AO Drabble-a-Thon


The Official Drabble-a-Thon was held in 2013,
but the spirit of the challenge remains today:

Watch an Episode. Write a Drabble. Share.

Join us this year to watch ANGEL episodes, reminisce about the show, characters, and the C/A ‘ship, and write some BtVS/AtS drabbles to celebrate.

Beginning with the New Year all Oasians and C/A fans are welcome to join us in watching 2 episodes of ANGEL per week.

Anytime during that week you can post a comment about the episode, list your favorite dialogue/scene, or post a picture or some fanart related to the episode, any character, couple, enemy, location, prop, set or costume in the episode. Basically, write about any aspect that sparks your muse.

Fanfic writers can offer up official drabbles.

Fanfic readers can make comments and share opinions, or suggest some prompts for any writers who want to join in.

This is all very informal. No pressure. Just a way to watch & enjoy the show again, and to bring back a little C/A vibe to our world in the New Year.


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