Way Back When

SUMMARY: Clumsy Willow, broken orb, time travel, Cordy preggers all make for a fun time.
POSTED: 9 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: (Fics Posted by Scorch on Bubble’s Behalf)

“Willow, Giles said not to smash the orb” Xander cried as Willow dropped the conjuring orb by accident to the ground.

Buffy turned around after killing the grey, skinny demon and watched as the orb fell in slow motion to the ground below. The orb hit, the glass splintered and cracked.

“Oops” Willow said sheepishly as she looked at the broken sphere at her feet.

Cordelia had finally killed the demon she had been bashing over the head with a large rock. “That’s what happens when you ruin my OPI manicure” she hissed in anger as she carelessly tossed the rock at the demon’s lifeless head.

“I think it’s dead sweetie” Xander said carefully, he knew what it was like to suffer Cordelia’s wrath over a ruined expensive manicure. It wasn’t something to be taken lightly that’s for sure.

“You don’t think Giles will be mad, do you?” Willow asked nervously as she bit her lip.

“Nah, we’ll just tell him one of the demons dropped it” Buffy assured her friend. Normally, she was against lying but sometimes a ‘little white lie’ was necessary.

“You’d think the demon population would’ve have discovered a way to prevent body odour by now” Cordelia wrinkled her nose at the foul stench of the four demons around them.

Buffy snorted, “I’ve just had the mental image of one of these things buying a matching set of Impulse shower gel and deodorant” she said with a wry grin.

“As I always say you need the deo to fight the B.O” Xander chuckled at his rhyming, “I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it” he continued lamely.

“Xander that was really lame, even for you” Cordelia replied, the edges of her lips quirking up in a smile.

“Just call me lame-o guy” Xander grinned a very cheeky grin and shrugged helplessly.

“You’re such a dork Xan” Buffy laughed, “What say us demon fighters go for some pizza?” she asked.

“Buff, you are a woman after my own heart, I’m starved” Xander said, pleased somebody other than him brought up the subject of food.

Willow was too busy watching the cracked orb on the ground to pay any attention to the conversation of her friends. A small light was now glowing and the light seemed to be seeping through the cracks in the glass. “I think we might have a tiny problem” she squeaked as she stumbled away backwards.

“What?” Buffy’s good humour disappearing and nervousness creeping in.

“I think the conjuring sphere is, um, looking dangerous” Willow replied as her back hit a hard tree trunk.

Xander, Cordelia and Buffy immediately turned to look at the orb in question, Willow was right. The soft glow was now quite a bright light that showed no signs of dimming or stopping. “I think now would be a good time to say, I dunno, run?” Xander suggested.

“Uh-huh” Buffy and Cordelia agreed and all three turned to leave the scene of the crime. However, they didn’t get very far when the wind picked up and the temperature began to rise.

“Hide” Buffy youlled as the wind rapidly picked up speed, causing small pieces of debris to fly past them. The temperature was beginning to feel like a furnace as the air continued to crackle with escaped energy.

Xander grabbed a hold of Buffy and dived behind the tree Willow was clinging onto for dear life, “What the hell is going on?” he yelled as he tried to shield his face from dust and the near-burning air.

A black hole opened up in the middle of a growing vortex that looked very scary indeed. The three friends huddled together behind the tree protectively as the vortex began to visibly spin, causing the wind speed to increase some more.

“I’ll never tell another white lie again” Buffy yelled as she pressed her face into Xander’s back to stop bits from whipping her cheeks.

After a few minutes of hell breaking loose, the vortex seemed to close in on it’s self, the wind dropped and the temperature decreased. Until it was like nothing had ever happened. “Willow, next time DO NOT drop a conjuring orb” Xander told Willow once he had regained the power of speech.

“I said oops” Willow croaked as she shook from head to toe, “You’ve broken orbs before” she pointed out in self defence.

“Yes, but not ones being used to call upon my ancient evil one from youars ago” Xander said sarcastically.

“You two ok?” Buffy’s muffled voice came from Xander’s back.

“Yeah, I’m fine Buff, you ok?” Xander replied as he wiped his brow and felt Buffy nod her reply. “Will?”

“Uh-huh, just, you know, uh, wigging on the big time here” Willow replied, not releasing the tree from her grip.

“I’m with Will on the big time wigging” Buffy’s muffled voice spoke, “I have to say that was the coolest and most possibly scariest thing I have ever seen”

“Cordy, you ok?” Xander asked, totally ignoring the Slayer’s comments on purpose, that was by no means cool. Silence was his answer.

Silence that caused all three to look at the surrounding area with looks that said ‘uh-oh’ “Cordy?” Buffy called out as she stood. Still nothing.

“Sweetie this isn’t the time to go play hide and go seek” Xander called out, hoping she would answer. She didn’t.

“Cordelia, this really isn’t funny”

“I’m so not amused”

“You don’t think she got, uh, sucked in do you?”

Xander and Buffy looked at Willow when she let the question die off her tongue. “No” Xander denied, “Cordy’s here, she’s just playing a joke that isn’t funny” he looked to Buffy, “Right?”

Buffy swallowed, “I-I think we should go get Giles” she said, not wanting to answer his question.


Cordelia’s body felt like it was on fire, she was hot, dizzy and her entire body was aching so much. ‘I’m going to mentally throw up’ she thought when her stomach dropped, ‘no, I’m really going to throw up.’ She moaned in pain when she felt someone roll her onto her side while she was sick; a woman’s soft and calming voice partially penetrated the fog she was encased in. One minute she had been looking forward to some of Gino’s pizza with her friends and the next, well, she didn’t know what was going on. Cordelia couldn’t even open her eyous much less speak to find out what the next thing was.

A soothing, rubbing motion was made on her burning back and a woman was whispering comforting words as her body slowly recovered from it’s convulsions. “Aye, the young lass has a mighty fever” the woman spoke to somebody, “Can you fetch me some water and cotton?” she asked.

“Aye Mary” a man’s voice followed the woman’s and Cordelia heard rapid footsteps and a door opening then closing.

“Do not worry, lass, Mary’ll take good of you” the woman, Mary, murmured sweetly. “I dare say you’ll be beatin’ the lads in this town off wit’ a stick when you get well” she chuckled.

‘Beating Xander with a stick maybe’ Cordelia thought as consciousness slowly came over her and she moaned again. She tried to speak but her mouth was so dry that all she could manage was a croak.

The footsteps came back into the room, Cordelia heard water swishing and then she felt something divinely cool being smoothed over her head and face. “Easy lass, you are mighty ill” Mary cooed when Cordelia tried to move but not succeeding in the slightest.

“I dare say you’ll be takin’ up lodgings wit’ us for a time, lass” Mary said as she looked pleadingly to her husband, Bowen.

“I shall get the O’Shannon boy te fix the thatching” Bowen said as he watched his wife take care of the young girl he had found while hunting with Jack O’Shannon.

“T’is a good idea love,” Mary agreed, “When the young lass is right, she can earn her keep” she said.

‘Hello? Sick girl here! I’m not slaves-r-us’ Cordelia thought furiously as she forced her eyous open, ready to give hell to Mary for even suggesting that she, Cordelia Chase, become a maid. Instead when her hazel eyes finally opened, she found her gaze locked onto kind green ones that held concern and pity.

“Ah, you are awake lass,” Mary said as she ran the cotton rage over the strange girl’s still-burning skin on her face. She was a mighty pretty one, eyes that sparkled even through the fever and a face that was well shaped and smooth skin. Yes, Mary decided, this one would have suitors flaying one another for her affections.

“Me husband came across you while out huntin’ with Jack O’Shannon” Mary explained in her kind and warm voice as she continued to cool her skin down.

‘Ok, one question answered’ Cordelia thought as she opened her mouth to speak but all she could say was “Name” and even that wasn’t clear. ‘Mouth, you can take a vacation anytime you like. EXCEPT NOW’ she thought.

“Mary Brannon” Mary replied, “What they be callin’ you lass?” she asked as she put the rag into the bowl of water.

“Cordelia” Cordelia forced the word past her severely dry lips, “Cordelia Chase” she rasped.

“Forgive me will you?” Mary asked as she chuckled, “You must be parched, havin’ been stone cold fer these last two days” she reached for a glass of some sort and held it to Cordelia’s lips.

The confused brunette drank as much as she could without spluttering the heavenly liquid everywhere, “Where am I?” Cordelia asked. A cheesy but important question that needed to be answered.

“That bump te your head must surely have been mighty” Mary chuckled as she replaced the glass on the old table next to the bed, “T’is Galway lass” she said. “Cordelia eh? T’is a ladies name, you are from the colonies, are you?” she asked.

‘Colonies?’ Cordelia silently questioned, ‘what colonies? Did the good old US of A decided that the best way to attract aliens is to build little green houses in Hollywood?’ she asked herself.

“Are you from across the water? The New World?” Mary asked when she got no reply.

‘New World? Think, you sailed history 101. New World, colonies. America you dumb ass’ her brain youlled in triumph. “Yes” Cordelia finally replied, “Yes, I’m from America. Sunnydale, California actually”

“America” Mary tried the word out, “An what would it be like in America?” she asked, trying to get the young lass to talk would be good for fighting her fever.

‘Ok, be careful what you say’ “It’s sunny, warm with shops every where and shoes to die for” Cordelia blurted out in her still raspy voice. ‘What part of ‘be careful what you say’ didn’t you understand?’

“I beg yer pardon?” Mary not quite understanding the young girl’s strange way of speaking.

“Um, it’s warm, there are a lot of sandy beaches and lots of things to see” Cordelia amended quickly. “Where exactly is Galwart?”

“Galway” Mary corrected with a chuckle, “T’is in Ireland lass, may I ask as te why you crossed the water?”

‘Think, think’ “My parents decided a daughter was not what they wanted after all” Cordelia told her, the sad truth was that wasn’t so far from the actual truth.


Sunnydale, 1998.

Giles took off his glasses and rubbed his tired eyous, they had been looking into vortexs and portals since the three frantic teenagers returned minus Cordelia. “I suggest we try and get some sleep, we’re in no fit state to continue” he said tiredly.

Xander turned on Giles, “What? Are you saying we should give up?” he demanded angrily.

“Not in the least, it’s late and we’re all very tired, we’ll do much better after we’ve all had some rest” Giles tried to placate the boy’s anger. Not that he could blame him.

“Giles is right” Buffy stood up and went to Xander, “We’ll be in better shape tomorrow and then we’ll get Cordy back” she looked at the watch on her wrist, it read 1:59 am. “Don’t worry, this is Cordelia we’re talking about, if she doesn’t come back, the fashion police will be called so we have to get her back” Buffy tried to give him hope.

Xander looked at the floor, “What if she’s in some hell place Buff?” he asked, “What” he swallowed, “What if she didn’t…” he couldn’t bring himself to say the words.

Buffy rubbed his back soothingly, “The only thing that could possibly beat Cordelia Chase is being locked up in a shoeless shoe store and she wouldn’t let it get that far” she said. That girl could take on anything and still come up trumps. Even though she didn’t really get along with Cordelia, Buffy still admired the girl’s gutsy attitude. Everybody did.

Xander managed a weak smile, Buffy always managed to make him feel better, “You’re right, she would never give up and neither am I” his voice was filled with renewed energy. “I’ll get her back” he vowed.

“No Xander” Buffy gave him a winning smile, “WE’LL get her back” she emphasised her point.

“You’re really something, you know that?” Xander asked softly.

“I do now” Buffy replied, “C’mon, we have evil to fight, and my ex-honey to stop” she said grimly.

“Angelus ain’t all that tough” Xander returned the favour and tried to make his friend feel better. “I bet he’s probably scared of the dark” he chuckled.

It was Buffy’s turn to laugh a little, “Now I have a visual of Angelus running around Sunnydale with a night light” she told him, “You’re really something, you know that?” she teased.

“I do now” Xander returned, “C’mon, we have evil to fight and a Queen to find”
Galway, 1740.

Cordelia had been in Ireland for almost a week now and to say she didn’t like it would be a downright lie. Galway was a beautiful place, and the people were so nice and friendly to you. Mary and Bowen Brannon were the most kindest, warm-hearted people she had ever met and she had vowed she would do anything to repay the kindness they had shown her.

After all, they had taken her, a perfect stranger, into their home and hearts without question. They were exactly how she wanted her parents to be, caring and all that other stuff. But right now, Cordelia had things on her mind like how to put on one of these damn dresses Mary had given her.

They had belonged to Mary’s daughter, Sorcha, before she had died six years ago and Cordelia suspected they saw her as a second chance, not that she minded because she didn’t.

Mary entered Cordelia’s room to find things coming out of the young girl’s mouth that no lady should even think, let alone say. She chuckled, “Aye lass, your home land may be the New World, but I dare say you have Irish blood in you” she said.

Cordelia laughed, “I think you maybe right Mary” she said as she struggled with the dress.

“Let me help you lass” Mary chuckled again, the girl was definitely a strange one but she was a lovely child just like her Sorcha had been.

Cordelia saw the look of sorrow pass over the woman’s face and instantly knew the plump woman was thinking about her daughter. “This dress is lovely” she said as she ran her hands over the warm material, it certainly wasn’t Gucci but it still felt nice even if it was a little bulky.

“Aye, me Sorcha loved this one” Mary told her sadly as she picked up a brush from Cordelia’s table and began to brush her long hair. “I dare say you shall have been bosom friends” she said.

“I’m certain of it” Cordelia agreed, trying to be of some help to the woman who had lost her only child. Something no parent should have to go through. The words were out of Cordelia’s mouth before she could stop them, “Mary, could I call you mom?”

Mary’s hand halted in brushing, “Of course you can lass, I shall have you know I shall be honoured to have you as me own” she said shakily.

“No” Cordelia denied, “I’m the one who is honoured mom, you and Bowen or Daddy if he’ll let me, have shown me more kindness than anyone” she told the elder woman. “And I’m certain if Sorcha were here right now, she’d agree with me that you are the most amazing people in the whole world” she said.

“Lass, you are a mighty fine young lady I say, me husband shall allow you to call him, what was it you said?” Mary asked with shining eyes.

“Daddy” Cordelia replied shyly.

“You shall be better off with Da methinks” Mary chuckled and resumed the brushing. “You are te attend a ball this eve at the O’Shannons te celebrate young Liam’s 25 years, so you’ll need to be proper” she said.

“A ball?” Cordelia’s eyous lit up with excitement. An honest to goodness old fashioned ball, ‘oh wow oh wow oh wow’ she thought as she began to jump up and down like a little kid at Christmas.

“Easy lass” Mary laughed heartily, “Your Da and Jack O’Shannon have agreed te allow young Liam te escort you. He is a handsome young lad, not a gentleman by all means but he shall curb his manners, your Da shall see to that” the woman told Cordelia.

‘Ok, I’ve been here less than a week, this woman has so far gotten me to work like I have never worked before, she has gotten me to call her ‘mom.‘ Now she’s fixing me up with some guy who sounds like he belongs on a high school football team. I think not’ Cordelia thought. “I have a boyfriend back home mom” she said.

“A boyfriend?” Mary asked, once again confused by her words.

‘Think’ “I’m being, uh, courted by a young, uh, lad by the name of Alexander Harris” Cordelia changed her vocabulary so the woman could understand.

“Ah” Mary exclaimed in understanding, “I dare say he is not a proper gentleman lass, fer he was to allow you to cross the water without proper escort. I say he is no gentleman fer the likes of a mighty fine lass like you” Mary scolded Xander and Cordelia sniggered.

‘He ‘did’ rush to help Buffy when the gateway to hell, or should it be heaven, opened up’ Cordelia thought with a frown. Whatever, not that it matters now anyway, she knew there was no going home and she did like it here despite everything.


“Liam” Jack O’Shannon youlled for his son’s attention, “Have you the horse and cart te fetch the young lass from the Brannons?” he asked.

“yes father, I have” Liam replied like a dutiful son, he was peeved that he had to escort some lass from the colonies to ‘his’ celebration that night.

“I’ll warn you again lad” Jack said to him, “Be sure te take proper care of her you hear?”

“Yes father” Liam said in a dull tone, he’d much rather be down at the local tavern with his mates and celebrating his way. With Maggie.

“Be off with you lad, t’is not proper te keep a lady waiting” Jack urged his son out the door.

“Yes father”


“Hurry lass, young Liam shall be here in no time” Bowen said, young ladies these days he thought.

“Aye Lass, your Da is right, you shall make a poor impression on young Liam if you are not proper” Mary scolded lightly.

“Knock, knock” Liam called as he pulled his sleeves down on his white shirt, “Where is the lovely young lady I shall be escortin’ this eve?” he asked, he was so determined not to like her. From what he had heard, these people from the New World were just like the British and it was no surprise he hated the British.

“Patience lad” Mary chuckled as the young man stood in front of her with a sour face, a face she was sure would be lifted when Cordelia walked in. That Liam would be quite taken with her, but then he was quite taken with most young ladies.

“Be sure no harm comes to Cordelia lad, or you’ll find yer over me knee” Bowen warned seriously, he wouldn’t stand for the young lass to shed a tear.

“I’ll take proper care of my guarded Mr. B” Liam replied, “I’ll be sure te bring her home safely and smilin” he said.

“Hmm” Bowen said with a fatherly frown on his face, he knew what young lads meant these days when they had that look in their eyes.

Cordelia looked in the old fashioned mirror and took the last rag out of her hair, since she didn’t have any curling tongs she had to make do with rags and wet hair that dried naturally. She was quite pleased with the results, her long, dark hair hung in loose waves down past her shoulders and framed her face. “No matter what century you’re in CC” she said, “You’ve still got it” and she hurried to make her entrance. Determined not to like her ‘escort’ of the night.

To say Cordelia was shocked when she saw Liam O’Shannon would be the understatement of the century. “A-Angel?” she said as she stumbled backwards in fear, away from the dangerous vampire who tried to kill her.

She shook from head to toe as she stared at Liam’s bewildered face, oblivious to the concerned ones of her honorary parents. “I’m no angel,” Liam told her, she was quite sight as she trembled in fear, no woman had done that in his presence. Swooned when he grinned at them but shook in fear, never. “Me name is Liam, lass, pleasure is mine” Liam said gently, as he saw how scared she was of him.

Cordelia took in a deep breath, ‘this is Liam? But he’s a vampire and it’s still light outside and vampires can’t come out in the daylight’ she thought frantically. ‘Play it cool Cordy, think for God’s sake, you were boy slayer before you became Xander-whipped’ she thought even more frantically.

“Miss, are you well?” Liam asked as he slowly approached the visibly shaking girl.

“I-I’m sorry L-Liam, you look like somebody from my home land” Cordelia stammered out as soon as her voice returned.

“Ah, your betrothed I presume” Liam said, hoping the bonny lass would say no.

“No, just somebody who isn’t a very nice person that’s all” Cordelia regained some of her lost composure, “My name’s Cordelia Chase”

“Liam O’Shannon, pleasure te meet such a bonny lass” Liam said, forgetting about Bowen’s presence and the man in question coughed meaningfully.

“Shall we?” Liam offered Cordelia his arm in a gentlemanly offer.


Sunnydale, 1998.

“We’ve been looking for three weeks and we’ve got more nothing than usual” Xander hurled his book across the library in frustration.

“Xander, we’re doing the best we can” Giles said calmly, he was starting to think there was no way they could bring Cordelia back. He had almost exhausted every resource the Watchers Council had.

“Come on Xander, sit down, you’re not doing yourself or Cordelia any good by acting like a crazy man” Buffy told him gently.

“We’ve tried everything Buff and nothing, that’s all we’ve found” Xander replied, Absolutely nothing” he sighed in defeat.

Giles looked at Willow who was crying into Oz’s shirt softly, he caught Buffy’s eyou and gave a silent sign she should talk to the guilty red head.

“I’ll talk to her” Buffy said, “It really was an accident Giles”

“I don’t doubt it Buffy, but that does not mean to say she feels any less guilty” Giles said honestly the whole thing was turning into a nightmare for all concerned.

“I know,” she looked at her watcher with a knowing look, “You think that there’s no way we can find her, don’t you?” she asked softly.

Giles didn’t answer, thus telling Buffy what she feared. Cordelia was lost somewhere and there was no way to bring her back.


Galway, 1740.

Cordelia had now been in Galway for two months now, her and Liam had been getting closer since his celebration of his 25th birthday. All thoughts of Sunnydale and going home had been pushed to deepest recesses of her mind. Never had she felt like so free before and she was falling rapidly in love with a human Angel.

Now here she was, picking apples with Liam O’Shannon and his younger sister, Kathy who was the most adorable child Cordelia had come across. “Me brother was telling’ his mate how he finds you so bonny” Kathy giggled and broke Cordelia from her thoughts.

“Kathy” Liam warned as he flushed, he was used to be able to charm any girl he met but Cordelia, or Crea (heart) as he called her now, was like no woman he had ever met. She was everything he wanted and more. Crea was beautiful, very smart and had a fiery temper that could scare a man easily.

“Did he now?” Cordelia asked the young girl, “What else does Master Liam say?” she glanced at Liam resting against the tree trunk.

“Liam told Da he wishes te court you” Kathy revealed as she stuck her tongue out at her brother as he scowled at her.

“Kathy O’Shannon, so help me I’ll tie you te a tree and leave you fer the birds” Liam warned, damn his sister.

Cordelia laughed, “No he won’t” she had begun to talk like Liam since she was with him nearly every day, “ Cos if he does, I shall just be forced to tie ‘him’ to a tree” she winked at the girl who giggled behind her hands.

“Kathy, shall you go fetch some of that blossom fer Ma, while I chat with Crea a while?” Liam told rather than asked his sister.

“Are you going to kiss Crea?” Kathy asked with wide eyes, she wanted Crea and her brother to court.

“Kathy O’Shannon, I shall be certain te tell Da of your words” Liam growled, “Now go fetch some blossom”

Cordelia watched as Kathy got up and ran down the small field they were picking apples, or were supposed to be picking apples in. “Court me, eh Liam?” she teased as she sat down.

Liam flushed, “What makes you so sure I’d allow it?” Cordelia continued to tease as she purposely didn’t look at him and he looked away. Liam wasn’t used to women being so open about courting in general, but then Crea wasn’t like ordinary women as he always pointed out. His father had told him that Crea would make a fine wife and he was inclined to agree with him.

As if on cue, Kathy jumped in as she returned with a small handful of little white flowers, “Mrs. Brannon was telling’ Ma how you talk about me brother in yer sleep”

“Kathy” Cordelia glared at the little girl with the big mouth.

“Did she now?” Liam could’ve jumped for joy, the tables had been turned and he couldn’t have been any happier.

“Aye Liam, she did” Kathy replied as she sat cross-legged in front of her brother and Cordelia. “An Mrs. Brannon was telling’ Ma that Crea could light up the whole of Galway when she spoke of you”

“Kathy O’Shannon, you little tell tale” Cordelia said to the little girl with a mouth that was too big for her.

“Kathy, you run along and fetch some more apple blossom” Liam said to his interfering sister.

“Aye brother, you make sure you kiss her proper” Kathy jumped up and ran back to where the apple blossom was within her reach.

“That girl shall be doin’ me no good” Liam sighed at his sister’s words, “Da shall say I’m a bad influence on the lass”

“Liam, I have always said you have the devil in you” Cordelia teased as she nudged him with her elbow.

Liam rolled his eyes, “Aye, but I get it from you” he retorted.

“Yeah, yeah. If you say so”

“Aye lass, I do”

Liam cleared his throat as he gathered his courage to ask if she would allow him to court her, “Crea” he began as he fidgeted, no other woman could make him nervous. “I would very much like te court you” he said straight.

“Ah, but you are quite the scoundrel when it comes to chasing women Liam O’Shannon” Cordelia replied, Queen C may have gone soft but she still wouldn’t fall for such an easy line like that.

Liam gave her a hurt look, “I shall give up me wanderin ways if you promise not te break me heart” Liam exaggerated and laid his head on her lap. “Fer I shall not live until you tell me yes” he told her with a wink.

“Dork” Cordelia said with a grin and softly began to stroke his long hair that was tied back.

“Will you ever tell me what a dork is?” he asked in confusion, hoping she would.

“Sorry Liam, t’is my secret an’ I shall take it te my grave” Cordelia sighed dramatically and mimicked his accent as much as she could.

“Then I shall make certain to learn each one of yer secrets, lass” Liam’s face was suddenly in front of hers.

“How do you plan to that, lad?” Cordelia asked, suddenly wary of that look in his eyes. It was just like Angelus when he had attacked her.

“I shall be torturing’ em out of you” Liam pounced on Cordelia and began to tickle her mercilessly.

Cordelia screamed with laughter as she struggled with Liam, she couldn’t breathe and her belly hurt. “Li-am, Li-am, can’t breathe” she gasped out as she tried to catch her breath.

“Say you will allow me te court you and I may let you go” Liam blackmailed as he wiggled his fingers teasingly.

“Alright, I shall allow you Liam O’shannon” Cordelia pointed to him, “To court me, Crea Brannon” she pointed to herself as she succumbed to her feelings for him and his unrelenting tickle mission.

“You, Crea Brannon, are a song from the birds, the sun on a dull day, the waves on the water…” before Liam could continue, Cordelia whacked the back of his head and called him a dork.

The people in Sunnydale were unaware that eight months had passed for Cordelia while she was unaware that only four months had passed in Sunnydale.

Cordelia and Liam’s courting had soon changed to engagement and Cordelia had begged and pleaded for an outdoor wedding on Salt Hill, a point that over looked the Irish sea. She felt that she could give Liam something that she was certain Angel missed and in a way, Cordelia liked to think she could calm the demon’s, Angelus, anger by showing Liam how much she loved him.

It was her way of thanking Angel for all the times he had saved her and it was her way of telling Angelus that feeling didn’t make you weak. Something Cordelia had often thought about the demon inside Angel.

Cordelia had never been so happy in all her life, who would’ve thought Queen C would enjoy living in the dark ages? Certainly not her, that’s for sure. Living in Ireland had changed her dramatically but on the outside but more so on the inside. Her hair now hung in waves past her shoulders, she had put on a little weight thanks to the wonderful cooking of Mary and Erin O’Shannon, Liam’s mother.

Where Cordelia once had an outer beauty, she now radiated warmth and beauty from the inside. It was all down to a handful of people who had shown her more kindness, more love than anyone else. They taught her all kinds of things, Mary and Erin had taught her how to cook, sew and embroider. Liam taught her how to play the piano, taught her songs and read stories to her.

In turn, she had told them as much as she could about America, friends she had there, why her parents had all but abandoned her and what life was like. Cordelia had once made holes in the bread dough to make some form of doughnuts that had confused everybody when they looked at it. Liam had pretended to spy on her through the hole.

Not once did Cordelia think about Sunnydale and going home. She didn’t want to go home anymore, all she wanted was to stay with Liam and be happy.

Liam was sitting at Crea’s piano, waiting for his father and Bowen to bring his wife of only three months home. He had a horrible feeling that something wasn’t right and he didn’t like it at all.

Crea had told him she wanted to go apple picking while Liam helped his father with some merchandise but she had yet to come home.

Jack O’Shannon handed the piece of bloodstained cloth from Cordelia’s dress to Bowen Brannon with a look of sadness. “Sweet Jesus” Bowen whispered, he had lost another daughter to the hands of God and young Liam had lost his wife.

“I’ll be sure te give Liam yer best” Jack replied to Bowen’s silent words, “An tell yer Mary I’m heartily sorry fer your loss, she was a good woman and good wife, I shall miss her greatly” he said as the two men took their grieving hearts back to tell of Cordelia’s fate.


Sunnydale, back where it all began.

Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz and Giles were leaning over Cordelia’s unconscious form on the ground, “Is she ok?” Xander asked with a sigh of relief that was shared by his friends that they had found a way to bring her back.

“She’s breathing, and she looks ok physically” Giles mentioned as he checked her over for injuries, “We still have no idea where she has been or what she has been through” he added, not wanting to raise hopes that Cordelia would be ok mentally.

Cordelia moaned and began to come round when she saw unfamiliar faces looming over her, she tried to get up but couldn’t move her aching body. “Liam, Liam” she screamed in terror as she moved her hands frantically to try and get up.

Buffy and Giles held the terrified girl down gently so she wouldn’t hurt herself, “Cordy, Cordy” Buffy tried to calm her, “It’s alright now, you’re safe, you’re safe. You’re back home” she soothed.

Cordelia shoved Buffy and Giles away from her and crawled into a sitting position, “Can you tell me where might I be?” she asked in fear and confusion.

“You don’t remember us?” Xander asked with a lump in his throat, he’d never thought about this situation. All he thought about was getting his girlfriend back from some hellish dimension where Satan forced her into slavery and sex.

It was like being hit by lightening for Cordelia as long-buried memories resurfaced and assaulted her brain. The vortex, waking up at Mary’s, meeting Liam, courting Liam and marrying him. ‘Oh sweet God’ Cordelia began to hyperventilate, she had never got to tell him she was pregnant. Mary and Erin had worked it out that the night they had conceived had been their wedding night and Cordelia was sure Liam would have been ecstatic about becoming a father.

“Breathe Cordy, you’re home now” Buffy slowly approached her like she would a wild animal.

“What have you done?” Cordelia yelled, to frantic and too confused about everything, she did the first thing that sounded good. Turned and ran.


Galway 1741

Liam clutched the bloodstained cloth of his wife’s dress and stared at the stone wall in front of him, too numb to feel anything even heartache.

“I truly am sorry my son” his father said as he grieved for Liam’s loss, it was something no man should have to face.

“Aye” Liam said numbly as the cloth fell to the floor from his limp grip.

“We shall greatly miss your Crea, boy” Jack squeezed Liam’s shoulder offering any kind of support he could.

“Aye” Liam replied not feeling his father’s grip at all.

Later, Liam had wandered to a local tavern and got very drunk on stout and ale, his intoxicated mind thought he saw Crea walking down an alley, silently asking him to follow her. He did.

“T’is a good thing Liam was not aware of the babe” Bowen said as he cuddled his shaking wife, “Fer that, we can be thankful that the Lord bestowed mercy on the poor lad” he said gently.


Sunnydale 1999.

Angelus bolted upright in bed, that had been the cruellest of dreams he had had these last few months. He had been having strong dreams of the young girl he had taken as his wife when he had been human. All through his 240 year reign as a vampire, Angelus had never forgotten his beautiful Crea, the girl who had come from the colonies.

Now, he was faced with his harsh reality that she had died when she had gone out to pick apples for pudding she was going to make for him and his sister, Kathy. Angelus was relieved Crea hadn’t been alive to see him as a vampire, he would’ve turned her instantly but she would have suffered eternal torment from Darla.

The vampire shoved his covers off his body and got out of bed, he needed to kill something and the way he was feeling, a human wouldn’t get up after one punch.

Cordelia ran blindly along a familiar street, the wind was chilly but she didn’t care, there would be no way she could get back to Galway now. No way to get back to Liam. She was alone and so desperately lost.

Angelus stalked along the empty lane, his mass genocide of the entire population of customers at Willy’s did nothing to relieve his ache. He turned a corner and felt someone run right into his chest. Someone with an overpowering scent that he had never forgotten. It was too real. It was too real for it to be true.

Angelus angrily gripped the arms of the woman who had thumped into him and yanked her away from his chest, removing one hand and bringing it up to her thick hair. He yanked her hair back to look at her face.

Cordelia felt her head being forced up by a tugging on her hair and found herself staring into the face of Liam, her breath caught in her throat and her heart seemed to stop.

Angelus let go of the girl and stumbled a few steps away, he shook his head to see if this was another cruel dream and waited to wake up. No. She was still there, staring at him as if she had seen a ghost. “Crea?” he whispered as he felt shock set in.
Cordelia stared at the vampire who was staring back at her. She didn’t see the vampire; she only saw Liam. “Crea?” Angelus whispered again as he took more steps away from her.

Angelus ran his eyes over the girl he’d been having dreams about for months. She was wearing the same dress she had been wearing when she died. Her hair was messy but still held the braids tied with her ribbons. There was blood on the bottom half of her dress and a large piece of it had been torn off. Angelus could have sworn his heart had been shocked into beating.

“L-Liam?” Cordelia asked with an open mouth and pale face, she didn’t dare hope that Liam had been brought through with her. What if she reached out to touch him and he wasn’t here? What if she reached out to touch him and he pushed her away from him?

When the girl in front of him called him Liam, it was too much for the vampire to handle; first the dreams and now this. He couldn’t believe or was it he didn’t want to believe because any minute now he would wake up and Crea wouldn’t be there. Angelus suddenly disappeared into the lane he just came out of.

‘Nononono’ Cordelia’s mind screamed as she watched her husband leave her in the middle of somewhere she barely knew anymore. She began to shake as she dropped to the ground, “Liam, come back. I’m sorry I left, please come back” Cordelia choked on her tears as she sat there alone.


“That ‘was’ Cordelia, right?” Xander asked for the millionth time, she ‘looked’ like Cordelia but there was something very different about her.

“Yes, I believe it was” Giles replied, also for the millionth time, “I hope Buffy is able to find her” he voiced his hopes. The poor girl had been positively terrified and with good reason.

“I still don’t see why I couldn’t have gone with Buffy to find her,” Xander said to no one in particular.

“Because you’re too close to her, she doesn’t need to be overwhelmed right now and out of all of us, Buffy has a slight understanding of how traumatic something like this can be” Giles reasoned with the anxious teenage boy.

“When has Buffy ever been sucked around the universe by a big, swirly hole thing?” Xander snapped in confusion and frustration.

“Xander, I think Giles was talking about when she died at the Harvest” Willow pointed out weakly.

“Sorry for snapping at you Giles, I’m just on edge you know” Xander apologised and took a deep, calming breath.

“Quite alright under the given circumstances” Giles graciously waved away Xander’s unneeded apology.


Buffy moved quickly through the streets of Sunnydale looking for Cordelia. ‘What the hell am I supposed to say to her?’ she questioned mentally. “Hey, Willow’s sorry she dropped the orb and sent you God knows where. But, hey, welcome back?” Buffy tried out loud before smacking her head off a mental brick wall.

She had been searching for roughly half an hour when she finally found Cordelia, shivering and clutching the corner of a wall like her life depended on it. “Cordelia” Buffy spoke quietly and gently as she kneeled a few feet away from her.

Cordelia snapped her head round to face Buffy, “Cordelia come on, I’ll take you back to my house and get you cleaned up.” The Slayer found no resistance from her friend when she tried to move her, she just figured the other girl was in severe shock.

Buffy shrugged out of her jacket and wrapped it around Cordelia’s shoulders as she guided her back to her house. “You must’ve had quite a trip, for once you’re actually speechless” she commented trying to urge Cordelia into talking. “That dress must be driving you crazy”

“I made it” Cordelia replied as she tugged Buffy’s jacket tighter around her.

“Could I put more of my foot in my mouth?” Buffy asked grimly.

Buffy unlocked the door to her house, “Mom, you here?” she called out, “Mom?” she tried again when she got no answer.

Joyce came into the living room and gasped when she saw Cordelia, “I see it worked then. You managed to get another one of those things” the woman stated.

“Yeah, listen can you take Cordy upstairs to the bathroom while I call Giles to let him and the others know I found her?” Buffy asked her mother.

Joyce nodded, “Of course honey, why don’t you make us all something hot to drink when you’re done?”

“Good idea mom and thanks” Buffy left Cordelia in the care of her mother and went to make the call.

Joyce took her daughter’s jacket off Cordelia and went to hang it up, “let’s get you into a nice, hot bath”

“”What year might this be?” Cordelia asked suddenly, wanting to know is she could possibly be dreaming all of this.

Startled by her accent, “1999, how long have you been gone?” Joyce asked for the lost young woman in front of her.

Cordelia blinked back tears, “Almost two years”

“A nice hot bath and some rest will help you get back to normal” Joyce assured with a firm nod.

“I found her Giles” Buffy said when Giles answered.

“Good, how is she?”

“In shock but apart from that, I have no idea. I tried talking to her on the way home but I got nothing except that she made the dress she’s wearing” Buffy exasperated. “She wouldn’t have even told me that if I hadn’t had my foot firmly in my mouth”

“It’s quite understandable Cordelia is in shock, it may take some time before she’s well again” Giles said gravely.

Buffy sighed, “Well, we brought her back, that’s the main thing. She’s home now and safe”

“Those are very good points Buffy. I’m proud of you for your maturity about the whole situation” Giles praised his charge.

“Tell me that again tomorrow when my head catches up with it all” Buffy replied, “Anyway, I better go see how mom’s doing, she’s putting Cordelia in the tub and stuff” she explained.

“Good, thank your mother suitably for me and goodnight Buffy, sleep well” Giles hung up.


“The little tweeting birds are singing my Spike” the dark haired female vampire caressed Spike’s cheek.

“Are they now?” Spike asked as he pretended to bite Drusilla’s hand but she smacked him away playfully.

“Daddy’s awful mad ‘e is” she laughed to herself, “I smell life and death and life all over again”

“What are you talking about now poodle?” Spike asked, sometimes the damn stars were too much for him.

Drusilla halted her twirling, “Ah, ah, ah” she chastised, “Not allowed to tell without the magic word” she teased.

“Please poodle, tell Spike all about it” Spike asked nicely, how he didn’t know.

“It doesn’t like to be changed, you shouldn’t change it” Drusilla scolded the air around her. “The naughty little girl did and it’s tryin’ to be right again, it’s tryin’ so ‘ard. But the naughty little girl has Daddy’s ‘ead all in the clouds”

“Who has my head in the clouds?” Angelus asked through gritted teeth.

“Daddy is a Daddy” Drusilla replied before continuing to twirl around the room.

Both Angelus and Spike knew they weren’t going to get anything more out of the now dreaming vampire. “What’s eating you mate?” Spike asked before he stuck a cigarette in his mouth.

“Leave it Spike” Angelus ground out, “I’m going back out” and he walked out of the door he entered twenty minutes previously. He wouldn’t be able to cope with another dream about his human wife not when she was alive and God knows where in Sunnydale.


Cordelia tossed and turned on the bed as she failed miserably to sleep, her body ached and her stomach turned. It had been Angelus, not Liam, who had ran from her earlier, that thought made her stomach churn even more. “Oh God” Cordelia bolted up from bed and ran to the Summers’ bathroom quickly where she preceded to lose all her supper.

Buffy woke to the sound of Cordelia scrambling to the bathroom and being sick, “Oh God, I hope she hit the toilet” she moaned sleepily as she got out of bed to help her friend.

“Cordelia” Buffy knocked on the bathroom door, “You ok?” she asked through it.

“I am, it’s open” she heard Cordelia reply and Buffy pushed the door open.
“Time travel jet lag, I bet that sucks” Buffy joked lightly as she sat on the floor next to a shaking Cordelia.

“It’s not jet lag”

“Oh, I know my mom’s cooking can be a little on the weird side but…”

“I’m pregnant”

“I’ll call Giles” Giles. Yes, Giles had the answer for everything and he would know about girls that came back from wherever expecting whatever conceived with the help of something.

“Giles?” Buffy said faintly when her very angry-when-woken watcher picked up.

“Buffy, do you know what time it is?”

“I know, I’m sorry but we have little problem with Cordelia” Buffy told him as she bit her lip and looked at Cordelia.

“Good heavens, what’s happened?”

“She thinks she might be pregnant”




“Hello, Giles, you still there?”

“Y-yes I’m still here Buffy, when, err, what did she, uh” Giles cleared his throat, “Has Cordelia divulged details about any, uh, s-sexual a-a-activities with Xander before she left?”

“No, she was gone for two years in her time”

“Oh well in that case, did she give you any details of, uh, s-s-sexual activities with anyone where she was?”

“No, all she told me was that she’s been gone for two years and she’s pregnant” Buffy replied, trying not to feel creeped by Giles talking about sexual situations with her.

“I see, ok. Bring Cordelia to my apartment tomorrow night, it’s too soon to have her attend school when we’re not sure of her mental state”

“My head is well” Cordelia snapped, she may be a little on edge right now, but that didn’t mean she was nuts.

“She’s fine Giles” Buffy assured with a grin, there was still some of the old Cordelia in there somewhere. “But ok, I’ll bring her to your place tomorrow night. Good morning” she hung up.

“We’re going to see Giles tomorrow night and we can help you sort this out” Buffy told the now indignant girl in front of her.

“Sort it out?” Cordelia questioned.

“Yeah, help you with the, uh, baby” Buffy replied uneasily and she shuffled on her feet.

“There is nothing to sort out, I shall be a mother come September”

“What did you, uh, have sex with?” Cordelia really wouldn’t have sex with something that had five horns with the head of a Billy goat, would she?

“A human male, my husband” Cordelia wouldn’t tell her who the human male was, but neither would she deny her marriage either, or her baby.

“I’ll call Giles”


The next night saw Angelus following Buffy and his Crea towards Giles’ house. Crea was still as beautiful as she was in his dreams and memories. Cordelia, he knew her name, she was the one who went bye bye a year ago. They said she had been kidnapped but Angelus knew there had to have more than that.

Now, he was here ready to torture answers out of people, get Crea and turn her. There was something not right with her, Angelus studied Cordelia’s profile intently, something was just different.

Cordelia was determined that she wouldn’t crumble like some weak woman and when she had awoken for the second time that day she had made a decision. If she could cope living in Ireland during the eighteenth century then she could cope with life in Sunnydale again. She had a child to think of now and she was going to take care of her child and Mary would be proud of her.

Buffy glanced hungrily at the pot of stew Cordelia had made for her and her mother, the brunette had made so much of it that Giles was going to get half of what was made. “You didn’t have to cook us dinner you know, you technically got back yesterday” she commented.

“I know and my body does ache a lot, but I am well. Thank you” Cordelia adjusted her hold on the container of stew. “Did you not enjoy it?”

“Oh yes, it was very, very nice. I may never eat again, but it was very nice” Buffy quickly replied, if Cordelia thought she didn’t like it then the stew would never be made again.

“Of course it is, I made it” Cordelia replied with a soft smile at the other girl. She sneaked glances around her, she could ‘feel’ Liam, no, Angelus watching them but she couldn’t see him.

“You’re going to have to tell us everything Cordelia” Buffy said seriously as they approached Giles’ apartment.

“I know, but it may take some time lass, I have two years to tell of” Cordelia replied with a tight smile not the same soft one from seconds ago.

“It sure sounds like a quirker” Buffy replied as she punched the buzzer on Giles apartment.

“Ah, you’re both here and with something that smells rather good” Giles answered his door.

“T’is some stew” Cordelia told him.

“Do come inside, I’ll get us some plates” Giles ushered the two girls into his home and shut the door. He turned to them and studied Cordelia and her stew warily, from what Xander had mentioned in the past her cooking wasn’t all that good.

“Not for me Giles,” Buffy declined quickly, “I’ve already eaten lots of it and it’s really good” she stressed, maybe Cordelia would make it again tomorrow.

“Bowls not plates, proper stew is to eaten out of bowls” Cordelia told the Englishman.

“Of course, do forgive me” Giles replied perplexed at having been told how to eat proper stew by a seventeen year old girl. “I’ll get some bowls while you two make yourselves at home and then we can discuss you’re situation” he said to Cordelia.

Angelus stood outside the door, listening to everything being said inside, maybe he wouldn’t need to torture anyone to get answers.

It was almost midnight when Cordelia had finished her story of where she was and everything else. Of course, she would have to tell Giles about Liam being the father of her baby when Buffy wasn’t around, she had told a few little white lies that they didn’t pick up on.

“Well” Giles sighed as he put his cup of tea on his coffee table, “You certainly have had quite an adventure, married, pregnant, I can certainly say I’m shocked to tell you the truth”

“Shocked the hell out of me too” Buffy agreed, she couldn’t help but feel angry towards Cordelia for getting married because Xander has spent so much time trying to find her. “What about Xander?” she asked casually.

Cordelia looked at Buffy, “I could not help all that has happened Buffy, I didn’t think I would be getting’ home”

“So, you’re just going to brush him off?” Buffy asked carefully, her anger would get the better of her if she wasn’t careful.

“I won’t apologise for living, I can’t” Cordelia replied defensively.

“There’s no need for…” Giles tried to cut in.

“You are, aren’t you?” Buffy chuckled incredulously, “You’re just going to tell Xander, your boyfriend, that he isn’t part of your life anymore. I can’t believe this, I can’t believe you”

“Pardon me?” Cordelia stood and faced the now pacing Slayer, “I’m married, I can’t have a boyfriend and I’m not in love with Xander anymore. That I can’t help, it has been two years since I’ve been gone from here”

“You know what?” Buffy faced Cordelia, “We should’ve left you there. Then you couldn’t wreck Xander’s life anymore than what you already have. I was actually starting to like you Cordelia, thinking that we’d all misjudged you but how wrong was I?”

“What is it that you’re so worked up about?” the old Cordelia beginning to come through now, “Is that Xander was pining after me and with his head firmly up your sour ass? Or maybe, just maybe, you want Xander for yourself”

“No, what I’m so worked up about is he tried everything to bring you home and her, here you are. He thought he was saving you from hell Cordelia and you turn up married. Selfish much” Buffy shot back at her, not wanting to admit Cordelia could be right about her wanting Xander.

“No Buffy, you’re the selfish one. I couldn’t help what happened to me two years ago”

“One year”

“Whatever, I couldn’t help it now you’ve brought me back and I really don’t know what to feel about that. I’m married and pregnant to a man who died 240 years ago, I can’t deal with whatever pain you or Xander might have. At this moment, I don’t care. Thank you both for all you’ve done” Cordelia turned to Giles. “I’ll bring some more stew for you soon and you too, Buffy, but right now. I would really like to go home”

“I think it would be best for you to stay here for now Cordelia” Giles suggested, if they went back to Buffy’s house, they might just kill each other.

“No, I’m going home to where I used to live, my parents must still have a live-in maid” Cordelia moved towards the door of Giles’ apartment. “Giles, if it’s ok with you I’d like to come by tomorrow night to talk some more”

“O-of course Cordelia, would you like me to drive you home?”

“No thank you, I’ll be fine and thanks again, for what I’m not sure yet” Cordelia said honestly.

“I’m sorry I shouted Cordelia, it’s just Xander and I are really good friends now” Buffy began.

“I understand, Buffy, goodnight to you both, Giles see you tomorrow”

“Goodnight Cordelia”

“See ya”

Cordelia began the almost unfamiliar walk to her old house alone, well she would be alone if she wasn’t being followed by Angelus that is. “It’s very rude to follow young women at this time of night” she said conversationally as she gulped down everything she was feeling. Fear, love, hatred, shock all pushed away to the back of her mind, the same place she had pushed Sunnydale two years ago.

Angelus didn’t say anything, he didn’t trust his voice at that moment. “It’s also considered polite to speak when spoken too” Cordelia added when she got nothing in response.

“Women were once only allowed to speak when spoken too” Angelus finally replied as he fell into step beside her. “Who would’ve thought, me a daddy” he mused.

“Not yours, Liam’s, not yours”

“Mine just as much as it is Liam’s Crea” Angelus growled when she denied that her child was his. “I am Liam Crea and you know that”

“Stop calling me that and my baby is not yours”

“You’re my wife Crea and it’s ‘our’ baby” Angelus continued to taunt Cordelia as he walked next to her, her house not very far away now.

“If it was yours Angelus, I would’ve taken an overdose to get rid of it” Cordelia told him angrily, she wouldn’t let him get to her, she wouldn’t.

Angelus spun her round to fully face him, “Now see that’s something I just can’t let you do. I guess I’ll just have to take you back to my place where we can play happy families, I bet you would love that. Being with your husband again, personally I’m looking forward to the wife’s duties. I must say ‘Crea‘, you excelled at those duties”


Cordelia slapped his face as hard as she could, “You have no right to call me that and I won’t let you degrade what I had with Liam. Your little mind games that work so well with the others? They won’t work with me, you want to break me, Angelus? Then you’ll have to do something that doesn’t include using your brain then that way, I won’t have the advantage”

When she slapped him, Angelus instantly snapped his hand into a fist and went to hit her, but her spoken words stopped him. “A challenge then, just like it was a challenge getting into your panties Crea, of course in those days, you weren’t wearing any”

“Now that you’ve so kindly escorted me to my door, and been such a gentleman, I would very much like you to piss off” Cordelia told him as her stomach clenched and unclenched.

“Not such the lady after all, are you? Tsk, tsk, what would Mary and dear Bowen think of you now?” Angelus taunted. That was the only thing he knew to do, he didn’t know how to handle this situation at all. He was standing with Cordelia Chase, who got pregnant by him 240 years ago before vanishing and now she was here.

“She’d be proud of me, I know she would” Cordelia swore, she wouldn’t let the ass of a vampire destroy Mary or Bowen or any of his human family. “You” she swallowed, “You can just” another swallow, “Go and-and” her face lost all colour.

Angelus frowned when she started swallowing, then watched Cordelia’s face lose every bit of colour in it. What was wrong with her? Was it his baby?

“Oh God” Cordelia shoved the vampire away from her and stumbled across the garden to the bushes and was promptly sick.

Angelus grimaced when he heard her, “That wasn’t what I had planned, but I can work around it I guess. She’ll need toothpaste first, vomit breath doesn’t sound appealing”

The whole ordeal finally came crashing down and burst Cordelia’s little I-can-deal-with-anything bubble. The ache in her body grew, she got dizzy and her skin began to heat up rapidly. Cordelia rubbed her blurry eyes and tried to focus on something when she felt herself being cradled in all too familiar arms.

“Shush lass, I shall take you home” Angelus relapsed into his Irish brogue to calm Cordelia down when she started struggling. Her skin was on fire, “Giles” he growled and he began to walk back to the watcher’s place with Cordelia in his arms.


Buffy paced her bedroom floor, how was Xander going to take all this in? His girlfriend had moved on while he had been looking for her. His girlfriend was now married and a kid on the way, how was she supposed to take it all in?

The Slayer knew there was more to Cordelia’s story than what the girl was letting on, it was the way she thought about everything before speaking. Like she knew what she was going to say would cause riots. She flopped on her bed and sat in silence before leaning over her bed for her phone.

She needed to talk to Willow first, she was the brainy one and she would know what to do about Cordelia and Xander. ‘No’ Buffy decided, ‘I’ll call Xander and talk to him straight, that’s what he would want, it’s what I would want’ and she dialled his number.


Cordelia was breathing short, sharp, shallow breaths as Angelus tightened his grip on her body, his hand brushing against the side of her abdomen. What the hell was he supposed to do? She was sick, he couldn’t take care of a sick, pregnant girl. Well, he could but the thought of killing Crea killed him so that wasn’t an option.

Angelus booted Giles’ door open but the barrier kept him from entering, “What the bloody hell is this time Buffy?” Giles’ annoyed voice came floating across the air.

“It’s not Buffy, it’s me Angelus” Angelus growled at the thought of him being called Buffy.

Giles immediately went for a crossbow and a some stakes, which was a funny sight by all accounts. He was wearing his Daffy Duck boxer shorts and nothing else when he confronted Angelus, “Let her go and I won’t stake you” Giles tried diplomacy seeing as he had a rather sick-looking Cordelia in his arms.

“Help her, she’s sick” Angelus thrust Cordelia out for Giles to take her, “Invite me in” he told the Englishman.

Giles dropped the crossbow in order to take the young girl from him, “She needs a hospital” he said as he laid her down on the floor to check her vitals.

“Her heart is slowing and the baby’s is weak, invite me in” Angelus demanded as he slammed his hands off the barrier.

“I’m not bloody stupid” Giles in response as he left Cordelia to call an ambulance.

“Crea” Angelus called out to her on the floor.

“Liam” came a hoarse reply as Cordelia turned her pounding head towards the vampire. “I’m sorry I left you”

“Don’t do it again” Angelus kept up his Liam pretence, “Giles” all patience gone now, “Invite me in, I won’t hurt you or her”

“Is that what you told Jenny?” Giles hissed as he rushed back to Cordelia and knelt down.

“Invite him in” Cordelia whispered her plea, “Please Giles”

Giles looked at the sick girl lying on his floor, begging him to invite the vampire into his home. The same vampire that had killed the woman he had loved two weeks previously. “I’m truly sorry Cordelia, I’m afraid I can’t…”

“Please Giles” Cordelia whispered again, “Please…”

Giles looked from the young, pregnant girl to the vampire that was barely restraining his anger, “One wrong move from you, and I will kill you, make no mistake about it. On my head be it, Come in Angelus”

Angelus went straight to Cordelia’s side, opposite Giles and placed his cool hand on her burning head, “She’s burning up”

The sound of sirens drawing closer, stopped Giles’ haughty reply to the vampire’s obvious statement, “Send them in” Giles told the vampire.

“I’m not leaving her side”

“I may have let you into my home but I am by no means leaving you here with her alone”

“Fine” Angelus knew it was useless to argue with the Englishman, “I am going with her to the hospital” he told him.

“If she wishes your presence there which I can’t imagine why, then you may go”

“Knock, knock” the paramedic said outside of the door, “Is this the patient?” she asked.

“Yes. Yes it is. Her name is Cordelia Chase, she is 17 years of age and she has an acute fever” Giles replied as he stood to give the paramedic team room.

“Sir” the female said to Angelus, “You need to move to give us room to work”

Angelus stood and reluctantly moved away from Cordelia, “I’m right here darlin’” he said.

Giles looked between the vampire and the barely conscious girl now being hoisted onto a stretcher, there was something going on here. It would have been obvious to a blind man.

“Is anybody going to accompany Miss. Chase to the hospital?” the male paramedic asked the two men.

“Me” Angelus growled in reply.

“Both of us” Giles corrected, no way was he going to let him go with her alone.

“Fine, but I’m the one in the ambulance, you can follow”

“I most certainly will not follow”

“Look, I don’t care who follows or who rides with her” the female paramedic interrupted, “Miss. Chase has a very high fever and needs immediate medical attention”

“We’ll both ride in the ambulance”

“I’m very sorry, but there isn’t enough room for you both”

“We’ll both follow in my car” Giles said with an angry glare at Angelus, daring him to disagree with him.

The paramedics were already piling Cordelia into the transport when the watcher and vampire rushed to Giles’ station wagon.

Cordelia felt like she was burning from the inside out but she was shivering. How could she feel so cold when she felt so hot at the same time? “Baby” she choked out, trying to warn the person sticking things to her chest.


“Baby, I’m pregnant”

“Thank you for telling us, I’m sure you won’t have anything to worry about” the paramedic reassured the frightened young girl while she prayed she was right about her baby.


“Would you care to tell me what game you’re playing this time?” Giles asked his passenger.

“Would you care to go faster?”

“What has you so vexed Angel?”


“Why are you so concerned about Cordelia and her baby’s welfare? Or do you have a plan to keep her as a family?” Giles asked seriously.

Angelus ignored the questions and curbed his instinctive reaction to kill the watcher, he would kill him after he got him to the hospital.

“Humour me Angelus, why are you resisting the urge to rip my head off?” he asked bluntly.

“I don’t care about or what happens to you Giles, I want to get to Crea, she’s all that matters” Angelus replied through gritted teeth.


“Yes, my wife who is carrying my baby”

Giles swerved and barely managed to keep his car under control.

The car was in silence for the rest of the journey.


When Cordelia opened her eyes, she found herself hooked up to an I.V and a heart monitor. She moaned and her hand was suddenly gripped in a bone crunching hold. “Liam?” she asked, her voice throaty and husky because of dehydration caused by her fever.

“Right here Crea,” Angelus answered, daring a still silent Giles to contradict him.

“Liam, the baby. You have to know about the baby”

“I know we’re having a baby Crea, he’s fine”

“Good, am I dead?”

“No, you’re fine. You have a fever, you need to rest now”

“No, I want to go home with you and our baby”

“Our baby, huh?” Angelus asked, not sure how he should react to hearing that from someone who told she would rather kill a child of his than have it.

“Yes Master Liam,” Cordelia laughed when she used her nickname for her husband. It seemed like a dream. But it couldn’t be a dream because they didn’t have hospitals in the 1700’s, did they? The man who was holding her hand wasn’t Liam and the man who was talking to her and comforting her wasn’t Liam either. But she was too tired and too sick to fight him so Cordelia continued with the act that he was.

It was then Giles spoke up, “Cordelia, how do you feel?” he asked sombrely, not wanting to get into the situation.

“Aching, hot. Yes I’m definitely hot and I can’t cool down” Cordelia became more lucid with the more she talked.

Angelus laid his cool hand once again on her overheated forehead and she sighed at the delicious, cool skin of his. “Better Crea?” he asked somewhat tenderly.

“Mmm, I missed you Liam”

“Cordelia, do you feel up to explaining all this nonsense about your carrying Angelus’ child?”

“Can it wait? I’m tired Giles” Cordelia lied, she really didn’t want to tell him now, not in front of Angelus.

“Very well, we shall leave you to get some rest Cordelia” Giles removed his glasses and rubbed his tired eyes.

“You can leave, I’m not going anywhere” Angelus growled and gripped Cordelia’s hand tighter.

“Liam, let go of my hand” Cordelia commanded with as much authority as she much gather.


“You have to, the hand your close to breaking is the hand that my I.V is in and you’re making it hurt”

Angelus relaxed his grip and glared at Giles, “You can go, she’s safe with me. I can take care of her”

“I’m certain you would take care of her” Giles replied sarcastically, “Just like you took care of…” no, Cordelia needn’t know about Jenny when she was here and as sick as she was.

“Liam, you need to go” Cordelia whispered truthfully, “The sun will be up soon”

“I’m coming back Crea, you’re not leaving me again” Angelus vowed with his none-beating heart.

“Ok,” she answered with a pained, soft smile.

“I shall return later today Cordelia. Rest assured I won’t let this blithering idiot near you without proper precautions” Giles told the girl as he went to kiss her cheek.

“Touch her and I’ll forget where I am and who I’m with” Angelus growled at the man who had the balls to touch what was his.

“She is in my care also and I shall wish her well anyway I choose” Giles was not in the least intimidated by the vampire. He leaned forward and kissed Cordelia on her forehead, “Good night, make sure you get plenty of rest Cordelia”

“Thank you Giles, good night” the sick girl replied as she became more sleepy.

“I’ll be outside if you need anything” Giles gave the irritated vampire a stern glare, his silent warning coming across loud and clear before he went to wait outside the room.

Angelus ran his eyes over the covered body of Cordelia, “You know you’re not going to be able to run from me don’t you?”

No answer.

“I won’t let you run Crea, not when you’re having my child. You hear that?” he taunted lightly, “Mine. You and ‘our’ baby are mine”

Still no answer.

Perplexed why his taunting about her pregnancy wasn’t getting some form of reaction, Angelus tuned into his senses. The slow and steady beat of her heart told him Cordelia had fallen asleep amid his teasing. “She always did have good timing” he said just before he brushed his lips across hers, “Dream of me,” he whispered.

“Liam, I love you my Liam” he heard as he was walking out of the room.


Giles entered his apartment, making sure Angelus followed him. The watcher gave up all hope of sleeping that night, between Cordelia, Buffy and a soon-to-be father it seemed, sleep was not in question. “Do sit down” he continued to be polite, despite being evil Angelus appreciated polite behaviour.

“If I’d have known how hospitable you were, I would’ve called round for coffee sooner” Angelus teased as he sat down.

“Don’t start with me” Giles warned, still keeping the polite tone, “You are going to tell me who and what Cordelia is to you and why she was referring to you as Liam”

“I am, am I?”

“Yes, would you like some tea? I have a strong feeling I’m going to need some”

“You think you can just order me around? Demand me to tell you things which aren’t any of your business?”

“No, but for some out-of-the-ordinary reason, you seem to be rather concerned about Cordelia and her baby’s welfare”

“My baby Giles” Angelus told him, “My baby, hers and mine”

“Then tell me how that could be at all possible. She has been missing for quite some time now and you’re a vampire and by all means, infertile”

Angelus stood and began to pace, “I was coming to you tonight for answers” he confessed. “I’ve been dreaming of a wife I took when I was human but that’s it. Dreams that seem to turn up alive and kicking when I’m walking out of lanes” he looked to the watcher.

“Dreams, you say? Elaborate” Giles urged as he went into his kitchen to make some very strong tea.

“I took a wife back in the day, her name was Crea Brannon. She was real pretty, long, chestnut hair, hazel eyes that shone gold in the sun and a body that told why God made women” Angelus explained. “Why didn’t I know who Cordelia was when I first came here as Soul Boy?” he asked.

“I’m not entirely sure, it may be something to do with Cordelia had not yet gone back and therefore made the change in your past” Giles mused thoughtfully. “If a person goes back in time whether be it accidental or purposely, they must not change anything” he explained. “Since your human past was effectively changed, time itself is trying to makeup for the changes by creating your memories from those past changes”

“So you’re saying that if Crea hadn’t gone back to my day, then this wouldn’t be happening?”

“In a nutshell, yes”

Angelus looked thoughtful for a second then looked out of Giles’ living room window as the sun slowly crept higher. “Is that why Crea is sick? Because of the changes?”

“No” Giles morosely shook his head, “I fear that it maybe because of the spell and vortex we used to bring Cordelia back into this time period. I can only hope that she will be ok”

“She better be ok”

“We still don’t know the effects travelling through time can bring, technically time travel is not supposed to be possible” Giles told the angered vampire. “Who knows what might have occurred if we had left Cordelia in your human time period. You, as Angel or Angelus, may not have experienced existence as a vampire. Can you tell me what happened on the night Cordelia disappeared?”

Angelus looked at Giles, genuine curiosity on the man’s face as he watched the vampire with only barest emotions running through his eyes. “My father and Bowen Brannon, the man who took care of Crea, came back, telling’ me she had died. All they found of my wife was a bloody piece of her dress”

“The dress she wore when she came through the vortex” Giles surmised, that was the large piece missing from it.

“Do you know what it feels like to lose someone you love?” Angelus asked, eyes black and empty.

“Yes I do, you took her from me two weeks ago”

Angelus cocked his head in curiosity, he had murdered Giles girlfriend it seemed and yet the man was here, answering his questions. “Why?” he asked.

“Let’s get one thing straight. I maybe answering your questions but I am merely doing this for young Cordelia’s sake. She is in this over head, poor girl was torn away from a life, her husband and now she is destined to be a single mother. I shall do what I can to help her” Giles told the curious vampire. “I am not doing any of this for you”

“Good, I wouldn’t want to feel indebted to you, I may feel the need to leave you another gift” Angelus taunted. Hey, Giles may be helping him but he wasn’t a boy scout.

“And I by no means would like to feel indebted to you either, I may feel the need to give you a present myself” Giles replied calmly. “Now, I suggest you leave while I try to have a few hours sleep. I have to go too work in four hours time”

“Thanks for the offer of your couch” Angelus said, ignoring the leaving comment, “Can’t have the bad vampire going to see his wife without careful supervision”

Giles went to walk out of the living room when Angelus called to him, “Oh by the way watcher, Crea won’t be a single mother with her husband and father of her baby to take care of her”

The watcher ignored the comment the vampire made and went off to bed only to toss and turn until his alarm clock rang out.


That afternoon, Buffy, Willow, Xander and Oz entered the library, “Hey G-man, where’s Cordy?” Xander asked eagerly.

Buffy swallowed, she had chickened out of telling Xander about Cordelia’s pregnancy and her marriage. “How is she?” Willow asked as she sat on Oz’s lap.

“Cordelia had to be taken to St. Bartholomew’s last night, a man” Giles lied, “Found her being violently ill a few doors down from my house”

“Oh God, do you know how she is?” Buffy asked as she placed her hand on the small of Xander’s back to comfort him and herself.

“She has a fever, I suspect it’s caused by the physical trauma of being pulled from one time period into another” Giles explained. How would Buffy take the news of Angelus being the father and husband Cordelia spoke of?

“It’s my fault Giles, I was the one who dropped the orb” Willow confessed again like she had done many times before.

“No, it wasn’t” Oz reminded his girlfriend like he had done just as many times before.

“Oz is right Will, it’s not your fault” Xander agreed, “Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s go see the Cordster” his voice cheery and happy.

“I think we should wait, give her time to get some rest” Buffy said, “Cordy probably needs all the rest she can get right now”

Xander turned to the blonde Slayer, he knew her well enough now to know that she was hiding something from him. “What aren’t you telling us, Buffy? What aren’t you telling me?”

All eyes, apart from Giles’, turned to Buffy, “Um, I think it’s Cordy’s place to tell you, not mine” Buffy said with another nervous swallow.

“Buffy” Xander said warningly.

“Alright, but don’t bite the hand that feeds you, I’m just the messenger” Buffy quickly told him.

“Buffy, I don’t think this is such a good…” Giles went to put a stop to her confession.

“No Giles, I think I want to hear this” Xander interrupted the watcher, “Go on” he urged.

“Cordy wasn’t trapped in a hell place somewhere, she got sent back to eighteenth century Wales” Buffy repeated what she had been told. “She thought there was no way she would ever get home, or-or you” she said carefully. “When she was there, Cordy met a man, fell in love it seems and married him, now she’s, um…”

“Don’t say it Buffy” Xander told her, “I don’t want to hear the rest of that, I don’t need to. She moved on”

“I-I’m sorry Xander”

“Yeah, I’m sorry too. I’m sorry we didn’t get her back quick enough and I’m sorry that she even went through this in the first place” Xander flopped down in chair to let what Buffy said sink in.

Willow was stunned into silence, “Cordy? M-married?” she asked with wide eyes.

Buffy nodded in the affirmative answer, “Yeah”

“Wow, uh, did she give, you know, details?”

Buffy shook her head, “No she didn’t, all she told us was she was married and the other thing” the Slayer turned to a silent Xander. “For what it’s worth, Xan, I told her she was a fool to let you go”

“Yeah thanks” Xander replied as he looked sadly at Buffy. “I don’t know what I was expecting when she got back, but this certainly isn’t it”

“None of us were” Giles agreed as his mind switched back to the thought of Angelus and fathering. That was something he never thought he would have to think of, but here it was.

“That means we…” Willow bit her lip as her voiced thoughts drifted off and she looked nervously around the group.

“Yeah” Buffy nodded, “Maybe if we left her where she was at, maybe she wouldn’t…”

“No, we were right to bring her back” Giles stopped their guilt before it started, “No matter what, the timeline must be preserved at all costs. God only knows what could’ve occurred if Cordelia had stayed where she was”

Buffy, Willow, Xander and Oz looked at each other with varying degrees of disagreement with what Giles had just said.


Angelus paced Giles’ apartment as he waited for the sun to go down so he could go and see Crea who was at the hospital. A knock on the door caused the vampire to answer it and he stared at who was there.

“Crea?” Angelus frowned when he saw her on the doorstep huddling herself.

“What are you doing in Giles’ apartment?” Cordelia asked as she blinked owlishly up at the vampire.

“What are you doing out of hospital woman?” Angelus’ hand shot out, carefully avoiding the sunlight as he dragged her inside.

“I was feeling a little better so I discharged myself and came here” Cordelia replied as she shuffled with nervousness at being truly alone with the vampire. “Oh God” her eyes widened, “You’ve killed him, haven’t you?” her eyes filled with tears, “You killed Giles” she began to back away to the now closed door in terror.

“Quit your tears woman, I didn’t kill anybody unfortunately. He’s playing the role of good little librarian with all your little buddies” Angelus scoffed, “Where exactly do you think you’re going?” he asked.

“Away from you”

Angelus moved faster than she could blink and Cordelia found herself trapped and cradled against his chest. “Ah, ah, ah Crea” he chastised, “Just think, when I’m holding you like this in, when is our baby due honey?”

“September” came the choked reply as he tightened his hold on her.

“As I was saying, you’re starting to show honey so I think in less then two months when I’m holding you like this you’re going to be as big as a house” Angelus chuckled in her ear. “Do you know how good it makes me feel that I’m going to be a father?”

“I’m sure you’ll do great”

“I know, I’m great at everything I do honey, you remember. I know you do, especially that night on Salt Hill, God knows I do” he purred, enjoying her reaction. “I can still smell the apple blossom I put in your hair, the taste of the salt water on your lips and the ale we had drank. Of course, it wasn’t proper for a young lady to drink ale” Angelus chuckled.

“Me too, I remember the way you proposed to me” Cordelia played his game right back at him, it would take more than his mind games to control her.

“Remind me again, Crea” Angelus nuzzled her hair which smelled like hospitals and not of the shampoo she had on last night.

Galway 1740, just before New Year.

Liam was found pacing by the fire of the Brannon’s living room, talking to himself. “Crea” he began, “Love of my life, my girl” he stopped talking and pacing. “No” he began pacing again, “Crea, I love you like no other” he stopped again. “No, she shall hit me over my head and call me a dork”

Liam got sidetracked, “Will she ever tell me what a dork is?” his pacing began again and he got back on track. “You are the most beautiful girl in all of Galway” he stopped again, “No, she will only nag and ask about the whole world then she will tell Kathy and Kathy shall hit me too” he got sidetracked again.

“Why do they both hit me so much?” Liam asked the empty room and he got back to the problem at hand. “Crea, you are marryin’ me and you can’t say no, if you say no I’ll hide you away forever and ever until you say yes” he growled.

“I better say yes then Master Liam, hadn’t I?” Cordelia’s voice startled Liam and he spun round to face her.

“You will?” Liam asked, “Of course you will, I am the most handsome lad in Ireland, why would you say no?”

“Maybe because your head is as large as Ireland?” Cordelia replied easily.

“Aye lass, but you do love me”

“I do Liam, I love you even if you are a dork. Do you love me?”

Liam’s head snapped up from her chest where his gaze had wandered off to, “Crea Brannon, you shall be the death of me. You know I will love you forever, you know what your name means, tell me”

Cordelia swallowed the lump in her throat, “Heart” she replied as she was brought back to the present when Angelus continued his part.

“I called you heart lass, because that’s what you are. My heart, kinda mushy I personally think. But here we are, maybe I should be proposing to you again. I mean, a man has to show what belongs to him, I can’t have you running off with some high school boy Crea” Angelus broke the spell with his teasing and taunting.

“Yeah, maybe you should propose to me again, this time I can say no” Cordelia stood her ground.

“You don’t have much choice, Crea, we are still married. I wonder what Buffy would say if she knew” Angelus mused thoughtfully.

“You should tell her, she’d probably get a kick out of kicking you”

“Maybe or I could watch as she turns on you and we both know how upset she’d be if she knew you had me when I was human and way before she did”

“With some luck she might cause me to lose the baby”

That stopped the vampire’s cruel taunting, “She would never hurt you, I would tear her apart if she ever touched you while you’re carrying my son”

“Sorry I forgot, you’re the only one allowed to hurt me”

“I would never hurt you physically, not unless you wanted me too of course” Angelus told her somewhat seriously. “You still have a fever” he said, changing the subject, “You said that you felt ok, why do you still have a fever?”

“I think being ripped through the fabric of time might have something to do with it. I was like this in Galway when I first got there, I can deal without a hospital” Cordelia couldn’t help but sink into his almost crushing embrace.

“Let me take you to bed, I’ll take care of you and our son”

“What if it’s a girl?”

“Son” he growled seriously.

“Girl” Cordelia growled right back.

“You need to sleep my girl, you’re hallucinating” Angelus picked Cordelia up, “I’m sure Giles won’t mind us using his bed for a while” he grinned.

Cordelia couldn’t stop the “EWWWWWWW” from coming out of her mouth at his meaning, “We’ll hurt the baby if we have sex” she said hurriedly.

“Who said anything about sex? It would be nice to make love” Angelus emphasised as he booted Giles’ bedroom door open, “With my wife, but she does have a fever and therefore needs her rest”


Giles almost sagged with relief as his apartment came into sight when he drove down his street, “Thank bloody God” he sighed, “I could severely do with a stiff whiskey or port” he said.

The Englishman turned his key and pushed the door open to find Angelus still in his apartment, sitting happily with one of his books on vintage cars on his knee. “Giles” the vampire greeted as Giles closed his front door warily.

“What are you still doing here?” he asked bluntly.

“Taking care of my wife thank you” Angelus replied, “We borrowed your bed”

Giles nearly lost his glasses as he rushed to open his bedroom door, expecting to find a dead body inside. Not expecting to see Cordelia curled up in a foetus position with her hands tied to the bars of his headboard. She was fast asleep so Giles fought the urge to go and untie her, instead he turned and walked away.

“What the bloody hell is she doing here? And what the bloody hell is she doing tied up?” Giles demanded angrily.

“Woman discharged herself today and she wouldn’t stay still when I put her to bed, so I tied her up” Angelus replied easily.

“Good lord” Giles went to his drinks cupboard and pulled out his vintage port that he had been saving for a special occasion. “Drink?” the watcher asked Angelus, yes he hated the vampire and yes he wanted him dust. But he was still a man and the man had just found out the 17 year old girl he married 240 years ago was pregnant.

Angelus face showed hefty signs of gratitude, “Make it a double no ice”

“Of course” Giles dutifully poured their drinks into crystal glasses, “Here you go” he offered his glass as he sat on his couch and stared into space.

“I never pictured you as a Daffy Duck man”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Daffy Duck undies Giles, I thought you were more of a brief man”

“I do beg your pardon but I am in no mood to discuss my underwear habits with you” Giles replied taking a large gulp of his port.

“I go commando myself, ask Crea when she wakes up, we’ve had many a fun time” Angelus continued as if Giles hadn’t said anything.

“I don’t wish to speak to you as though we are friends Angelus,” Giles told him, he didn’t like to think of Buffy, Willow or Cordelia as sexually active. He was practically their father.

“Understandable” Angelus let the subject drop as he took a drink of his port.

Cordelia woke up to the feel of her stomach clenching and unclenching, she tried to move but remembered she was tied up, “Help” she yelled as she struggled frantically. “I’m gonna…”

Angelus and Giles had already burst in just in time to see Cordelia vomit over the side of the bed onto Giles’ carpet. “Well done” he muttered to Angelus as he went to untie Cordelia’s bonds.

“How was I supposed to know she’d puke?” Angelus asked, “Pregnant women are only supposed to puke in the morning”

“Stupid bloody stupid vampire” Giles muttered as he helped Cordelia sit up and he rubbed her back.

“I hate that, I’m sorry about your carpet Giles” Cordelia murmured weakly as she sniffled.

“Quite alright, it’s certainly not your fault” he shot a glare at Angelus telling him whose fault it was his new carpet had been soiled.

“Why did you tie me up?” Cordelia demanded hotly as she tried not to swallow.

Angelus moved to the opposite side of the vomit, and shoved Giles away from his pregnant wife, “You wouldn’t stay still, I had no choice”

“You still didn’t have to tie me up”

“Are you deaf? I said I didn’t have any choice”

“Please shut up, both of you. I hate myself for saying this, but Angelus would you mind taking Cordelia to get her cleaned up?” Giles asked his most hated person.

“She’s my wife, of course I don’t mind giving her a rub down, maybe you could let her borrow a pair of Donald Duck undies” Angelus taunted.

Cordelia frowned in confusion as she was hoisted up into Angelus’ arms, “Puke on me and I will torture you, baby or no baby” he warned.

“Wouldn’t want to ruin this cheap, knock off fake Japanese silk shirt of yours. That would be rude”

“It’s not cheap or a knockoff” Angelus growled as he shoved the bathroom door open.

“I’m sorry, I must be hallucinating again, you may need to tie up again” Cordelia hissed when he plonked her down on the toilet seat.

“I’ll save the tying up for when I move you into my place, Crea, now do you want to strip or shall I do it for you?”
“Are you going to strip or do you want me to do it for you?” Angelus asked as he set Cordelia onto the floor.

She spied the window just behind him and got an idea, if she could get him out of the bathroom she could escape. “I’ll be fine, I can clean myself up” Cordelia replied, trying not to look at the window.

Giving her a look of disbelief, Angelus raised an eyebrow at her attempt of escape. “How stupid do you think I am? The minute I leave this room you’d climb through the window. I’ve had experience with escaping victims before”

“Great” Cordelia said sarcastically with an equally sarcastic smile, “I’m not only the mother of his human self’s bun but I’m now a victim to his vampire self. You go Cordy!”

“I never said you were my victim, I said I’ve had experience with escaping victims before”

“And the difference is…?”

“The difference is you’re pregant so you’re not a victim” Angelus replied, “How could you get pregant? I thought you could take a pill”

“I was in the seventeenth century, as far as I knew pills weren’t invented then. So excuse me if I’m your pregnant victim, I sincerely apologise for making your unlife a misery” Cordelia told him caustically.

“Look, I’ll put the shower on, you strip and shut up” Angelus growled. He looked her clothes over and recognised them as Buffy’s jeans and shirt. “You shouldn’t be wearing the Slayer’s clothes” he told her firmly.

“Why? Am I not fit to be wearing her clothes?” Cordelia demanded hotly.

“No, the jeans are too tight and small for you”

“Are you trying to say I’m fat?”

Angelus just looked at her, not even getting into that line of conversation with her. He turned his back on her to turn the water on.

Cordelia made a strangling motion with her hands then her stomach began to churn again. “Oh… Ohhhhh” she rubbed her stomach in soothing circles trying to stop the inevitable from happening.

The vampire turned back to her, seeing the colour leave her face and he moved away from her as his face curled up in a grimace. Cordelia promptly threw up in the toilet. Angelus just watched, doing nothing to help.

She stood up and went to the sink with the intention to rinse her mouth out, unfortunately her shaky legs gave way and she landed flat on her backside with a thump. Cordelia’s lower lip began to wobble, eyes filled up with tears and Angelus watched in horror as she began to cry.

“Will you stop making that noise?” the vampire hissed.

“I haaattteee youuuu” Cordelia wailed as she burst into full-blown tears. “I hate you, you suck. You suck at being a human, you suck at being a vampire and you especially suck at KILLING. You couldn’t kill your way out of a paper bag that had engraved directions on it. YOU SUCK!” more wailing.

“I get it, I suck” Angelus yelled at her “Will you stop that now?”

When Giles heard her start crying, he had burst into action and smashed his shoulder to open the door to see what was wrong. “What is it?” he asked breathing heavily and holding his shoulder “What’s he done?”

“He’s sucking” Cordelia wailed loudly and continued to sob on the floor.

“Oh yes, I see” Giles nodded then went red “H-he’s sucking? S-sucking what?”

“She won’t stop that noise” Angelus complained and pointed at the sobbing on the floor.

Cordelia stopped crying and glared at the vampire. “I FAKED!” she screamed at him.

“Now that’s just below the belt” Angelus barked at her angrily, his anger incited more tears.

“Bloody hell with you stop it!” Giles yelled at the vampire and moved to help Cordelia off the floor. “She’s pregnant you idiot, show some common sense. All you had to do was get her cleaned up and you made her cry. Well done”

“I didn’t do anything to her!” Angelus retaliated anger mixing with confusion marring his tone.

“Oh no?” she sniffled “If you didn’t do anything then how come I’m pregnant. If it hadn’t been for your Olympic sperm, I wouldn’t be in this mess”

“Hey, you were there too” he snapped “And you didn’t fake”

“Do you mind?” Giles snapped and began to lead Cordelia out of the bathroom towards the living room. “Please turn off the water Angelus, I’ll make Cordelia some tea then she can take a bath”

“Thank you Giles” Cordelia sniffled as her tears gradually stopped “At least one of you is showing some decency”

“Quite alright Cordelia” Giles welcomed her graciously and made sure she was sitting comfortably on the couch. “Would you like some tea or coffee? I think I may have some hot chocolate if you would prefer that”

Angelus stalked out of the bathroom, glaring at the Watcher handling his wife and being nice to her. He could be nice to her if he wanted, and she never faked.

“Hot chocolate would be nice, thank you” Cordelia replied then watched as Angelus purposely situated himself so Giles would have to sit on a chair. He sprawled his body out over the two remaining cushions and looked at the brunette.

Silence descended as the vampire and girl were left alone.

“So…” Cordelia said, not knowing what else to say.

“So… what?” Angelus took up where she left off.

“So… nothing, I just didn’t know what else to say so I said so”


Silence descended again.

“September huh?” Angelus brought the subject up.

“Yeah” Cordelia replied, and finished wiping her eyes on Buffy’s sleeve.

The vampire looked at her, seeing a little worry frown scrunching up her brow. “You’re scared” he pointed out “Why are you scared?”

Cordelia looked back at him, “It’s going to hurt and I don’t like pain”

“Of course it’ll hurt, you’re gonna be squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of you!” Angelus replied shamelessly. “Personally I can’t until I have a Angelus Jr. running around!”

Cordelia just glared, but sort of saw through his way of comfort. Liam had been the same, he’d been bluntly honest but in his own, special way he talked sense. But there was no way this baby was getting called Angelus Jr.

“No, Liam” she decided firmly.

“No, Angelus” Angelus sat up, his son wasn’t getting called Liam, that was just weird.

“What if it’s a girl?” she asked lightly.

“It’s gonna be a boy” he told her as if he knew everything.

“If it’s a girl I’m calling her Tamara” Cordelia informed him.

“Hey, if we have twins we can call them Tamara and Yesterday” Angelus laughed, finding his joke quite funny.

With a gasp, she shook her head wildly. “Don’t jinx me, don’t say the T word”

“What’s with all this me bullshit? I’m here too, it’s my baby just as much as it is yours” Angelus reminded her in a silky tone.

“Of course it is” Cordelia placated him, secretly saying it was Liam’s, not his but she didn’t say that out loud.

“I am Liam Crea, you should know that better than anybody” he picked up on her train of thought easily.

“Here you go Cordelia” Giles entered the room with a tray of hot drinks. “I made it with water, not milk seeing how you’ve been ill I thought it best to keep dairy products out of it”

“Thanks Giles” she took her hot drink and sipped at the hot, luscious liquid.

“Are you hungry at all?” the Englishman asked as he sat in the chair.

Her stomach revolted at the mere mention of food. “No way Giles, just the thought of food is making me want to barf again”

“No food, I couldn’t stand watching you vomit again” Angelus mentioned quickly.

“It’s not my fault I throw up, if it’s anyone’s fault it’s yours for injecting me with your…”

“Cordelia!” Giles put a stop to her forthcoming words.

“Sorry” she replied meekly.

“I’m hungry” Angelus spoke his thoughts, Giles slowly turned to glare at the vampire for bringing up that particular food group.

“Do you mind?” he asked politely.

“What? All I said was I’m hungry”

“Do not bring up that particular eating habits in front of a pregnant woman Angelus” Giles repremanded. “It’s makes me ill thinking of you eating so God only knows what it would do to Cordelia”

“Good point, I like my shoes” Angelus relented.

Cordelia, on the other hand, was now openly drooling at the thought of food. “I could eat, yeah I could definitely eat. Maybe a ham and tomato sandwich, no make that a ham and lettuce sandwich. No wait, pizza yeah pizza, with pepperoni no hang on, make that ham and pineapple”

Angelus and Giles fell quiet and turned their glare from each other to Cordelia.

“Ice cream, mmm with banana or mint choc chip, ooohhh strawberry doughnuts with ice cream. Oh hell yeah, or even southern fried chicken with those little curly fries…” Cordelia licked her lips and stared into space with glazed eyes. Then she got off the couch and moved as though she were dragged by an unseen force into Giles kitchen.

The Watcher and vampire slowly followed her when the sounds of rustling packets, munching noises and cupboards opening and closing sounded. They stood watching with wide eyes as Cordelia stuffed an entire cookie into her mouth. A packet of cookies lay ripped open on the bench, she had an armful of crisps and merrily eating away, oblivious to everything.

“Mmmmmm!” she spoke with a muffled voice, crumbs falling all over.

“Enjoying that?” Angelus asked amused.

Cordelia nodded her head and stuffed another cookie into her mouth, “Sff gffd Giff, veffy gffd. Befft cuffies iff wurffd” she sailed past them, carrying all her food back into the living room leaving a trail of cookie crumbs behind her.

Giles blinked once at the mess his kitchen bench was in before giving up and going back into the living room.

Angelus sat back in his seat, watching in total amusement as Cordelia munched her way through half a packet of cookies in record time.

“Cfft suffwoff paff ffoclate pleff?”

“What?” Giles and Angelus asked, not understanding due to the inhuman mouthful she had.

Rolling her eyes and chewing rapidly, she pointed to her hot chocolate and the vampire passed it before Giles could react. See, he was being nice he was passing her hot chocolate to her.

“Ffank ffuu” Cordelia responded gratefully, “Ffooky?” she offered happily.

“I beg your pardon” Giles yelped in surprise, “There will be none of that in my house young lady!”

“Ffooky Giff” she held up a cookie to give her meaning.

“Oh yes I see, silly me I thought you meant yes of course you wouldn’t mean, uh, that” Giles went red. This was getting rediculous, just because she was pregnant didn’t mean she was talking about sex constantly. Right?

Angelus moved from the couch and down next to her on the floor, instantly making Giles wary of his motives. “I’ll have a cookie, though a fucky doesn’t so bad either but we can’t have that for seven months so a cookie will have to do”

Dismissing his vulgarity, Cordelia swallowed as quickly as she could and looked at him in surprise. “You want a cookie?”

Shrugging, “Yeah?” he replied “What’s wrong with me wanting a cookie?”

“Nothing, here” she gave him a cookie but still eyeing it possessively, he was only getting the one and no more.

Angelus chewed on the crumbly biscuit thoughtfully. “Weird yet strangely addictive. Can’t taste it but it’s really gritty and crumbly”

“Nice aren’t they though?” Cordelia asked, too involved in her own eating pleasure to care about whom she was conversing with. The vampire nodded his answer.

Giles just stared at the vicious killing machine sitting on his rug, eating chocolate chip cookies with the mother of his child conceived 200 and some years ago. God, he needed a drink. “I’ll be right back” he stood and went to his special drinks cabinet in his bedroom where he kept a bottle of now banned original absinthe which he had purchased years ago.

Angelus and Cordelia were left alone once again.

He glanced down at the slight bulge on her gut, he reached out and prodded her with his finger. Cordelia looked at Angelus as if he had lost it.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Feeling” Angelus replied, “Can you feel anything?”

“I’m only three months, it’s about the size of an overweight pea of course I can’t feel anything so stop prodding me” Cordelia answered with a little snap to her voice.

“Techinically, you’re 200 years and three months pregnant” he pointed out.

“Don’t start with the semantics, it’ll give me a headache and I can do without that” she told him as she started to think deeply about how long she had been pregnant. Now she couldn’t get it out of her head. “If I…”

“We” Angelus corrected.

“WE” Cordelia exaggerated, “If we conceived on the wedding night, and we were married for three and a half months before I got brought back to Sunnyhell then that means…” she tried to calculate just how long she had been pregnant for.

“200 years, three months, two weeks, two and a half days” Angelus finished for her. “Shouldn’t you be a little overdue by now?”

“In pregnancy terms, which I have no idea about, I should be in my second thingy soon” Cordelia commented, still deep in thought. Then something caught her eye on the sideboard close to the door. Giles car keys.

“I’m not going anywhere Crea” he told her, changing the subject. “I’m the father and that’s not gonna change”

Looking down at the floor, Cordelia went with honesty as she always did and since this did need to be talked about, there was no time like the present. “You scare me Angelus”

“You’re the only human who doesn’t need to be scared of me, I wouldn’t hurt you while you’re pregnant” Angelus replied honestly. “I’ll take better care of you when you move in with me”

“Are you finished with your hot chocolate?” Giles asked, interrupting the conversation. He had heard the whole conversation and refused to let the vampire lie to her.

Nodding, Cordelia stood and wiped her clothes of the cookie crumbs onto the carpet. “Can I take that bath now?” she asked.

“Of course you can, the airing cupboard has fresh towels so help yourself and if you need anything…” Giles began.

“Ask me” Angelus finished with a glare at the Watcher, daring him to defy his words or tell Cordelia to ask him.

Walking towards the bathroom, she paused by the sideboard and turned to look back at them both. “Thanks Giles, you’ve been really helpful” she thanked graciously. “Angelus, we’ll talk when I get out of the bath okay?”

He nodded and watched her walk into the bathroom. When the lock got turned, Giles let out a huge sigh and flopped onto the couch, Angelus sitting next to him.

“Bloody hell” the Watcher muttered.

“Hmm” Angelus agreed.

“I will not allow you to take Cordelia into your house of vampires Angelus” Giles told him, broaching the subject he was going to discuss.

“I don’t think you can stop me Watcher” the vampire contradicted.

“No maybe I can’t, but I know Buffy could”

“Then that would leave Crea without a husband and my baby without a father. Do you really think she would forgive you?” Angelus asked simply and leaned towards Giles. “I know she’s still in love with me, she won’t admit it but she is and she needs me. I don’t care what I have to do, who gets hurt, I’m staying with Crea. She’s all I care about”

“You don’t care about anything Angelus” Giles answered just as simply.



“Then how come I haven’t killed either one of you? How come I haven’t left my ‘wife’s’ side since I found her?” Angelus pointed out smugly.

“You have some ulterior motive to you’re caring, if you could call it that. That I’m sure of” Giles responded. “Whatever your reason maybe, I will not let you ruin that girl’s life anymore than what you have already”

“I have not ruined her life!” Angelus barked at him, “Why does everyone always blame me?”

“Because whenever trouble is occuring, you are usually the cause of it” Giles deadpanned, their voice getting louder as the blaming continued.

“And you’ve never caused trouble before Ripper?” Angelus snapped back, his voice getting louder.

“That was a bloody long time ago, I was young and stupid” Giles yelled in defence.

“So you have been known to cause trouble, you are hypocrite”

“I am not a sodding hypocrite!”

Angelus stopped his next words as he heard the shower water running, that was strange, Cordelia was supposed to be taking a… “That little…” Angelus swore and jumped off the couch and barged into the bathroom, easily knocking the door open.

There was no sign of her, the window was open and Cordelia had obviously escaped.


Driving past the Welcome to Sunnydale sign, Cordelia sighed and rubbed her stomach with one hand. “Canada here I come” she muttered with a grimace, refusing to think about what Angelus would do if he ever found her.

“It’s just you and me kid” she said, “Won’t this be a story to tell the grandkids at Christmas?”



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