Top The Gun

AUTHOR: CALIFI (aka Sachi)
SUMMARY: Cordy gets an idea from the movie Top Gun.
POSTED: 13 Nov 2003
CATEGORY: Fluff / Humor / Challenge Fic
WARNINGS: None listed
1) Scorchy’s Challenge about Cordy using the famous line in Top Gun on Angel- you’ll recognise it when you see it, lol!

‘Let’s rent-A-Vid’

Once the movie ended, Cordy sat next to Angel with a frown marring her pretty brow. He’d shifted uncomfortably all the way through it [which was nothing unusual]; nope- that wasn’t the reason for her frown at all.

The words in the movie raced around her head, and she could not, for the life of her, get them out. Silence permeated the room; the TV turned off, care of Dennis, who then disappeared into his wall, and the ‘two’ stooges sitting there staring at either their hands or the really interesting layer of dust on top of the TV set.

Connor was beside the couch fast asleep in his portable crib, and Angel, not wanting to disturb him, continued to sit there silently, enjoying his Lovely Seer’s company.

For several weeks now, he’d found out, via Lorne, that TPTB had finally decided to superglue that fair-weather soul of his – and he still hadn’t got round to putting the moves on the Brunette he had the Mother of hots for!

“I am such a wuss!” he groaned to himself.

But, to be honest, Cordy hadn’t exactly shown any signs of being excited at his new “I can bonk quite happily’ status now – the initial flare of joy swamped by the dread that had poured from her eyes, that had eventually melted away by degrees when he stated categorically that , no, he wasn’thightailing it back to Sunny D and a certain blonde…but besides that, Cordy hadn’t reacted the way he’d hoped. At. All!

He sighed unconsciously and picked invisible lint from his pant’s leg absently as they both sat there side by side looking for all the world like two lemons.

Cordy glanced furtively at her best friend and frowned again. When he’d broken the wonderful news of his-now permanent soul, her first instinct was to hug him like crazy, and ask him for a ‘test run’ – then reality stomped in on really heavy, uncomfortable boots in the form of an image of said best friend/potential hot lover in a smutty, slutty clinch with Slu- err, Buffy Summers.

Immediately, the lust extinguished like a soggy cold blanket, and Heartbreak followed along, with Despair dogging its heels; carrying an armful of wet kippers to slap her soundly across the face for good measure!

To say she was relieved when he informed them of his intention NOT to take a running jump into said Powerhouse’s bed, she still hesitated to show her intense excitement.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that it was now common knowledge [as in Willow telling Cordy discreetly, who, just as discreetly told Fred – who had Indiscreetly let it slip out whilst ever member of AI were hanging in the lobby!] that Spike and Buff were an item?

A deeply disturbing, fit-for porn movies kinda item; but still! ”Go Buff!” Cordy had thought at the time, smirking a little – then changing it to an innocent smile when Angel gave her a funny look.

Anyhoo, to get back to the point! – Angel also hadn’t shown any hint that he was gonna add to that speech with a “how could I leave when all I wanna do is love you, Cordy, and take you upstairs and shag you senseless?” Cordy had sighed in agonising disappointment, thinking *Why would I be so lucky as to have that studalicious Vamp all to myself?*

So here they sat, side by side…both thinking of how much they loved the other, and, of course, all the things they could be doing to each others bodies right now- and not doing a darned thing about it! How pathetic were they?! :huh:

“Right! That’s it! Do or die!” Angel nearly jumped out of his skin at her loud and high exclamation – then gulped when his gorgeous Seer turned around abruptly and slung a long, golden and deliciously bare [shorts are *so* the way to go!] leg over his, and straddled him.

Hooking her arms around his sexily to-die-for broad shoulders, and hugging his edible strong, thick neck; she lowered her head and gazed into his shocked brown eyes.

“Angel ya big stud. Take me to bed or lose me forever!” Their eyes locked; the shock now reflected in her beautiful hazel eyes as she realised that, yes; she was now sitting, groin to groin with her totally hot [and muscley thighed] Champion, and, yes; challenged him to ravish her.

Every muscle in her body froze – and, going by the vibes off him, his muscles had suffered the same dilemma…. *scratch that* she thought, a flush rising up her neck; one particular ‘muscle’ hadn’t froze- not at all! In fact, if Cordy wasn’t mistaken, not only wasn’t it not frozen [as such], but it was growing too!

Oh, Boy

The combination of sizzling heat coming off her totally gorgeous body- especially there, and her soft and sultry words, Angel, naturally was in complete shock.

Had he fallen asleep, and now in the middle of a dream come true? Or was this really happening; Cordy throwing ultimations – and herself at him? At this point, he didn’t give a flying fuck which one it was. Either way, he was gonna make the most of it!

Searching and finding, with much joy, his recently misplaced balls, Angel shot to his feet, taking her hot little body with him; gold ringing his scorching, melting chocolate delight eyes and the most wickedly delicious smirk sliding across those very. Kissable. Lips. *sigh*

“The only thing I’m gonna lose, is my body in yours, babe” he growled passionately, then turned towards her bedroom, tripping on the way and almost dropping her before righting himself and stifling her giggles with a very long and devouring kiss.



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