Our Side

AUTHOR: CALIFI (aka Sachi)
SUMMARY: The Oracles are irritated and have something to say about it. Nothing is predetermined.
POSTED: 2 Aug 2003
CATEGORY: None Listed
WARNINGS: None Listed

“The PTB”, as Mortals put it, are giving us a bad name!

Especially The Oracles.

Unfortunately, they have absolutely no sense of humour, are arrogant, stroppy – I think they are actually made that way!

Okay, I know they have a more direct link to Mortals, and I suppose that can be rather trying, dealing with all that raw, Earthy emotion; but they are still giving us a bad name.

It’s true that we aren’t REALLY there for them; not in the way Mortals tend to feel is ‘there’, but we do our best.

You wouldn’t believe the hard work we do – and WE have no mortal structure to our time.

It is endless (we don’t even have the blessing of sleep, you know!)
We fight battles – we ARE Warriors –

The FIRST Warriors, in fact!

We are Heavenly Soldiers, I suppose.

There are always battles; we lose our own too, and in a way, it is not dissimilar to the process Mortals go through.

We lose a comrade for the length of a Mortal lifetime, then they are back within the fold, fighting the good fight – Why? Our deaths end in some of the births in the Mortal World.

There are many ex-comrades walking amongst you, doing their bit, and biding their time until they are back here.

Trouble is, we are losing too many too soon, in this never-ending battle.

Demons ‘regenerate’ quickly in their Dimensions, where time is so much shorter, so they are back much sooner than ours.

When we aren’t fighting (which seems like never!), we are protecting, nourishing your souls, trying to guide them – not always easy when the ego cuts us out!

The big ‘I’ gets in the way most of the time, I can tell you!
Selfish much?

There are many of us. Not unlike the ranks in your Mortal Armies.

But, unlike you, we all have a separate, personal duty.

We shadow one particular soul each, from birth to death; in MY case, two births so far, and one death (thank God!)

My ‘calling’ isn’t easy, believe me!

The soul I guard and cherish belongs to a Warrior too!

He was born with his destiny from the first. This sounds odd, I know, as Mortals think every living thing has a pre-determined path.

But no.

There isn’t really any such thing as a pre-determined path. Does that surprise you?

Each time you come to a fork in the road marked ‘choices’, you decide which path to take from there.

And it happens frequently in you Mortal lives.

Some, fortunately, take the right path.

Mortal, or semi-Mortal Warriors usually find what they need to guide them, by-usually obscure- Prophesies, that give them the nudge they need – but they are NOT written in stone, figuratively speaking.

Some are lucky enough to have a link to The Higher Beings.

My Warrior has such a link.

Remember this if nothing else:


There are Mortals who scoff at the very idea of our existence.

‘Why?’ They say. ‘How could it be real? I don’t see them doing anything to change the sorry state of our World!’

Are we Gods?


We protect and nourish the soul. The body is simply a vessel.
Sounds cold and uncaring? I don’t think so – but who am I to say?
Mortals tend to think the soul resides within.

They are wrong.

The soul envelopes the Mortal body like a great soft cloud, bursting with light.
Have you ever seen the husk of a loved one? You say to yourself, ‘yes, it is still them. But you know it is not.

The ‘loved one’ is the soul.

Anyway, take my particular ‘baby’-for want of a better word.
Some would say I’ve done a pretty shoddy job up until now!

Angel is a special case.

Where was I when Angelus took over his body? Not once- or even twice!

The answer?

He was with me. His soul protected and cherished.

If he could remember, he would tell you himself.

No one understands how it works; or don’t want to.

Even through those dark times, I still did my duty. His body is only my concern when his soul is wrapped around it – and then, not always.


Well, let’s just say, we have leaks too! Yes; even up here!

They managed somehow (got my suspicions!) to filch the Soul Incarnate Incantation, from under our very noses!

Granted, it has only been put into effect for one being – but really, should they have that sort of power? I disagree too.

But, hey! What clout do I have? I’m only an ‘Arch’ for goodness sake!

The Gypsies are Wiley ones (I’m sure there are some disgruntled ex- comrades lurking about there!).
They managed to twist the original intent of the Incantation, and slip in the good old ‘Happiness’ clause.

How ridiculous is that?

It served it’s purpose in it’s original form- only to be changed in a way that could only lead to failure, and more heartache.

Daft if you ask me.


Interfering pains in the Celestial backside!

I’m sidetracking, sorry.

The ‘PTB’ – especially the Oracles. Giving us a bad name?

Yes, unfortunately, what they actually say, behind all that disdain, and lack of regard to Mortal sensibilities, is true.

We see everything in a much broader view. Taking the whole; and there is no such thing as ‘not fair’.
Hell, I’d never face each new battle if I had the burden of each loss I’ve had; I’ve lost too many to even count.

We understand it is only temporary.

We all end up together again eventually. It is more of an inconvenience than a loss- that’s the Soldier in me talking, sorry!

And because we think in this broader way, we are called cold and heartless.

We are not.

We just see more clearly; remember! We arent tied to a Mortal body, that which fogs the mind, and makes things more difficult. I feel for you, deeply.

And that is a lot.

Just please don’t tar us with the same brush, okay?

Hey! We’re the nice guys…right?

Yours Eternally,
“Hey, Ur, That’s a great letter! Can I sign it too?”
“No, Gabe, Write your own”.
“Selfish much!” 😀



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