AO Winter Challenge

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The winter season is here. Temperatures are dropping, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t heating up for Cordelia & Angel. It’s time to let your muses out for a little wintertime fun by writing a challenge or a story. You’ll find various themes and writing prompts below to get you started along with a few basic challenges.

Pick a Challenge or Create Your Own:

• Someone sends Cordelia a box of magic chocolate candy for Valentine’s Day. Each time she eats one, Cordy falls under its magical influence. Each candy has a different effect.
• Tis the season to be greedy…not. A spell suddenly causes our penny-pinching vampire to be very generous with his cash, his time, himself. Maybe a little too generous. He tries to give more than he can afford—or is potentially safe.

• Tight on cash this Christmas and/or prevented from buying presents, the gang has to come up with gifts to exchange on Christmas morning.
• Cordy & Angel (and the gang if you want them, too) share stories of their favorite winter experiences.
• Cordelia’s thoughts as she is making Cinnamon Blood for Angel.

• It’s the coldest winter on record and by some freak act of nature, Los Angeles is snowed in. Cordelia & Angel are trapped together at the location of your choice.
• Angel works up the courage to get Cordelia a Valentine’s Day gift.
• Cordy. Angel. Mistletoe.

• Cordelia is dying. A vision has shown her that this is the last Christmas she will spend with Angel.
• Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic holiday of the year, but there isn’t much romance to be had at Angel Investigations. Angel & Cordy realize they’re in love, but that blasted curse is always in the way.

Dork!Angel Themes
• It’s New Year’s Eve. There’s a party. Cordelia is having a blast, but is clueless about Angel’s plans to kiss her at midnight.

Beige!Angel Themes
• Cordelia, Gunn & Wesley are on their own this holiday season. Their little agency is going about as well as can be expected giving them barely enough cash to keep the doors open. But they have each other. Which is more than Angel can say. He watches them from afar wanting to be there, but distanced from it at the same time, feeling as cold and bleak inside as the weather

Angelus Themes
• Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Angel loses his soul. Angelus toys with the gang by giving them gifts before going through with his plans for each of them.

Winter Themes/Writing Prompts
December, January, February
Starry Skies
Holidays: Valentines Day, Christmas, New Years
Snowball Fights
Jack Frost
Silent night
Sleigh bells
Winter wonderland
Wintery darkness
Sticky candy cane
Luminous lights
ice crystals
batteries not included
winter berries
three wise men
New Year’s Countdown
Party Favors
Candy Hearts
Ghosts of Christmas / Dickens
Christmas Star


What do demons do at this time of the year?

What do you think or feel when you walk through freshly fallen snow?

How does it make you feel to be inside when it’s warm and cozy?

Try turning the 12-Days of Christmas into an ANGELverse theme.
On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Twelve drummers drumming,
eleven pipers piping,
ten lords a-leaping,
nine ladies dancing,
eight maids a-milking,
seven swans a-swimming,
six geese a-laying,
five golden rings;
four colly birds,
three French hens,
two turtle doves
and a partridge in a pear tree.

Write about one of the five senses (related to your winter experience):
• The smells of winter
• The sights of winter
• The sounds of winter
• The touch of winter
• The tastes of winter


1) The Twelve Days of Christmas.
For the twelve days leading to Christmas a secret admirer is sending Cordy or Angel gifts. This can either be romantic or a horror fic. It could be an Angel loses his soul and Angelus sends Cordy creepy gifts. It could be a fluffy Dorky Angel courting Cordy secretly fic. Or Cordy trying to cheer up a broody Angel fic. Or Angel/Cordy being jealous because someone is sending gifts. I’m leaving it open. I’m hoping more than one person will take this up so we can see multiple takes on this.

2) I think Waiting in The Wings aired around Valentine’s Day. So I was thinking what if the effects of the ballet didn’t wear off when the gang returned to the hotel. In fact the effects get stronger, so that Cordy and Angel are all over each other to the point when they are neglecting their duties and Wesley is getting scary jealous over Fred and Gunn. So as Wesley quietly goes crazy, Cordy and Angel lose control. So Fred, Gunn, and Lorne the only ones who are acting normally and have to find a way to reverse the effects.

1) The effects take over slowly so at first no one notices anything is wrong.
2) C/A Smut
3) Possessed Wesley plotting against Gunn and Fred
4) Cordy and Angel failing to save someone because they are too preoccupied with each other.
5) Either Cordy or Angel saying “I love you” in a heated moment.

3) C/A in BTVS years
Season 3 of Buffy. Cordy’s broke and somehow Angel finds out. They bond. Angel and Cordy spend Christmas together.

1) Either Angel or Cordy surprises the other by getting them a tree.
2) Angel and Cordy kissing under the mistle toe.
3) Angel’s being persued by the First, and Cordy saves him.
4) Angel and Cordy discuss past christmas experiences (this could be a sad conversation considering neither of them have great family histories)

1) Angel and Cordy getting cozy by his fireplace and Buffy finding them together.
2) Cordy and Faith are staying at the same motel.
3) Cordy, Faith, and Angel being friends.

New Year’s Eve Challenge
This could work for Seasons 1-3. Men and Women who’ve joined a dating service keep disappearing. One of their relatives goes to Angel Investigations for help. In order to work on the case, Angel, Cordy, and their friends join the dating service.

1) The dating service having a New Year’s Eve party
2) Angel and Cordy both go on a lot of dates in an effort to discover what’s going on.
3) They both get jealous
4) Based on their scores on a compatibility test the service sets Cordy up with one of her friends. (not Angel) Angel is really irratated about it.
5) Either Angel or Cordy meeting someone who seems perfect for them

1) There’s a way to make Angel’s soul anchored that involves him having to kiss the woman he loves at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but obstacles arise that could keep him from kissing Cordy.
2) It’s a demon dating service

Christmas challenge:
Angel’s been kidnapped and the gang has to save him. Unfortunately, the demon who took Angel has erased his memory and everyone at Angel Investigations can’t remember Angel either (like not remembering Connor in Season 5). They go about their lives saving people in Cordy’s visions but just don’t remember Angel at all.

1) Cordy and Angel watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”
2) Cordy sensing a wrongness. Although she can’t remember Angel, she subconciously misses him
3) Cordy and Angel dreaming about each other

1) Scoobies are visiting for the holiday
2) everyone exchanging stories about their best and worst christmas



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