SUMMARY: Angel and Cordelia have someone new in their lives.
POSTED: 16 Dec 2003
CATEGORY: Holiday Challenge Fic
WARNINGS: None Listed
1) Challenge by DamnSkippy: Cordy & Angel are a couple, someone finds an abandoned baby, C/A get to keep the baby for a while and become attached, Angel is mysterious about his gift for Cordy, Smut would be great, The baby turning out to be theirs in some mystical way
2) Sorry I couldn’t fit in all of the elements, but I did my best.
3) Fred, Gunn, and Wes are on vacation visiting Fred’s parents.

“Cordy? How much longer is this gonna take?” Angel whined.

“As long as it takes Angel. Gee, don’t be such a baby,” Cordelia replied.

“I wasn’t being a baby Cor, it’s just we’ve been to like every shop in LA already,” Angel said.

Cordy was about to reply, when she grabbed her head in pain and stumbled. Angel managed to catch her before she hit the ground. He wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her as much as he could as she rode out her vision.

“Baby!” Cordelia shouted out as the vision ended.

“I thought we’d decided I wasn’t a baby,” Angel said, loosening his grip on her.

“Not you, Dumbass. In my vision, I saw a baby,” Cordelia told him.

“Oh,” Angel replied. “What?”

“In my vision, I saw a baby,” Cordelia repeated slowly.

“That makes no sense?” Angel said.

“If it makes sense or not isn’t important right now, what is important is finding the baby,” Cordy said.

“Right,” Angel agreed. “Shall I call the others?”

“Nope, they’re on vacation, remember? And besides, I think I recognised the place. Let’s go,” Cordelia said.

“Don’t you want your painkiller’s first?” Angel asked with concern.

“Later, there’s no time,” Cordelia replied. She grabbed his arm and led him away.

Twenty minutes and three wrong alleyways later …

“I think this is it,” Cordelia said.

“You said that about the last two,” Angel replied.

“Well this time I’m sure,” Cordelia told him.

“Okay, if you say so,” Angel said.

They walked cautiously into the dimly lit alley. Angel went first, Cordelia followed closely behind.

Angel stopped half way down, “There’s nothing here.”

“Ssh,” Cordelia said.

“Do you just ssh me?” Angel asked.

“Yes, now hush,” Cordelia replied. She took a couple of steps forward and then she heard a tiny cry. “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?” Angel said, trying to concentrate on something other than that sound of Cordelia’s heartbeat.

“That, Mr I’ve got superior senses,” Cordelia said, as another tiny cry sounded.

“Okay, I definitely heard something that time,” Angel said.

Cordelia moved forward and reached down, picking up a bundle of white blanket from a doorway.

“I told you it was this one,” Cordelia gloated.

“Yeah, yeah,” Angel replied, shaking his head.

“Hello, Baby,” Cordelia cooed at the bundle.

“Cordy, what are we going to do with the baby?” Angel asked.

“We have to protect it, Angel,” Cordelia said.

“What else to do you see in your vision?” Angel asked.

“Nothing, just the location of the baby and I sensed that we needed to protect it,” Cordelia said. “But, I think we need to get back to the hotel.”

“Right,” Angel agreed with his girlfriend.

They left the alley and headed back towards the Plymouth.

* * * *

They silently strode into the hotel, Cordelia carrying the tiny baby in her arms. Angel was still confused as to what the powers expected him to do with a baby. He was a vampire, a champion. He was not a glorified babysitter.

Cordelia sat down on the round seat in the middle of the lobby. Angel disregarded the shopping bags he was carrying on the floor and sat down next to her. To his horror, she handed the baby to him.

“You hold the baby for a moment, I’m going to see if you have some milk or something in the kitchen.”

Angel had been left holding the baby, literally.

* * * *

Two days later …

The last two days had been spent solely taken care of the baby. They had no new cases, no walk ins not even a single phone call. Cordelia had moved into Angel’s suite. The phones had been forwarded and they’d locked the lobby doors for safety reasons. Last night they had been out and purchased a small cot for the baby. She was too small to be in bed with them. They had decided to call the baby, Bella. Cordelia had been looking up baby names on the internet and she’d found it. They both agreed it fitted her perfectly.

It was 8 am, Angel was snuggling up to Cordelia in the bed. Both had been awake for a little while. Bella was asleep and Angel decided to put their alone time to good use. He pulled himself out of her arms and dived under the comforter.

“Angel? What are you doing?” Cordelia whispered.

“If you have to ask, I must be doing something wrong,” Angel replied as his hands went underneath Cordelia’s PJ top.

Cordelia moaned slightly at the contact as his fingertips ran across her belly.

“You like that?” came Angel’s muffled question from under the covers.

“Uh huh,” Cordelia replied.

Angel took that as his cue and starting to work his way up Cordelia’s body, dropping a trail of kissing as he went. He had just about reached her breasts when Bella decided it was a good idea to wake up.

Angel groaned and came back up from under the blanket.

“Who needs the Curse when we have Bella?” he asked.

“Angel? I can’t believe you just said that,” Cordelia teased. She got out of bed and walked towards the crib. “Hello Bella,” she cooed. Cordelia bent down and picked up the baby, carrying her back towards the bed.

Angel sat up and smiled at the sight before him. He’d never really thought of Cordelia to be the motherly type but she’d taken to looking after Bella like she was born to do it.

“You’re really good with her,” Angel commented.

“Thanks, you’re … getting better,” Cordelia replied.

Angel chuckled. “Thanks, I think.”

Cordelia studied Angel for a moment, he seem perfectly relaxed and slightly off guard. Now would be a great time to try and get information out of him about her gift.

“Angel? What are you buying me for Christmas again?” Cordelia asked.

“Nice try Cordy,” Angel replied with a smirk.

Damn, he’s smarter than he looks,’’ Cordelia thought. “Just a little hint.”

“No,” Angel replied forcefully.

“Please,” Cordelia whined.

“No,” Angel said again. “It’s a surprise.”

“Angel’s a meanie, isn’t he Bella?” Cordelia asked the baby.

“Hey!” Angel replied, a mock hurt tone in his voice.

“You know I love you,” Cordy replied automatically.

Angel face lit up for a moment with a huge smile but it faded just as soon as it had appeared. “Bella’s diaper needs changing.”

“And you’re just the vampire to do it,” Cordelia said, handed the baby over to him.

“But, but,” Angel tried.

“No buts. It’s your turn,” Cordy replied.

Angel rolled his eyes at her and got out of the bed. “I’m a champion, I’m not meant to be changing baby’s diapers,” he muttered to himself as he went.

“Keep telling yourself that, Broody boy,” Cordelia told him.

Angel shook his head, ’Today, is going to be a long day,’ he thought to himself.

He was right. The day passed slowly. Fussing over Bella was the only thing they had to do again. What had happened to all their cases?

* * * * *

Cordelia had just put Bella back in her cot, when a vision struck. Angel grabbed her, pulling her trembling body into his arms to comfort her. “Easy, Cordy.”

The vision ended but it was a full two minutes before Cordelia was able to speak. The pain shot through her head. It was one of the worse visions she’d ever had. “Angel?” she whispered.

“What is it Cordy? What did you see?” Angel asked softly.

“Bella’s mother is in trouble. We have to help her,” Cordelia replied.

“What?” Angel asked, the confusion written all of his handsome face.

“There is a demon after Bella and it’s going after her Mom,” Cordelia tried to explain.

“Where?” the vampire asked.

“Two blocks away, we have to hurry,” Cordelia said, easing herself out of Angel’s hold.

“It’s Christmas Eve, what kind of demon goes after a baby at Christmas?” Angel said.

“I know, talk about sucky timing,” Cordelia replied, picking up Bella. “Let’s go.”

They were about to leave when Cordelia stopped, as if she’d just remembered something. “Angel can you bring the bag with Bella’s stuff in it?”

“Sure,” Angel replied, picking up the bag without question.

* * * *

It didn’t take long for them to find the demon and it took ever less time for Angel to kill the demon. Obviously it wasn’t expecting to come face to face with the infamous Angel. He never stood a chance.

And now, with the demon defeat, there was only one thing left to do. Give Bella back to her mother, who had just spent the last 10 minutes explaining about her deal with the Powers that be. Cordelia was sent the vision to protect the baby. A baby who was going to be an important figure in the fight against evil in years to come. Bella.

Cordelia give Bella one finally hug before handing her to Angel. He kissed the baby on the forehand, whispering he was going to miss her. She had only been in their lives for a few days but already they had become attached to her. Promising they would keep in touch, Angel gave Bella back to her mother.

He took hold of Cordelia’s hand and led her back to the car.

“I thought it was going to be the three of us for Christmas. I was looking forward to it,” Cordelia said.

“I know,” Angel said, he gave her hand a little squeeze.

“So I guess it’s just us then?” Cordelia said.

“Yup, just us,” Angel replied.

“Are you going to tell me what my present is now?” Cordelia asked.

“Don’t you ever give up?”

…The End…


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