Raising Angel

AUTHOR: CALIFI (aka Sachi)
SUMMARY: Cordy is feeling neglected.. Time to remind people she’s a beautiful woman.
POSTED: 26 Apr 2004
CATEGORY: Romance / Fluff / Smut
CONTENT/PAIRING: C/A – Season 2, pre-episode ‘The Shroud’
WARNINGS: Sexual Content
AUTHOR NOTES: For Scorch and Frazi
Waking up with a bee in your bonnet…

Cordy stared hard at her reflection in the mirror above her bathroom sink.

Everything looked in place; no pimples…her brows were nicely arched and her eyes still a nice size and sufficiently sexy. Her mouth was sultry without being to big or too thin, and her bronzed skin was clear and satiny soft.

Hair: glossy, long and lustrous- check.

“So what the hell is the problem, Dennis?” Cordy scowled grumpily. “Real breasts and a figure to die for; doncha think?” the air around her displaced as Dennis showed his approval.

“I don’t know why I’m asking you; you’d love me even if I had a hunchback and a wart on the end of my nose,” she giggled at the mental picture, then snorted when Dennis grabbed her lipstick and wrote quickly on the mirror.

“Love you yes- but fancy? I may be a ghost, but don’t knock my taste, woman!” Cordy could almost picture his scowl. “Sorry; it’s just…” she left out a frustrated breath and turned away from the mirror, walking out of the bathroom and flopping morosely onto the couch.

“I haven’t had a date since…. well, you know as well as I do how long it’s been- over a damned year.” She huffed. Not that she minded that part really.

Wilson Christopher had put her off dabbling with all things hot and sweaty- truer words were never said: you don’t miss what you’ve never had- “or in my case, had once and was left wanting,” She moaned glumly.

Nope; sex was as far from her mind as a full bikini wax- no way; no how!

But at the same time, Cordy was sick and tired of feeling unattractive! “God, even Willow has a better track record than me- feeling insecure? – You bet!” she growled in a way that even Angel would have been impressed with.

Each day, she waltzed into work, dressed to kill and oozing sensuality- but did anyone notice? Nope! Wes rarely looked up from whatever musty old tome he was salivating over at the time. And the closest Gunn had got to a compliment [backhanded!] was to call her Barbie- though adding ‘stick’ to it wasn’t exactly flattering!

As for Angel…. well, she supposed she could understand. As far as she knew, he only had eyes for Buffy Summers- even though she’d more or less told him to do one by choosing her soldier boy over the newly permanently- souled vampire.

But that wasn’t the point! The point was that she was a stunning leggy, firm and generously breasted young woman with a face others would give their eye-teeth for- wasn’t she? “Maybe I’m being up myself a tad there,” Cordy grinned. “Hell to that! I have it all…” the grin melted off her face, “do I?” she asked herself again her insecurities flying back to the surface.

“Oh my God, Dennis!” she shot up of the couch with a surge of panic. “I’m questioning my inherent pulling power! Is this how low I have sunk?” flopping back onto the couch, she covered her face in mortification- then dropped them and lifted her chin.

“That’s it! I’ll PROVE I’ve still got what it takes to leave a man breathless- even if one of them men doesn’t breath!” she growled, getting to her feet once again and stalking towards her bedroom, shedding her robe on the way.

“This booty is gonna do some major work today, or my name isn’t Cordelia Chase!”…

Now all she had to do was figure out who to use as her guinea pig…notAngelnotAngelnotAngel her subconscious mind laughed at her puny attempts to deny her real problem- Angel didn’t find her attractive!

“Nope; I think Wes is a safer bet,” she attempted to console herself with the hope that she had what it took to move that stodge on-legs. “Angel is definitely NOT on my seduce list, nuh- uh!” she muttered to herself as she routed feverishly through her closet with a dark frown…


“Morning Wes” Cordelia kept her carefree smile fixed firmly on her face as the man muttered a greeting without looking up. Cordy frowned, her bottom lip pooching out a little, then an idea popped into hr head. “Any jelly donuts left?” she asked with faux-avid interest.

“You’ll have to have a cream or plain one- the jelly donut is mine!” Wes warned her coolly, his eyes still glued to the book. Dammit! Failure already! Grrr! Cordy stuck her tongue out at hs bent head and turned to drop her bag on her desk before walking towards him.

Angel chose this very moment to appear at the top of the stairs. As he silently ascended, he glanced down into the lobby; then his eyes nearly fell out of his head.

The brunette in front of him was a complete vision of untold sexuality. His darkening gaze swept her figure from toe-to-head, starting at the deadly heeled boots encasing her legs. Tight black leather that screamed for her to be looked at covered feminine calves from ankle to knee, guiding his orbs up to where a flash of tanned flesh appeared. Smooth and supple, the light seemed to reflect off the silky surface of her thighs before a black skirt hid the rest of her endless legs from his view.

A black pencil skirt clung to her figure, bringing out the dangerous curves of her waist and hips. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Angel continued his visual experience. Her flat stomach was only visible for a moment before her body moved, shifting the shirt to cover her abdomen. Not to be interrupted, the vampire slowly undressed the brunette with an onyx gaze. There were three small buttons preventing him from seeing the rest of her body and removal ideas went through his head. Sweeping his charcoal gaze higher, Angel found himself staring at the gentle curves of her cleavage. The last few steps disappeared under his feet with a jolt, and Angel quickly grabbed hold of the banister before he fell flat on his face.

A pair of curious hazel eyes turned to glance over at the vampire who had a large pale hand wrapped around the banister as he attempted to straighten up after stumbling down the last few steps, before giving him a quick, absent smile and returning to her perusal of the bakery box. Angel cleared his throat and quickly walked over until he stood next to the bedazzled ex-watcher.
“How many have you eaten?” she grumbled, apparently oblivious to the stunned men gaping; the ex-Watcherwho’d finally glanced up and silently gasped at her get up- and who’s blue eyes glazed even more as she stooped slightly over the bakery box, unwittingly displaying a fragile fuchsia silk half-cup bra that did nothing to detract from the golden mounds it encased so lovingly. Angel’s brown orbs rapidly disappeared as his pupils dilated, leaving a corona of gold rimming the black.

Fuck! It was bad enough attempting to keep his lusty feelings under control on a daily basis with regards to the tempting stunning brunette, but this was… Angel shook his head dazedly, wondering how the hell he was expected to walk around with a hard-on as solid as a rock all day- and not draw everyone’s attention!

“At least she missed my nearly falling down those steps, he breathed a silent sigh of relief. Dorkalready seemed to be her favourite word where he was concerned lately, not having a clue as to why he’d become so clumsy around her since his brief sojourn at her apartment.

His regret at leaving had been partially eclipsed by the relief that he would no longer be tempted to sneak into her bedroom at night, or her bathroom that had never been locked whilst she’d bathed. It also irked him that his Seer hadn’t even considered it a necessity with him living there…. and her habit of wandering around in skimpy shorts and loose t-shirts noticeably braless! So surely he could control himself now; after all, she was wearing a bra right now.

Fat lot of good it’s doing though, he grumbled to himself, forcing his eyes away from the delicate front fastening clasp and her all too-tempting flesh.

Cordy finally chose a plain sugared donut and straightened, discreetly glancing at the two men as she raised the confection to her lips. Bingo! Wes actually had drool on his chin. She stifled the grin of triumph and flicked a shuttered look at the silent vampire. The urge to grin smugly disappeared in a huff as she noted his apparently total lack of interest; his dark eyes seemingly intent on the book in front of Wes.

Heaving a little sigh of disappointment, Cordy dropped her eyes to the donut and took a bite, missing the almost devouring gaze of the vampire who took that moment to glance at her face.

His mouth pooled with saliva as he greedily watched her pink tongue slide out to sweep away the frosting of sugar from her lips, leaving the fuchsia-tinted flesh glossy and sinfully wet.

After taking another bite, Cordy turned away and swayed gracefully towards her desk, two pairs of hot eyes watching the gentle swing of her tightly clad ass. Angel gulped when his gaze caught the seams of barely-there stockings that mapped the back of her thighs.

Jeeeesussss! Is she trying to kill me? he wondered helplessly as his mind traitorously followed the tempting trail under that snug skirt and imagined the garter those stockings were anchored to.

“Um…I think I left my shower running,” Angel muttered as he made his getaway; he definitely needed some alone time with his monkey right at that moment. His shoulders tensed for a second at her amusedly muttered ‘Dork’ as he made his escape. I’ll show her just how far from ‘dork’ I am…. one of these days!

As she watched his rapidly disappearing back, Cordy pouted moodily. So much for her killer get up! Although it had finally reeled in Wes, it was completely lost on the one she- NO! Not that unfeeling, none-typical-guy manpire! She shrugged of her deep disappointment.

“Well, I got a rise out of stodgy book-man, which is a feat in itself,” she muttered under her breath, “rise! – hmmm….” Her mouth slowly tilted as a rapid plan B popped into her feverishly working female brain.

If by the slightest chance she had moved Angel- not that she really wanted to, that is, but what if he was just too good at hiding any response to her man killer tactics from his often-stoic face? That in itself was worthy of an attempt; so the jackpot it was gonna be she decided airily- even though her heart thumped in anticipation.

“Stoic just cannot win over the male body, buster,” she stifled a wicked snikker, checking Wes hadn’t heard her before figuring out how to get the ‘rise’ she wanted from the Dark and Broody One; earlier plans to bedazzle them all but forgotten as she centred on just one of them…the fact totally going over her head as to why she was more intent on getting the vampire to pant and lust after her.

That Dorky vamp would notice her- even if it killed her!

When Angel finally arrived back downstairs, Cordy was nowhere in sight. His large frame relaxed instantly, his super senses picking up her regular heartbeat in the nearby bathroom.

He strolled over to his office and thankfully closed the door; his Birdseye view to her desk was just too much for his poor fragile body right now. The quick ‘shower’ had done nothing to ease the ache between his legs and he wondered dazedly how he could continue to be near that hot walking time bomb without jumping her and dragging her off to his rooms for at least a week of pent-up passion-purging.

Sitting back in his chair, long, heavily muscled legs stretched out in front of him, Angel attempted to clear his head of visions of a certain nude female body laid out on his bed with hotly beckoning hazel eyes calling out to him; shifting his body uncomfortably as the ache grew. When the door suddenly opened, a pained groan left his throat as he watched the subject of his fantasies sway towards him, a manila file held loosely in her hands.

“Need that famous signature, big guy.” God, if she only knew how right she was! Angel leaned forward in an attempt to hide the straining bulge in his pants, groaning again low in his throat when she slid around the desk and leaned over to place the file in front of him.

Without straightening back up, Cordy made a fuss of opening the file and pulling out a few sheets of paper. “Here, here and here,” she pointed out, her chest inches from the vampire’s face.

From this angle, her shirt gaped until Angel could even see a flash of skin below her breasts too- if he’d bothered looking away from those firm, luscious globes. As her arm moved to shuffle the paper, one of the silky cups shifted, and for a blinding moment, he caught a glimpse of pink tender flesh as her areola slid partially into view.

An unmanly squeak almost shot out of his partially gaping mouth; he snapped it shut quickly.

“You okay? You look a little pale; well, paler than usual anyway,” Cordy turned her concerned gaze to his suddenly tensed face for a second before straightening up.

“No, no…. haven’t eaten yet, that’s all,” Angel muttered, his throat working even as his greedy eyes flickered with abject disappointment at his loss of visual stimulation. Cordy’s eyes widened dramatically.

“Oh, God!” She gasped, moving even further back with an abashed expression on her lovely face. “And there’s me practically shoving my throat into your face,” she cracked a grin, one fine brow arching teasingly. “You weren’t tempted to bite it were you, fangy?”

“Not your throat, no,” Angel cleared his throat and forced a faint smile on his lips at her look of mild confusion and shot to his feet abruptly, putting the desk between them. “Or anywhere- at all. Nope, I’d never…” he shrugged his shoulders, mouth working silently as he attempted to cover his gaffe, “I-I might just…he pointed wildly at the door with another strained smile, making a tipping motion with his other hand- then bolted.

“Okaaaaay…not wanting to be thought of as food here, which means no more close-ups of the neck,” Cordy muttered under her breath. She’d just have to flaunt other parts of her body; she didn’t want him fighting the urge to eat her…. her cheeks flushed as a verrry hot scenario popped into her head at that particular word. “hoo, boy; who’s the one getting worked up here? Down girl.” She stifled the giggle that threatened to erupt from her throat, turning to walk out of Angel’s office.

“Damn, girl, you’re looking good enough to eat; you got a date?” Gunn whistled with open appreciation as he trotted down the short steps, letting the main door thud quietly behind him.

Cordy threw him an absent smile, so intent on her inward plans that she missed entirely the earlier wanted response from her other colleague, walking gracefully to her desk and hitching her skirt a little as she lowered herself into her chair; missing the muffled gasp that came from the direction of the counter as Angel turned from the microwave with a warm cup of blood in his hand.

Another few inches of bronzed thighs caught his devouring orbs as her ass hit the seat, and Angel caught a tempting glimpse of thick lace hugging her flesh. Hold-ups- she’s wearing … he salivated, imagining the ease of tugging those stocking down without the need to fumble for garter fastenings- his fingers were already trembling, so the vampire knew he would have had trouble.

He seriously doubted she would be impressed if he just ripped it apart- the fate of her panties would cause enough chastisement!

Shaking himself out of his lusty funk, Angel made his way unsteadily towards the office, pausing painfully as he decided whether or not to close the door again. “Ah, fuck it; so I’m into pain; no surprise there,” he growled low, pushing the door completely ajar before entering and scooting back into his seat.

From his vantage point, the vampire had a partial side view of the delectable brunette, the angle just enough to see both knees. He fixed unblinking eyes onto that wide strip of flesh and slid back into his fantasy of the day.

Cordy sneaked glances towards her boss every couple of minutes, and frowned. His eyes had a far away look and seemed to be staring at a point level with the lobby floor- and she could only glimpse him from the waist up; damnit! How was she supposed to gauge his reaction from the waist down if it was hidden behind that rotten desk!

A small growl of frustration left her pursed mouth, drawing the vampire’s gaze for a split second. Hurriedly she dropped her eyes and pinned them to the computer screen directly in front of her.

When she dared to sneak another peek, her mouth curled up in excited glee: Angel had got up to grab a book from the shelf at the side, and instead of going back to his desk, he instead flopped gracefully into a client chair, swivelling it absently until he directly faced her. Her decidedly un-heard of actions didn’t even phase her as she went for the kill.

Taking a deep, courage-inducing breath, she manoeuvred her chair till her knees were pointing fully towards him and let them slide casually open; just enough for him to see the tiny scrap of fuchsia silk barely covering her heat under her strategically shortened skirt, which was tight enough not to droop between her legs. She then dipped her head in apparent concentration on the file in her slightly trembling hands.

Flicking her gaze up a few seconds later, she was inordinately pleased to see that his head had lifted, and sinfully dark yet unreadable eyes had taken the bait she so temptingly dangled. Her attempt to gain his attention had suddenly become a very serious need; but she didn’t really want to get into the whys right now. Dropping her eyes a little, Cordy almost forgot to breath as the crotch of his dark pants started to twitch.

Hoo boy! her mouth almost dropped open as his previously hard-to-see shaft sprung achingly to life. Wow! Who’d a thunk it?! Her boss/best friend packed a lunch box that would have put a good few hunky men to shame. Wet heat surged to her rapidly melting core in response to the tempting sight, then her melting eyes lifted – and connected with hot amber…

Angel’s head had lifted at the almost imperceptible squeaking of his Seers chair- and all the blood in his body had shot directly to his covered cock. Fuck- yes purlease!- and Thank you, Gods!

Cordy was so intent on the file she held, that she was totally unaware that her legs had drifted apart, and the vampire had an unrestricted view up her sheath of a skirt. Panties were obviously out this season- and floss was definitely the latest hot buy!

The thin strip of silk barely covered her mound, to a point where he wondered if she waxed away every protective curl. With his excellent vampy vision, Angel could quite easily trace the delicate outline of her petalled flesh…and even as his eyes flickered amber, his cock twitched and grew until the zipper of his pants dug into his rigidly throbbing flesh.

Tearing his eyes desperately away, they instead connected with hers- at the same time as a delicious aroma taunted his sensitive nostrils. His eyes widened with first stunned amazement and then elation as he both noted her answering desire and clocked the hot, fragrant arousal.

Cordy could not tear her mesmerised eyes away from his if her life depended on it. The game she’d started over her growing uncertainty about her ability to attract the opposite sex had rapidly turned into the serious intent to seduce Angel. God! She wanted him!- and not just for Christmas either!

When the hell had that happened? she wondered, swallowing thickly- and more to the point, was the dark desire and pure want in his face and eyes right now what she really wanted?

Woah this was going way too fast….and yet… every cell in her body ached to take this further. Her panicking mind felt that horrible clinging friend, Insecurity, with Uncertainly quickly following behind. Angel wouldn’t want her for keeps…. would he?

“Right!” both sets of eyes ripped apart as the clipped British voice broke the tension-filled silence. “Gunn and I are off to see that new client now,” Wes continued on, apparently oblivious to the heated atmosphere around them.

“You are? – Good!” Angel cleared his throat at the strange look he got from both young men at his openly satisfied tone. “I mean… what with things being a bit lean around here lately- how long will you be?” he added with well-hidden relief as Wes accepted his explanation without suspicion. Something was finally happening between him and Cordy, and no way was he gonna let her back off and run for the hills.

“Um, well, they do live on the other side of town, so taking into account the detail- collecting and the round trip, I’d say…” Wes glanced at his watch, “Three hours or so- is that a problem?” he asked, making sure other plans weren’t made. Angel shook his head.

“No, not at all, you go ahead.” Angel stifled the grin of triumph and answered casually, quickly ducking his head and dropping his eyes to the open book he’d discreetly lowered and clutched over his aching lap.

“We’ll call if I have a vision, guys,” Cordy added, her voice a little on the husky side, but two of the men didn’t pick up on it, and she stifled the urge to scream “Don’t leeeave me, for God’s sake!”

After collecting their things they exited the hotel, leaving a Champion and Seer in a still-charged hotel. Then Angel shoved the book on his nearby desk and turned his dark head back to look directly at the slightly breathless brunette.

“Cordy? Wanna come…. and get this file?” the hidden meaning behind the vampire’s melted-chocolate-over- gravel words weren’t lost on Cordy and when she hesitated, the primal lust in his glowing eyes dimmed uncertainly.

Was he reading her wrong? Maybe now was the time to back off gracefully. Hell, he’d had secret feelings and desire for her for weeks- but Cordy? She’d never before really showed any signs of even being aware that he was a guy, never mind her wanting him too; except in Sunnydale- but that hot red light was snuffed abruptly as soon as she;d found out he was a vampire!.

Both pairs of eyes met again, and this time uncertainty was the prominent emotion. Hers wavered.

Was that disappointment she could see? – And WOW, did Angel actually want her?. Cordy fidgeted in her seat and decided she needed a reality check- as well as a very rapid heart search. How did she really, truly feel about Angel? Love? Check, care for? Check, would lay down her life for? Definitely check… desire him? where-the-hell-did-that-come-from??

Oh, God- She did! Cordelia Chase loved, cared for- and desired her broody, Vampy best friend! It was all too true; she shook her head, inwardly berating herself for her cluelessness- or was it merely self- preservation?

Her eyes lifted again to find Angel still staring intently at her, the uncertainty stronger in those beautiful eyes. What if this was just a male reaction to a hot female? [and she knew she damned well was! Regardless of her none-existent love life!] He had his soul all nicely anchored, his ex wanted to stay his ex- was she just… convenient?

But she wasn’t blonde; in fact, there was already another blonde around to take his fancy if all he wanted was a quick tumble with no strings- and surely with their deep friendship he wouldn’t be so inconsiderate as to use her, would he? Jeez! What a time to have a deep and meaningful with herself! Of course he wouldn’t use her, didn’t she know that already deep down inside? – And that inner realisation gave her the incentive to rise to her feet. Taking courage into both hands, she walked slowly towards the office, her heart beating almost out of her chest.

Angel rose to his feet as soon as Cordy crossed the threshold. He could read the conflicting thoughts and feelings that washed over her nervous face and his undead heart clenched; he wanted no mistakes about his intentions here. She stopped mere inches from his waiting figure and held out a hand for the file he’d picked up and now held loosely in his grasp.

“You do know that if you take this, there’s no going back, Cor,” Cordy blinked hard. They both knew he wasn’t’ talking about the file, and her heart soared at the husked seriousness of his voice. “No changing your mind, no putting it aside and forgetting it.” He added, his tone deepening even as his face revealed a little vulnerability.

Keeping within the metaphors, Cordy took a single step forward. “So…if I take it, it’s for keeps?” she asked, her voice equally throaty with a thread of matching vulnerability. “Do-do you want me to take it?” the uncertainty crept back to the surface. Angel also took a small step forward.

“God, yes.” He breathed, “I’ve wanted you to take it for a long while now.” Cordy’s eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and growing, confident pleasure.

“You never…. I mean,” she blew out a breath that brushed across Angel’s mouth as he lowered his head slightly. “Why didn’t you say anything? Cos- hell, I never had a clue you even… liked me like that.” Cordy inwardly cursed her stutter demon, and dropped the metaphors.

A large cool hand lifted carefully and a long, thick finger tilted her chin up until their faces were almost brushing. “Nor I you- you do- like me, don’t you? – though ‘like’ isn’t the word tucked close to my heart” His soft plea whispered out and he held an unneeded breath as he waited for her reply, then his eyes snapped shut when hot fingers brushed his still turgid shaft.

“Honestly?” for a moment, her eyes dropped to sweep the big taut body looming over hers. “Until today I never really thought about it- not seriously anyway-“ Cordy grinned abashed, “Call me poster girl for Land of cold Denial.” Her eyes whipped back up. “Think I should move outta that place? ”Her pupils dilated until a lava-hot rim of melted toffee circled them.

“A big Hell yeah to that,” Angel growled and finally closed the tiny distance between them to plant his cool yet hot lips on hers.

Electricity arced between them as flesh met flesh and the file was dropped to the floor as he hooked one arm around her waist to pull her melting body into him and a hand shot up her spine to thread into the loosely held glossy hair clipped close to her nape. Neither heard the snap as the plastic clasp broke away or the light clatter as it hit the floor. His lips, teeth and tongue devoured hers until she had to ease away for breath.

“Are you sure you want this- me, baby?” her insides melted at his sensual endearment, a soft moan ripping from her throat as that wicked mouth slid along her jaw and latched onto the sensitive flesh below her ear.

Her fingers tightened their hold on the soft fabric of his silk shirt, twisting restlessly and pulling the buttons taut. Nodding soundlessly, her mouth dived for his strong throat, lathing his cool, silky flesh with a hot tongue.

At the first nip of her blunt teeth, Angel growled aloud and stood back, making Cordy feel suddenly bereft. Had he changed his mind? “Not here- the first time I take you I want it to be done right,” he purred. Relief poured through her; no change, thank God! Then she squeaked. “Angel!”

“Trust me, this is quicker,” the vampire adjusted the hot curvy hips comfortably across his broad shoulder before making for the stairs.

Cordy giggled breathlessly as the floor directly in line of vision blurred past as Angel used his vampire speed to head for his rooms, hotly aware of the staying hand that held her steady yet still managed to roam over her ass. Less than a minute later, Angel slid her back down to the floor and captured her mouth in a steamy kiss, his tongue searching out every little crevice in that moist, hot cavern. His large, cool hands had caught the hem of her tight skirt in mid slide and it now wrapped her small waist like a heavy belt.

Cupping her mostly bare ass, Angel marvelled at the soft, satiny skin, firm and rounded and so totally warm. Flexing his fingers experimentally, he grinned against her mouth at the instant tightening of the globes he held tight and the gasp that pushed hot air into his mouth- then growled when her hot little hands returned the favour, giving his own hard ass a healthy squeeze.

“Feeling frisky, are we?” the growl laced his burning tone when he released her lips. The sly little grin that touched her breathless kiss-swollen mouth made his cock throb and nudge even harder against her abdomen, causing Cordy to stifle a gasp and capture her bottom lip between her teeth for a second.

“Yup- watcha gonna do about it, big guy?” Feeling more courageous by the second, her hands slid over his lean hips and went for the jackpot. His soft growling yelp caused the grin to widen- as well as her eyes at the girth gripped through the soft fabric of his pants. He jerked back and grabbed her wrists lightly, pressing her palms into him hard before releasing her.

“Right! Clothes off,” again Angel captured her hands when they instantly rose to the buttons of his shirt. “Ah-ah, my turn. Don’t move,” he warned in a gravelly voice and a sharp throb attacked her covered clit as he proceeded to circle her until his body was directly behind hers.

“You sure can move fast,” words spilled from her finely trembling mouth as the silence lengthened and her nerves pulled at his stillness behind her, then she jerked as his hands finally appeared around her torso. “You haven’t seen anything yet, baby,” he purred in her ear, darting out a cool tongue to lathe the lobe until she shuddered and tilted her throat towards him, then gasped when the shirt floated to the floor.

“This bra is delicious- but it has to go” the fragile piece of silk met the same fate as the shirt and Cordy blinked at the speed in which her upper body was stripped. Tensing with anticipation, she waited for the feel of his cool touch on her unbound breasts, biting her lip with disappointment when he made no move to do so.

“Aren’t you gonna touch me?” the whine in her voice made her cringe, especially when he chuckled seductively in her ear. “A little patience, Cor,” he whispered softly. Then the skirt met the same fate. Cool fingertips teased the outline of her tattoo as she stood there now clad in only her delicate silk thong and hold-up stockings.

Cordy felt rather than saw as he dropped to his knees behind her, a large hand curling round the front of each thigh and gently squeezing before cool fingers hooked into the lace of her stockings. They slithered down her long golden legs and when they reached her knees, he went to the zips on her moulded leather boots. When done, Angel reached up and steadied her with a hand on her hip, lifting one foot after the other to remove both the boots and stockings with an economy of movement. Then the fingers of the hand on her hip hooked into the side of her thong and pulled it down until it pooled at her bare feet. Again he helped her step her out of it and threw it on her growing pile of discarded clothes.

Angel leaned back on his heels and just looked. A seductive landscape of golden, satiny flash taunted his mouth and greedy fingers, leaning forward his open mouth latched at the base of her spine and he traced he detailed outline of her sun/moon tattoo. The unintended significance of the combined day and night wasn’t lost on him and only made him surer that this was meant to be. That tattoo, in his possessive vampire mind already marked her as his; all that was needed no was a more personal mark on that delectable throat- then Cordelia Chase would be all his.

Cordy was unable to hold back the moan as his hands trailed up the inside of her thighs, stopping short of her aching wet core. Her hips jerked when, as he finally straightened, two fingers briefly skated across her heat, collecting a little of the building moisture that almost dripped from between her thighs.

Angel moved to stand a few feet away facing the softly shuddering brunette, and his eyes flared amber with pure want. Cordelia Chase had a face and body men would worship. Pretty feet led to delicate ankles and long, endless well-shaped, toned legs that drew the eyes until coming to that apex of those gorgeous thighs. Angel noted that he’d almost been right about the waxing; only a thin neat line partially covered those tempting petals and his mouth watered copiously, belatedly lifting his moist fingers to his lips; his golden orbs instantly hidden when his lids snapped shut as her taste exploded on his tongue.

Cordy shifted under his deeply intent and almost feral gaze, her nipples hardening in response to those devilishly possessive orbs. When he sucked his fingers into his mouth a rush of wet heat flooded her core and soaked her inner thighs. Then his natural face slid into view and the heat soared.

Angel opened his eyes with a low growl, not even attempting to shake off his demon. His tigers’ eyes continued their exploration, taking in the taut, slightly rounded belly, her flaring hips, narrow waist and magnificent breasts. Her youth kept them still quite high on her chest even though rounded and generous in size. The dusky areolas were already tight with arousal, her rose pink nipples hard pebbles that mutely yearned for his touch. all encased in a golden, satiny skin. Satisfied with his thorough perusal, Angel finally stalked silently forward until inches separated them.

“Where to start,” the wickedly sharp fangs crowding his mouth caused his deep husky voice to lisp slightly and Cordy shivered with reaction. His golden eyes flicked up to hers at the move, and she read a hint of uncertainty in his expression. Was he worried that his vampire side had turned her off- made her fear him even?

Without pause, Cordy closed the gap, lifting her arms and cupping his face with gentle hands she brought his hard, wide mouth to hers. Angel soaked up her heat and carefully explored her hot plaint mouth even as the flash of uncertainty melted away.

Her fingers slid down his throat and went back to the buttons of his shirt, and this time Angel let her. He shuddered with reaction as her nails lightly scratched the surface of his hard chest as she slowly slipped the buttons open; he angled his head, slanting his lips across hers and plunging his tongue deeply into her mouth with a groan.

Parting the panels of his shirt, her hands roamed his heavily muscled flesh before reaching up to push the silk from his impossibly broad shoulders. Angel stooped a little lower to aid her movements- then stilled when those hot little hands went to his thick leather belt. Then she paused. He reluctantly released her mouth and lifted his dark head slightly.

“You okay?” he asked softly, taking in the barely hidden shyness and inwardly kicking himself for forgetting just how inexperienced she in fact was.

Wilson had been the first- and last man in her life for a long time now, but her natural confidence in all other things sometime made him forget that fact. Cordy nodded her head with a shy, self-effacing smile and he groaned anew, capturing her mouth with his, at the same time threading her fingers through his to draw her hands gently behind her back. Plenty of time for her to explore, but right now he had other plans.

Releasing her mouth, Angel tilted her over his arm as his lips blazed a hot trail from her face to her throat, lathing and nipping gently over her rapidly throbbing pulse point. His cock hardened painfully when Cordy pushed her flesh into his open mouth causing a fang to slightly puncture her skin. A tiny drop of blood hit his tongue and a snarl of lust escaped his chest. His powerful arms clutched her body closer for a moment before he forced himself to relax.

Moving on, he leaned her further back until her chest pushed out towards him. Nibbling his way down, Angel finally shook off his demon visage and peppered her torso with wet kisses until he reached the peak of one breast and with a low growl he opened his mouth wider and drew her nipple deep, sucking hard until she cried out with pleasure. His free hand lifted to cup her neglected breast, his fingers plucking and gently twisting the hard nub even as his mouth drew her flesh deeper before easing off and nipping the tip.

Correcting her balance, Angel dropped gracefully to his knees and rimmed her navel with the tip of his tongue. The almost innocent touch nearly undid Cordy and her knees buckled. Hard yet gentle hands instantly cupped her hipbones as she leaned over him to grasp his shoulders with shaking hands. Kissing lower, Angel finally pressed his open mouth against her mound, breathing her arousal in deep. This time it was his large body that shuddered with need.

Palming a firm cheek of her butt, Angel slid his hand under one thigh and easily lifted it to place on a shoulder, the hand clutching him instantly moved to his head, her fingers threading through his short yet thick silky hair. Cordy looked down at his darkly intent face with a combination of excitement and aroused apprehension. She never let a man be so intimate and she wasn’t ignorant of his intent.

As little doubts flittered through her hazy mind for a moment, Cordy was unprepared for the gentle gust of cool air that fluttered across her partially exposed sex and she gasped aloud.

Every muscle tightened in Angel’s body, and with a little growl he straightened effortlessly to his feet, hooking one arm around her hips to keep her close before stalking to the bed. Cordy grasped his hair in reflex, but didn’t doubt he wouldn’t drop her.

Bending over and easing her onto her back, he slid her leg from his shoulder and used both hands to press her knees onto the mattress, opening her body to him. Pink, swollen and very wet folds greeted his scorching, devouring eyes, and the soft sound that left his tightly held mouth was almost feral. Her body reacted to that primal sound by flooding with yet another stream of pre-climatic juices, and the beast in Angel surged to the fore.

Cordy impulsively propped herself up on her elbows and watched him with awe as his face tightened into pure lust, his fine cheekbones standing out in relief even as his firm masculine lips drew back from white, thankfully blunt teeth. The thought of his hidden fangs going anywhere near her core had her shaking with a little fear along with rapidly growing arousal. Then his dark head dipped low.

Her whole body jerked at the unexpected softness of those lips as they French- kissed her, half expecting him to eat her alive and the surprise had her almost keening with pleasure- but the tenderness didn’t last. The first broad stroke of his tongue had her hips lifting from the bed with a high-pitched moan. His hands slid from her knees to her inner thighs, his forearms keeping her open to him even as his fingers traced the outline of her labia before spreading her intimate lips wide, exposing every glistening inch of her to his greedy eyes.

The first taste of her made the initial titbit pale in comparison and Angel almost came with the pleasure of it. Dipping in he latched hard onto her now exposed clit and sucked hard. The carnal caress had the brunette crying out loud even as her hips bumped against his face, unconsciously pressing herself into his devouring mouth. As he increased the pressure relentlessly her whole body tightened.

“Too much-uhnngh; I can’t take it- Angel! Cordy shrieked his name and attempted to pull away, but he only growled against her tender flesh and hooked his arms around her hips to hold her tightly to him, finally releasing the reddened throbbing hard nub and sliding lower to plunge his tongue deep into her core.

God, she was ambrosia; her tight walls clutched his invading tongue and hot arousal coated the back of his throat as it literally poured into his starving mouth. As his tongue fucked her lazily, he loosened an arm and circled her swollen clit with a rough-tipped finger, speeding up as her core tightened and flexed. Feeling her coming orgasm, Angel roughly pressed and rubbed at her bundle of nerves until her whole body stiffened as she arched off the bed. The resulting flood of climatic juices had him moaning aloud, refusing to release her until he’d sucked her practically dry.

Cordy finally opened dazed eyes to find the vampire reclining next to her boneless body, a faint grin on his handsome face. “You liked that, I take it?” the hint of pride in his husky voice had her face flushing.

“God, yes! I’ve never…it felt so…” her rushed words faltered to a stop as her colour heightened beautifully. Jeez, he must think I’m such a-a novice!- which was pretty well true and that made her frown with doubts. Seeing the change from sated pleasure to uncertainty shadow those amazing eyes, Angel felt his body tense.

“Cor…what’s wrong? Talk to me baby,” he pleaded softly, capturing her delicate chin as Cordy turned her head away. Taking a deep breath, she looked into his eyes, before letting it out in a rush and hiding behind her thick dark lashes. Angel swallowed down the dread that was slowly building in his gut. God, what had he done wrong? – Had he gone too fast; or had she been put off by his inherent carnality?

Just tell him, Cor! cursing herself for her rare display of embarrassment, cordy lifted a hand to trail a finger down his cool chest, her eyes remaining firmly fixed on it.

“Its just…” she stopped then began again. “Angel; I-I’m pretty new to this…”she indicated between the two of them still intent on avoiding his gaze. “That’s the first time I’ve ever…or even…” she blew out a breath, frustrated with her rare attack of stuttering. “God, I sound like a Barbara Cartland novel!” her abashed eyes flicked his briefly, and then she rushed on bravely.

“I haven’t done much, and ‘that’ thing you did wasn’t even on my list of to-do’s, never mind it being ticked. I’ve had one short- and pretty uninspiring go at- at sex and what I’m trying to say is…. I’vejustcomeforthefirsttimeinmylifeandknowpracticallyzilch… and then there’s you; all experienced – you’re gonna be disappointed in me.” Cordy finished almost tearfully, her eyes closing tightly to prevent growing moisture from escaping and completely mortifying her.

Angel lay there staring down at the crown of her head stunned. Of all the things he’d expected Cordy to say, this wasn’t one of them; he unravelled her rushed words and finally smiled relieved; she wasn’t after all telling him it was a mistake- then he frowned as her last sentence echoes in his brain.

“Hey…” he lifted her chin firmly until her face was level with his, giving it a little squeeze when her eyes refused to open. “Look at me, Cordy- please, baby,” he nuzzled his nose with hers gently, relieved when she finally lifted her lids warily.

“You think I didn’t realise that before I threw you over my shoulder and ran up here with you like an animal on heat?” he grinned slightly, pleased when she returned it hesitantly. “If I wanted experience there’s nothing really to have stopped me, is there?” Cordy shook her head slowly, silently waiting for him to continue.

“It has nothing to do with experience, baby- that comes with time,” he ran a finger across her flushed cheek tenderly and smiled wickedly.” Will you hit me upside the head if I admit to kinda being turned on that there’s stuff you haven’t experienced with other men?” this time she considered her reply before again shaking her head.

“I got to be the first to experience your first orgasm, and that fills me up like you don’t know how.” He growled, dipping his head and nibbling her lower lip, tugging the kiss-bruised flesh and releasing it after flicking his tongue across her teeth.

“Can we build on your experience a bit more now? Cos I really, really need to be inside that gorgeous edible body, baby,” the growl intensified even as a hand snaked down her body and gently delved into her heat. Her heart stopped for a split second as a thick, cool finger speared her core and hooked to hit off a spot that brought stars to her vision. Then his mouth crashed down on her parted lips.

When his large heavy cool body finally rolled over to cover hers; his elbows taking a little of his weight off her, Cordy realised with a gasp that the vampire was as naked as herself. The intimate nudge of his hard shaft against her abdomen caused her to suck in a breath. Free from his pants, the length and breadth shocked her system, and with a little apprehension of what they were about to do, her hand automatically crept between them to find out a little more about what her mind was attempting to calculate.

His whole body shuddered when her warm palm connected to his decidedly cooler erection and when her hot fingers attempted to surround him his cock jerked and throbbed, swelling even more if that was at all possible. Angel quickly covered her hand with his in readiness to remove a trigger that would probably be the embarrassing ending of him, belatedly realising what she was doing. Her fingers tentatively ran from base to tip, flexing experimentally and a strained grin cracked his face as the brunette used her sense of touch to gauge his size.

“Don’t worry baby, it’ll fit just fine,” Angel purred, finally shifting her grip and drawing both hands up until they rested with his either side of her head and dipping his to latch onto her inviting moist lips. Rocking slowly against her, he kept the kisses slow and drugging until her body melted into a Cordy-shaped puddle and her legs relaxed enough for him to slip between them.

“Okay?” he whispered against her trembling mouth, moaning when her hips rocked against his in mute reply, bringing her wet heat against the tip of his broad shaft. Angel contented himself with gentle rubbing for several minutes, tamping down his need to surge forward and drive in to the hilt, and his patience soon paid off.

“Angel, please,” Cordy almost panted with the empty ache that started in her womb and expanded to her liquefying core. The gentle friction of his cock against her clit was getting too much. With a deep groan, Angel released one of her hands and moved his between them to brush calloused pads across her aching nub before positioning himself at her hot entrance. A fine tremor ran through his body as her slick flesh finally embraced the tip.

Inch by torturous inch, he rocked his hips into hers, easing his shaft in and groaning aloud as her tight walls crushed and flexed even as she gradually opened up to him. As soon as the signs of faint discomfort in her expression eased, Angel pulled almost all the way out and surged back in, not stopping until the tip kissed her cervix. The soft cry Cordy released was pure pleasure, and fully satisfied with her heated response, he picked up the pace.

OhGodOhGodOhGod! Cordy’s vision blurred as mind-blowing sensations shot off like mini rockets as the vampire above her controlled her jerky movements and glided between her shaking thighs powerfully.

“Harder…. more…God-Angel!” her voice trailed off on a little squeal as he instantly heeded her breathless words, pistoning hard and gripping a hip to tilt her pelvis closer to his.

His mouth simultaneously sucked on the lobe of her ear and whispered heated words of encouragement and praise as he plunged feverishly into her desperately clutching melting core. His balls tightened with every surge forward until they nestled tight to his taut body.

At the warning tingle at the base of his spine, Angel quickly released her hip and delved between her quivering thighs, applying pressure to the throbbing nub of her desire. Almost instantly, her hips rose sharply up, causing the tip of his cock to French kiss her cervix. Both let out a loud moan of ecstasy and the added contact set off her orgasm. Angel roared as her walls clenched and convulsed rapidly around his throbbing cock, soon following her, his cool seed filling her womb in pressurised bursts.

With a snarl of possessiveness, he nudged her head to the side and slid his rapidly appearing fangs into the silky skin protecting her intensely throbbing jugular. Cordy cried out again, almost wailing as another orgasm took her body by surprise. His large body continued to rock into hers as he sipped lazily at her sweet, orgasm rich blood, pressing his fangs in deep before finally retracting them to lathe and permeate his mark.

Satisfied with the result, Angel sagged against her now lax body and attempted to recover from the pure bliss of their joining and following explosion that for the moment drained him.

Cordy slowly opened her dazed eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being crushed into the soft mattress by his hard body, her fingers threading through his sweat-slicked hair and her mouth planting lazy kisses on his broad shoulder until he finally lifted his dark head. Rubbing his nose with hers gently, Angel leaned closer to take her mouth in a drugging kiss that dragged out until the need for Cordy to breathe interfered.

“You okay?”, his tender words made Cordy want to hug him to death. No matter how hot, dominating and sensual her vampire could be, his tenderness always melted her.

God, hell, yeah!“Yep; you?” she replied softly, flushing at the instant devilish grin that stretched that perfect mouth. “Do you really have to ask?” his dark brows wriggled, a large hand sliding possessively along her side before his arm hooked round her ass and he rolled, tugging her over his temporarily sated body. Then he cupped her face and stared intently into her eyes.

“I love you, Cordelia Chase; you do know that, don’t you?” his voice, though light, held a wealth of emotions, and her beautiful eyes shimmered and misted with moisture even as she managed to grin cheekily.

“Good thing too, I wouldn’t want to be the only one on that gig,” she dropped a small kiss on the tip of his nose, her serious eyes belying the airiness of her tone. “I love you too, Angel Broody,” squealing in surprise when their new position was rapidly reversed.

“Broody?” Angel loomed over her, his shaft twitching against her abdomen even as he frowned and growled low in his broad chest. “You know that’s gonna cost you, right?” her own mouth curled up as she rocked her hips into his teasingly.

“Where you’re concerned, I have an endless supply to pay you with- baby,” his own smiling mouth stifled her giggles and near silence reigned once again in the dimly lit rooms of the vampire with the anchored soul…




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