AUTHOR: Angdelia
SUMMARY: A missing scene between AtS Episodes ‘Hero’ and ‘Parting Gifts’
POSTED: 8 Nov 2005
CATEGORY: Angsty start with a Fluffy ending
WARNINGS: None Listed
This is just something that ‘popped’ in my head one morning. It takes place after HERO, but before PARTING GIFTS. I always thought they were weirdly close in the episode PG (I know, it’s because of Doyle, but still… Cordelia hugging Angel while he’s in Gameface? Angel teasing Cordelia about ‘necking on the couch with a demon’?), as if something had happened between the two episodes. Here’s my version of the ‘missing scene’. It took almost an entire day for me to write it and be satisfied. Short and fluffy.

It was late.

Angel was in the kitchen, sitting at the table and drinking a single malt scotch. Doyle loves single malt scotch.

Doyle was dead.

Two days ago he’d sacrificed himself to save a clan of half-demons.

He was dead.

Not even the Oracles will change that he thought, bitter.

The vampire was still trying to get use to the idea. He lost a friend.

A friend. When was the last time he had a friend? Sunnydale? When he was evil? Or maybe when he was a young Irish man who loved beer and prostitute… no, he never had a friend. Not a real one.

It was the first time. Doyle was the first and he was gone.


He let him die.

The vampire finished his drink and got up. He put the glass in the sink.

He just stayed there, standing in front of the counter, watching the empty glass.

Empty, that’s how he felt.

After a couple minutes he sighed and walked toward his bedroom. He was about to unbutton his shirt when he heard a cracking sound upstairs. He frowned and looked at his watch.

2:47 am.

Kinda late for clients…

He took the axe on the wall and started to climb the stairs. He pushed the door slowly, raising his axe…


He lowered his weapon. ‘‘Cordelia?’’

The girl had a hand on her chest and was breathing heavily. ‘‘You scared me to death! Do I look like a bad guy to you?’’

Angel examined her from head to toe. She was wearing a pink pajamas and bunny slippers. She also had bedhair.


Cordelia straightened herself. ‘‘Dork…’’ she muttered.

Angel put the axe on his desk, still looking at her. ‘‘Why are you wearing a pajamas?’’

She blinked. ‘‘It’s the middle of the night.’’ The word ‘DUH’ was practically written on her forehead.

‘‘Okay… why are you here in the middle of the night?’’

She just stared at him, her eyes suddenly glistening with unshed tears. If he didn’t have a good night vision, he wouldn’t have noticed

‘‘Cordelia?’’ he whispered. ‘‘Hey, is everything okay?’’ he touched her arm, gently.

‘‘Yes!’’ She let out a frustrated sigh and wiped her tears. She hated the way he made her feel so vulnerable. She was Cordelia Chase, dammit! ‘‘I’m sorry Angel, I shouldn’t have come.’’ She started to walk away, but he grabbed her hand and led her to the couch in Cordelia’s office. They both sat down.

‘‘Can you tell me what’s wrong?’’ He asked with the soft voice he used sometimes.

Cordelia just looked at her disgustingly cute slippers, trying hard not to cry.

‘‘I just…’’ she closed her eyes. ‘‘It’s stupid.’’

Angel couldn’t stand to see her like this and not being able to ease the pain.‘‘I’m sure it’s not stupid.’’ he insisted. ‘‘You just what?’’ he knew it was about Doyle, but he needed her to say it.

She finally looked at his face. ‘‘I just wanted to tell you that I love you.’’

‘‘Wh-what?’’ If a vampire could have a heart attack, he would be dead by now.

Seeing him panicked, she quickly added. ‘‘Not like that!’’ she smiled at him for the first time that night. A little smile, but still a smile. ‘‘I meant I love you, not I love you.’’ she chuckled softly, her eyes still wet.

‘‘Oh…’’ he was glad he couldn’t blush either. He ran a hand through his hair. ‘‘In this case, well, I guess I, um…’’

Cordelia raised her hands. ‘‘I know.’’ she whispered. ‘‘You don’t have to say it. I know it’s hard for you.’’

He nodded then frowned when something occurred to him.

‘‘The fact that you love me makes you cry?’’

‘‘What? No… it’s just,’’ she shifted a little, making herself comfortable on the couch, and stared at her hands. ‘‘I couldn’t sleep tonight. All I was thinking about was that I didn’t told Doyle that I loved him, not once. I mean… in a friendly way.’’ She paused and looked up at Angel. ‘‘Now I’ll never be able to tell him, because he’s gone. I just didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. That’s why I came here.’’

‘‘You only loved him in a friendly way?’’

‘‘I’ll never know, will I?’’ she asked, her voice full of regret.

Angel nodded again then looked at her bunny slippers and smirked, playing with a bunny’s ear.

‘‘You had to come right now.’’ he teased.

She laughed. ‘‘Yeah, you should’ve see the way the taxi driver was looking at me!’’

Angel just looked at her and smiled.

Cordelia smiled back and closed her eyes when he kissed her forehead.

‘‘I love you too.’’ he whispered in her hair.


He lost a friend, but he wasn’t alone.

Cordelia was right there with him.

…The End…


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