What’s in a Name

SUMMARY: Cordelia gets attacked by a demon and Angel turns her to save her life. This is the outcome.
POSTED: 6 Aug 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: (Fic Posted by Scorch on Bubble’s Behalf)

Cordelia woke up in Angel’s bed. Angel watching her intently and Wesley pacing back and forth. “Hi” she greeted when she fully woke up.

Angel immediately gripped her hand tightly, “Cordy, how do you feel? Do you need anything? Blood? Water?” he asked in concern.

“I’d like some blood” Cordelia replied.

“You stay here, I’ll fetch some blood” Wesley spoke up for the first time, not at all used to having Cordelia as a vampire. He left, giving Angel a chance to talk to her about things.

“Did it work? Do I have a soul?” Cordelia asked as she sat up in bed.

“Yeah, you’ve got a soul. Just like me” Angel told her with a small smile of somewhat relief. He was freaked that he had turned her, but it was the only way to save her after the demon had attacked. Boy, did the demon suffer greatly.

“So, I’m a vampire now huh?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah” Angel replied, not at all missing the look on her face.

“I can go all ‘grr’ now?”

“Yes, you can go all ‘grr’ as you say” Angel said as Wesley entered the room with some blood and gave it to Angel. “Here you go” he gave her the mug of heated blood.

“If Harmony was right and pig’s blood goes to my hips, can I drink Wesley?” Cordelia asked as she paused the mug just below her lips.

Wesley went pale, “No, you most certainly cannot drink me” he responded increduously.

“S’only kidding Wes, wouldn’t wanna drink you anyway” Cordelia replied easily.

“Why not? Am I not good enough to drink?” the ex-watcher demanded hotly.

“No, you’re all skin and bones. Not to mention, my vocal dictionary would be impaired for all eternity” Cordelia replied, “I should change my name” she stated.

“Why? I like Cordelia” Angel said.

“I could call myself Cordelius,” Cordelia stated, ignoring Angel’s remark, “Do I have to call you sire now?”

Angel blinked, “No Cordy, you are not calling yourself Cordelius and no you don’t have to call me sire” he told her. ‘You can call me Daddy if you like’ he thought before shaking his head, what was he thinking?

“I think Cordelius is a perfect name, to be honest” she continued her musing. “A nice, female and cute version of Angelus. It could be my way of honouring my sire”

Angel laughed then turned serious, “Cordelia, you are not calling yourself Cordelius” he told her seriously.

“I’m not skin and bones, am I?” Wesley asked, momentarily distracting the two vampires, “I’m not” he defended when they looked at him.

Cordelia shook her head at Wesley’s paranoia, “It’s not like I could choose Angel as my new vampire name” she pointed out.

“Why not? What’s wrong with Angel?” Angel asked in offence.

“While Angelus strikes fear into the hearts of millions, Angel only strikes fear into the hearts of people with religious issues” Cordelia told him.

“There’s nothing the matter with my name” Angel muttered in a weak defence.

“So, Cordelius it is” Cordelia stated again.

“You can’t call yourself Cordelius” Angel repeated.

“I can if I want too” she pouted.

The original vampire with a soul refused to look at her pout or her fluttering eyelashes or her nice brea… “I said no, and that’s the end of it” Angel argued as he focused his gaze on the door.

“Ok then, what about Carla?” Cordelia’s tone turned wistful, “A tribute to the grandmother I never knew” she sighed.

“Look Cordeliu, err, Cordelia. You are ‘not’ calling yourself Cordelius, Carla OR Crusilla” Angel told her. Why did her turn her again? Oh that’s right, to save her life.

“I don’t really see why I can’t call myself Cordelius though” Cordelia said with extra pouting.

‘It’s ‘my’ name’ Angel thought possessively, “Because you can’t” he said instead.

“Why not?”


“That’s ‘not’ an answer”

“It’ll have to do”

Completely ignoring his opposing, Cordelia happily settled with Cordelius as her new name, she changed the subject. “Does this mean I’m now part of the Order of Aurelius?” she asked.

Angel pinched the bridge of his nose, “Yes CORDELIA” he stressed, “You are” he replied tiredly.

“Meaning since you are my sire and Darla my grandmother, that the Master killed by Buffy is my great-grandfather?”

Where was the closest brick wall? “Yes” Angel replied as he eyed the wall behind him longingly. He was sure he could knock himself out if he hit his head off it long enough.

“Drusilla, your other childe, is now my sister and since she turned Spike that would make him my nephew?”

That wall looked so tempting, “Yes” Angel replied again, when do newborn vampires get tired again? Oh that’s right, they don’t. “Cordelia” he began.

“I know what we could do” Cordelia interrupted excitedly, earning a wary look from Angel and a panicked look from Wesley. “You could turn Skin-and-Bones here then we could all swing by Sunnydale, pick up Spike then go find Dru” she let out an evil laugh. “Then we could swear vengeance on all our enemies” she said.

“There will be no turning of Wes and there will be no vengeance” Angel told her, ignoring the slight thrill he got from the thought.

“Am I not good enough to be turned?” Wesley demanded, first he wasn’t good enough to be drank now he wasn’t good enough to be turned. This was some kind of conspiracy, he was sure of it.

On one hand, he had a newborn vampire wanting vengeance and on the other he had a paranoid ex-watcher demanding the reason why he wouldn’t be turned. Angel glared at Wesley and the other man shut up. “Cordelia, you can’t swear vengeance, you have a soul” he reminded his new childe. God, that was such a turn-on!

“Right and Buffy didn’t have a soul when she sent ‘my’ sire to hell or killed my great-grandfather?” Cordelia asked sarcastically, keeping her sniggering inward.

Angel’s eyes widened, she couldn’t be serious, could she? “Cordelia, Buffy is a vampire slayer…” he stopped. Why oh why did he say that?

Cordelia’s eyes narrowed, “That makes her my natural enemy”

“You can’t hurt Buffy” Angel told her, worry creeping in now.

“I can’t believe you’re defending a Slayer Angel, she sent you to hell” Cordelia reminded him.

“I was going to suck the world into hell Cordelia” Angel yet again pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You were evil at the time, you couldn’t help yourself” Cordelia said with a shrug. “Anyway, hurry up and turn Wes so we can go kick some slayer ass” Cordelia made a ‘shooing’ motion with her hands.

“We are not going to kick some slayer ass, Cordelius” Angel yelled.

“Didn’t I tell you that name was perfect for me?” Cordelia asked smugly while Angel mentally kicked himself hard for the slip of his tongue. “Since we’re back on the naming thing, I propose we change the name of our family” she looked thoughtful. “I think the ‘Order of Aurelius’ is just a tad bit old” she said.

“Of course it’s old, it goes way back” Angel told her, his headache now becoming Cordelius-sized.

“All the more reason to change it. I suggest House of Chase” Cordelia looked at Angel. “Yep, that’s much, much better and sounds more up-to-date too. Of course, I would be ruler, wouldn’t I?” she asked Angel.

“NO” Angel yelled, he was head of line since both the Master and Darla were dust. “I’m the ‘boss’ actually” he said in a quieter tone.

“But I came up with the new name” Cordelia pouted again.

Angel again focused his gaze away from the pouting lips and full brea… “Since Darla was my sire and the Master my grandsire, and with them both being dead. That makes me head of line” Angel explained. A two-hour-old vampire wasn’t going to change that, even if it was Cordelia. He was head of line, not Spike or Drusilla. So there.

“Who would be head of line if you went poof?” Cordelia asked casually.

“Then it would be Drusilla” Angel replied.

“But I’m your childe” again with the pouting.

“Drusilla is a lot older than you”

“Say if you ‘and’ Drusilla went poof, would I be next?”

“No, it would be Spike and before you ask, it is because he’s older than you”

“If you, Drusilla ‘and’ Spike all went poof, would I be head of line then?” Cordelia asked, the perfect picture of innocence.

“If Spike, Drusilla and I went poof then yes, you would be head of line” Angel was officially scared.

“Interesting” Cordelia mused thoughtfully.

Angel made a mental note to sleep lightly from now on.

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