to hide white lace under thin, white gauze. The flimsy fabric didn’t stand a chance against the plump cleavage staring back at him. Titillating, hummm, I can do titillating. “Anything in particular in mind,” Angel asked leaning in closer.

“Duh, we covered that already, scary and interesting but believable. Should we have brought along a dictionary?”

“Settle in little girl, I’ll have you screaming before I’m finished.” Angel challenged, images of Cordelia screaming his name and begging for more teasing common sense.

The vampire, sullen and withdrawn by nature, became a storyteller. His voice rasped with a bold, eerily evil timbre, the ancestry of his beginning coloring his common brogue.

“Making his way down the cobblestone path the lad could heard the agonizing pleas emanating from cemetery. The light of a full moon illuminated the headstones of those left in unrest for eternity. His first misstep on this All Hallows’ Eve was believing those long dead and buried to be the only source of the night’s horrors.

The lad continued his stroll until the temptation of bitter brew he had stolen from the tavern became too great. Reaching the back wall of the cemetery he situated himself and began drinking away his sorrows. Thoughts of a life with no prospects, a father offering only regret and scorn left his soon to be intoxicated brain. Off in the distance, the lad heard the crunch of leaves. The sound getting louder as someone…or something approached.”

“Oh crap,” Cordelia shrieked lunging toward Angel, her freshly manicured nails of bright red practically ripping into his shirt.

“Scared little girl,” Angel whispered into her ear, his voice moist against her skin.

“Please,” Cordelia choked out the sarcasm pushing herself upright and away from the smug storyteller. “A twig brushed across my foot. I thought it might be a creepy crawler, that’s all.” The back of her hand swatted against his hard chest adding emphasis to her faltering attempt of denial.

Angel grabbed the small hand yanking her back against his side. “Yea right, creepy crawler. Just stay close; I won’t let the monster eat you.”

Cordelia flushed, heat surging through her veins as their body contacted. Thoughts of being eaten and who would do the eating, monster in the tale or monster telling the tale flustered incoherent thoughts even more. A hand not as firm gripped her upper arm yanking her away from the vampire. “Ouch,” she hissed, her wound beginning to ache from being yanked about.

“I’ll protect you Cor,” Xander promised gawking at the arrogant vampire turned seductive teller of tales.

“Yea Angel,” Buffy snapped, “let Xander take care of his girlfriend and get on with your story so someone else can have a turn.”

“Fine, but the next time someone wants to whine about me not participating let’s remember this moment.” Looking around at the waiting faces Angel continued his eerie tale.

“Taking another swig of his brew he looked up into yellow eyes rimmed with evil. The lad froze in terror unable to breathe. Thinking quickly, he reached for a loose stone to use as a weapon, but something from behind grabbed his wrists. The cold, clammy hands possessed long, sharp fingernails that dug into his flesh. Struggling in vein to break loose from his captor he noticed the heinous creature heading toward him.

At that moment he beheld a most frightening sight. This thing of human size and proportion with yellow eyes and pale skin belonging to the dead was clutching an unmoving body in his grip. The demonic looking creature leaned in close. It spoke in a rasping, guttural voice, ‘Greetings, desolate one.’ Feeling ill from the stale stench of the creature’s breath the lad began to sweat, his mind raced. Fear seized his body and he feared his lungs would fail him.

The pint of brew still clasped determinedly in his grip dropped to the stone below shattering around his boots. Unable to move he watched in horror. The young lad witnessed that night what nightmares are made of. The creature pursed its lips back while opening its creaking jaw. Lowering its head in a swift motion it attacked and with one vicious bite, half the man’s throat was taken. Blood stained its pale cheeks dripping to the leaves below and he believed his heart would surely stop.”

“Don’t stop there,” Willow spoke for the first time since the story had begun. “How does it end?”

Angel looked at the girl’s face, full of innocence and expectation. “The dawn of the morning sun cast a light against the lad’s face. He closed his eyes tighter blocking out the ache of the sun’s rays. Rolling over onto his side he searched the grounds for the demons. Everything was as it should be. The leaves were free of blood and not a trace of his would be attackers. His pint of brew lay toppled over, his clothes damp from the rancid smelling spill. It had been only a nightmare, or maybe a dream, a plea for what the young man believed would be an escape from a desolate existence.”

“That’s it, it was only a dream? The creatures weren’t even real and no one was killed?” Buffy asked shocked Angel would tell such a passive story.

“Gees Buffy use the ole brain once in a while.” Cordelia declared standing up. “Your boyfriend, the bringer of death and maiming, gave us a story with a happy ending. Now I need to freshen up and since that big splash of salt water is my only option you losers busy yourselves somewhere else.”

Cordelia grabbed her bag and headed for the water, her companions watching in stunned silence. Cordelia Chase in her uniquely colorful fashion had defended Angel and his story.

“Come on, let’s take a walk and stretch our legs before we turn in.” Buffy suggested.

“I don’t know maybe I should wait for-”

“Forget it Xander, this campout is a bust. Cordelia only wants to sleep; she’s not interested in taking a moonlit walk with you.” Buffy’s voice barely held a trace of emotion as she addressed her ex-boyfriend. “Angel, I don’t suppose you’d want to spend the time with us a walk would require.”

Angel focused on the young girl facing him. His presence in her life had caused nothing but heartache. Coming on this trip was a mistake and one he couldn’t fix at the moment. “No Buffy, I don’t suppose I would.”

Crawling into the small tent Angel attempted to squirm inside the snug sleeping bag. With any luck he’d be asleep if Buffy decided to share the space. At least one good thing would come from this event; any pretense that hope remained for them could finally stop.

Cordelia made her way back to the campsite careful to avoid anything that would mar her clean skin. She looked around the abandoned space. It seemed she must be the only one that thought cleanliness and sleeping made good companions. One tent had the flap open; it must be Xander’s. Who else would be waiting for her to finish her bath?

Creeping inside the cramped space with soft, quiet steps Cordelia slipped into the sleeping bag. Its small size made it impossible to snuggle inside the half zipped excuse for a bed without sliding down his backside. “Xander have you been working out? I’m impressed, muscles look good on you, well feel good; I can’t really see you.”

Small hands kneaded taut muscles stretched across broad shoulders. “I’m not sleepy yet so I guess you’ll have to think of a way to entertain me.”

Angel grinned enjoying the sensation of warm skin pressed against his, and playing with a spitfire like Cordelia Chase was a bonus. He rolled over covering his new bed partner with his body. Capturing her mouth with his he waited for soft lips to respond inviting him to take more. His tongue invaded the sweet cavern teasing and tasting. Releasing her mouth to allow her air Angel moaned her name. “Cordelia you taste so sweet, like a ripe plum ready to be picked.

The voice sounded familiar, but not belonging to Xander familiar. “Angel,” Cordelia gasped, “what are you doing?”

“Entertaining you,” he replied devouring her mouth before she could reject the idea. Cordelia’s body stiffened, and then relaxed surrendering to his skillful motivation.

Common sense forcing its way to the forefront of her brain Cordelia pushed away from the alluring kiss. “I can’t, I want to but I can’t. It’d be cheating and I can’t do that, not after being so angry with Xander for cheating on me.” Her voice was a heated rasp so full with lust it left little room for her doubts.

“But you’re not with Xander,” Angel reminded her, then questioned his assumption, “you didn’t take him back after what he did to you; did you?”

“No, not yet,” Cordelia shifted attempting to move Angel off her since he wasn’t offering. “But this weekend is about us trying to work things out.”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned Cordelia it’s that relationships aren’t supposed to be hard. If you’re in love with someone you don’t want to be with anyone else.”

Cordelia listened to the words echoing in her head. Was Angel playing her or was he telling her he wouldn’t want her if he was still in love with Buffy? As amazing as it sounded figuring out her feelings for Xander were even harder. She didn’t know if she was still in love with him because she didn’t know if she was in love with him before his ‘we’re gonna die fling’ with Willow.

Well what’s all the hoopla about? If I wasn’t in love with Xander before why am I trying to love the jerk now? “You’re right Angel. Love isn’t supposed to make you weak, it should make you stronger.”

Her voice was tentative but the conviction showing in her eyes assured Angel it wasn’t about her decision, only the activity to follow. “There’s nothing to be afraid of Cordelia. This is about us and what we want, both of us.” Angel offered a sly grin hoping to ease the tension. “I can just entertain you for now and tomorrow we can decide if we want more.”

“What do you have in mind?” Cordelia asked returning the devious grin.

“Maybe this,” Angel slowly rotated his hips pressing into her center. “That may be a little too much entertainment. The others will be back soon.”

“Now let’s not make snap decisions. I’m not easily entertained. It might require a lot of effort on your part.”

Angel chuckled at the young woman writhing beneath him. “I love your honesty; if you think it you say it.”

“It’s the only way to get what you want. And speaking of want, do you hear the others.”

“No,” Angel answered listening to sounds around them.

“Then why don’t we try that hip thing a few more times. It’ll give us some ideas for tomorrow.”

“Whatever you say Miss Chase. You can have anything you want.” Angel declared spreading her legs with his knees so he could press harder into her center. He captured her mouth in another smoldering kiss, his tongue and hips thrusting into her.

“Angel, we’re leaving as soon as the others get back.” Cordelia announced between the kisses and nips. “I already know what I want. God I know what I want.”




Okay, I’m totally in that BtVS mood and I want a challenge somewhere during the time C/X and B/A are dating….

They all go to the beach to spend the night, kind of like a slumber party at the beach. Somehow Buffy convinces Angel to go to this little sleepover. They do the normal roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, etc. Then Buffy, Xander and Willow take off (for whatever reason) and Angel goes to his tent, to lay there and brood about Buffy having gone off without him and then finally fall asleep. Cordelia wonders into the dark tent thinking it’s Xander and comes prepared for a little make out session and maybe a bit more

Angel is pleasantly awakened by a warm, luscious female body draped over him, being able to see in the dark and all, realizes it’s Cordy, but doesn’t say anything because he is enjoying it too much.

Don’t worry about the curse, we’ll just conveniently overlook that part.

This can be just a standalone (or my preference) the beginning of a nice long serial but either one is great.

1. During ghost story time, Angel’s story must scare Cordy and make her jump and Angel gets lots of amusement from it. She gets mad about it and hits him a couple times ending in a small wrestling (in that very flirtatious way and they both get a bit hot) match and they make Buffy & Xander very jealous.
2. Must have some smut…okay, I’m lenient, this isn’t a must, but it’s a huge plus! LOLOL


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