AO Fall Fic Festival


Hello Oasians!

Summer is ending. It’s time to gear up and start writing some C/A Fanfic. We’ve got eager readers out here waiting to gobble up a new crop of fics. Write one. Write more. Let your muse take inspiration from the Season:

Months: September, October, November
Cheerleading Tryouts
Back to school
Holidays: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving
Apples/Apple Cider/Bobbing for Apples
Pumpkins/Pumpkin Patch/Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns

Spices: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Cloves
Fall Equinox

Spider Webs


Peanuts: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Raking Leaves

Autumn in England versus L.A.

Halloween Costumes

Trick or Treating

Halloween Parties

Monsters, Fake and Real

Ghosts and Phantoms

Daylight Savings Time – “Fall Back” – Getting to sleep in an extra hour

Don’t wear white after Labor Day

Your fic can be a drabble, standalone or a short serial if you’ll finish it in the time alotted. And it can contain any plot you choose to devise as long as your theme involves something from the Fall Season. 

Delve into the holidays if you like. Make it dark or mysterious. Or keep it lighthearted with something less sinister. Consider the concept of change as it has affected the characters over time. Bring in some romance on an autumn night. Take us back to school with something from their Sunnydale High days.

You don’t have to wait for one, but some of you may want a ‘due date’. Anything posted during September thru November is acceptable. Aim for something no later than October 31st. That’ll give us procrastinators an extra month.

Anyone out there who has a specific C/A Fall Fic Festival Challenge they would like to see written can add it to the thread.


Challenge #1: Season 2 BTVS (Halloween)

Basically the idea is something happens and the past versions of Angel, Cordy and the scoobies start subconciously remembering their future selves. Like Cordy surprising everyone, herself included, by being great in a sword fight. Angel and Cordy being very friendly, protective of each other, and some attraction. They are surprised that they seem to know things about each other that they shouldn’t. Like Angel knowing Cordy’s favorite song or Cordy knowing exactly how to make Angel’s blood. Bascially everyone is confused because they keep doing things they don’t understand. Like Buffy feeling drawn to and replused by Spike. (I’m iffy on my BTVS timeline, but Spike was in season 2, right?) I wanted to make this challenge without requirements so the writer has tons of freedom except for a request for some C/A romantic moments.

Challenge #2: Angel Seasons 1, 2, or 3 (Thanksgiving)

-Genre: Comedy and/or horror

After getting into a fight with the guys about her lack of cooking ability, Cordy decides she’s going to make Thanksgiving dinner. Bascially, she turns into Martha Stewart on acid. She’s determined that it be the perfect Thanksgiving.


– Cordy having negative feelings about Thanksgiving because her family has a history of awful holidays

– Angel giving Cordy a cooking lesson

– The guys teasing Cordy and then becoming kind of afraid of her because she’s so intense about having one perfect holiday

– Fang Gang family bonding

– A food fight


-C/A romance

-Something supernatural happens that makes Cordy’s intensity dangerous (like she might even be willing to kill to get her perfect day)

Challenge #3

Season 2 BTVS Episode Halloween.

In that episode everyone wearing costumes from a certain store became possessed, but Angel and Cordy weren’t affected. I was hoping someone would put a twist on that episode and have Xander, Willow, Angel and Cordy be possessed and only Buffy and Giles unaffected. Cordy and her date were supposed to be Bonnie and Clyde but her date cancels at the last minute and it’s too late for Cordy to change costumes. Meanwhile Angel wanting to connect better with Buffy decides to buy a costume and comes upon the Clyde out fit. He picks it because it’s just a simple dated suit and doesn’t seem costumey. So once the clothes take over Cordy and Angel become this hot badass couple.


1) When Cordy goes to the Bronze dressed as Bonnie without her Clyde her frienemies give her a hard time and when Angel shows up dressed as Clyde she pretends he’s her date.

2) C/A hotness. they are all over each other once the possession takes over

3) Bonnie and Clyde making robberies and causing trouble

4) Buffy having to convice Bonnie and Clyde to help her save the day.


1) Bonnie and Clyde having sex (I think in the show timeline Cordy would have been a virgin at that point)

2) If they have the sex and after the possession is over, Cordy and Angel having mixed feelings about it since they were possessed at the time. Cordy’s confused, embarassed, pissed off, and longing for Angel despite herself. Basically Angel feels guilty because of Buffy and because he knows that it was not the way Cordy wanted her first time to be. Plus Angel becomes aware of an attraction to Cordy

3) Angel wanting to make it up to Cordy leading to C/A having sex.

4) It’s up to the writer whether the Bonnie/Clyde sex is a secret or if the scoobies know about it.

5) C/A ending up together.


I’m kinda fond of the “Angel and Cordelia have to pretend to be married for a case” genre. But I thought it might be fun if someone did a twist on it with Cordelia pretending to be married to Wesley for a case and Angel getting jealous because Cordelia and her ‘husband’ are having too much fun. I like a good jealous/possessive Angel fic.

I think the fic should take place in the beginning of Season 2 before Angel Investigagtions moves into the Hyperion. Basically Cordelia’s illness in TSILA made Angel realize his feelings for Cordy were stronger than he thought. Plus since the office blew up he and Cordy have been sharing her apartment and the forced togetherness is making them closer, but they are also fighting a lot more. It’s a combo of just kinda being sick of being in each other’s space all the time and upspoken sexual frustration.

Bascially couples going to a marriage class keep disappearing. For some reason Wesley has to pretend to be Cordy’s husband for a while inorder to break the case. Maybe an old friend of Wesley’s asked him to look into the situation. This leads Angel to move into Wesley’s apartment and then Wesley moves in with Cordy. Both Angel and Cordy claim to be glad to be rid of each other, but they miss each other. Meanwhile Wesley and Cordy are getting along great which annoys the hell out of Angel. Bascially Angel’s pissed because while he and Cordy lived together they were at each other’s throats while Wesley and Cordy are having a great time playing married.

I’ll leave the details of the case up to whoever takes up the challenge. This could be a fluffy fic or a suspence/romance fic depending on how dangerous the case is. And if whoever takes this up adds in some hot A/C smut that’d be fantastic.



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