Cordelius and Tanning

SUMMARY: Cordelius deals with the problem of staying tanned. In her own way!
POSTED: 9 Sep 2003
WARNINGS: None Listed
AUTHOR NOTES: (Fic Posted by Scorch on Bubble’s Behalf)

Cordelia sat perched on her desk, kicking her legs and thinking. “Ok, tackle one problem at a time” she told herself. How was she going to deal with tanning? “Let’s cover my options” she said, “Fake tan? That’s one option. Sunbed? Don’t know if I’ll be allergic to that” Cordelia bit her lip as her gaze wandered to the stairs.

She couldn’t, could she? She was Cordelius, soon-to-be ruler of the House of Chase, no matter what Angel said. Of course she could, “I mean, I want to know if these things will work with vampire skin, don’t I?” Cordelia asked the empty lobby.

Hopping down from her perch, Cordelia quickly slipped on her boots, hunted for Angel’s wallet and skipped out the hotel quite happily.

Her hair swished in the ponytail it was in as she skipped all the way to a nearby drug store and entered. Cordelia headed straight for the make-up section. “Ok, first on the list, full body moisturiser, can’t have patchy tan. Blotchy much” she said as she searched the moistrurisers. “Make that two tubs of the stuff, you never know how long it’s been since he moisturised” she mused.

Picking up two large tubs of cocoa butter moisturiser, “Now for the fake tan that doesn’t take four hours to dry” Cordelia searched the fake tans until she found one that matched her approval and picked up two tubs of that.

Skipping happily back into the empty lobby, Cordelia slipped off her boots and headed up the stairs for her target. She could also do the stealth thing now!

Cordelia crept into Angel’s room and crept up to him and was pleased when she saw he was sleeping on his stomach. ‘I guess I’m doing his back first’ she thought as she squirted a lot of moisturiser on to her hands.

Making nice, relaxing massaging movements with her hands, Angel stirred, “Relax, I’m juuust taking care of my wonderful sire” Cordelia cooed softly and Angel purred and relaxed into her touch.

She continued smoothing the moisturiser into his skin, ‘wow, has he ‘ever’ moisturised?’ she thought as she used more cream. “Relax Angel,” she cooed when he squirmed as she ran her hands down the backs of his arms.

Angel was in heaven, his Cordelia was giving him a massage and she called him sire. It was almost as good as her calling him master. Almost that is. He purred and moved to give her better access to more of his back.

‘I didn’t even have to move him’ Cordelia beamed as she reached for the fake tan and used the same massaging movements to work it into his skin.

She kept working the tanning cream until it was evenly applied and none-patchy. Now, if she could only get him to turn over so she could apply it to his front.

As if on cue, Angel growled at the loss of very nice movements, he turned over and silently demanded Cordelia continue.

‘That’s a good vampire’ Cordelia beamed as she reached for the moisturiser and began massaging again. “Just picture this” she whispered, “You’re lying on the beach at night, the sky is clear and you’re perfectly relaxed. The soothing sounds of the waves hitting the shore, the soft sound of a light breeze” Cordelia whispered as she massaged.

Angel had never felt this relaxed, he was lying on a beach, Cordelia next lying next to him and she was stroking and caressing. Ah, if this was heaven, somebody dust him now. Heavenly.

Cordelia beamed at the smile on Angel’s face as she began working on his legs with the second tub of moisturiser. Should she put some on his ‘thing’? ‘May as well, not like anybody likes tan lines’ Cordelia thought as she touched him softly.

Angel purred, the stroking and caressing was heavenly. And also getting intimate and he was reacting!

Cordelia was having great fun as she now worked in the fake tan on the front of his body. She was smoothing it on to his chest when Angel’s hand slowly moved one of her hands back down to Mr. Happy! “In a minute, just relax Angel and let me take of you” Cordelia cooed. She had to finish his chest before it went patchy!

An hour and a half, and two tubs of fake tan later Cordelia looked at her project in pride. Angel really suited a tan, she gave herself a pat on the back and went to wash her hands. Tanned palms ‘so’ not attractive.

Angel hummed happily as he got dressed, what a great night he had! He had been semi woke up to a very nice massage and a whole lotta touching from Cordelia. His day was fantastic so far.

Angel bounced down the stairs to find Cordelia sipping blood through a swirly straw on the edge of her desk. “Good morning, Cordy” Angel purred as he sauntered up to her.

“Morning Angel” Cordelia giggled shyly, damn he looked ‘fine’ with a deep bronze tan. Ok, maybe she did go a ‘tad’ overboard but he really looked nice.

“How’s my favourite childe this morning?” Angel asked, absurdly happy.

“I’m fine,” Cordelia began when Wesley walked in.

Wesley was carrying a pile of heavy book which immediately crashed to the floor when he saw Angel’s odd colouring. “Angel, good lord are you ok?” he asked in concern.

Confused, Angel replied, “Uh, yeah, why’d you ask?”

Wesley looked from Angel to a waving Cordelia, “It’s just you seem a little, well, off colour” he muttered suddenly having a bad feeling.

Angel smiled, “What? Can’t a vampire be happy when his favourite childe gave him an amazing massage last night?” he bragged. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Angel inwardly did the snoopy at the look on Wesley’s face. Mistaking it for jealousy.

“Doesn’t Angel look really nice today, Wes?” Cordelia asked, still beaming with pride.

Refusing to look at either of them, “I woulnd’t know, I’ll have you know I’m not in the habbit of drooling over my employer” Wesley replied.

Angel then noticed the studious look on Cordelia’s face as she looked at him, “What?” he asked.

“Nothing, you just look really good this morning” Cordelia innocently replied.

Wesley shuffled slightly, “Um Angel, may I ask why you look like you’re wearing make-up?”

“I’m not wearing make-up” Angel replied with a frown. First Cordelia’s glances, now Wesley refusing to look him in the eye. “What’s going on?” he demanded.

“For lack of another word, you have a tan” Wesley divulged.

Angel turned his head slowly to look at Cordelia.

“What?” she asked as she sipped her blood.



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