Payback’s a Bitch

AUTHOR: CALIFI (aka Sachi)
SUMMARY: Secrets come back to bite you on the ass!
POSTED: 10 Oct 2003
AUTHOR NOTES: A little gem that crossed my mind [plus we seem lacking in ficlets at the mo] And I have to keep up my reputation of pointless smut, and other, nefarious activities!

The Morning After The Night Before [DUH!]
Angel opened his eyes groggily. What the…?

The last thing he remembered was Cordy finally smiling at him with true affection as she offered him a glass of wine she’d brought to the hotel earlier.

“Look, I think it’s about time we buried that hatchet well and truly. After all, weeks have passed since you came back after that Darla-fest- No! Don’t say anything.” she held up a small, slim hand abruptly when Angel had begun the usual round of apologies. Then she turned and offered him the glass of sparkling wine.

“To a brand, spanking new beginning.” And that was when she smiled her full, glowing al-out grin. After a second of stunned surprise, Angel lifted the glass to his lips, drinking deeply; a warm sensation curling into his gut at the promise of better relations between him and his Seer…

Finding himself face down on his bed was a complete surprise- one: because he couldn’t remember even walking up the stairs – and two: how the hell had he ended up handcuffed to the headboard?

Shifting his legs, he groaned aloud in frustration. His ankles were similarly attired so that he was spread-eagled across the mattress.

“Rise and shine, Mister Broody – had a good sleep?” his head whipped around to find the lovely brunette perched on the edge of the bed next to his hip.

“Cordy? What’s going on?” his throat felt a little dry, his voice hoarse and low. Cordy grinned sunnily – but it had an edge to it; an edge that made his body tighten in nervous anticipation.

“Hmmm, let me think – it could have something to do with finding out the doughnut I’d been so looking forward to yesterday morning being stale? It wasn’t a great experience – but, no; that wasn’t it.” Cordy leaned over the side of the bed, then straightened brandishing a wickedly sharp pair of shears. Angel gulped as she snipped experimentally at the air, before turning to look at him.

“Or could it be that fact that the heel on my last pair of Jimmy Choo’s decided to give up the ghost whilst out and about, looking at things I’d probably never be able to buy again? –Nope; that wasn’t it.” She stood up and opened the shears, stooping over the bed to slide one of the edges into the waistband of his black pants.

“Cordy-” Angel found his voice again after the first cut of the twin blades that sheared through the side of his pants.

“Don’t distract me, big guy – you wouldn’t want me to slip would you?” she murmured softly, slowly working the blades down the side of his spread, iron-cuffed leg.

“Now, where was I? Oh, yeah; my crappy day yesterday.” Snip.

“So when I got to Lorne’s deciding what I needed was a stiff Cosmopolitan – can a Cosmo be stiff?” She shrugged her shoulders. Snip.

“Imagine my pissed surprise to find the ever-open door shut tight in my lightly perspiring face!” Snip.

“But, you know me, Angel – I rarely give up when my mind is set.” Snip.

“So, I went round the back – tripped over something that was probably a rat once upon a time; thatput paid to the gorgeous blue suede of my damaged shoe, I can tell you!” Cordy grimaced as she made her way round to the other side of the bed.

Angel turned his head, watching her warily; the fabric of his pants now cut from hip to ankle along one side. She slipped the blade into the other side of his pants, and this time cut through the fabric quickly.

“Was I glad to find that back door open! If it had been locked, I might have just screamed blue murder and hobbled to the hotel to whine loudly.” Snip, snip, snip.

Cordy straightened when she’d finished, and walked to the end of the bed. Angel craned his neck as far as he could to keep her in sight, his brain working overtime. This couldn’t possibly have anything to do with a ruined pair of shoes – and she wouldn’t be blaming him for stepping on a dead rat – or Caritas being closed….Caritas? – Yesterday?

“Imagine my surprise when I went in and heard two familiar voices. It was broad daylight, yet Mister I’m-Allergic-to-the-sun had ventured out to pay Lorne a visit – not telling anyone who may have been worried.” Cordy leaned over, catching hold of the fabric and giving it a hefty yank.

She eyed the naked ass and long, well muscled legs of her victim, her brows rising in brief appreciation before dropping his mutilated pants and moving back to her original position on the bed. She loomed over him and proceeded to cut through the back of his shirt.

“So good of Wes and Gunn to help you upstairs when you complained about feeling ill last night. Hell, I had squat chance of moving you, never mind getting you to your room.” His head lifted in a surge of hope.

“I told them to let you sleep in today. They were glad to let you – especially when I gave them those baseball tickets I got with the kind use of your credit card.” Cordy grinned as she threw the shears aside and pulled the shirt apart to expose his pale, broad back. his head flopped back onto the pillow: Fuck!

“My, my, aren’t you a delicious sight for sore, female eyes – pity I didn’t think to bring a camera.” All coherent thought left Angel’s mind when her warm hand slid along his spine and rested on his naked ass. He groaned when she gave it a healthy squeeze.

“Now where was I? – Lorne’s, hmmm…” her hand absently stroked his cool, pale skin as she gathered her thoughts together. Angel bit his lips to stop another groan escaping his mouth. Didn’t she realise what she did to him?

“What’s going on, you say? Why are you chained to your own bed? – What could piss of poor Cordy to the extent where she uses her inbred intelligence for darker, nefarious uses?” raising her hand abruptly, she brought it down hard; his hips jerking at the sharp sting of her palm against his ass.

“Could it be the discussion on your infamous Epiphany?” Crack

“Or the fact that you boned that skanky ho, Darla? crack, crack.

“Hell, it might even be you both discussing how your soul was made permanent by the equally pissed PTB to avoid setting Angelus on the world – on us


Angel closed his eyes tight, avoiding the glare of betrayal and something else aimed his way.He frowned, trying to work it out. They shot open with pleased realisation just as she abruptly stood up and turned away.

“I can’t do this.” She muttered to herself, and he sighed with relief – not that her hand hurt that much; just that he couldn’t feel any worse that he already did.

I’m a fucking idiot! Angel snarled inwardly. For a brief moment yesterday at Caritas, he’d caught her scent whilst he and Lorne talked about his dark secret. Keeping it from the others – especially Cordy, was getting harder every day; but at the same time he couldn’t bring himself to tell her. The urge to tell her, then make hot passionate love to her had been driving him crazy – now he wished he’d just done it; and explained how he was still souled afterwards!

They were only just talking almost normally again, and with his growing feelings; feelings that weren’t in keeping with their platonic friendship . Angel had hoped to change that soon. So much for that!
But then again…

“My hand is sore.” Cordy continued, then stooped by the bed; her grin re-established as she stood upright clutching a riding crop.

“I bought this for a fancy dress ball, years ago – never thought I’d actually get to use it.” She giggled softly, watching the Vampire’s brown eyes darken to obsidian – was that a hint of excitement in those anxious eyes?

so he thinks this is gonna be fun? I can soon change that! she brought the whip down hard across his ass, grinning as hips left the bed as he yelped. God, that felt good!

“So much for sharing, Angel.” whoosh

“No more secrets.” crack

“‘I really want to make it up to you, Cordy’ Oooh, boy” Whoosh, crack

Angel lost count of the times she laid the whip against his reddening ass, and cursed the perverted side of him for sporting a hard-on that surpassed all hard-ons. Vampires had a different outlook on torture – and S & M was particularly favoured. The moment he got loose…

A small part of him was glad that Cordy tied him down – otherwise she’d be in her rightful place; under him and filled to bursting.

The major part snarled in frustration at not being able to do so. The Vampire settled with thinking about how he’d return the favour – yes; he admitted that she had every right to do this to him.

-But once it was over, there was nothing to stop him making it up to her in a way that didn’t involve flowers, candy and the usual stuttering. Angel was, after all, a man of action – and action did speak louder than words, didn’t it?

Cordy wiped her brow of a thin film of perspiration as she finally stood back and surveyed her handiwork. Red slashes of colour decorated the Vampire’s ass; too many to count, and she cringed a little. Maybe she’s gone too far?

She immediately shook her head: Nope he’d gotten off lightly. – Plus, a large part of her was actually getting off on it! she shifted, her thighs rubbing together, and hoping that the Vampire hadn’t picked up on the moisture that had drenched her panties.

No such luck: Angel almost moaned with need at the intoxicating scent of her. He had to have her – Fuck waiting, he decided hotly.

When she’d overheard their conversation, her stomach had risen to her throat with the sick knowledge that the Vampire still had the ability to cut her deep.

The feelings that had been processed months ago, surged to the surface again with cold, hard clarity. When Cordy had realised her pride wasn’t the only thing wounded when he fired them to continue with his obsession with his Sire. It had gone beyond hurt feelings; and the shock of realising just how much she loved her friend – and not just in the ‘I love you like family’ kinda way, made his betrayal much worse.

Was she not good enough? If he had to quench his lusts, why did it have to be that cold, dead bitch, and not -. She almost growled in annoyance. “Don’t get distracted, Cor!”

“Right! Now that I’m feeling marginally better, I’m gonna release you.” Angel turned surprised eyes her way. He hadn’t expected that. Things were definately looking up! Maybe he could ‘fix’ this sooner than he originally thought?

“Well, I can’t very well leave you like this for the guys to find, can I? – or maybe I should; after all, you lied to them too!” he groaned. God, NO!

“Unless you give me your word that you won’t retaliate and do this to me. Will you do that?” she leaned over and stared him in the eye. After several seconds, Angel nodded.

Cordy still felt a twinge of how stupid are you! But she really didn’t want the guys to find out about her little ‘punishment’. she’d never be able to look them in the eye again. she could even imagine the ribbing she’d get – especially from Gunn:

“Hows it goin’ Lady of Pain – bought any leather accessories lately?” Snigger!

“I give you my word that I won’t retaliate by whipping your ass.” He semi-parroted, his brown eyes reflecting the truth of his statement. Cordy stared into his face a little longer, before sighing heavily and straightening up. She missed the gold gleam that flickered in those brown eyes for a second after she moved.

“I must be going soft; but I actually believe you.” Going over to the bureau in the corner, Cordy retrieved the keys and walked back over to the bed. She released is ankles first, and then moved round until she was level with his head.

Angel didn’t move a muscle; afraid he might startle her and thus change her mind. He let out an unneeded breath as she released one wrist, leaning over him to repeat the action to the other. he could feel the warm, soft press of her full breasts against the cool flesh of his back. his erection nudged the mattress impatiently.

Cordy moved back as soon as the last cuff dropped from him – then found herself flat on her back with a very turned-on Vampire covering her body completely.

“You lying asshole – you said you wouldn’t retaliate!” she gasped in outrage; trying to ignore the hard length of his aroused sex pressing into her belly.

“Actually, sweetheart, my exact words were that I wouldn’t whip your ass – and I have no intention of going back on that promise.” He smirked hotly, dipping his head until his mouth brushed her ear.

“ But I’m not short of many, many other delicious ideas.” He purred sensually, touching his tongue to the skin below.

Oh, Crap!



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