Pain in the Butt

SUMMARY: Cordy takes a hit for Angel.
POSTED: 9 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: Fics Posted by Scorch on Bubble’s Behalf)

Angel quickly decapitated the demon that standing with it’s claws raised, leaving his chest area open to attack.

Gunn was too busy fighting his own demon to notice the arrow heading directly for Angel.

Cordelia noticed and shoved her demon to one side and ran to push Angel out the way. “Angel” she yelled as she ran the few steps towards him.

Everything happened in slow motion for Angel, he turned in time to see Cordelia stand between him and the arrow that would’ve had a direct hit on his heart. The force of Cordelia’s push, caused the vampire to pick her up and land on his back. With her on top of him.

Pain-caused tears filled Cordelia’s eyes as she lay motionless on top of Angel, “Cordy, God. Please, talk to me” Angel pleaded as he caught the strong smell of her blood in the air.

Gunn was left to defeat the remaining two demons since Angel was incapacitated by Cordelia’s form.

“Angel, don’t move” Cordelia said through gritted teeth, her entire left side stung with pain.

“Cordy, I can smell blood” Angel panicked and tried to move her gently.

“Angel. Don’t. Move” Cordelia growled.

Gunn turned to his friends, his eyebrows rose when he saw Cordelia’s injury. The arrow was embedded in Cordelia’s left butt cheek, firmly by the looks of things. He stiffled hysterical laughter as he walked over to them.

“Damn girl” Gunn said as he looked at her butt, “You really take the words ‘pain in the ass’ to a whole new level” he joked.

“Shut up Gunn” Cordelia warned as she deeply blushed.

Angel still didn’t know where she was hurt, he only knew she was. “Gunn, now’s not the time to be kidding, Cordy’s hurt, I need to get up and help her” he said to his friend.

Gunn was snorting with kept-in-check laughter, “Dawg, you gonna get a kick outta this, I’m telling ya” he joked.

“Gunn, shut up” Cordelia warned as she closed her eyes to the embarrasment. There was no way would she ever live this down.

Angel frowned in confusion, he felt the heat from Cordelia’s face on his chest and Gunn had steam coming from his ears. “What’s happened? Where’s she hurt? Is it bad?” he asked as he tried to move Cordelia gently again.

“Cordy, you, uh, want me to remove it?” Gunn asked with a chuckle, damn this was funny!

Not getting a reply from either his crazy seer of his friend, Angel traced his hands down the length of Cordelia’s back, feeling for her injury. A slow grin crossed his face when he found the arrow, “That has to hurt” he said.

“Not a word, Angel” Cordelia’s muffled voice sounded, “Just pull the thing out and shut up”

Gunn and Angel looked at each other, it wasn’t every day the tables were turned on Cordelia. “I think she needs a hospital” Angel said innocently.

“I agree, wound looks deep. Might need stitches” Gunn agreed, loving every minute of this.

“I don’t need the hospital or stitches. Just pull the stupid arrow out and forget this ever happened” Cordelia said.

“It might be infected Cordy, you need to get it looked at” Angel said.

With the help of Gunn, Angel positioned her over his shoulder, “Hospital it is. Say Gunn, did you fill the tank in the car?” he asked.

Gunn caught on, “Sorry man, guess you’ll have to carry her there. Not to far, only a few blocks” he said in reply.

Cordelia could only hide her face as Angel carried her over his shoulder, smug grin on his face and an arrow sticking out of her butt cheek. Every so often, he would playfully squeeze her right butt cheek.

This was ‘so’ not happening to her!

…THE END…(Heh!)


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