Payback with Unexpected Interest

SUMMARY: A follow up to ‘Making Amends’. Angel pays back Cordelia when the others go out to the movies
POSTED: 26 Jul 2005
CATEGORY: PWP Smut / Script Style
WARNINGS: Graphic Sexual Content and Language Use
AUTHOR NOTES: VERY naughty and erotic dialogue and scenes.

(Cordy is bent over the Hyperion desk, nude except for her red, four inch “Fuck me” heels. Her tanned, toned, voluptuous body glistening with perspiration, her back arching so far she almost looked like a professional contortionist, her pouty, sinful mouth hung open, panting and moaning with the occasional profanity emerging from it, her eyes squinted shut from ecstasy. Behind her, Angel was in a similar state, his head thrown back in pleasure, heavily exerting all his energy into driving his hips forward and backward, burying his rock hard member into Cordy’s unbelievably tight ass, his hands grasping her fantastic hips, their joining creating echoing ‘whaps’ across the lobby, his rock hard abs flush against her curvy buttocks.)

CORDY: AaaahhHHH YEAH, MMMmmmmm… huh, HUH, oh, oh, OH! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Yes!!! OH GOD YYEEEAAHHHHH!!!!


CORDY: (Yelling through gritted teeth) HARDERRRR!!!!!

(Angel obliges, and begins to piston his hips even faster, driving Cordy further into the desk. Cordy tries to push back with her hands to counter Angel’s forward thrusts, but Angel’s stronger so she’s slowly losing that battle. Angel however, sees her predicament and decides to assist. He grabs both of her wrists and pins them behind her back like a cop, using one hand to clamp them together. He then uses his other hand to yank her head back by the hair. He pulls her back as his hips push forward. Completely restrained like this, Cordy became incredibly wet, the smacking sounds of their joining became louder, resulting in an almost ‘POW’ like echo.)

CORDY: YEESSSS!!! JESUS!!! JESUS!!! TAKE ME ANGEL!!! I wanna be taken by the vampire, let me feel you, all of you, fuck me, Angel, FUCK MEEEEE!!!

(Angel’s abs tightened even more with Cordy’s lust crazed talk, his pecs were rock hard from effort, his balls were swollen to the size of kumquats, ready to explode. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d held out this long, which makes sense because he never did, he was close, so close, but so was she, he vamped out)

ANGEL: Oh…O-O-OH FUCK, here it comes!

CORDY: Yeah!!! C’MON, BABY!!!


(He came incredibly hard, pulling her up and sinking his fangs into Cordy’s pulse point, she shrieked with the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced as she felt him pump stream after painful stream of dead seed into her bowels. Almost two minutes, possibly the longest sustained orgasm in history, it finally ended. They collapsed to the floor, completely spent, his hands caressing her sweaty abdomen.)

CORDY: (Turning her head to the said to stare up at him with afterglow laded orbs, uttering…) You’re… a god.

(Despite his mind-blowing orgasm, Angel felt his cock being to stir again, until it reached a certain level of arousal, then he inwardly winced as a sharp pain registered. HE bit his bottom lip to keep his squeak muttered.)

CORDY: Mmmmm… we’d better get cleaned; we don’t want to blow our cover to the guys ‘buck naked on the floor’ now do we?

(Angel shook his head. Cordy turned over and delivered a sensual kiss to his lips, once again his awakening, nether regions emitted a sting; he tried desperately to muffle his apparent discomfort. Cordy got up and walked upstairs, her perfect backside swaying a little too enticingly for Angel’s ‘predicament’ to handle.)

(When she finally disappeared from sight, Angel went to do a personal check on junior. Right about halfway down, he felt a painful pressure.)

ANGEL: No way, it couldn’t. I knew it was strong but… but goddamn, this NEVER happened before, to anybody.

(It was… it would heal in a few hours, but there was no mistake)

(He’d torn his urethra, the orgasm was “TOO” powerful).

ANGEL: Man… that woman’s gonna be the death of me…

… but what a way to go.



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