Making Amends

SUMMARY: A take of an ‘American Pie’ scene, just a little smutty thing thrown together.
POSTED: 24 Jul 2005
CATEGORY: PWP Smut / Script Style
WARNINGS: Sexual Content

Angel is currently surveying the damage on his dented vehicle. It wasn’t that big of an indentation, but it was definitely noticeable. Cordy is standing behind him, twiddling her thumbs. She’s wearing a pair of tight fitting, low riding blue jeans and a small, white, belly-baring tank top with an American flag picture on it.

CORDY: Look, Angel, I know that I should have asked for permission before taking the car, but Wesley needed a new book from some research on some quirky new demon, and since his bike’s in the shop and no one else has a drivers license, I just assumed it would be okay.

ANGEL: It’s not the borrowing of the car I mind, it’s the particularly large ‘ding’ in the rear bumper that has me a bit peeved. What happened?

CORDY: Well, you know, one minute you’re backing out of a parking space, the next you find out the dumbass space is a little too narrow and you crash into a…erm…Mercedes benz.

ANGEL: MERCEDEZ BE—please tell me you weren’t seen!

CORDY: Nope, basically I’m the unseen culprit on the lamb, heh.

ANGEL: Aw, Cor. Well anyways, this looks salvageable, I’m used to repairing these sort of things. Don’t worry about it, accidents happen.

CORDY: Yeah…but still, I feel kinda guilty, and… (she twirls a lock of her hair and grins slightly) I kinda, ya know, wanna make it up to you.

ANGEL: (Looks at her a bit confused) Really? (arches an eyebrow) How?
(Five minutes later, cue rockin’ guitar riff, Angel’s clothes are strewn across the room)

ANGEL: (Leaning back with his ass against the side of the car, naked, his sculpted physique covered in a thin sheen of sweat, his stomach and chest muscles twitch ever so often, his hands braced on the hood of the car. He’s staring off into space, a look of pleasure and wonder etched across his features as his eyes cross slightly before they close and his head leans back, sounds of moans, groans, and pants escape his open mouth) Oh..OH..ugn, oh yeah…oh, Oh, OH…*huff* *pant* OOOOooohhhh, uuuuuunnngghh Oh Fuck, mmmhuh, HUH.

CORDY: (Still dressed, removes her plush lips from his large, thick cock with an audible pop, still stroking it with her hand to keep it erect, she looks at him with upturned eyes) Dude, the others are right upstairs and that door’s not exactly soundproof.

ANGEL: (Looks down at her, a look of euphoria and lust etches his face from the resulting work on his aching shaft from her lips, tongue, teeth and throat muscles) Ungh, *pant*, Cordy, *huff* d-don’t stop.

CORDY: Don’t worry baby, mama won’t leave you wanting. (With a naughty smile, she prepared herself to deliver the technique she’d been secretly working on for a while, one so intense that an ordinary human wouldn’t be able to remain conscious during it’s fruition, but a sexy vamp was a little bit different. Taking a deep breath and tensing every muscle in her head, she delivered… a Texas Twister).

ANGEL: Oh, Uh-oohh, Oh, OH, UNNGGHH…
(Upstairs, Fred had paid the deliveryman and brought in her special treat for the gang, five orders of two double decker taco’s from Taco Bell)

FRED: Hey ya’ll, grubs here (She opens a bag to take a whiff and nearly faints in pleasure from the scent of shell, sauce, chicken and beef)

GUNN: Cool girl.

WESLEY: Perhaps we should get Angel and Cordy here, It wouldn’t be polite to start without them.

GUNN: I’ll go.
ANGEL: (With his shirt covering his face, muffling his…) HOLY F-F-FUCK!!!!!

CORDY: Shh (giggling) would you keep it down (she resumes her mind blowing work).

(Gunn walks downstairs)

ANGEL: Oh yeah, OH…

(Gunn approaches the door)


(He’s about to touch the knob)


GUNN: (Startled and mutters to self) Okay bro, I’ve got ears, I could hear you just fine.
(Cordy wipes her mouth; a small trail of spunk drips on top of her tank, Angel falls to the floor on his ass, leaned up against the car, completely spent.)

(Cordy twirls her hair again, looking at his straight in the eye from her crouched position.)

CORDY: (A big grin plastered on her face) So…dept paid in full or what?


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